Commode Liners 50 Count – Medical Grade Bedside Commode Liners Disposable for Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping Toilet Bags – Universal Fit

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(120 customer reviews)
  • UPC: 792625035795
  • EASY TO USE AND TO DISPOSE OF – Simply remove the portable toilet bag by pulling on the strings, tie up the bag opening to ELIMINATE ODORS and dispose of. They just make CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • BEST VALUE & MEDICAL GRADE – Stop wasting your money on expensive liners, which are not even medical grade! To give you the best value Absorbent Pads are NOT INCLUDED. Buy separately our Super Absorbent Pads or simply use kitty litter.
  • IDEAL FOR AT HOME & COMMERCIAL USAGE – Lunderg value liners come in a sturdy, durable box with 50 ALREADY SEPARATED bags, and make life so much easier for caregivers, family care, and self-care. You don’t have to waste your time and energy on tearing the perforated edges of the rolls anymore!
  • SANITARY UNIVERSAL FIT – You do not have to worry because our liners fit all standard bedside commodes, adult potty chairs, and buckets. They are 20.5″ X 15″ and are perfect to use with portable toilets or camping toilets.
  • DO NOT LEAK – We stand behind all of our high-quality products. Money-Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked

In stock

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Why are caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones choosing Lunderg Commode Liners over anything else?

Unlike other brands, our Commode Liners come in a Sturdy box of 50 liners which is easy to store.
For your absolute convenience, Lunderg Liners are already separated.
Simply put, Lunderg commode liners make your life so much easier.

To give you the best value ABSORBENT PADS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
But you can get the Lunderg absorbent pads separately.

Finally a sanitary solution you can count on. Our commode liners DO NOT LEAK, even after your dispose of them!

Lunderg bedside commode liners are easy to use and the integrated drawstring makes disposal quick and easy.

Our commode liners are universally sized to fit standard and bariatric commode pails for your convenience.

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

120 reviews for Commode Liners 50 Count – Medical Grade Bedside Commode Liners Disposable for Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping Toilet Bags – Universal Fit

  1. Patricia Bowen

    Love this product. No mess cleanup. Sanitary.

  2. Dave W.

    I like the way they are packed, so easy to use. They are very strong and have had no leaks. Easy to close and tie up. Anyone new to using commode liners, should really try these. I have tried cheaper and more expensive liners, to me these are the best I’ve found. Very happy with this product. All this is new to me and been using liners for a few months now, hopefully I can get back to normal soon. But if not I highly recommend this brand liners and will be the only one I need to buy. Hope this helps anyone who needs to use liners, to help make a choice.

  3. Phardell

    Fits perfectly over bedside commode and makes cleaning/emptying commode easier. Just like having a trash bag inside of a trash can!

  4. terrance nunn

    Good product. Strong and sturdy.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Work great

  6. Barbie

    Is so much easier to grab and dump. Easier to clean the commode as well

  7. My Info

    Fits perfectly.

  8. Yolanda Grimes


  9. Earl F. Gilbert

    This product makes invalid care so much easier. These are the least expensive I have found, and they do the job. They are usually available in 100-count boxes, which makes it less likely you will run out too soon. Highly recommended!

  10. Jill H.

    The product’s quality is top of the line, but the price is not!

  11. DKH

    These commode liners fit the bedside commode perfectly. I love the dispenser pack being individually folded. This makes it so much easier to get them out of the box. They are great quality and easily tie up for disposal.

  12. Hammy

    Lunderg commode liners are very sturdy. Fits the commodore chair we have.

  13. SunLal

    Before we discovered these, the caregivers had to empty the commode the old fashioned way as it’s done at hospitals / rehabs / nursing homes etc. We started with another brand that was relatively very expensive and the quality was subpar. Then we discovered the Lunderg brand which turned out to be way better quality and much more affordable. These have, no doubt, made life easier for his caregivers. For odor control, one can easily add some clumping cat litter before use.

  14. Joann Zasoski

    Easy to use – well fitting for bedside commode. Arrived quickly
    No leaks or messes.

  15. Allen

    The liners are thick and leak proof. I do love the draw strings as well.

  16. Peggy Studer

    These bags are super thick and have drawstrings, so you just have to tie of the top and toss it out.

  17. Alma Bowen

    bedside commode

  18. Kim

    Easy to use and thick enough to hold. I wish they had them in black.

  19. Mine

    They work beyond our expectations. Very sturdy and not a single leak!! Definitely buying more.

