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The Struggles of Caring For Your Loved One

One of the most treasurable parts of our lives is our family and the time we have to spend with them. Through thick and thin, we want the best for all of our family members. This especially rings true for our elders, who have worked so hard to build the very families we’re a part of today.

At a certain point, almost every family in the world has to take the necessary but difficult action of either caring for their elders at home or placing their care in the hands of a trusted care facility. Either way, you want to ensure your loved ones are getting the care they deserve.

From giving baths to coordinating medicine and more, nursing for elders is a labor of love worth the effort. However, as anyone who has tended to an elder will know, ensuring proper care and safety does not come without roadblocks. Unfortunately, the biggest roadblock of all can also be the deadliest - falls. According to the CDC, one out of four people over the age of 65 fall every year.
Although caretakers in both nursing facilities and at home are hypervigilant to the risks of falling, there are many scenarios in which caretakers cannot be present to prevent falls. One scenario in particular contributes an astonishing amount to the total number of senior falls every year - falls out of bed.
According to the CDC, 1/4 people over the age of 65 fall every year.

The Dangers of Falls (And Not Knowing About Them)

For all people, falling can result in negative outcomes such as future falls, serious injury, or even death. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, falls are the “second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths worldwide.”

Elders are at the highest level of risk for falls and the negative outcomes of falls. In addition to being the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in seniors, below are some other statistics about the dangers of falls.
One out five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.
More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling, usually by falling sideways.
Over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury.
Since less than half of the seniors who fall report it to their doctors or caregivers, many family members struggle with constant worry about whether their loved one has fallen. This feeling is exacerbated when those loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or Parkinsons’ (to name a few) and when we don’t feel our loved ones are 100% safe, sleep and peace of mind become a rare commodity.

Bed alarms can help let you know when your loved one has left their bed, but most of them do little to prevent falls. By design, most bed alarms will only alert caregivers after the elder has completely left the bed and has already fallen. This is due to the alarm triggering seconds after weight is completely removed from the pad.

While these bed alarms help you to know your loved one has left their bed, they don’t give you the confidence of knowing you can make it in time to prevent a fall. And due to that lack of confidence, many caregivers struggle to get adequate sleep or execute daily tasks.

And that does not begin to cover the downfalls of these restrictive bed alarms. Many older (and some “current”) models of bed alarms are not portable and require that the monitor remain in the same room as the sensor. Due to this, they are designed to be loud enough to be heard from far away. This might work for hospitals, but in reality isn’t feasible in either home care or nursing facilities. That is, unless you want the whole house to get woken up every time Grandma or Grandpa gets up.

One Simple Product For Peace of Mind

Fortunately, a product exists that can instill you with the confidence to prevent falls while you’re doing other things.

Introducing the Lunderg Early-Alert Bed Alarm System.
Unlike competitors, the patented Early-Alert Bed Alarm System is the only system designed to detect both the process of standing up and the absence of weight, rather than only detecting in the absence of weight, allowing caretakers to be there for their loved ones.

And it’s smart enough to account for false alarms caused by minor shifts in weight!

Remember how we mentioned other bed alarms can be noisy and cause the whole house to wake up? This device has solved that issue too.
With the bed alarm comes the volume-adjustable, ultra-portable monitor. Caretakers can easily adjust the volume or set it to vibrate only. So if you want some light buzzing or need to be summoned from a deep sleep, the easy-to-use handheld monitor can be flexible to your needs.

Through the wireless connection between the bed sensor pad and this handheld monitor, you can step away into another room or get some deserved rest and know you can arrive on time to potentially save their lives.

Customer Reviews

Hear from caretakers like you who have been won over by the Early-Alert Bed Alarm system.
L. Biggins
So much better than the "Smart Caregiver" bed alarm.

I purchased this unit, after purchasing and being disappointed in the "Smart Caregiver" bed alarm. The SC is very delayed, meaning my geriatric mother is almost out of the bed before the alarm sounds. This one alerts me even when she is up for a second. The pre-alarm and alarm are great. The remote is much smaller than the other units and Has a belt clip. I sleep 100% better using this alarm. It is indicated for under the hips, but I've used it under shoulders as well and works perfectly. Basically this is a superior bed alarm at a much lower price.

The best bed alarm: reliable and easy to use

This bed alarm has been a life saver for me. I got tired of cheap-made devices that are unreliable and give too many false alarms or sound the alarm too late.

The Lunderg bed alarm is just perfect, not only gives you a higher quality feeling, but you receive the notifications when it is needed. For example, when my mother wakes up and sits in the bed she already knows that I will be there in a second. She doesn’t need to struggle anymore in the middle of the night to go to the toilet (she had a hip injury and is still recovering).

The pager has the perfect size to fit my pocket so I can carry it around the house and have absolute peace of mind while I’m doing other stuff. It is very easy to set up and pair, but one time my nephew (3 years old) took the pager and started to press all the buttons and it got disconnected so I had to pair it again with the sensor pad.

I totally recommend this device to everyone that has to take care of a person with low mobility in their legs.


My wife and I currently watch her grandma and we bought the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System this month, after seeing a few of our friends buy them.

We LOVE how the alarm triggers BEFORE she gets out of bed!!! We heard terrible things about how other products didn't trigger until their loved ones were already off the bed (or worse... fell!)

We've been using this for 2 weeks now and have no issues. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

Works Great and Includes Batteries!

I have been using this bed alarm for over 3 weeks now and I can say that it works exactly as it should: it’s reliable, easy to install and the pager is very convenient. The batteries are included which is a big plus.

My father has dementia and this bed alarm is a great asset to help me to assist him when he needs it. I have explained to him that he should remain seated until I come to his room but sometimes he just gets up so the early alarm system gives me the extra time to go there before he starts wandering around.

I just wished that I knew about this device earlier!! Thank you for this amazing product.

Tracy Crawley
Excellent, excellent, excellent product!

Excellent product! The early detection has prevented three falls during the night since our purchase. I don’t know how a caregiver could not have this in their home. Easy to use and best money spent on an item to help care for my mom with dementia! The video provided helpful setup, too. I would recommend this product a million times over and over!

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Lunderg Early-Alert
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