Commode Liners 100 Count – Medical Grade Bedside Commode Liners Disposable for Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping Toilet Bags – Universal Fit

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(532 customer reviews)
  • UPC: 792625035757
  • EASY TO USE AND TO DISPOSE OF – Simply remove the portable toilet bag by pulling on the strings, tie up the bag opening to ELIMINATE ODORS and dispose of. They just make CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • BEST VALUE & MEDICAL GRADE – Stop wasting your money on expensive liners, which are not even medical grade! To give you the best value Absorbent Pads are NOT INCLUDED. Buy separately our Super Absorbent Pads or simply use kitty litter.
  • IDEAL FOR AT HOME & COMMERCIAL USAGE – Lunderg value liners come in a sturdy, durable box with 100 ALREADY SEPARATED bags, and make life so much easier for caregivers, family care, and self-care. You don’t have to waste your time and energy on tearing the perforated edges of the rolls anymore!
  • SANITARY UNIVERSAL FIT – You do not have to worry because our liners fit all standard bedside commodes, adult potty chairs, and buckets. They are 20.5″ X 15″ and are perfect to use with portable toilets or camping toilets.
  • DO NOT LEAK – We stand behind all of our high-quality products. Money-Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked

In stock

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Why are caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones choosing Lunderg Commode Liners over anything else?

Unlike other brands, our Commode Liners come in a Sturdy box of 100 liners which is easy to store.
For your absolute convenience, Lunderg Liners are already separated.
Simply put, Lunderg commode liners make your life so much easier.

To give you the best value ABSORBENT PADS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
But you can get the Lunderg absorbent pads separately.

Finally a sanitary solution you can count on. Our commode liners DO NOT LEAK, even after your dispose of them!

Lunderg bedside commode liners are easy to use and the integrated drawstring makes disposal quick and easy.

Our commode liners are universally sized to fit standard and bariatric commode pails for your convenience.

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

532 reviews for Commode Liners 100 Count – Medical Grade Bedside Commode Liners Disposable for Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping Toilet Bags – Universal Fit

  1. User

    The liner is much thicker than I had expected and fits the bucket with room to spare.
    Each bag is folded and stacked in the box so you only need one hand for removal.
    Also has nice handy tie handles.

  2. Kate

    Works great, I like how the liners are separated and not in a roll that have to be torn off.

  3. Linda

    These are really nice bags. I have a few of another brand but when they are gone I think I will stick with these bags. They are very nice and thick and so far have not had any leaks. Would recommend!

  4. mouse

    The product worked as advertised had no problems

  5. Dan

    Good product. No leaks. Seem durable

  6. Isabel

    The liners are a great value. We paid waaay too muchfor name brand and these are just as sturdy as those. No leakage but the best is the value

  7. steve

    Sorry no photos of me using this product. Good value

  8. Rachel

    These liners, in conjunction with the absorbent pads are a life saver! I am the sole caregiver for my Mom and I dreaded the thought of a bedside commode because of the mess. It became absolutely necessary but I did lots of research and found these gems! They are so secure…no leaks, no mess, no fuss, no muss. I would recommend them to any bedside user or caregiver.

  9. Frazier

    These are super thick. No leak, no mess. The draw strings are great to have as well. They fit with no slipping. Also fast shipping.

  10. Juli

    So glad we found these. I was worried about quality since the price overall per bag was cheaper than what I had been ordering, but these are thicker and stronger. Very well made and they gave me a chance to pick a charity for them to donate a portion of the purchase to when it was delivered. I’m very happy with these!

  11. LMcGraw

    good product thick

  12. James Ove

    Used with my mom who was on hospice. Made it a breeze and literally no clean up. Just remove and throw away. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  13. Brandon Bledsoe

    Very strong, perfect fit. would recommend these for anyone that used the portable commodes.

  14. Paul H

    great product , far better than cleaning the pot … seem durable and fit well … will buy again !

  15. Soonerthanlater

    Security and ease of use.

  16. jacqueline summers

    Easy to use and change

  17. christine chitwood

    We use them for our bathroom trash can but they are very strong and durable bags!

  18. Alexandra mcglothlin

    Did amazing. Put thru the test and no leakage at all. Very sturdy

  19. Carol Howard

    Well made, makes life much easier after surgery. Recommend anyone who has to use bedside commode or for camping. Great deal and you dont have to pull off the roll.

  20. Katie Dooner

    These are much thicker than the ones I had before ! Much better quality!!”

  21. R. Nash

    Exactly what you would hope to get with this product. The best value I found.

  22. Diane Bauer

    LOVE them!!! Very sturdy! I have used about 200 and had NO leaking!

  23. Glenn W. Kreuscher

    Good size, good value, easy to dispose with ties. Much better than other liners that I have purchased for much higher price.

  24. AJ

    Best investment you will ever make!


    These liners are great.
    Strong and no leaks yet!
    Would certainly buy again.

  26. Michelle Rodenhauser

    Simply put….great price, easy fit and does not leak.

  27. Linda C

    The liners are top notch….they are a heavy plastic, folded for convenience instead of having to tear off of a roll ..I don’t think we will be using any other kind….topnotch company…

  28. Big_T

    saves my mother in law so much time while taking care of her husband who needs much care

  29. Tod Herrick

    Nice bag that is strong so it securely keeps control of the nasties! It could be a tad larger to better fit our commode but it does the job nicely.

  30. Stephanie Rehrer

    Great Quality & Price!

  31. Patricia villanueva

    So useful.

  32. NANCY

    Strong and thick, odor stays in, easy to put in commode, fit well.

  33. Orlando Cruz

    Just what I was looking for.

  34. carol beahan

    Great product great value.

  35. Natalie

    I purchased these to help care for my grandmother. These bags fit well in her commode bucket (with plenty of room to spare) & make cleanup so much easier. They are very thick bags & can hold a lot. My grandmother uses the commode all night (same bag) & absolutely NO LEAKS! Easy drawstring ties make closing & disposing the bag a breeze. I’ve purchased 300 of these bags & none of them leak which gives my grandmother peace of mind. For odor elimination I just add a few drops of toilet deodorizer liquid to the clean empty bag & that works perfectly. They are very economical because I don’t need to add anything extra to the liner to make it leakproof. No more pads or cat litter needed. I highly recommend these. Will definitely purchase them again as needed. Love them. Best liners ever. Thanks for such a great quality bag. I’m so glad I discovered these. I’ve use several brands with both pads & powder in them & those have leaked. I’m never switching brands again! This have become a staple in my home when caring for my grandmother. I’d rate them 10 stars if I could; yes I love them that much!

  36. Kristine Scola

    Liners are thick and absorbent and easy to fit in a potty chair.

  37. Mimi Garcia

    Love these liners. Very sturdy and easy to use. Will definitely recommend and order again. Thank you for making my life easier

  38. Amazon Customer

    Leakproof is what I needed ….
    Leakproof is what I got with this product.
    Excellent Liner.

  39. MB

    The packaging makes these very easy to use. They are folded, and stacked in a box.They do not leak and are a great value.

  40. NancyG

    They are made of a heavy plastic, wonderful for removing and not worrying about leakage on the floor.

  41. Carla Lechner

    I like these liners. They are smaller than the ones I used previously, and that is great because they fit the commode better. I would recommend this product.

  42. Gail

    These liners are wonderful, they don’t leak and are very easy to remove.

  43. susan m

    Thick and strong

  44. JR

    Reasonably priced

  45. Kindle Customer

    They are everything they say they are Folks don’t waist your money on any other brand These are first class!!!!

