Commode Liners with Absorbent Pads – Value Pack Medical Grade 150 Count Universal Fit – Disposable Bedside Commode Liners and Pads for Adult Commode Chairs, Portable & Camping Toilet Bags

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(158 customer reviews)
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  • EASY TO USE AND DISPOSE OF – Simply remove the commode liner with the super absorbent pad by pulling on the strings, tie up the bag opening to ELIMINATE ODORS, and easily dispose of them. They just make CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • BEST VALUE & MEDICAL GRADE & UNIVERSAL FIT This set comes in a sturdy box that includes 150 Lunderg Commode Liners and 150 SUPER ABSORBENT Pads already separated for your convenience, all made with medical grade materials. Our liners fit all standard bedside commodes, adult potty chairs, and buckets.
  • NO MORE SPILLS OR SPLASHES The Super Absorbent pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while REDUCING ODORS. No more emptying the commode or bedpan after each use!
  • IDEAL FOR AT HOME & COMMERCIAL USAGE – Unlike competitors that come in a roll, our fragrance-free liners and pads come in sturdy and durable boxes with ALREADY SEPARATED bags and pads, making life so much easier for caregivers, family care, and self-care.
  • DO NOT LEAK – We stand behind all of our high quality products. Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked!

In stock

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Why are caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones choosing Lunderg Commode Liners with Absorbent Pads over anything else?

As caregivers, we understand why having commode liners with super absorbent pads you can count makes a difference! Our hassle-free bags and pads come in a sturdy box, easy to store with 150 already separated bags and pads.

For your absolute convenience, Lunderg liners don’t come in a roll with hard to tear perforated edges. Moreover, our pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while reducing odors efficiently and keeping liquids in control. Simply put, Lunderg liners and absorbent pads make your life so much easier.

Finally a sanitary solution you can count on. Our commode liners DO NOT LEAK, even after you dispose of them!

Our absorbent pads are SUPER ABSORBENT, no more emptying the commode after each use!

Our commode liners and pads are universally sized to fit standard and bariatric commode pails for your convenience

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

158 reviews for Commode Liners with Absorbent Pads – Value Pack Medical Grade 150 Count Universal Fit – Disposable Bedside Commode Liners and Pads for Adult Commode Chairs, Portable & Camping Toilet Bags

  1. Caren F.

    Great new product. Great quality bag with new liners. Lunderg is a Excellent company and makes quality products. Pads really are super absorbent and make it easier for removal. Box packaging is also great so you can just grab what you need and change the commode. Pricing is also affordable. I recommend this item and purchasing all products Lunderg offers on Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kindle Customer

    easy to use and dispose of. holds contents well. no worries about spilling.

  3. MH

    Their pads and the liners are my favorite. Very good quality and competitive prices.

  4. Michael Denney

    I have been buying Lunderg commode liners and pads separately for the past several months and have been very pleased with their quality and usefulness. I recently tried the combo and was pleasantly surprised by how effective they are. I also have had nothing but positive experiences with their customer service. They are attentive and quick to respond to questions and with filling orders. I highly recommend them and their products!!

  5. Donald S.

    Good product from a good company

  6. NYanon

    i’ve got a disabled child to care for, so we already know and love Lunderg liners. these new ones are no exception – many liners come on a roll & can tear at the perforations causing leaks, but these come separate, which is great. The bags are strong & sturdy, the company is wonderful to deal with, and we are always pleased.

  7. Kevin E Clifford

    They did exactly what they are supposed to do

  8. Linda Moroney

    Very absorbent pads – work well!

  9. john anderson

    Great bags , easy to use , good material don’t have to worry bout seepage , put some kitty litter after you go that will help poop smell,

  10. Tracy

    Quality is great. Easy and convenient for taking care of the patient.

  11. Fred

    The commode liners fit our Thetford porta-potti well. We love the absorbent pads as we don’t have to worry about liquid leakage when we pick up the liner.

  12. John Adkins

    I have been 100% impressed with these commode bags. They are simple to use and sanitary. Very convenient and discreet when shipped to you. And the customer service is outstanding, with fast shipping. Overall I would and have recommended this product to anyone who is using a bedside commode.

