Commode Liners 250 Count – Medical Grade Bedside Commode Liners Disposable for Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping Toilet Bags – Universal Fit

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(137 customer reviews)
  • UPC: 792625035801
  • EASY TO USE AND TO DISPOSE OF – Simply remove the portable toilet bag by pulling on the strings, tie up the bag opening to ELIMINATE ODORS and dispose of. They just make CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • BEST VALUE & MEDICAL GRADE – Stop wasting your money on expensive liners, which are not even medical grade! To give you the best value Absorbent Pads are NOT INCLUDED. Buy separately our Super Absorbent Pads or simply use kitty litter.
  • IDEAL FOR AT HOME & COMMERCIAL USAGE – Lunderg value liners come in a sturdy, durable box with 50 ALREADY SEPARATED bags, and make life so much easier for caregivers, family care, and self-care. You don’t have to waste your time and energy on tearing the perforated edges of the rolls anymore!
  • SANITARY UNIVERSAL FIT – You do not have to worry because our liners fit all standard bedside commodes, adult potty chairs, and buckets. They are 20.5″ X 15″ and are perfect to use with portable toilets or camping toilets.
  • DO NOT LEAK – We stand behind all of our high-quality products. Money-Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked

In stock

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Why are caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones choosing Lunderg Commode Liners over anything else?

Unlike other brands, our Commode Liners come in a Sturdy box of 250 liners which is easy to store.
For your absolute convenience, Lunderg Liners are already separated.
Simply put, Lunderg commode liners make your life so much easier.

To give you the best value ABSORBENT PADS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
But you can get the Lunderg absorbent pads separately.

Finally a sanitary solution you can count on. Our commode liners DO NOT LEAK, even after your dispose of them!

Lunderg bedside commode liners are easy to use and the integrated drawstring makes disposal quick and easy.

Our commode liners are universally sized to fit standard and bariatric commode pails for your convenience.

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

137 reviews for Commode Liners 250 Count – Medical Grade Bedside Commode Liners Disposable for Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping Toilet Bags – Universal Fit

  1. Gail A Fraser

    Fast delivery every time and the exact product I need at a good price

  2. Pama B. Meloni

    The quality of this product is better and cheaper than other’s we have used. It’s a no brainer!

  3. No

    Price is excellent

  4. S K

    Because of it low price compared to other brands, I was somewhat concerned it might be flimsy. The liners are big enough, very durable, and the tie string also is long. Glad I took a chance.

  5. El Cubano

    Great product. Does what it is intended to do.


    The liners are very sturdy and easy to close with the pull cord.. Just lift, pull, tie and throw away. Will be buying more.

  7. Betty R.

    I have struggled with liners that leak which defeats the purpose. These liners have solved that problem for me. Great price and great poduct

  8. allnewme

    So convenient for easy clean up

  9. Amazon Customer

    Easy to put on and take off the bowl.

  10. Marie B.

    They are very good.

  11. Just Coolers

    Good quality product and great value

  12. Linda C

    These liners are the best….easy to use, thick so there is no worry of leakage….sturdy box….won’t be using any others and I have tried many others….you won’t be disappointed..

  13. Amazon Customer

    These commode liners are the best on the market. Even better than the ones purchased from the local medical supply store. They close easily, fit nicely, and are very reasonably priced.

  14. D. Dant

    I purchased several other brands of potty liners before finding Lunderg Commode Liners. They are thicker, large enough to easily fit an oversized commode bucket and you can not see through them. Plus they were less expensive as the other brands we tried.
    I also use them for storing things in the garage like strands of Christmas tree lights and ornaments.
    I highly recommend them for whatever you need them for.

  15. Joetta Rolar

    Strong bag

  16. Cherie Cebula

    They are great

  17. Bill McCrary

    I like this product. It is very thick & a reasonable price. Great quality. Will buy again

  18. Katy Garcia

    These bags are life changing. Really do make clean up a breeze. I only wonder if they come scented? They do not stretch and are very thick plastic.

  19. TR

    I love this product, I do not have to worry about leakage anymore. The delivery came earlier then expected, And customer service was great, I will be ordering this product again in the future.

  20. MB

    Perfect size that stretches over the container, good thinkness, and easy pull ties. Decent value for 250 bags. Convenient

  21. Lori Gronewold

    They work great. The only thing I would change is to include liners

  22. Terri S

    They do the job

  23. Erik Holdenn

    Perfect commode liners, good quality, very durable, great price. Already a repeat customer and will continue with these liners in the future.