  46. Yvonne

    Makes my days much more easy with these. Fantastic

  47. Egidia Bollini

    These bags are a blessing! They’re very thick and close easily. It has saved me from the gross job of washing out the commode that my disabled husband has to use. Prompt customer service and delivery. This is my second order and will continue ordering this brand. Thank you!!

  48. PD Gates

    Better than nothing

  49. Timothy A. SchmidtTimothy A. Schmidt

    These liners are great quality. I use them for my portable commode I take camping fishing and I also use for bedside commode for my wife who is disabled. Strong and they are easy to get out of the box. You don’t have to unroll each time you need them. When I remove liners from the commode, I don’t have to fight with the drawstrings to close the bag. I would highly recommend these commode liners to everyone who has need for them, even for camping commodes.

  50. earl hartong

    Ordered these for a commode in my husbands room they are thick and easy t o use

  51. Jane M.

    Purchased to use in a bedside commode, made task easier & more sanitary.

  52. SOGGY

    Love that I don’t have to tear them apart.

  53. Amazon Customer

    These liners are, without a doubt, the best liners on the market. They close easily and completely. There have been no leaks so far, and I don’t anticipate any. Also, the price was great.


    My mother uses this product and it is one of the best product we have purchased so far. Excellent customer service and very fast delivery. We will continue to use this company for all our hygiene needs.

  55. MGAnderson

    Does the job

  56. Susan A.

    Easy to use…no mess. Love this product!

  57. Charles J. Brown

    Not on a roll, no leaks, strong, very easy to use, perfect in all ways.

  58. Mike Reining

    Unlike other commode liners that we have used in the past. the drawstring closes easily. This is an important feature.

  59. Nannyfran

    These liners were wonderful! After an accident, a family member had to use a commode for a while. These liners made cleanup so easy! Like others suggested we used a little kitty litter, and the smell was not a problem at all. There were other liners that were more expensive, but I can’t imagine that they worked any better than these. Highly recommend!

  60. Grecia Alfaro

    I’ve been using these bags for about a month now, I have not had any leaks or had any issue with them. I liked how sturdy they were and do see myself continuing buying them. 🙂

  61. Ron D.

    I received my box of liners as promised. Company was prompt with their offer and product is superb. Thank you kindly??????

  62. TKW

    Folded separately, so easy to pull out of the box.

  63. Victoria

    I like that they are thicker than some I have tried…no leaks…

  64. Jennifer Triplett

    These commode liners are so easy to use & make clean up fast & mess free!

  65. christine ceglio

    Very good for what we need.

  66. Pat

    Excellent choice. . . I love the price for this quantity.

  67. jessie nataro

    These bags make life so much easier. They never leak or rip. I will always use these from now on. The box of 100 is reasonably priced and so worth the $. Thank you!

  68. robert ruscoe

    Easy packaging, easy to use and they are durable. My wife has MS and is limited in many aspects. These liners not only make upkeep and clean up of her bathroom needs easier, they are also a very sanitary way of dealing with her bodily refuse.

  69. NDG

    Great product!

  70. Joyce Bell

    Highly Satisfied on the delivery

  71. Paulette Brooks

    Great liners and cost effective

  72. Sue

    Excellent quality.

  73. Mark D. Moss

    I use these in the commode for my disabled husband. I put in a layer of Kitty Litter for absorption and NO odor. IT WORKS! Easy to use, reasonable cost, and my caregiver duties are so much easier! Thak you!

  74. jana

    Well priced quality product

  75. marie stevens

    My dad says they are good

  76. Cathy G

    Great product. Would recommend.

  77. Stargzr

    No leaks! Have tried other brands that claim to not leak, but they all have many leaks. Lunderg liners are a step above the others – high quality product that makes the cleanup quick and doesn’t turn it into a big, unexpected cleaning chore!!

  78. Wanda Santiago

    This product is very strong; and, I love it!!!

  79. Joseph Unitas

    Heavy gauge plastic bags. Easy to use.

  80. AJG

    very satisfied

  81. Luis Mechoso

    Good fit!

  82. Karyna Burgess

    Easy to use , leakproof

  83. M. A. Sang

    I like the universal fit, plenty of room, great price!

  84. Michelle W

    Great product

  85. L. Casey

    Delivery was quick. It is a thick, quality plastic with easy draw ties to close. The company provides good communication and is very customer focused. Will definately keep ordering from them.

  86. Wendy Vasile

    So far so good no leaks yet

  87. GEE

    I like the packaging

  88. Jeanette L. Cohen

    Ease of storage

  89. Stellarr ChanceStellarr Chance

    This is my third box of this particular brand of commode liners. They fit well in the one we use for my elderly mother. I actually added absorbing sheets as it helps with the odor. Overall bag has NEVER leaked on me (I also use these for my portable camper toilet) and the can hold quite a bit of urine. They are easy to dispose of and offers a mess free cleaning of something that can be really nasty to do everyday. Mom mom is picky and like the bag to be changed after each use (I don’t but will change once a day) For my portable camp toilet that thing goes for three or more days…and I have zero issues. My only con is that I wish the bags had deodorizer (like the Glad trash bags) While they don’t leak sometimes there is odor left behind and I have to add something to the bag to lessen the smell. Overall, I like the product and would recommend.

  90. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use. Absorbancy is not applicable as it does not absorb. Used for bedside cammode.

  91. Rooster

    Easy to use , no leaks,good price !

  92. Dee G.

    Great price! Great product! Great company!

  93. Johnnie M. Hart

    Outstanding product. Makes life easy as a caregiver. Thank You for this type of product.

  94. Taylor Stany

    Protective against leaks!!!

  95. super shopper

    These liners are very convenient to use we bought these because, we were trying to use trash bags which caused all kind of problems from leaking to not fitting. These liners are so much better to use.

  96. C. Cushman

    Well worth the price. Perfect fit in the bucket or liner.

  97. Veatriz

    Perfect size for a 5 gallon bucket. Received on time. Bags are thick. Easy to close.

  98. Karen Barrie

    Lunderg makes a super product! My husband’s Parkinson’s disease was leading in a disruptive direction in terms of inability to use the toilet in the middle of the night. I had doubts about the sanitation of a commode, but Lunderg has made clean-up a breeze. No leaks, great sanitation, easy to use.

  99. B. LaNelle

    I recently became wheelchair dependent due to nerve damage from a ruptured disc in my back. When after a total of five months spent in the hospital, a nursing home and then an assisted living facility, I finally went home at the end of May. One of my biggest concerns was toileting because I live alone. When I finally got home I quickly discovered that due to the size and set up of my bathrooms, I could not access the toilets because my wheelchair would not fit through the bathroom doors. So it is necessary that I use a commode. The Lunderg commode liners are excellent. They are made of thick plastic and are leak proof. They are easy to insert and remove from the commode pail for disposal. Aside from being a quality product, they are very economical. I have been purchasing these liners since May and go through a box of 100 each month. I have overactive bladder and take a diuretic pill daily meaning I must use the toilet several times a day. I use the Lunderg liners in conjunction with absorbent pads. Buying the liners and the pads separately is much, much less costly than buying liner/pad combinations. I am so very happy I discovered the Lunderg liners because they are the best value of all the liners I have researched. I recommend these liners wholeheartedly! The only reason I gave Leak Proof four stars instead of five is because occasionally a liner has leaked. I am not sure if it came with a small hole in or if my nails punctured it when I removed it from the box. Given that this happens very infrequently, it is likely a problem caused by my nails.

  100. Cynthia A Parrill


  101. Eric E.

    Great product ??

  102. Tasha Tea

    These are great liners. No leakage and very easy to use.

  103. Denise

    The review with 3 ??’s was for absorbency, and this product isn’t absorbent. Otherwise my caregiver loves the way these liners are packed. No more fighting to find where to tear the bags.