  13. J. Cockrell

    These are great for camping commodes. Don’t use garbage bags for that. Use a product designed for that purpose. These bags are a bit thicker and don’t leak. The little pads are quite absorbent and great to make disposal a little less chancy. 🙂 Completely trivial but I wish they came in black. Black water, human waste, etc- a black bag seems better.

  14. Suzi Marsh

    This is the answer for a potty chair. It is a sanitary and easy way to dispose off the waste. Bl

  15. Sarah

    Good product, and great customer service

  16. juan a ruperto

    It works great for my 86 year-old father-in-law

  17. CathyRose

    I bought these for use when we camp without facilities or for middle of the night emergencies. The absorbent liners make liquid waste much more manageable and easy to dispose of.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Love them

  19. Deb McC

    Bought these to use with a portable potty for my mom after she broke her hip. Tried some other products and then found these. I’ll definitely be buying these from now on – there is no comparison. They are strong, sanitary and the absorbent pads really work.

  20. claudia rosen

    Thanks for making a potentially messy job….clean. Excellent product.

  21. Michelle M.

    The liners work perfect. I use them in our travel trailer during colder months while the water lines are winterized. The bags are good quality and thick. The liners do their job well and absorb all the liquid!

  22. Ms C

    This item had made life easier during this hard transition for my elderly parents.

  23. Ogbrowneyez

    So far works as expected a little spindly

  24. Mrs. Hoyt

    This item was recommended by the hospital when I broke my ankle.
    Easy to put liner and pad in the commode bucket, and easy to dispose of.
    Highly recommend for anyone whose bathroom is not close to their sleeping area.

  25. susana

    Wow this product saved my time and headache . One toilet big family and caring for an aging father is hard enough. This helped with monitoring and helping with elderly care.

  26. NotPublic

    These are great for elderly relative’s bedside commode, wish I had discovered sooner. Never leak and the absorbent pads also help control odor. Timely delivery too.

  27. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product. Makes cleanup a breeze. I was shy about my partner cleaning up after me so I ordered these. My portable commode sits next to my bed and I use the walker to move from bed to commode. After eliminating, I can return to bed and reach to close up the bag and seal it off. My partner can then take it out. Some of my dignity remains.

  28. Scott Lee

    Good quality at a fair price

  29. Chris

    These came in handy as I was recovering from foot surgery and could not get to a bathroom… they fit well stayed in place and absorbed liquids nicely.

  30. Thomas Ayers

    Good product, works as advertised.
    Will purchase again.

  31. VA Lady

    Very absorbent and good at limiting odors.

  32. terry whitt

    i love these bags,they make using a portable toilet so much easier.

  33. Ronnie Williams

    I have been using this product for about 3 months and have not had any problems the price is a little much but I can live with it.

  34. Jeri cullinan

    life for an invalid can be unpleasant . these liners makes life a little easier and more pleasant..50 liners and 50 pads for absorption. the co, needs to include 50 extra pads . i can see where they may be needed. how about a coupon for just extra pads? However the co. did give me an extra 100 liners and pads free for filling out their questionnaire. im very happy with their product and recommend them for those that. may need them. p.s. the plastic liners are very tough and will hold a lot without breaking or leaking

  35. BL

    Have used another, more expensive brand before I got these. The plastic these bags are made of is slicker and the drawstrings slide a lot more easily. The pads lay flat as opposed the the ones that come on a roll that are curled. I won’t go back to the other brand.

  36. Jean Barca

    The pad are very absorbent and contains odors. The bag is good quality…no leaks, no rips. Easy to use and discard.

  37. Kimiko

    Major back surgery so having to use a port-a-pott. Liners abosorant. No leaks. No smell. Easy to use and dispose.

  38. Catherine Miller

    Used for a bedside commode. East to put in, easy to dispose of. No leaks, no odor, so far.

  39. Amazon Customer

    These make disposal easy. Easy to use, absorbent and strong.

  40. otterwoman

    Plastic bag liners- great. Absorbent pads- not so much. I think the absorbent powder gel (I use Porta gel absorbent powder) works much better. The pads don’t absorb enough urine. The powder absorbs more.

  41. kathy

    easy to use, hold what they need to, and so wonderful at cleanup, virtually no clean up, pull the strings tie a knot and toss, perfect

  42. Allie

    Using these for camping and they are working fantastically! No leaking, very absorbent.

  43. Karen Ann Burke

    This price cant be beat. 50 bags and 50 absorbent liners. Prices cannot be beat for the amount you get. Free shipping too!!!!!