  20. Donald S.

    Good price. Good product

  21. Ronald James maxwell

    Really liked these liners,thick plastic,fits perfectly(unlike some that were thin and too small,had to stretch to fit), all said and done,best bang for your buck and a quality product to boot I would highly recommend this product to any one needing commode liners, even for camping! R.J.Maxwell

  22. Barn_Owl

    Got smallest package for trial. They are definitely good bags for camping. Compared to WAG bags being sold in Amazon for $3.5 each (this has poo powder as well), these are awesome. However, there are some cons. The width is fine but length could be little longer as there is not enough slack to effectively put a knot on the bag during disposal. It would be awesome product if it was little cheaper. I’ll be on look out for better substitute, meanwhile it will be in my camp gear.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Highly recommended for its Intended Use. This product is an absolute Must Have when using a bedside commode.

  24. Pamela

    I find the thought of emptying a bedside commode revolting, this makes it quick and easy. Cut the smell, no need to spend time washing and sanitizing it everytime. I have had numerous home care aides comment how convenient and sanitary these make the clean up process.

  25. Linda S Levy-Powell

    Lunderg liners are very easy to use and durable. The price is right for my budget
    I’m very satisfied with them!

  26. Mimi

    Convenient and easy to use. Exactly what we were looking for.

  27. Gloria Genna

    This product stands up to the task

  28. scburkhart

    Liked them being easy to use and their toughness. Especially great for a bedside commode.

  29. Joel Klein

    Great bags at a great price

  30. Legal-Pooh

    Ease of use and great value.

  31. Deborah C.

    My elderly mother

  32. Amazon Customer

    These help tremendously! Place them on the seat, put an absorbent liner in, and just take off and throw away when needed. Easy and sanitary.

  33. curious6

    Very easy to use. Makes my elderly mother more comfortable.

  34. Amazon Customer

    they work great and are easy to use.

  35. Kbklyn

    Perfect and easy to use.

  36. CharATX

    We use these to line a bedpan. They are sturdy and durable. A great value!

  37. Robert C.

    Works Well

  38. Sarah

    These liners are very sturdy and I have never had one leak. They also close nicely.

  39. Nangs

    I’ve needed 2 replacement surgeries in the past 4 years. During that time, it has been hard to get to the restroom. I purchased a portable commode and after a couple of weeks, found these liners. They make my life so much easier and everything is cleaner. I’ve never had one leak or split. Well worth it

  40. Mark Gregory

    Incredible value. Superior customer service. Sent an email a couple days after I ordered to see how they worked. They included a rewards card which I used and they sent double what I originally ordered for free!

  41. Yolie Hernandez

    This is a good product.

  42. Amazon Customer

    The Lunderg Commode Liners are the best on the market. They do not leak, they close without any problem. After using several brands this is the best.

  43. Jman65

    We have had a problem with our septic system for a few months so we’ve had to resort to using our porta potty. As a result we purchased a box of Commode Liners. These are the best liners I’ve ever used. I was injured 14 years ago & had had to use this porta potty for a few month while I recuperated. I didn’t have these great liners back then but I wish I had know about these at that time. I will continue to purchase these as long as I need them.
    Thank you Lunderg.

  44. Anon

    My mother needs these for her bedside commode. Must add cat litter to absorb liquids and to control odor.

  45. Ruth N Montgomery

    No worries regarding leakage. Quick and clean.

  46. Mike Saeidi

    They work very well. No leaks so far. The price also seems very fair to the competition for how many you get and the quality of them. I’ve used other brands that didn’t use as thick a plastic and they would occasionally leak. These haven’t leaked so far. I would keep buying these.

  47. Nancy H.

    Very thick sturdy, plus stuff slides right out into potty easily

  48. Madeline Harris

    No comment

  49. krystina

    The product is good but the shipping was outrageous

  50. Mark Harris

    Just received

  51. Joe G

    Wonderful product and great customer service!

  52. Justin E.

    commode liners for spouse use due to illness

  53. Amazon Customer

    Works grest

  54. kontreegirl

    These liners are a life changer!!!! Taking care of my elderly parents and was looking for things to make life easier and quicker, well the liners are a definite buy… not only has it saved me from having to clean up smelly messes, it also saves me time. I don’t have to worry about my parents while trying to clean up, just pull the draw strings and put it in the trash and I am done! No leaks…. no mess… definitely worth the buy!!

  55. Ray

    product performs as described. Very convenient to use and very sturdy. Free offer included in first order was well worth it. Will definitely re-order

  56. Dranel Tregnab

    These are great and easy to use. So sturdy, they make life much simpler and mess free! If you aren’t using them, you need to try them! Well worth it.

  57. LINELL

    Easy to use

  58. Gil T.

    We found this product very strong and durable and it is easy to use.

  59. Amazon Customer

    Great product. No leaks. Fast service.