  104. G. WILLAMS

    Individually stacked in box for easy removal.
    No leaks thus far.
    Tie strings pull easily.
    They suggest cat litter as absorbent material instead of pads and good multicat clumping litter with odor control works really well.
    The only thing that I didn’t like was when they failed on their offer of a free box of bags in exchange for a product review.

  105. Ronald Grimm

    I put nonsented kitty litter in bottom with baconsoda. Top ties tight and place inside larger bag. No smell.

  106. Jose N.

    Love the easy drawstring and the bag is thick.

  107. Samira A. Mansour

    I like the product but the price is high

  108. Sandra

    Prefect size, easy to get out of box and fits potty or bucket. well packaged.

    Did not like that delivery was left in front of the garage door that has a big sign stating “DELIVERIES, DONOT LEAVE PACKAGES HERE, FOLLOW SIDEWALK TO FRONT DOOR”.

    That would have put it under the roof so it didn’t get rained on.

  109. Debbie G.

    It’s perfect for the portable toilet. Would order again.

  110. My reviews

    The quality is good. Easy to use. Makes clean up a breeze. I recommend.

  111. Brenda Gray

    will keep buying

  112. Anna

    These are easy to use. No leakage reported. Highly recommend this product. And, the price is right! We had to contact the customer service and their response was prompt and helpful.

  113. L’Tanya Crowder

    I will continue to purchase the potty chair liners from this company. The price and customer service is worth it. Good turnaround on delivery as well.

  114. TI1213

    See title

  115. BigBob

    Very easy to dispense from box. Nice, solid feel to each bag. Never have experienced a leak from these bags. Very pleased with the quality and ease of use.

  116. CHOZEN 1

    These Lunderg Commode Liners are great! They are a little thinner than the Berals Liners bought previously. But I got way more liners for a lesser price! I use them for my elderly mother’s bedside commode. And the are easy to use, clean, quick and mess free!
    I will be reordering!

  117. Jackie H.

    Love these liners, they hold more than the regular liners you get included with bags. Actually I find it easier to add them as needed. I highly recommend them.

  118. Karen Sanders

    This product does exactly what it is design to do without mishaps.

  119. Lynn

    I purchased these for my mom. They are very economical AND they are a heavy duty plastic bag.

  120. Mrs. Fitch

    These bags hold their contents securely. And the price is quite reasonable.

  121. Michael T McCabe

    The liners are super convenient if you are using a commode. They fit nicely and make clean up a breeze.

  122. John R

    great product, leakproof

  123. Sandra M Gonzalez

    Perfect it does the job….. no leaks!

  124. Debbie Nowicki

    commode liners

  125. Caren F.

    Great product. They are thick enough, leak proof and surprised by the good quality of them. They are so convenient to just grab one and not have to pull apart. The price was affordable and will continue to purchase from this top notch company Lunderg. Don’t hesitate to try the product you will be happy you did.

  126. lawn garden industrial

    work for the purpose designed for

  127. Gloria Rogers Duke

    They are plastic so they do not absorb. I place folded paper towels for that. Fantastic buy. They never leak. Love them. Will buy again.

  128. C.G.

    Great idea for a cleaner environment.

  129. Allennita C.

    They are sturdy, effective and more than reasonably priced for the quality

  130. flomobo

    I bought this product to be used with a commode for bathroom urgency in the middle of the night. It has made my life so much easier. The material is heavy and durable and I have had no leaks.

  131. BidBouts

    Works very well for our use.

  132. Diana D

    Easy cleanup

  133. Rozlynn Lippincott

    I like the convenience of having the perfect size liner with a drawstring tie. It makes the liner bag much easier to seal for disposal.

  134. Amazon Customer

    The size is just right and quality is good!

  135. Regina Hancock

    Work great in my camping bucket toilet

  136. Wash15

    Like small heavy duty trash liner with tie. Fits easily. No leak and easy to handle. Generous quantity.

  137. Marissa

    Great price for commode liners. They are *very* slightly smaller than the ones i was using prior, i just have to try a bit harder to make sure they fold all the way over and around the bucket. They are so much cheaper, though so i give them a 5 star, the value makes up for a little extra work.

  138. john anderson

    use for my mom’s commode cause she can’t get into bathroom .. these work real good so far .

  139. Trevar Mayon

    I purchased these for my mom who is disabled. The liners are great. Very well made, no leakage. The strings make it easier to use.

  140. Amazon Customer

    Strong bag

  141. costu


    I had to stretch these to fit my camp toilet, so unfortunately they did not work for me. That being said I have updated this review as Lunderg reached out and refunded me to address the issue. Great customer service for reaching out after the fact and addressing the issue!

  142. DLH

    These bags are great and a better value than similar rolled bags. Store easier than bags on roll since these are individual, flat, folded bags. Thanks for a great product!

  143. tina randall

    I ordered them to use in an rv when water isn’t available–great product.

  144. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and fit perfect in the commode bucket all you have to do is empty the contents in the toilet and discard the bag.

  145. JayP

    These bags work great and do not leak. They are in a box, one on top of the other, and not connected to each other where you need to tear them off. They will fit most potties and camping toilets, and hold a lot. They are so worth the money, and I will buy more. Actually, for what you get, they are a good buy.

  146. Norma S.

    Great service. Great quality. I recommended 100%

  147. Bubba61

    Have ordered several boxes, heavy duty bags, never had one leak, happy with the product.

  148. CM

    This product is so much better than another brand that leaked and tore. Also much easier to get out of the box as they are individually folded instead of a roll. Will definitely buy again

  149. S I S

    Perfect size

  150. Jane in the Pines

    I much prefer the individual liners in a box to those in a roll from which you much tear off each one. These do not require me to stretch the liner to fit over the “bucket” and so far I haven’t found a leaky one. After trying the sorbent pads in a previous product I found it much more convenient to ditch the sorbent and just pour the waste from the liner into the toilet before disposal.

  151. Leah Reynolds

    Bags for commodes from a pharmacy are so much more expensive for only 15 bags. We used these for my mother since she required a commode inher bedroom. excellent value and very sturdy.

  152. Pamela B

    We bought these to use with our portable potty for traveling during Covid-19! They worked great!

  153. Lisa Braxton

    Holds up we use it in our portable toilet.

  154. Victoria Babilonia

    Very good product! Price is right

  155. P. Morrison

    Leak proof, easy to use!

  156. rd2$ell

    came with no absorbent pads

  157. Red panda

    Very durable and perfect fit

  158. Dorothy Pence

    They need pottie bagpads to absorb liguid

  159. Chris Eusebio

    Easy to use.

  160. Greg W. Graham

    My wife is the one uses this for me I am wheel chair bound.

  161. Windy

    Only thing i don’t like they don’t come with absorbing pads .

  162. Robert L.

    Commode liners fit well,installed well and do not leak.

  163. Patricia L.M

    A great plastic bag with a plastic tie to close tight and through away!!!!

  164. Jeffrey Thomas Koogler

    We use the liners in my 87 year old mother’s bedside commode. Just pour out the fluids in a toilet, pull the draw strings, and tie off the liner to prevent leaks. The liners make clean up easy.

  165. SuseBee2

    These commode liners are my favorite by far. They are a generous size, I like tucking the edge under and still have lots of bag left. The plastic is heavy and I never had a leak. I reccomend these.

  166. Latasha Robinson

    Great buy!

  167. Hazel Grippando

    Like that can use and keep your commode clean.

  168. dontbesilly

    They do what they are made to do, for awhile. They do leak. They don’t absorb, they aren’t made to.