  24. LizaMae

    I was cleaning out the pot each time. I only wish my mother had these when she took care of my father the first time years ago. A caretakers Godsend!

  25. MISTA


  26. Mi Hyon Cho

    I was so happy that these existed for my mothers commode after she broke her femur! Clean up is easy and no spills so very impressed with the sturdiness!

  27. Sheriffbarbie

    Does not include gel pad but good value.

  28. Sister claudia

    It is doing the job as suppose to .

  29. docnancy

    Much cheaper that buying at the local store you 25 bag for what I paid for 100. Plan to buy more an soon as we start to get low. Good buy.

  30. Mag W

    Worth every penny. Very glad I purchased them .

  31. Maria

    These commode liners are great! Great value and very sturdy. We will keep buying these liners from now on!

  32. Happy Customer

    Works as advertised

  33. L H

    Tough bags, nice manageable fit around bedside commode – takes the worry out of all problems that could come up. Great company; will definitely order again!

  34. Kim W.

    Really like this product out of others I have purchased in the past. The price, sturdiness are cannot be beat.

  35. MeMe

    Item is strong and easy to install and remove.

  36. Yolanda

    They fit the commode perfectly and are well sealed

  37. Leida

    These liners are perfect. It helps make life easier. They are durable, have a good fit, and affordable. My “go-to” product.

  38. RCTX

    Great Product very pleased with quality. Strong no leaks

  39. Michelle M.

    I bought these to use in my camper when we dry camp. They do the job perfectly. We just line the commode and drop in an absorbent pad. Very good quality. No worries about leaks!

  40. Aggie Beverage

    The bags are very thick they have drawstrings for ease. They are very handy for what I need them for

  41. Amazon Customer

    They are exactly what we needed. Thank you.

  42. Barb

    Great product! Will be purchasing again!

  43. A M

    Great value for the money.

  44. Janice Pousson

    Durable and good price.

  45. Old fezziwig

    If you try Lunderg liners once you will never go back to any other product and you can take that to the bank. We need the liners to be 100% reliable and they are. These are the real deal. They are thick, easy to grab from the box, and fit like a glove. They have an easy-to-use pull strings too. There are many copy cats out there but LUNDERG IS THE REAL DEAL : )

  46. Joseph Marshall

    Folded flat in box easy to use, and no powder to fall out. Fit commode bucket well. After research I chose to use kitty litter in bottom and as needed to cover (OK I have two cats and use Grass seed litter for all of us! Do a search for it. Very light weight, fragrance free, more expensive but safer for all.)
    Bags tie tightly and don’t leak.
    I generally use 2 day, so 250 will last a long time

  47. Amazon Customer


  48. Kay

    It’s a time saver. Worth every penny.

  49. Mark Freeman

    Great value

  50. Amazon Customer

    Dependable , thick, and good value for your money

  51. Amazon Customer

    Good product for the money very helpful after my surgery

  52. Amazon Customer

    Wow – the bags are so great! No more scrubbing the bucket. Just empty contents into the toilet and flush. Toss the bag. Easy-peasy!!

  53. Rod Rodica

    Just the right size. It seems durable and sturdy. Priced right.

  54. Ma’am

    After we had purchased this product we found one that allowed for more urine absorption.

  55. SuzieQ

    These are so good and almost never leak. Over 15 boxes now and only 3 had a pinhole which you see even before taking it out. Makes it so easy to tie up and dispose cleanly and quickly.

  56. muneca1988

    Excellent idea and product! Quality bag. No rips or tears. Thank goodness!

  57. busymom4kc

    We never had an issue with a leak. Extremely sturdy. They had a thickness we were not expecting but were pleased with. 5*. Would purchase again if they were ever needed again. Value for the money.

  58. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product, makes cleaning up the bedside commode a breeze saving a lot of time not having to scrub it out.

  59. Denise Davis

    Very sturdy.

  60. m.butter

    A commode works fine

  61. Diane L.

    These are simply the very best bags you can buy and they have never leaked! They are also much more affordable than any others out there. Thank you so very much for having an amazing product that one can afford. It is hard enough having to deal with this sort of thing and the costs of caring for someone are astronomical so being able to purchase these for the price is a true blessing. Thanks again!

  62. Hellen Mendoza

    I like that they close easily and plastic is thick.

  63. Charles Diaz

    Excellent item will purchase more

  64. Jessica Yanson

    Makes cleaning quick and easy.

  65. Joshua

    A great value, strong, durable and easy to use bags. 5 stars highly recommended!

  66. Donald S.

    Well worth the money

  67. Amazon Customer

    Exactly as described. Sturdy, just what we needed.