  60. Susan Cuccia Hermann

    They are convenient and easy to use.. These close well and are stronger than other brands I have tried

  61. Mannyz


  62. CoffeeLover

    Great product! Strong, sturdy bags that don’t leak. Bags are generously sized and easy to use and dispose of. Will definitely buy again.

  63. R

    Retains commode’s contents; closes secure enough; sized to fit in commode; easy to place in commode. The liner’s use makes it simple to empty commode. I plan to explore the use of cat litter to absorb liquid.

  64. Rhyka

    Work well

  65. Generator P

    Easy to use and sturdy

  66. A M

    I love these liners. They make caring for my 96 year dad so easy. The size and thick and ease of using couldn’t make this responsibly easier.

  67. Toni T.

    I bought these liners for camping. I read the reviews of several brands before buying these, and I’m glad I did. They are sturdy and do not leak. I have been very pleased.

  68. Charles meyer

    Holds a good load

  69. Doc Karen

    I’ve been using Lunderg commode liners for over a year now. I’ve only had one bag leak but I’m not so sure that my long fingernails might have accidentally sliced the crease when I opened it. They are delivered within 48 hours of ordering and their customer service department is awesome! You can’t go wrong with these!

  70. Chris H.

    Good customer service. A bit pricey though

  71. Amazon Customer

    Good value

  72. Rhonda

    Adult potty

  73. Meredith S.

    Worth the price. Easy to use and fast shipping. Thickness and sturdiness makes it dependable!

  74. Constance

    Commode liners were well worth the cost. The weight of the liner makes it very useable and provides for quick cleanup. Also, the strength of the ties provides the ability to securely tie the liner to prevent any leakage.

  75. Debra Holmes

    Nice and thick, no problems with leakage. I just wish it came with the absorbent pads. Otherwise a great value.

  76. Amazon Customer

    The commode liners are easy to use. They are individually folded in the box, so no having to roll it out. It fits nicely over the pail. It is a very sturdy plastic, so no worry about leaking. And you get plenty of value for the money you spend.

  77. Ida Watson

    The ease of use and cost

  78. Cindy Bagwell

    These bags will fit round buckets in adult potty chairs as well as most bedpans. The thickness of the liner is superior to garbage can liners, making breakage or leakage highly unlikely. The drawstrings enables tight closer of bags for safe disposal. The box has fifty liners in it, making it quite a value over other liners which are sold 8 to 12 in a box. These liners do have not have an absorbant pad inside but I don’t miss it since changing the liner immediately and often is a breeze and much less expensive than those liners with pads.

  79. enthusiastic hobbiest

    This is a good quality liner. haven’t had any mishaps with leaking.

  80. Swimmy

    Very thick.. just what I needed for car camping. No worries of leakage!!

  81. Sam

    These liners are THE BEST. When I first started using a commode I was learning as I went and liners and pads have been incredibly helpful as a disabled person who doesn’t have any kind of assistance from others. The big thing with the product is that IT DOESN’T LEAK. I’ve tried many other brands and they always leaked, which is not only gross but counterproductive. I’m going to name drop and straight up say, do not buy tidycare liners. Every liner leaked. Every. One.

    As my condition has ramped up I’m also not getting to changing the liners as often and they still don’t leak. I’m talking a two thirds full commode that, after adding pads, still don’t leak. Which until I found this brand that was unheard of.

    Other problems I have run into is with liners not being wide enough to fit an average commode pail (*cough* bearals *cough*) and would tear in the process of trying to get it on. These liners not only fit well, they are large enough that putting them on can be done quickly when you’re in a hurry and they stay in place. And the ties are strong and long enough to wrap several times for a tight closure. (I actually wrap both ties around the liner several times and then tie one knot, wrap around again and tie another knot. See what I’m saying about them being long enough?) Have never had a tie break to date.

    I have bought around 300 liners from this company now and out of those I have had maybe three leaks. And they weren’t anywhere as bad as tidycare, where all the liquid contents would leak out.

    These liners are hands down the best.

    Oh and packaging is the best so far! Boxes are very sturdy and the liners require no tearing apart to use. Just grab and use. I have yet to have a box of liners or pads come damaged.

    (Also for anyone that needs a little insight into absorbing pads, I have found bearals to be the most absorbent. Lunderg follows closely behind. For me I tend to go with lunderg bc it’s a much better option price wise and is very very close to bearals in absorbency. Again, tidycare is awful here as well. For what bearals/lunderg absorb with one pad, it would take three for tidycare.)

    I hope this is at all helpful to anyone trying to find the right products for them!

  82. Russ Louden

    These bags are easy to use and very sturdy. They are not in a roll but individually stacked in the box, making it super easy to remove each bag. Also, if you ever, ever need anyone from the company to respond to any issue, you will get very prompt and friendly help. I would never buy any other brand. This is a very good product from a very good company.