  169. Sunnie

    It fits quite a few different size commode.


    No leaks and great absorbance. Longevity and pricing good

  171. R. Lockhart

    The liners are very thick and fit just right. Easy to use, leakproof and locked-in any foul odors.

  172. Tiffany

    They do what they need to you might want to consider the absorbent pads they would definitely help the liquid part of the mess

  173. Butterflies Nana

    Just what I needed

  174. V.B

    Prefect size and easy to remove without any problem

  175. BusyBee

    Easy to use bags that get the job done.

  176. Sheryl S

    Will certainly use again! I recommend getting the inserts as well if your the cleanup person

  177. steven

    Best bags ever for my lugaloo

  178. Pen Name

    Very easy to use

  179. Veronica Barnett

    Pretty basic and easy to use


    Second time ordering these are the best

  181. Amazon Customer

    Used as a commode liner – excellent product!

  182. Rick Jensen

    These fit perfectly in the commode and are made of strong, thick plastic that does not tear. I had no problems with leaking but I tie a knot around the top portion of the bags with the ties to prevent that very problem. I suspect that people complaining of leaking are tying the bags with the ties like you would a regular trash bag. The thickness of the plastic prevents them from sealing well that way. I highly recommed!

  183. lonpau

    Makes cleaning the commode a breeze. No leaks. If outside of bag feels damp it is just condensation.

  184. Anonymous

    I dislike that the absorbent liners was not included in package. My fault I should have looked for the commode liners with the asorbant liners included. The liners help absorb the liquid. Otherwise the commode liners are fine. Thanks

  185. Nancy

    It could be a little larger. The other brand I ordered fit my bedside commode better.

  186. linda gray

    I like them will order more

  187. Karen S.

    These bags are very easy to use and they are leak proof. They fit the commode perfect.

  188. Smithreaux

    This is simply a small garbage bag that is more tough then your average kitchen trash bags. We were using grocery store bags prior to this and this seems to work better.

  189. Erik Holdenn

    Perfect commode liners, good quality, very durable, great price. Already a repeat customer and will continue with these liners in the future.

  190. steven schoorens

    perfect for comodes

  191. Kristen Brinkman

    This works well with what we needed it for

  192. Karen Chester

    These bags are heavy and fit perfectly. As an added bonus the price is very economical.

  193. Michelle

    They work perfectly!!

  194. Allison Hancock

    Being a caretaker for a parent is really hard. This product makes my day easier. My favorite thing about them is they never ever leak.

  195. Sally Stevenson


  196. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

  197. Deanna

    They cost a bit more than others, but they are thicker and more importantly no leaks!

  198. mike mikaele

    Caretaker responsibility.

  199. Janet Latshaw

    Very responsive to me when i ask them a question. Answer came within 24 hours of my email.

  200. Amazon Customer

    Use these with a portable camping toilet. Works well at control of odors and leaking. Will by again when needed. Arrived as promised and well packaged.

  201. EVA TIRU

    Very helpful. Thank you

  202. marilyn

    Exactly what I wanted

  203. Harald Mynster

    They do the job.

  204. Hiphop68

    Very convenient

  205. Lilyfrog

    Item is fine.

  206. pat

    These liners are the best. They do not leak and not designed to absorb. They are easy to close and throw away. They arrived quickly which was greatly needed.

  207. TSD

    These work perfect to the commode chair. They are nice and thick.

  208. Brenda Washington

    They were very absorbent and easy to dispose of.

  209. Eddie Skinner

    Wonderful , works great ??????

  210. Charles A.

    Very Easy to use.

  211. connie

    These are absolutely wonderful! No leaking very thick plastic, I wish garbage bags were made like these. Thank you for a great product. It makes life as a caregiver, so much easier! ??

  212. Kindle Customer

    I ordered this product for a relative so I don’t really know how it works but I haven’t heard any complaints so I guess it is doing the job.

  213. Denise

    Makes clean up a breeze!! When caring for your loved ones there is enough stress involved. This really helped me tremendously!!

  214. Lin

    These liners help so much with disposal of diapers, etc. Very heavy plastic.

  215. Lynda Stevens

    Got these in a hurry and am very pleased with them.

  216. Nathan Ferguson

    Good product for the price. I do miss not having the absorbent pad.

  217. Jason McMinn

    With my dad diagnosed with prostate cancer, it made it harder for him to move around. We have a portable toilet chair and he was just using Walmart sacks. We all know how cheap they are but these have made it much more reliable to not rip or leak

  218. Amazon Customer

    We’ve bought these several times now. Haven’t had any leaks. Package makes it easy to grab one at a time.



  220. Cathryn M

    Bags are not as large as they say they are which is false advertising because we wanted the larger bags to cover a camper toilet.

  221. Amazon Customer

    These are worth buying we will not be without them

  222. Sharon Lininger

    Very nice product. So easy to use.

  223. lucia vindigni

    Good product, good absorbency, added 1 into commode liner.

  224. Danny C

    Durable. Easy to use and thick plastic. Good quality. Would definitely purchase again if they don’t change the product. Fits perfectly! A definite must for busy caregivers.

  225. MelanieMelanie

    More than just regular liners leak proof !

  226. Kathryn

    I purchased these for my father’s current health situation. This is actually our second purchase! Very easy to use right out of the box, since they come pre-separated.

  227. Love Amazon Buyer

    Good liners. Well packed and fast shipping.

  228. Jan

    These are easy to dispense, easy to apply to the commode, and easy to dispose of.

  229. Gina Martinez

    So other liners have this absorbed liner inside, this didn’t. Why I gave 4 out 5 stars. It did the job for the months we needed it. But not having the extra absorbent liner inside made it where we had to change out for frequent & didn’t help with order like other brands.

  230. Rena Morris

    These are great to have. No more cleaning out nasty disgusting buckets. Very convenient.

  231. Gregory Jackson

    Everything is good. This product was for mother’s pot and thanks.

  232. Marilyn O. Hyams

    Great product

  233. gina keane


  234. Sharon Hammond

    Price is great!! Leak proof!! easy to use !! Holds no leaks

  235. Dominica Waid

    A little thin

  236. Amazon Customer

    I liked the cinch sak ability and the thickness of the plastic. I also like the box dispenser, although the box was pretty banged up/torn during shipping. Couldve been packaged better.

  237. Vanessa Saracino

    These are great

  238. linda Mclaurin


  239. PJ

    My sister is so happy they keep her bedside commode cleaner.

  240. francoise debled

    Very strong bag. Never had a leak.

  241. play boy thunda

    They fit perfect

  242. Noel

    good choice

  243. Caruso Domingez

    What’s to say, they hold poo poo well.

  244. Rachel Moody

    Amazing item

  245. Eileen P.

    Super easy to use

  246. Owen Jones

    Convenient and easy to use.

  247. Velma Puente

    This is a great product

  248. Linda A. Jencsik


  249. L3

    Headline says it all. They put “care” back into this product by using quality materials. When caring for a loved one this company helps you do just that without stress or mess. Thank you.

  250. Amazon Customer

    They work perfectly

  251. Peggy Bedwell

    This does the trick. Helps a lot since I have not much time with dealing with everything taking care of my husband who had a stroke
    Thank you

  252. bm4527_gfd

    My mother n law was paying $10 for a dozen and I figured I could find them here. She loves them! The price and amount was great!

  253. May DLV

    Very good quality. High absorbency and it is really leak proof. I would highly recommend this product.

  254. Adriann

    Well we ordered these in December but just now opened the box and to find out that all the bags have a slit in them. So now I have to throw these bags away. Not happy with this. I never had a problem with these before and I get a box like this. Very disappointed.

