CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers – Includes 2 Pillowcases – Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping on Your Side, Back & Stomach – Reduce Air Leaks & Mask Pressure for a Better Sleep


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  • COMFORTABLE INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Whether you are a side sleeper, back or stomach sleeper our face pillow has 2 Sides with 2 Levels of thickness to guarantee the absolute comfort of your head and neck.
  • 2 PILLOWCASES INCLUDED – Unlike other CPAP pillows for side sleepers full mask that come with no pillow cover or only one, we have included our standard premium-comfort case (that comes on the pillow) and a cooling-fabric case (that comes in the box!) for your absolute convenience! No need to use a regular pillow while the case is washing!
  • ADJUSTABLE THICKNESS – No two people are alike, so we decided to include an extra layer of memory foam so you can adjust the height of your Lunderg CPAP pillow.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR HUSBAND OR WIFE – Stop seeing your loved ones struggle at night with their BIPAP, APAP or CPAP machine. What better gift than a good night sleep? Works perfectly with nasal, full face or any kind of mask!
  • BUY WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE – If for any reason our pillow doesn’t reduce air leaks, mask pressure or doesn’t improve your quality of sleep, contact us for a full refund!

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The reason YOU’RE HERE reading this:

  • Are you tired of not sleeping through the night?
  • Are you sick your CPAP mask leaking due to your traditional pillow shape?
  • You’re waking up each morning with big red lines on your face from mask pressure?
  • Do you want to stop wasting money on pillows that are too soft, thin or can’t be adjusted?
  • You feel like you’ve tried everything else and still, nothing works?

Lunderg’s CPAP pillow is the most advanced CPAP pillow on the market. It can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user (no more stiff necks), it comes with two pillowcases (super convenient) and it’s just the right density (not too soft)!

What are you waiting for? A full night’s sleep is just a click away!

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!!

This versatile CPAP pillow has a small and a large side, custom cutouts for all mask and tube types and a 1.5-inch removable layer. So no matter if you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper, you will sleep like a baby!

For your ultimate convenience, we have included 2 premium contour pillowcases. One is the premium comfort fabric and the other is the cooling pillowcase! Never use a traditional pillowcase for a superior pillow!

You and your loved ones can adjust the height of this CPAP pillow by simply removing the 1.5-inch adjustable layer. Want the PERFECT FIT? Everyone’s height preference is different and Lunderg has the solution!

If you or your loved ones are one of the 22 million Americans who use a CPAP mask, consider giving yourself this life-changing gift. There is nothing better than waking up refreshed with batteries fully charged!

The most comfortable CPAP pillow on the planet!

At least 22 million Americans are using a CPAP mask. We here at Lunderg understand the importance of an uninterrupted night’s sleep.
If you’re like us and enjoy less stress, more energy, happier interactions with loved ones and an overall healthy lifestyle than you have found your new best friend.
The Lunderg CPAP pillow is designed by CPAP mask users for CPAP mask users. With its adjustable contour design and soft as silk pillowcases you won’t be disappointed.

609 reviews for CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers – Includes 2 Pillowcases – Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping on Your Side, Back & Stomach – Reduce Air Leaks & Mask Pressure for a Better Sleep

  1. Astrid Mann

    I really like it it helps me sleep better I don’t get tangled in the tubing

  2. Martha H

    Purchase for boyfriend. Even without the clap machine. He slept more soundly and didn’t snore as much. With the machine on, less noisy from kinks using a normal pillow. Only down size it’s firm, but I’m sure after use it will soften some.

  3. Rubixxx

    I’ve been using a CPAP Machine for almost 2 years and as a side sleeper, it’s been really difficult to sleep. I can’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep, as I always had to re-adjust the mask every time i moved my head or the mask pressure was too much because of my old traditional pillow. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago (for an unrelated reason) and I told him about my sleeping problems with the mask. He recommended me to check a pillow compatible with my CPAP machine… What?! I didn’t know those existed!After doing some research I bought this one and I couldn’t be happier. When I received and opened the box I could already tell that was the right decision for many reasons:-The pillow has different positions and a removable height layer so you can adjust the height.-The side holes are totally compatible with my mask.-The center has more than enough space for your head-The foam has a different texture than what I’m used to but it felt nice.-It came with 2 pillowcases. One is with more “cushion” and the other one is more like a “cooling” case. Both are very soft to the touch. The more cushioned one comes mounted on the pillow and the other cooling one comes in a plastic bag. Having 2 choices is definitely great. I will be using the cooling one for the summer and the other one during winter months.-Is perfect for side sleepers and I don’t have to adjust the mask anymore.In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sleep on it though, I personally like hard rock pillows, but being able to stay on my side comfortably and with the mask on was a game changer.It took me like 2 or 3 nights to be totally used to the new and softer texture but now I sleep like a baby. Even my grandson has noticed that I have more energy and I’m in a better mood! I wish I knew about this pillow before!!This has become my favorite pillow and I recommend it to anyone that is using a CPAP machine. It will really change your life, you don’t know how important it is to have a good night’s sleep until you are lacking it!!Thank you for the great product.