  83. PA grandma

    Liked. Will buy again.

  84. Joe Bennett

    I like almost everything about the bags. They hold alot, they are thick with a covenant trash bag type draw string. You can buy cheaper bags on the market. But, considering we are talking about a container that is made and advertised to hold human waste. I’m willing to pay a little extra for the peace of mind of knowing that they are not going to leak and will take a fair amount of abuse before they tear. The only thing I do not like about the bags is the white color. White? come on guys. These bags are made to contain human waste. Maybe its just me. But, I have never seen white human waste. How about saveing your customers a little embarrassememt while deposing of the bags in the trash. By concealing the contents by making them dark brown or even black.

  85. Lisa S

    These liners are extremely easy to open and they offer a great value for your money. Very happy and I will be a return customer.

  86. Annette Jenkins

    Love this product!

  87. Richard Elekes

    Great useable bags

  88. Lakeisha Barnett

    The strength of the liners amazed me…. Easy to use…. Fast delivery….

  89. Kindle Customer


  90. Melissa

    I tried several other brands but found these were better – no leaks, easy to handle, holds good amount. The only thing I could dispute (and I won’t – it can all be worked around) is closing and sealing. Once you pull the drawstrings up an tie them down, it still leaves a gap. I just take each string and fold it down and wrap around the “neck” twice and tie off. Works great after that!

  91. John Jacobson

    We use these every day and it changed our life. No more scrubbing and disinfecting every time. Love them and great quality super strong.

  92. Judith R.

    My commode. Favorite brand!

  93. Just Saying

    I recently had to use a bedside commode . I came across these liners and bought them . I have to admit I was apprehensive about my purchase . Did I really need a liner when I can just clean the bucket each day ? The answer without hesitation now is absolutely I needed these . These liners were a great choice . They do not leak which allows the bucket to stay dry and clean . It made my life so ouch easier . I will buy again .

  94. Amazon Customer

    Commode liner. Excellent product!

  95. no name

    Product arrived on time, easy dispensing box

  96. Katherine Marie Butcher

    I have used these for a lengthy period of time. They have been excellent for making disposal of waste easy and the good absorbency keeps control of order. I tried another brand and immediately submitted an order Lumerberg liners.

  97. KAT

    These bags are very sturdy!! I put kitty litter in them to help with absorbency, and no matter what goes in, it stays in!! I have never worried about it tearing, which if you need these for you or a loved one, you understand how important it is for what goes in, to stay in.

  98. Starr Gregory

    Fast easy to use .great customer service

  99. Angela

    Love it. Captures the oder.

  100. Amazon Customer

    Great product for the price!! Very fast delivery. Very pleased.

  101. Dawn dunlop

    I put a lot of weight in these they stand the test great product.

  102. Dcgabe

    Strong and durable.
    Quick delivery

  103. S. Lewis

    I use these for our camping toilet. These are are great value for a liner that holds up and does it’s job. Thank you.

  104. Judi

    Did the job used with my port a pot

  105. Mary Whitaker

    Perfect for my camping porta-pot. Thank you!!

  106. An

    Will buy again

  107. Tena

    I like that it’s easy to clean up and prevents leaks

  108. Teresa Perdue

    Excellent customer service. Very sturdy and makes clean up easy. Made in the USA ????

  109. Robert Price Jr

    I thought absorbent pads came with but need to order separately other than that great idea instead of cleaning commode after every use

  110. Mysterygirl

    I like this liner and is easy to use and dispose over and clean up is quick

  111. Anna Stazia

    Exactly what was needed!!!

  112. Lorna J Harless

    This product is so worth it. The strength and durability of the plastic is key to not having accidental spills. It is well worth the money. Supplier is always on time or even early with delivery.

  113. Amazon Customer

    Very good liners

  114. Axia

    Would buy again!

  115. Patti Anne Nedell

    Getting a little personal. We use it as a potty chair liner.

  116. Gary


  117. kathy

    I like these because they are not thin and flimsy like others on the market. All the waste and urine stay in the bag and does not leak. Pull strings make it easy to tie and depose of them. These do not come with the absorbent towel but i found it better without and just dump contents in commode and flush. then tie up the bag and dispose it in trash.

  118. Jodi Wilsey

    Works as described. I would buy again.

  119. Randi

    Handicaped pottie

  120. Deidre

    I’ve used most of these and haven’t had any problems with them. No leaks, no tears. I like that they come folded so that I don’t have to tear them off of a roll and worry about ripping them. Would definitely buy these again. I will say that I use these for a day or so, I just put clumping kitty litter in them to absorb the liquid. That has helped with odor, also.

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