  255. M

    They work great. No leaks and makes clean up easy and mess free.

  256. Yolie Hernandez

    These lunderg bags are very nicely sized and leakproof. The company offered free box of liners and we were happy to receive them. Thank you customer service.

  257. marilyn

    We are camping in our RV, reluctant to poop in our toilet. So I bought these liners and pour a cup of kitty litter into the bottom of the bag. Works great! The smell does leak through a bit. But the kitty litter works for that!

  258. Thomas M. Carroll

    it finctions optimally

  259. Derrick S

    Liners work great – easy to tie off, no mess and never any leaks.

  260. L. Forman

    The first batch ordered were amazing, only 1 bag out of 100 had a tear upon coming out of the box. The second order which only 10 bags have been used, 3 bags have come out of the box with a slice. The last one went unnoticed until it was time for removal. The slice is high up, not on the portion with the waste material. Not sure how the others will be; hoping it is a fluke. So people be sure to check upon fitting a new bag to ensure its integrity.

  261. Derek

    Good dependable product that is easy to use. I’ve been buying them for my ill sister and they are well worth the cost. the only thing that kept them from 5 stars is that 1 may leak in every 200 pieces, which isn’t much at all.

  262. Karita Matlock

    These liners are just that they didn’t come with pads for absorbency. I had to but another brand.

  263. Doodledaddy

    Ease of use, good quality bag

  264. Mariah

    Perfect fit and nice thick bags

  265. Anne H. Miller

    Easy to use and good value.

  266. Mary Spinks

    Very high quality

  267. Theodore Montgomery

    great item cuts down the odor big time.

  268. jppjr.

    I like the fact that the bags just lift out, don’t leak and no mess to me.

  269. jose portillo

    Es practico

  270. Connie Gill

    Product fit the commode perfectly. Plastic liners are leak proof.

  271. Amazon Customer

    Liked everything, work well for incontinence.

  272. munchkin

    They serve the purpose quite well for which they were purchased.

  273. Kiba

    As advertised

  274. Amazon Customer

    When your helping someone that needs a potty chair these bags save time and clean-up. I am so thankful for this product. Makes life easier. I will buy again

  275. cherilyn chandler

    I never knew these were an option they are great makes it so much easier

  276. CJ

    Because of my age and health needed these. Without the liners could spill easily that would not be fun! Have had no problems with them at all. Well made and easy to use.

  277. Patricia A. Palmer

    I use this product for my disabled Mom who uses a porta commode. This is a great product.

  278. Don

    Great product

  279. What matters

    These ones folded in a box are soooo much easier to use than the ones on the rolls and it’s easier to see when you are running low. Choose these over the others. I think they are cheaper too.

  280. Yuki

    Heavy duty plastic bags whith string which makes sanitary and much less troublesome.

  281. Beitso

    I love these. I have been using them about a month and could not be more pleased with the ease of using these liners. Thick bags with draw strings that pull tight. And have not had a leaker.

  282. Dora A

    Fast service – great product for the price – I will definitely purchase again

  283. Amazon Customer

    Does a good job to help with a nasty job

  284. DependsOnTheMind

    This is just a life-saver. I don’t know why we waited so long to move away from a water-based commode for our elder. We use kitty litter with these, and they just make an unpleasant task much easier. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, which is why we hesitated. But when the price of cleaning products shot through the roof during the pandemic – you know, that splash of Pine Sol you mix with the water to keep things fresh? – we made the switch and we’re never going back. We put a nice cushion of newspaper at the bottom of the commode bucket to give these liners a bit more purchase, then put the liners in. Fill the bottom with kitty litter, then top it off as needed. When it smells – you know when! – wrap the whole thing up and take it out. We do put it in another trash bag because the ties on these don’t really close all the way.

  285. Ghastly Tech

    Not having to peel the liners off a roll make these better if you’re the one relining the commode

  286. Anthony Duchnosky

    Everything works as advertised.

  287. Erica Waters

    Great liners. Very strong plastic!

  288. Constance Baurhenn

    For a bedside commode


    My mother-in-law uses them.

  290. Christine

    We have purchased these at least 3 times already and never had a defective one. Strong and easy to pop out of the box and use.

  291. Eac

    I used the liners in the bottom of my commode pot
    I like the quantity for the price. They are a little thinner and smaller then my usual order but I think they will work.

  292. Michael Simmons

    Great product I recommend it to anyone

  293. Jane M.

    I use this product for my elderly mom’s bedside commode. I have tried several other kinds and found this brand easy to use and makes the job quick and easy.

  294. Robin Surdey

    Better than small bathroom trash bags.

  295. RM

    Great also to line bedpans. None have leaked!

  296. RICHARD

    Liners are leak proof, and easy to fit over pale.

  297. Ellie

    These do their job. Fit well, don’t leak.

  298. E. Reingold

    This product solves the problem of handling and disposing of waste. The bag fits neatly over the waste container and is leak-proof. It is easy to place in another bag for easier waste disposal. We are very happy with this product.


  299. Thrifty mom…

    Brought for my mom and they are a great value. She normally pays alot more and gets alot less

  300. Lakenyah Israel

    Portable Potty

  301. Amazon Customer

    They are well worth the money. Great quality .

  302. Joe

    Great for camping especially during Covid. Best used together with clean waste poo powder and 5gal. plastic bucket with seat,
    all on Amazon. Sturdy gauge and does not leak. Good product!

  303. Carmella burton

    Leak proof and easy to use

  304. Chuckdog

    I have used about 25 so far and to date only one has leaked.

  305. Jessica Yanson

    These bags are very convenient to use you just grab the bag and get rid of it and no more scrubbing the toilet bucket out

  306. Johncy Itty

    Excellent customer service

  307. Bubbly1


  308. Colline Hise

    Leak proof and easy to use. So much better than having to clean out the pot. We emptied the bag in the toilet, then threw away the bag. Never a mess.

  309. Marian4620

    I bought these to use with the portable potty for camping. Worked perfectly! Tie them up and discard after use. Clean and simple!

  310. Marcia Wallick

    These commode liners fit well in the bed side commode. The draw string makes it easy to close and remove for disposal.

  311. RG

    Very good and fast shipping.

  312. Alma Bowen

    beside potty. excellent.

  313. Donte’ Foster

    Very helpful and easy to use

  314. Cheryl Eyre

    There is no smell of waste

  315. KellyR

    Product arrived quickly. Nice thickness. Easy to place. So far so good.

  316. Jerry McClure

    Have found several bags with holes in seam.

  317. Kristien Smith

    Great product for what you need for.

  318. SAT

    This bag along with the recommended absorbency pad makes cleaning up the commode so easy! They are very strong. You just tie it off and put it in the trash. Very pleased with this purchase.

  319. Crystal Moore

    Wish they had an absob absorbent pad in them

  320. Jeff Wilson

    Does exactly what is in the description it is the perfect size and thickness will absolutely keep buying this ones, this are not thin bags they really hold.

  321. Reece

    I was so glad to find this. It has made caring for my loved one so much easier.

  322. John W.

    These bags certainly do the job! No leaks, no muss, no fuss… just what I had hoped.

  323. Jessica S. Kern

    Makes clean up a lot easier.

  324. Judith w

    Perfect size for commode chair and not see through for carrying to garbage. 4 gsl too small 8 gsl too big. 6 gallon perfect

  325. Peggy Wood

    Leak proof very easy to use thank you

  326. Phil L. Ferrari

    They are liners and hence not intended to be absorbent.

  327. Nanette R.

    The nurses at assisted living love the liners. No clean up.

  328. TODHH

    I had initially used a different product which included an odor pad which I never really saw the benefit. These are just fine.????