  4. Aimee

    Absolutely love this pillow! Super supportive and soft. It always fits my mask comfortably without leaks or pressure. Never going back to regular pillows! I sleep soundly and not tired from waking up to adjust my mask. Thank you!!

  5. Ace47

    I like that the Lundberg pillow keeps my head elevated and COOL! Comes with 2 pillowcases. I have 3 other brands of CPAP pillows and this is the BEST of all!

  6. Amazon Customer

    It was a gift for my sister, who sleeps on her side because she sleeps with a cpap on her side, and her comments were “I haven’t had any problems with it, I even sleep better. No waking up in the middle of the night.” “The air flows beautiful, what a miracle gift.” Thank you for my CPAP pillow. Thank you!!

  7. A. Schmidt

    I have been spending upwards of $200.00 for a pillow to keep my neck properly aligned. This pillow did not do the job, nor did it last beyond two years. I decided to try the Lunderg CPAP Pillow. I was able to get accustomed to it much quicker than anticipated. My mask does not move around anymore, and I no longer wake up with back pain. I am sleeping much better, too! This is a super product. I believe it is a solid product.

  8. Toni S

    This pillow is very comfortable; I feel as though it has been a game changer in being compliant with my CPAP machine. I went from barely wearing it 2 hours to consistently being over 4 hours and sometimes all night. It was a great purchase!

  9. Kim Champagne

    I ordered this pillow through Amazon and was amazed at how fast it was delivered! It is a perfect fit to go with my cpap machine. I am a side sleeper and with regular pillows, my face mask would slide and leak air so bad my husband couldn’t sleep with the noise. This was the perfect solution!

  10. donovan gee

    Love this pillow. I can sleep comfortably on my stomach.

  11. Charmaine Layman

    Good fit

  12. dkidd

    I’m a CPAP user that sleeps on my side and I’ve always had trouble with the mask staying in place. this is the first pillow that I’ve tried where my mask doesn’t leak and my neck doesn’t hurt in the morning.

  13. Kindle Customer

    Absolutely the most amazing pillow. This helps you sleep comfortably with your cpap.This is a must for cpap users, makes a world of difference in comfort. I actually sleep through the night!!!!

  14. Cheryl Ward

    This pillow is perfect for CPAP users like me! It’s sooooo comfortable with or without your CPAP!

  15. Blacksmith

    After many years of buying pillows and throwing them out, Finally a pillow that is comfortable. Thanks.This is what I would design if I had the opportunity to build a pillow for myself.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Amazing!! This pillow has answered my problem with tubing placement for a wonderful night of therapy. Soft, comfy, and comes with an extra pillowcase! I love it!!

  17. Ray

    I’ve been using this kind of pillow for a decade, I can’t remember how many I had but I normally replace them every 12-18 months. This is the latest one that I bought and I can’t be happier. Unlike others, it didn’t smell like chemicals when I opened it (Memory foam products have a particular smell that needs to be aired out for a few hours)This pillow is super comfortable and the texture is exactly what I was looking for: not too soft and not too hard – just perfect.It does the job as it’s compatible with my ResMed mask, but I’m pretty sure that the pillow works with any other mask as it has nice holes in the sides with a good space for the head.I like the fact that it has a removable layer to adjust the height. Honestly, I didn’t need to remove it as I like the height by default but I’m pretty sure that my wife would remove it (if she ever needs a CPAP pillow).Having two pillowcases is great too! I’m currently using the “cooling effect” one but I might change back to the cushion one once the summer ends. I like the feeling of both cases, they are soft and nice!Regarding their customer service, I contacted them before buying the pillow as I had some questions about the removable layer. This is the first time I’ve seen something like that in a pillow so I wanted to make sure that it would work for me. They couldn’t be nicer, they replied super quick and they were so sure that I would love the pillow that they told me that all their pillows come with a money-back guarantee.I can say that after all these years trying different pillows I have found the one I like the most! I will buy it again for sure!

  18. PissOff

    Great pillow and at a great value point. It took me three nights to to figure out what height worked for me. Now that I have slept in comfort for the past two months, I wonder how I ever got a good nights sleep prior. Another great point to mention is the pillow case stretch. It fits snug as big after three washings. This has been well worth my money and I would recommend this to anyone.