  44. Amazon Customer

    Very sturdy and so easy to use! Highly recommend

  45. Amazon Customer

    I oversee the home attendants who give care to my neighbor (to whom I am POA). The Home Attendants report to me that the Londerg Commode Liners are strong and efficient.

  46. laura markko

    I liked the easy disposable product. No smell or spill.

  47. ebby gyrlebby gyrl

    Highly Recommend!!! I’ve tried other liners and super absorbent pads and they simply were not the high quality of the Lunderg brand. This is the only brand I will purchase for our commode. Keep up the great work!


    This is a liner for use in a commode next to bed . Great quality and the best value around

  49. MacWil

    They make an unpleasant job easier and cleaner.

  50. Jan A. Larson

    My wife is currently bedridden following a surgery. This situation requires her to use a bedside commode to take care of business. I don’t have to say how much I was not looking forward to this aspect of caretaking. Fortunately, I discovered the Lunderg Commode Liners. They are fantastic! The pads absorb liquid and reduce odors so that cleanup is quick and simple. What could have been a horrific job for an untrained caregiver became incredibly easy and simple to do. I’ve mentioned to more than one person that the commode liners have got to be mankind’s greatest invention.

  51. Kindle Customer

    Got them for my dad, he’s 85 and they are easy for him to use.

  52. Cruz-Ann D.

    Enter than using regular small garbage bags

  53. Brandy Lea Sweisberger

    Easy to use, great absorbency

  54. Theresa M Chamberlain

    Quality of product

  55. James Doyle

    We are extremely happy with the customer service, quality, and followup with our purchase of commode liners from LUNDERG. Our initial order arrived damaged, but their customer serve rep (Sarah Brown), replaced the order within 2 days. We consider this type of positive response by a company’s representative and company policy, to be outstanding. Their products are excellent, providing a cleaner, safer way to dispose of commode waste.

  56. Jean C.

    So happy I discovered this product. Just remove by drawstring ties and place in trash. Highly recommend.

  57. SRW

    Surprise 1: The more expensive ones sometimes leak, not these!
    Surprise 2: It’s in the box, don’t miss it!

  58. M. W. Lee

    These bags are used by my 92 year old mom for her bedside toilet. So far, they have been very good – they don’t leak like some others do. I like that there is an absorbent pad for each bag, although the pad does not turn the liquid into gel. Overall, these are good bags.

  59. WPA

    When a bedside potty chair is a nightly necessity, then these commode liners are fantastic. Let’s face it, if a potty chair is in use, then the caregiver has a lot of other things to worry about and these liners assist in keeping the area sanitary and prepped very quickly. We use to pour the nightly waste down the toilet every morning, but the excess toilet paper would clog the septic system regularly. These have been a wonderful solution, and eliminates any unnecessary guilt experienced by the user and actually saves time and money in the long run by protecting your septic system and draining pipes.

  60. Brian C.

    works perfect as designed

  61. SLR

    Everything someone sneezes in the next town my electric goes off. We had a fairly heavy rain the other day and it went off three times. If it storms it can be off for a week. I live in the country in SC and have a well…no electricity…no water…no toilet. This item has saved me many times. These containers and a potty chair and Iam good to go…sorry for the pun. Good buy.

  62. Amazon Customer

    I tried a different liner before Lunderg. It got holes in it and was such a mess. The Lunderg brand is sturdy and so easy to use. Closes up very tight after use and no drips!

  63. Judy M.

    The absorbent pad and commode bag provide easy clean-up. I then place inside an adult diaper pail with 2 lids. No odor.

  64. Amazon Customer

    Met my expectations

  65. Sandra

    Price but I love them. Makes my easy casue my husband is a double amputate

  66. Cecesays

    This combo pack of liners and bags are a good value for the money, absorb fluids well and save me so much time caring for my mother. Being a caregiver is hard enough. Scrubbing out bedside commode basins is messy and time consuming. These liners and bags save the day.

  67. Godgirl

    Did the job well.

  68. Anita

    My sister had to use these for a short time and they saves us a lot of trouble and mess during her illness.