  329. Amazon Customer

    I am very pleased with the Lundberg commode liners. I read the reviews before purchasing. I appreciate that each bag is individually folded and can be placed on a shelf for easy access. The draw strings are most helpful in tying up the bag for quick and easy disposal. I will definitely reorder in the future.

  330. Sarrah Lastinger

    These were a game changer. No more dumping poo and having to clean out the bucket of the bedside potty.

  331. Delisha Johnson

    Easy to use

  332. Papa Bear

    Very easy to use. Never had a leak… yet. Knock on wood.

  333. Louise Walling

    They are well made with high quality. The bags are deep so it leaves enough room for me to twist and turn it down to really tighten it up in the morning. This is my second box. So far there has been no leaking. I love the quality!

  334. Amy Morse

    Very satisfied

  335. MissAmber

    They aren’t absorbent (they are not supposed to absorb anything but this review is asking me about absorency) because they are just a plastic bag! But they do hold alot and are pretty sturdy! When usex with the absorbent pads… These are perfect!

  336. Leef

    Super absorbant.

  337. Amazon Customer


  338. Bob & Sandi

    these are comparable to the last ones which they did not have now and they are less expensive. seems to be just geat

  339. Rt

    These work nicely and fit my mother’s commode well. Too bad they don’t come in scented or something lol. I love this 100 pack too, it lasts for a good while for her.

  340. jim

    They fit our portable potty perfectly.

  341. Marsh

    Easy to use

  342. Joanne Toomey

    Great quality

  343. Boo Wilbury

    Makes is easier to empty bedside commode.

  344. Yolanda B.

    As described. Just what we needed!

  345. Grant

    The Lundberg Commode Liners have exceeded expectations. They are thick enough that you have no worries about spills. The drawstrings are especially helpful. I find if you twist the bag and use the drawstrings and tie around the bag, you can get an extra tight seal. I highly recommend them and we will be using them in the future.

  346. Judith Hawkins

    Great value for a 100 pack. Liners are substantial and leakproof. The draw string makes for easy disposal. Definitely recommend.

  347. Maria

    I use this for camping. Material is thick. Wide and enough height to fit in my commode. I highly recommend this one.

  348. Barbara Bowie

    Very satisfied

  349. Letta Stuthard

    Great product. Packaging is perfect, I can flip the box open, grab one bag (and only one) and close the box, all with one hand. Without getting too graphic, I am always in a hurry when performing this unpleasant task and my hands are always full moving stuff around. How you can fit a hundred perfectly folded bags in that tiny box amazes me. With these available I have no intention of ever buying another roll of tear off bags. Thank you for a great product with even greater packaging.

  350. Billie S.

    leak proof

  351. 1last.refrain

    No leaking! I bought a different liner for in our camper to use and they leaked horribly and constantly, so I started looking for different ones. I can leave these ones in the camper commode for several days with 0 leaks. We only use the camper toilet right before bed and first thing in the morning so it doesn’t need daily changes (we use pine shavings in it to stop smells). Will DEFINITELY be buying more once we need them!

  352. JOE

    Handicap person leak proof

  353. Jaime

    Quick and easy

  354. ck

    These are good quality bags. Very strong and no leaks at all. They are already separated and easy to get out of the box. Doesn’t come with absorbent pads but I use kitty litter which works better anyway.

  355. MyRivers

    We used the potty chair liners for exactly that. Saves time & is alot more sanitary than using potty chair on its own. Definitely a good decision to buy!

  356. Sam

    Super absorbent. Works great. Love this product.

  357. Raymond McVey

    Easy to install and unload works great

  358. Darlene R

    Used it for portable toilet. Wish it fit snug around top, but it works. It closes tight at top and that’s important. Great quality!

  359. Amazon Customer

    By far the best value for liners. They work better than most.

  360. Alan Bodiford

    Leak proof heavy duty liner’s.

    Best on the market and outstanding customer service.

  361. Marilyn C.

    If you want the best customer service, then buy these. The company stands behind it’s product. I will never buy from another company. I Had just a couple bags that leaked. They sent me a new order free of charge. I loved their bags before this happened. Thank you Lunderg

  362. JAB

    Used for a camp trailer.

  363. Gerald Janicke


  364. Fertile12


  365. Kim

    a little big not real bad

  366. Michele Ames

    Portable toilet

  367. Frances M.


  368. David P Rangel

    My mother is 93 these bags are easy for her to use because she doesn’t have to tear them apart.

  369. Janice

    Works well, makes a very unpleasant task a bit easier. Will buy again.

  370. Emily

    These are simply fantastic and worth every penny. Makes a unpleasant task easier and faster because they are well designed and they just work.

  371. Stacy Babella

    Perfect fit for the potty chair.

  372. vickie thrift

    There were no absolute pads

  373. D. Bajorinas

    I use a commode in my bedroom because I have bladder urgency when I get up in the morning. My bedroom is carpeted and I live in fear that even the best of liners will fail, making is so that I would have to have my carpet cleaned. These liners as VERY absorbent and give me peace of mind. I highly recommend them!

  374. Angela

    Great product

  375. Casandra S.

    Great product

  376. Suzanne Quinones

    So easy to use commode liners and not worrying about cleaning up any mess

  377. celena mcelreath

    Great product

  378. Lynn PiperLynn Piper

    In Maine, we run a Glamping business with tents, each site is private and has acres of land between it and the next tent. We have privacy pods and loos with the commode bags. There is a separate little trash can for it’s disposal after use, very sanitary.

  379. Amazon Customer

    Leak proof

  380. Mysterygirl

    Loved these liners it makes clean up so easy and more sanitary. Will totally order them again

  381. Pat A Butera

    Very good quality product that keeps the bedside potty bucket completely clean.

  382. Gary W.

    This product works great for either a bedpan or commode. I would recommend this product!

  383. ed oberg

    very effective when you really need it

  384. Linda Gorman

    Able to keep pot clean

  385. James Adkins

    Workers great on bed side commodes.

  386. D. Brooks

    I was concerned that these liners would be of poor quality. NO! They are excellent quality! These are so easy to use and hold up great!

  387. Mike

    No absorbency with this product, it’s a misconception thinking the absorbency is inside each bag. I didn’t think to check for that thinking it automatically came with it, sense it’s for the use of the portable commodes. So next time I will look to see if it indeed has it in each bag.

  388. MichelleWright522

    As a caregiver I need the portable commode maintenance/cleaning to be as easy as possible, but I’m also mindful of the cost my mother is incurring for supplies. Since she is using the commode long term, I decided to try this and buy some odor absorbing/gelling powder to save money over the ready-to-go liners that have powder already in them.

    These bags come in a roll and it is easy to tear them off the roll. The plastic is a good quality. Fairly thick. I have not had any leaks so far after a week or so of using them everyday, but keep in mind I am putting an absorbent powder in the liner so all the fluid becomes a gel.

    The drawstring feature is helpful when closing and tying the bag for disposal. I think this is a good value and will probably by them again when I get low on these.

  389. Angela

    These bags work great. No leaks!

  390. Herschel

    This is a good product.

  391. Laura Acuna

    I bought these when my mom was injured and had to use a commode. They work great. I use an absorbing pad which works great with this liner.

  392. Stroke Survivor

    These are folded up nicely in the box, which is way easier to store and use than other liners that have to be torn from a toll. I have bought two boxes of these for my bedside commode (I am disabled) and I place soiled diapers in these before throwing in the garbage. Never had a leak and a good value for the price!

  393. carolyn hayes

    The Lunderg commode liners are very strong. Have not experienced any tears or leaking. This is the first brand of liners I have purchased, and there is no reason to switch brands.