  68. Amazon Customer

    These liners are very easy to use, they are thick and sturdy and are a great value.

  69. john J. Porter Jr.

    I bought these liners because they were the best value for the money. I was very pleased with the fit and the high quality – strong and no leaks. Excellent product!

  70. Jlr

    thank you

  71. Jill E Carter

    This is a ” must have” for anyone , whether it is family or client. Cost saving. Definitely better than store bags. Cuts the odor and leak proof. Nothing better. Thank you

  72. Isabella V.

    Wonderful product. Easy to use and helps with no mess clean up.

  73. Amazon Customer

    The commode liners are substantial and do the job at an affordable price. Delivery is prompt.

  74. Lisa Horne

    We like them because they are heavier then what we were using which was (store bags).

  75. Marisol

    These liners are well made and easy to use

  76. scott thompson

    as the caretaker of my 86 year old mother, Lunderg commode liners are a helpful tool in my caretaking arsenal.
    they save me so much time and energy not having to dump and wash the commode bucket.
    i use a upside down underwear liner pad in the bottom of the liner to absorb the urine and it works great!

  77. AmazonMember2020

    These are so helpful to have if you have a commode!

  78. Ms Elly

    Like the convenience of the product and easy to use. The bags are a great value.


    Seems to be fine. Good price.

  80. raymond blazik

    no dislikes , only likes , it’s a great product, keep up the good work , it is appreciated greatly by my handicapped son for his porta potty

  81. Ghastly Tech

    Very good quality, the right size, and easy to put on and remove without making a mess

  82. Mrs S

    nothing to dislike except what goes into it. have used it for three months and very very satisfied.

  83. AnotherAmazonCustomer

    We have a member of the family staying with is that needs to use the portable comode and these work wonderfully. Great fit, strong, and just plain reliable, no problems whatsoever. If they would only make trashbags as strong as these!

  84. Karen Mccleery

    These are good quality liners but the box they come in falls apart as soon as the Amazon box is opened. This has happened with the last 3 or 4 boxes I’ve purchased and is a real headache for a handicapped person.
    Please use stronger tape for your Lundberg boxes!

  85. A.Mesquite

    Good value. Stacked. Not rolled for easy use. No absorbant pad. Buy separatly.

  86. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product and great value.

  87. Eilyne

    My septic tank failed and had to get a bedside commode from Wal-Mart to use until tank replaced. Thick and leak proof. Made my life a lot easier to use these bags in commode. Draw strings sturdy.

  88. teri armstrong

    There a good value. Work good.

  89. Dog Pound

    So much better than using grocery sacks… peace of mind that it won’t leak!

  90. Melissa Jacoby

    Have been using regular 3 gallon trash can liners in the commode. Occasionally would leak causing mess. These liners are much better made and even though 20 cents each vs 10 cents for standard bag are well worth it to prevent the mess and aggravation of a leak.

    The ones I buy do not have absorbing pad, but I generally have a slightly souled diaper which I put in the bottom and it soaks up fine.

  91. John H.

    On my second box. Have not had one leak yet. Really make cleanup easy.

  92. Penbo

    I wish I had found these a couple of years ago! They are so easy to use and easy to dispose of. No more mess!!!

  93. GatorRay

    I have tried other brands but these are definitely among the best. Better price and they work nicely in conjunction with the lightly scented absorbent pads made by the same company. Highly recommend.

  94. Patricia W.

    Good items! Thanks

  95. MyRivers

    Great potty liners make an easy clean up. Saves so much time!

  96. weedshasta

    Makes a nasty chore easy.

  97. Annette1915

    It absorb well in tissue after usage, after multiple usages. My advice is not let it get too heavy. Tie the tiers around the bag twice and tight. They are very easy to use and reasonably priced.

  98. Peter Graham

    How do you get someone excited about a product that admittedly should be as boring as they come? You start with a good product…these liners as high a quality as I have seen anywhere. Strong, seams are solid, and the absorbent pads are incredibly, well, absorbent. Then you make it convenient to use…the liners and the bags come stacked separately into the box. It may seem minor, but buying these on rolls like garbage bags with the pads rolled up inside where it drops out half the time gets really old. This packaging is so much easier to use. Finally, you sell them for 1/3 the price that you’ll pay in some national pharmacy chains.

    Oh, to top it off, throw in great customer service.

    Rereading this review, it seems silly to be so complimentary about commode liners. But honestly, there are so many things these days that are needlessly disappointing, when I see something done right I have to call it out. These guys are doing it right.

  99. Patrick Lynch

    I will buy this again after knee surgery.