  69. yw

    These bags are a godsend, no more cleaning buckets! Not sure how absorbent the pads are though…

  70. Sherry Patterson

    These liners helped me in a big way; they took a lot of work out of the process of cleaning a loved one who was incontinent. I actually used them in 2 different ways: 1. at bedside during the cleanup; after urination/bowel movement; when loved one was still unable to use bedside commode. 2. Once loved one was able to use bedside commode, these liners made cleanup of commode/bucket, so easy, and more sterile than having to take the entire bucket and clean.

  71. Kevin McNeal

    Ordered the commode liners for my incontinent mother. We have not had any problem with leakage or product quality. Easy to use…very pleased with this product

  72. Amazon Customer

    What do i like this product is the quality of the material. I am so lucky that i found this one and it did exceeded my expectations. So easy to use. The absorbent pads was truly amazing. Liquid gelled in seconds and almost no odor at all.
    Yes. I will surely buy again next time. I would recommend this to family and friends of course.

  73. Amazon Customer

    These liners are sturdy and large. The pad is very absorbant. I’ll never buy another type!

  74. P. Castillo

    Very good product, the pad is very absorbent and the liner does not leak, easy to use.

  75. H. Goodman

    Very convenient to use.

  76. Frances T

    This product is great in absorbing liquid, very easy to use and the price is right! I recommend this product to all.

  77. annieb8833

    I cared for a disabled parent for nearly two years before discovering these. At first, I thought I shouldn’t spend money on something not essential, but after using them for the bedside commode just once, I realized they are absolutely essential! The liners fit the commode perfectly and are plenty thick, and the pads are very absorbent. Now the morning chore is sanitary and takes only seconds. Customer service was super friendly and responsive, too. Only caveat – I transferred liners and pads into a bin in the bedroom, but I didn’t notice some material from the pads that had settled in the plastic bag they came in spilled out, and I made a big mess. Leave them in the original packaging or be more careful than I was, and you’ll love these 🙂

  78. Sandra H.

    I bought this for someone else, they tell me they are very happy with it,and it has helped them so much to have this. product.

  79. ljpowers

    These liners are perfect for the bedside toilet. They fully cover the receptacle, the absorbent pad traps all the liquid, and disposal is easy with the cinched liners.
    So very glad to have found this product.

  80. D. Schneider

    These were delivered quickly and are excellent for their intended purpose, in my case for a bedside potty chair. The bag fits properly and easy to “cinch up”. Pads are very absorbent. No odor. Easy to dispose of in normal trash.

  81. teri armstrong

    i bought the 250 bags and 250 pads they work great. Easy clean up.

  82. Michelle Readon

    I used them on a portal potty for my mom. They are very nice, but I thought they were a tad pricey.

  83. Skippy

    These are easy to use and make clean up a snap. Pad is very absorbent and good for use through the night. Clean up consists of pulling the draw string and dropping the bag in the trash!

  84. Tracey Iannone

    Great product. A definite must for any portable toilet.

  85. Dennis Bartkowiak

    Outstanding product and packaging. The absorbent pads are packed separate from bags which makes use and lining a breeze. The bags are very strong and durable. They fit the commode perfectly. I tried several products and this one is the best in both product and price. I would highly recommend them.

  86. bob bethea

    Easy cleanup

  87. James Cady

    Supplier is great. We had a problem with the packaging and they stood behind their product without any hassle.

  88. Wendy K

    Carrying a commode bucket is out of the question. Now all I need to do is pull the drawstrings and doscard.

  89. Aimee

    After knee surgery, our bedroom got an upgrade of having a bathroom in it by adding a commode. We’ve tried a few different commode liners to make clean up easier and to hold the smell if it couldn’t be changed right away. We’ve tried 4 brands and this brand is the keeper. The bags are a bit thicker so less chance of a leak, the bags are pre-separated (some brands came on a tear apart roll), the absorbent pads are good, and the drawstring isn’t stretchy and don’t break. Definitely buying again.

  90. LWK

    Forget about those biodegradable bags for your camp toilet, they might claim to be leak proof but they are not. Take it from me, I’ve tried every one of them. This one does the job very well. I took off one star because of the useless absorbent pad the include and that adds to cost
    I changed brands when I reordered that eliminated the pad for about half the cost while still performing as expected.

  91. Carol in Michigan

    A very nice product: the liners are easy to use, seal tightly for disposal. Pads seem a bit more absorbent than others I’ve tried.