  394. diana C

    Very useful no leaks !!

  395. Ms D. Vine

    Perfect fit for the portable toilet. A lifesaver for camping trip. Easy cleanup.

  396. carlos sanchez

    General commode use.

  397. Bonnie Eckard

    I liked everything about these

  398. Neil R. Gordon

    We dealt with holding tanks, pump outs, treatments, and odors for years. The liners are simple and easy. The used ones are stored in a modest sized plastic container until they can be taken ashore. They tie up easily. Our last cruise was six weeks… the easiest yet, and especially not having to worry about finding an available pump out.

  399. The Estate Lady Caretaker

    Excellent quality no leaks or odor.

  400. Mama Ana

    The bag is easy to put on and take off with little risk of spillage.

  401. Gene

    They are great and easy to use and dispose of.

  402. Donna Conrad

    Port-a potty

  403. joanna

    If you have a family member that is unable to walk to the bathroom, and uses a bedside commode, you need these liners! So easy to use!! These have been amazing for my family. Talk about cut down on the amount of work. Definitely subscribed to these to make sure we never run low.

  404. DJ Curtiss

    These are relatively inexpensive, and fit standard commodes. The grade of plastic is adequately thick, and when tied shut for disposal, they don’t leak. What more do they need to do?

  405. Debra A Edwards

    This product fit our commode well and makes clean up easy. Bags do not leak, are easily installed and removed. They close tightly with plastic pull ties. No touching waste product and seals in odor.

  406. richard desmit

    This box had many that did not have the bottom sealed. Manufacturing defect. Didn’t find them till after the return period had ended. But upon emailing the company they promptly responded and immediately shipped out replacement liners and extras. Very good company service and we will continue to order from them.

  407. patricia

    that they were heavy enough not to leak an fit good on commode.

  408. Janet-Lee

    See above….

  409. valerie faison

    I like this product, no leaks easy clean up

  410. Stephanie Rowell

    Great product that our family needed for aging family members. As a nurse very satisfied with this product.

  411. Patty Emery

    This product is easy to use and no leakage

  412. Mike Jensen

    I appreciate that I can buy a box of 100 Lunderg Commode Liners that are easy to use with no leaks from holes in the plastic liners or in the liners seams. They are a quality product.

  413. Doc Karen

    This is my third box of Lunderg commode liners. Other brands leaked and some were even split at the seams when I took them out of the package. I have yet to have one leak in this brand and none have been torn before using them. They have my loyal business.


    fit the commode and easy to dispose of

  415. Rhonda struble

    Loved them

  416. Kara Roberts

    These work perfectly on a bedside commode! They have a pull tie to tie these up.

  417. An

    I really like them very strong did what they are meant to do

  418. Andrea

    These were perfect for my mom’s problems while she was in Hospice care.

  419. nj hop

    bought for my mother- great product

  420. Darlene Smith

    Used in a recent hospitalization. Workers were amazed at how clever they were. Workers also greatly appreciated the perfectly clean and easy cleanup. Their jobs are hard enough.

  421. jgorm520

    commode liner – works perfectly.

  422. William M.

    They work

  423. Jennie Flechsig

    They make my life easier after my husband’s stroke. Take out used liner and replace with new liner.

  424. ghostrider

    Really works. Great not to have to clean the porta potty every day

  425. Amazon Customer

    Once used tie it twice and there is no odor!

  426. Melanie Hodges

    It fits the potty bucket nicely & its just what I needed for a family member to use on portable toilet seat.

  427. Cynthia

    Extremely reliable product.

  428. Vicky

    Amazing, great quality thick bags, with a drawstring for closure. Fits a typical commode portable toilet container. Mine is like the bucket pictured in their add..and it’s simply perfect. Amazing price..although they were half price. There’s no way I’d pay $80-$100 for these bags, which I think was the original price. Would keep buying over and over, if the price is right!!

  429. S.C

    My mother now has to use a bedside toilet and I found these bags on Amazon by accident. I didn’t know they made bags for bedside toilets. I ordered these bags and they are so much easier and a cleaner way to keep a clean toilet. They are absolutely leak proof and you can get the pads to put inside the bag that keeps down the smell. These are absolutely the best and I will keep ordering them as needed.

  430. Robert M. Novak Jr.

    Easy to use and no leaks.

  431. stacy C.

    These make changing a bed pan so much easier! Everything stays in the bag and no cleanup of the pan is needed.

  432. Davena Hancock

    Good quality, hospital grade.

  433. Amazon Customer

    This item is well worth I paid for them.

  434. Minnie Rita McKinney

    These liners are really well made, and they save me money. I’m very pleased with them and I will continue to order them.

  435. Tawnia JonesTawnia Jones

    I’ve bought several times before, good product but shipping in a plastic bag is a BAD move. The box they come in is simply held together with pressure, no glue or tape, so it totally collapsed and now I have to try and grasp a stack of slippery bags to move them. UGH!


    I bought these with the pads for my daughter’s commode . I had been using another brand that came all rolled with the pads but they changed the bags . These are so much better and way more economical. For the same price I get 30% more . I thought opening the bags and having to insert the pads would be a pain but these are actually easier to use than the rolled ones and storage is much easier as only 2 small boxes instead of 6 . So happy I found these .

  437. Marisol Lopez

    I like its leak proof no mess to clean.

  438. Deb B.

    The liners were easy to install and use. They are very sturdy. Absolutely worth the purchase!!

  439. Marcia Carter

    Thank you. They arrived quick. And works like a dream.

  440. Malvina

    As a caregiver I always look for the best, very absorbent great quality.??

  441. Confused Customer

    Bought with Lunderg Super Absorbent Commode Pads. Great products. No leaks. Makes clean up quick and easy.

  442. TR

    Heavy plastic liners. I’ve had no leaks or problems.

  443. John

    Great product! Product as described with no issues using it.

  444. Family Man

    The drawstring type closing is welcome. Thick. A huge help.

  445. scott thompson

    these liners are the best i have tried.
    i’m a caregiver for my 86 year old mom and these liners save me so much time not having to wash the commode every time, just a quick wipe with a lysol wipe and tie the liner shut and i’m done!
    an added benefit is they are already separated and not in a roll that you have to tear them apart.

  446. aweags

    Have been using these fro several years and no issues with leaking.

  447. Jus’ Me

    Just the right size for the portable commode, no leaks, EZ to tie up n toss out.

  448. Michael OConnor

    Easy to install and clean up.

  449. ann sellie


  450. Ness

    Using these for a bed side commode.
    Have not leaked. A bit big but I would still recommend these to anyone.
    You can fit a queen size bed sheet in it.

  451. Vincenzo

    We need to add an absorbing tissue

  452. J. Reed

    Bags have never leaked! They are strong, easy to use, and consistently reliable. Highly recommend!

  453. Lynna Jordan

    Easy to install and remove. Handles make it easy to contain and remove contents. Product is extremely sturdy.

  454. Joann Bettis-Harrington

    happy no leaks – durable

  455. Wonder Woman

    Works as described.

  456. Les Hubbell

    These liners work very well. I don’t use the optional absorbent pads that cost too much. Instead I use folded paper towels that cost less and are just as effective.

  457. J C.

    I like the fit on the bucket. Do not have to tug to get on.

  458. Tiffany DemievilleTiffany Demieville

    The package was destroyed by usps but all bags accounted for was not sellers fualt we use these everyday for my son they are an awesome product

  459. Gerardo Rodriguez

    You never know what do you need for this.

  460. TaTa

    These are easy to use and they fit the bedside commode.