  100. Salamander

    The box that they came in was weak but the bags worked well. Had not one leak. Will be buying again.

  101. stephanie

    idk what i would do without these bags this company has the best affordable commode bags i will continue to purchase more and more definitely Huge Thanks!!!!!!!

  102. Debra Stein

    They are great

  103. Amazon Customer

    My mom LOVES the bags. So much easier than having someone empty and clean her potty. Makes her feel more independent and less troublesome. Hospitals should consider using them.

  104. MWShort

    Love how easy these are to use and cleanup is not embarrassing at all. Just pick the bag up, pull the tabs and tie a knot. Can hold quite a bit of waste with no worries of ripping

  105. Jerry Stein

    Nice heavy duty commode liner that does not leak and is easy to use.

  106. Dave R

    A heavy weight bag that doesn’t leak. Good quantity of bags that can be used more then once based on contents.

  107. Sarah

    This is such a great product. I am really pleased I purchased it. I was cleaning my bucket at first. That was a lot of work. I also purchased the absorbent inserts. That makes everything even better. I highly recommend this product.

  108. Suzanne Quinones

    Fits commode container perfectly. Heavy duty plastic liner so no leaks. Easy to tie shut. Great to use.

  109. maryann fleming

    product great . No leaks.

  110. Amazon Customer

    Works well. Thank You.

  111. Patsy

    I love this product, it helps with cleanup. However, be very careful because some do leak. And it will create a stinky mess.

  112. Sandra D

    The liners provide a supplemental way to make the life of a caretaker easier. I encourage any individual to use them to aid with effectively helping your loved one or patient.

  113. Sonya


  114. Great Lakes Hunt & Fish

    These work great for my senior mothers commode. Bought many times very satisfied

  115. Craig

    I’ve been using these for a few years and they have always worked well.

  116. Gram49

    Seems to consistently leak. I will go back to buying the less expensive brand. :{

  117. Amazon customer

    Good value

  118. Anon

    Does the job.

  119. Janet-Lee

    I couldn’t function without these….my husband is confined to a wheelchair and must stay on the
    first floor…no bathroom….

  120. Mary J.

    Awesome product! The product is very durable and leak proof.

  121. D. P.

    They are perfect size for the commode. They help with the smells, they fit perfect and tie up very nicely.

  122. Loren Gill

    They are great but they need to be scented commode lingers please

  123. Seaweed

    These are far superior than Amazon recommended. No leaks! Cheaper per liner than recommended liners. Amazon recommended leaked every few liners.
    Still using 7 months later with NO leaks. Use one every day. Yes, THE BEST!

  124. Linda K.

    Have used other brands & these are thick & leak proof. Easy to tie up. Fit the commode perfectly. Will definitely purchase again.

  125. No name to share

    Fast delivery. Convenient and easy to use. What more can I ask? Makes a messy job much more bearable.

  126. The Newts

    We purchased the liners for use with Porta Potty for our medically ailing parent living at home, they are Very convenient and easy to use and the purchase price was most affordable as we use several a day, We want to thank Amazon for a recent order that arrived damaged their immediate action and replacement was very much appreciated: and that’s good business

  127. Bob T

    I bought this as a replacement for the ridiculously priced OEM bags. It is described and should serve the same purpose for a much more tolerable price

  128. George Benson

    They always ship asap and they work as advertised a great product.

  129. Kathleen Lang


  130. E. F. K.

    However, I’ve had a few leak. No big deal.
    But if they turn upside down in your garbage can, fluids will definitely leak out.

  131. Kindle Customerroni

    Hold a lot use kitty litter to soak up then just throw away

  132. Samuel A Aguirre

    All likes

  133. Ann Hereford

    Commode Liner works great in keeping commode chair clean

  134. Katie

    I have been using these liners since 2020. They used to be very good. Now in 2022 they have downgraded quality the bags are much thinner, I can see through them, and the handles break now. I have no faith that they will not leak. To be fair they have not leaked but I will not buy them again because of their poor quality and I believe these will leak now. Also It will be much easier to poke a hole in them because I have with a fingernail.

  135. Ms. Jackson

    Good for the purpose of disposal

  136. Amazon Customer

    Bought these for my mothers bedside commode, and I am very happy! No more bad smells and easy cleanup.

  137. sdw94

    We use the Lundberg Commode Liners for my mother’s potty chair and have been extremely pleased with the product. The quantity you get for the price is quite affordable compared to local stores. Though they do not include the pad inside each liner as you will in the stores, but we do not feel that is a problem as we use wipes anyway and it seems unnecessary to have a pad included. Highly recommend.

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