    These liners and pads are packaged in one relatively flat box. My first shipment arrived with the box damaged, which meant I had to dump the liners and pads into something else that wasn’t made to hold them. I contacted the vendor; they were very apologetic and immediately replaced the entire order, with a free package thrown in!

    FYI, this is a small, family owned business, the kind of business we should all be trying to support right now. Very lovely people!

  92. Jericho

    Works great on bedpans also!

  93. Mary E.

    Worked great for dry camping.

  94. Susan Ward

    Easy to use

  95. John Illig

    I will be reordering these. Thank You

  96. April Reynolds

    Absorbs well and easy clean up.

  97. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy with no leaks. Will buy again.

  98. Ann

    My elderly mom goes often during the night. We tried putting two of the pads in the liner and it soaked up all of the liquid. She is so happy. She will be able to pull the liner up and throw it away easily on her own when I do my surgery and can’t help her for two weeks. It works great! we will be purchasing more.

  99. Lori Treichel

    They work like described. Easy to use, bag closed up nicely and goes right to the garbage

  100. Donna Watson

    Like how stored in box and so easy to use

  101. Joan Koko

    If you have someone who needs a bedside commode, these are an absolute God Send. They absorb and are easy to clean up. Saves me valuable time.

  102. Angela

    Very absorbent of the urine and the smell. Works well

  103. J L Yauger

    So far so good

  104. FNU MNU LNU

    A family member needed to use a 3 in 1 toilet at the bedside after breaking a femur. I was concerned that using a chamber pot in a bedroom would make my entire home smell like a giant latrine. This product is a good solution. The bags are very thick plastic with drawstring. There is plenty of excess length to drop over the collection bucket to keep the bag from slipping off. The paper liner truly absorbs liquid and keeps urine odor trapped with the lid of the commode down. For stool, it works best to change out the bag promptly. With the size of the bag, the hands stay clean when changing them out. There is no liquid sloshing around to spill and the bags are not going to tear.

  105. anonymous

    These are very effective commode liners and the pad is super absorbent to help control odors. The packaging is superior to most, as these are flat and not in a roll. I highly reccommend!

  106. Jennifer

    It works for what its needed for. Great quality no issues I would buy again

  107. AnneHelena

    It worked well

  108. sharice williams


  109. Donna

    This was suggested by my inpatient OT as a sanitary way to manage my bedside commode. Those who had to assist me were so pleased with this product and said they would recommend it to others they assisted.

  110. lee finney

    It is so convenient to use these commode liners. I have tested them and they do not leak.
    Easy cleanup. Economical. Will buy again.

  111. Amazon Customer

    Ordered for my mom who uses a bedside at night. There is basically no messy clean up. The absorbent pads work great.

  112. Janet Jones

    These bags make clean up simple! Just place bag and absorbent paper in toilet bucket prior to use. The paper absorbs waste to aid in preventing spills.

  113. debbie

    Does everything the product states

  114. becky f.

    This product works great, very absorbent and an easy clean up. Thanks

  115. Angela Farley

    Perfect for easy cleaning up for caregiver in supporting the needs of loved ones

  116. Amazon Customer

    For use as an emergency toilet, this really works. Very easy to set up, absorbent, and to discard. I recommend this product.


    These bags are perfect, thick ,draw string closure, absorbent pad. Worked perfectly, easy install and disposal.

  118. M

    Mom has dementia and trouble walking. This means we have a long to do list. Her commode is right next to her bed for when she “has to use the pot.” Her bed is also in our living room. Having a liner that neutralizes odors and doesn’t leak is vital. Lunderg liners and pads do that. The liners absorb enough urine for a couple times on the pot and neutralizes the odor so we don’t have to change the bag right away. It doesn’t neutralize poo as well but what does. I originally used a different product and in the span of a couple weeks multiple bags leaked. I’ve used Lunderg since then and in 7 months have had just one leak.

    Using these liners gives us many less things to worry about. We don’t have to worry about how to empty the pot without making a mess. We don’t have to worry about how to keep everything sanitary. We don’t have to worry about a house that smells like urine. All we have to worry about is taking a bag to the garbage. We don’t even have to worry about finding ties for tying the bag because it comes with its own. This frees our time for what is really important – taking care of Mom.