  461. Rileybowler

    Makes a not to pleasant job more pleasant to do and they do not leak which makes it even better

  462. Mary A. Laffoon

    excellent product; seller believes in their products and is very responsive to questions or concerns; will order again!

  463. Karen N Hathaway

    Just bought them. So far, no problems

  464. Sue

    Easy to use.

  465. LSG

    The plastic is thick enough that I have not had a problem with leakage.

  466. Pam Customer

    I used these liners for my elderly mothers bedside commode that she uses at night. They are generously sized and easily fit into the container. They are thick plastic with a strong pull close tie.

  467. Amazon Customer

    Item is easily used and size is more than sufficient. The bag has proven to be leak proof.

  468. Stacy88

    This is a must have for people who use commodes. It’s a bargain for a whole box without running out so quickly. The liners are very sturdy and thick so you don’t have to worry about tearing the bag when throwing it out. It fits the commode perfectly and has ties on the top to make sure nothing leaks out. This is needed because you won’t need to clean the commode bucket anymore and still stay sanitary. No more worrying about messing clean-ups or troubles washing the commode.

  469. Sarah

    These bags are a must. It was not fun cleaning out my bucket. After I purchased these leak proof bags, they were a game changer. The price and quality were great. I purchased they several times. I highly recommend them.

  470. Jacqueline Daniels

    Easy to use and leak proof

  471. Brook

    The bags tie easily and are sturdy. I will keep buying this item.

  472. CaraMel K

    These liners are so convenient. They fit perfectly around the portable potty. Never had any leaking. Prior to disposal I place them in a plastic grocery bag just for extra security. Great product. I totally recommend them.

  473. Llama Dude

    As as caregiver I am grateful that I able to get an adequate supply of this product. This company not only cares about their product, they also care about their customers.

  474. Evelina

    I bought these for my own bedside commode. I’m in a wheelchair and only have full use of one arm and can use these. What I can’t do is empty the bucket itself but these I can handle on my own. Transfer difficulties prompted me to purchase these. While my bathroom transfers may improve, I won’t test them right now because these liners are ideal. I should have tried them long ago.

  475. j3s5h7

    I am into my second box of these and there were no leaks from the first box of 100. Previously I purchased from another supplier and usually had 1 or 2 leaks per container of 50. This is not a product you want to have leak on you!

    These are good quality and reasonably priced, If you need commode liners, this is the best I have found for the money.

  476. James F.

    Very absorbent

  477. pat mahan

    The handy time saving quality

  478. Amazon Customer

    This item works great helps with the clean up.

  479. Barbara Radley

    In home

  480. kenneth Grey

    Great bags

  481. Donna Cancilla

    The product was a Godsend!

  482. Craig

    These liners are exactly as described. They work well. They arrived well packaged and promptly.

  483. Lily Rodriguez

    These bags are great. No leaks!!! Highly recommended, worth the price.

  484. Linda

    Got the next Day!!!!

  485. Linda Johnson

    They are a little thicker than another brand I bought (because it was cheaper). Went back to these. Much, much better.

  486. KC

    They do the job and can double as small trash bags.

  487. L. Swearingen

    Will buy again


    Nothing to dislike.. it did the job!

  489. Rose Wheeler


  490. Melanie

    Bien mais ne comprends pas de pad pour absorber

  491. Jo C.

    I bought this product for a liner for a commode pail. The plastic is thick and I’ve never had a leak. I put a piece of blue pad under it in the pail just in case there is a leak, but I haven’t had to change the pad. The product holds up when full and has drawstrings to close the top when lifting for disposal. I keep expecting a leak, but so far so good!

  492. Kaneko

    I finally caved and bought some commode liners after realizing how futile it is to keep the commode clean and nice smelling just by cleaning it after each use. After comparing liners I purchased these and they have yet to leak and just do what they are supposed to do. Plus the commode does NOT smell like an outhouse.

  493. Great Lakes Hunt & Fish

    These are a life saver when dealing with a comode. No fuss just pull the strings and tie and throw out. I’d recommend.

  494. Karma Bentley

    I’ve found myself having to use a commode for a little over a year, and have found it easier to use these liners.
    I tried six or seven different options before deciding to try these ones. It’s been approximately six months since I first purchased these and have not regretted it. They fit easily, are a thicker material, are easily removed and disposed of…and, unlike others, they don’t leak and don’t puncture (I have very long gel nails and haven’t had a nail go through once).

    I don’t find it economically feasible to replace a liner after every time I relieve myself… so I don’t find a problem with odor either.

  495. John’s Girl

    These don’t leak and usually contain the smell. They are not absorbant. But they don’t leak!

  496. Louis X.

    Does the job perfectly!

  497. Delores DeMaria

    Easy to use and so so so convenient111

  498. doodlum10

    great value

  499. Renee Rogers

    The liners are easy to use , strong and dependable.

  500. eric

    thick non leaking right size easy to use great tie very happy with these bags ??

  501. NoLongerLuvAmazon

    Will become my only purchase for lines “unless the price goes us”. For now, very pleased.

  502. mknight38

    Works great, use it fir off-grid living

  503. Rudolph W. Mayer, Jr.

    Best I’ve used and will continue to use!

  504. carol s piatt

    easy to use

  505. Mike in PA

    There’s not too much you can say other than these fit bedside commodes, don’t leak and make lives a bit easier. That’s all good in my book.

  506. Eloise Halpern

    My niece who is an RN told me to get these for mom for after surgery when she had to use the commode. I ended up buying them 3 times! Excellent quality and value.

  507. Amazon Customer

    No leaks, perfect fit. Great bags!

  508. Dspc

    Works great, does leak a bit, but I do recommend this product

  509. Kay Papandrew

    Loved the commode

  510. Lisa Cheifetz

    Makes cleaning the commode a snap!

  511. Shirica Pickett

    The product had some leakage, but overall it held up.

  512. robert bryant

    Great product

  513. Wade Dillard

    It works great for t he purpose

  514. Virgie M.

    These were great. Was having our bathroom renovated. Had no bathroom for several days. This saved us greatly. No mess and easy to use.

  515. Dot

    Product is great. Bags do not leak! Am a returning customer.

  516. Rich

    Fit really well. Made very well and showed no sign of leaking.

  517. LeLisa

    They worked great.Absorbet was good.

  518. Book Addict

    Great size. Universal fit as described for bedside commode. Easy collection and disposal.

  519. Anita

    I never had any leaks and they were easy to use and dispose of in a sanitary manner.

  520. Jason F.

    Price of course seems to be what everyone starts their comment with. Out of the last three hundred bags only one has leaked. Not a bad ratio. Thanks guys.

  521. Helene Grzybowski

    Works great

  522. israel

    Held all my pee pee and poo poo

  523. Saundra Bubniak


  524. Kathleen Wolfendon

    We really like this liner a lot it does not leak at all. We tried others and they are so flimsy that they leak and are hard to use. These are the best

  525. sandybojo


  526. Julia McClure

    Will purchase again. Would recommend to anyone.

  527. Crickett63

    These bags proved to be a life saver. I had no problems with leaking and they held up very well. Don’t know what I would have done without them. Although I can certainly say that cleanup would have taken a lot longer and would have been far more difficult.

  528. Emily G. Moscoso

    Works wonderfully!

  529. Lea

    Very good east to use.

  530. Teresa l.

    When I first ordered these for my elderly mom, a few of the bags leaked. I immediately contacted the company and they shipped me the same thing. Customer service is AMAZING and quick!!! If you know of anyone who needs these, I would highly recommend them!!!

  531. LE

    Use these for my mom in assisted living. They work well and are leak proof. Highly recommend.

  532. Loren Ray Wilson

    Work like they’re supposed to.

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