  119. Rob

    I recently broke my leg and need to use a bedside commode. This is a new experience for me and I have never had to purchase a product like this. Maybe I’m not the best to take advice from but I have not had one single problem with these and they are affordable. I guess I got lucky and got the good ones on my first time out

  120. Nora

    Works great – have ordered this product 2x and will continue to do so as needed. Product was as described, was shipped quickly. It has made a difficult situation a little better. Thank you!

  121. Julie k Hamblin

    I got these super fast they are better than expected it would be nice if they were bigger at the top

  122. Howard

    Best liners and pads I’ve tried. Ive used walgreens and a few other brands some of those leaked and the pads didn’t absorb much. Never had a issue with these

  123. Paul Koon

    As a caregiver I strive for the utmost cleanliness. Lunderg commode liners with pads gives me that satisfaction. All good product.

  124. Clell Garman

    fits comode

  125. ineza

    This product is easy to use and easy to dispose of. I didn’t use liners previously and flushing the mess and cleaning the pot became a lot. This makes helping my mobility challenged daughter use the restroom that much easier.

  126. little Andy

    Just set up your liner use and tie up and properly dispose of.

  127. Amazon Customer

    Makes the job easier

  128. Jackie Carroll

    I like how easy they are to use and are very strong.

  129. TMD

    I wish I would have bought these a long time ago for my Mom.

  130. Paula

    These bags are sturdy and a good fit for our commode bucket.

  131. Sparklingyogi574

    Very sturdy bags with super absorbent pads that really make a difference! Nothing leaks and easy to secure, just perfect for my mom post-rehab. I’ve looked at less expensive bags and liners but these work so well that I hesitate to switch. And customer service is so helpful too!

  132. Karen

    I purchased these pads for a ports potty a friend who was going home from rehsb after her stroke. Thes bags were hygienic & easy to apply & remove for her ports potty. Glad I selected them

  133. Donna V

    Makes clean up a breeze


    Does what you need it to do…easily!

  135. Duchess

    Good price.. does the job

  136. Sandra T.

    Would buy again

  137. Jennifer Sams

    A pretty good value, but if you “go” a lot, these pads are not absorbent enough. Only one bag leaked, and the valuable lesson I learned from that fiasco was to double bag the pot. I bought another brand with more bags and pads with much better absorbancy.

  138. Judith Cozad

    Worked well

  139. Onyx

    great for when your plumbing goes out and for camping 10/10

  140. Frank Allen

    Clean and easy to use.

  141. ErnestoCano

    Easy to use, very absorbing

  142. Marvin C.

    The above says it all

  143. Steven Williams

    I just purchased my second package of 150 units. The product is packaged for easy use with the liners and bags located next to each other. The drawstring bag is much thicker than a different product that I purchased. Overall a good product and great value.

  144. JoAnn Haas

    Very easy to use, great absorbency. Much more sanitary, my opinion, than cleaning pail after every use.

  145. Kristel

    Bags are nice and thick. Like the addition of the absorber pad. Fit in a travel camp potty perfectly.

  146. Judith K. Helton

    Easy to use and clean up was a snap.

  147. ernie stephens

    Works fine

  148. GypsieStar

    Does what it’s supposed to do. Absorbs quickly, holds a surprising amount, used two sheets–held through several ‘visits’ during the night! Easy clean up, bags provided are sturdy and opaque. Did not notice any odor of urine while bag was in ‘open’ position after use, but then that is relative as some urine waste may have stronger odor for different reasons. Will definitely buy this product again! Thanks!

  149. Kim

    Convenient and effective

  150. William Kayser

    The liners provide for easy cleanup and a much more sanitary experience using a commode.

  151. Darcy

    I used these in my sister’s trailer on a month-long RV trip we just took. They work like a charm. I came home bought a bigger box that I now keep in my converted van. FYI The pad is super absorbent

  152. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use.

  153. Amazon Customer

    The material is excellent and price is affordable and even better is the customer service!

  154. Carla Underwood

    The product is great, but not for everyone one to see it was not in a package, and I am very disappointed in the delivery process

  155. Pamela D.

    Manufacture could improve absorbency

  156. Sabina johnston

    Easy to manage

  157. Jeanne T.

    This is a good product.

  158. Cheryl in Rochester

    This is such an easy solution for using a commode. It keeps things really clean. It helps make the job of caregiving easier, so you can spend more time with your loved one. Highly recommend.

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