  19. Amazon Customer. Debbie

    This pillow is excellent as far as being able to sleep on my side without the mask getting displaced! It does the job. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and use it in and off. It’s taking me a little bit to get used to the firmer feeling. Previously I’ve used tempur pedicures pillows, and this one is a little harder than I’d like, but overall an excellent job.

  20. Kim Brandt

    Received pillow today during unpacking noticed only received1 pillow case, when I ordered item it was supposed to come with 2 pillow cases.

  21. kelli Mackenzie

    It’s very comfortable I’m able to sleep with my CPAP now on before I would only be able to sleep two or three hours and have to take my CPAP off

  22. Amazon Customer

    Love this pillow! Bet sleep I have had since i began using CPAP 10 months ago.Has 2 different thickness to choose from as well as 2 different sized “pockets” Also the cooling pillow case is a great bonus.

  23. Kathleen

    I am a side sleeper and was having difficulty with my CPAP NASAL PIILLOW MASK staying on when I would turn to the side. It would move on my face, and I’d end up taking it off and frustrated. This new pillow has made all the difference in the world. I now can keep my mask from moving all night long, and get a wonderful night’s sleep because of it.

  24. Amazon Customer

    No matter how you turn or roll, this pillow supports your head perfectly. No more stiff necks, or collapsed, leaking cpap equipment.

  25. Joseph R. Parrish

    A great pillow. Comfortable and adjustable.Extra pillowcase is great.

  26. John

    I don’t right reviews often. However I feel compelled to write about your product. Have to be upfront saying that the reason I chose your product were first the design made SENSE in that it addressed all the problems I was experiencing however the deciding factor was the 2nd. Pillow case. LOLReceived pillow very quickly and was nicely packaged. Unpacked n left on bed. Quickly determined that I was a high side man.On the first night my body was adjusting to the pillow. On the second night I slept for 7 hours without waking. That’s incredibly good. But the biggest benefit was awakening refreshed n ready to go. Third night same result. Am looking forward to many more restful nights because of YOUR PILLOW.Thank you Thank you Thnk youJohn / Winter Haven FL.

  27. bricmars

    Very pleased with my purchase. I’d use this pillow even if I didn’t have a Bipap.

  28. Leah R Gilman

    I didn’t have to change the way I’ve been sleeping (stomach/side) since the 50s!

  29. Eric K

    I love the design of the pillow because you have the option of the height for your neck. The shape is perfect for cpap wearers. Very well made also. I highly recommend trying this pillow

  30. Amazon Customer

    This product is a C-pap pillow it was supposed to come with two pillowcases it did not it came with one.

  31. Pie

    Bought this for husband who uses CPAP. He said it was not comfortable and too thick/hard material. Disappointed he will not use as it was pricey pillow.

  32. Sean Tailby

    Very good. Nice and comfortable.

  33. candy

    Very thick and hard. Did not work as well as I hoped. I ended up going back to my regular pillow..

  34. ima qtrhorsemom

    Love love love this pillow. It is the best pillow. just the right amount of support and really makes wearing my CPAP easier!

  35. Michael

    Pillow is very comfortable and stays cool. I have no problem sleeping with my full mask.

  36. Clawdine

    I was using a CPAP pillow that was too low and I had so much neck pain, but not anymore! The Lunderg CPAP Pillow has taken care of my neck pain after just a few nights of using it. The shape is just perfect and I love that you can choose the height that is best for you! This is the most comfortable pillow I’ve had in many years! Thank you Lunderg!!!

  37. Violet Rose

    Fabulous pillow!…where have you been all my life!This pillow has taken the place of the other eight odd sized pillows that I was using, surrounding my head, trying to not disturb my mask. This is the best pillow I’ve ever used! I’m able to sleep on my side without my mask moving at all.The pillow is super comfortable! Great memory foam, perfect size, perfect size inserts for my face. Priceless item , For those of us with sleep apnea.Nobody paid me to write this review either.

  38. Pamela S. Wasmuth

    Nice product. Been sleeping better with it. Not waking up every couple of hours to adjust the mask fitting.

  39. German Lasarte

    [ Very practical and comfortable ]

  40. NMChoirDirector

    Super comfortable and doesn’t push my mask off causing leaks. I am a side sleeper. Since using this pillow, my sleep numbers have even the best since starting on my CPAP machine.Added – over time the pillow is just becoming more comfortable! I love the cooling pillowcase that came with it!

  41. WAYNE L

    It seems nice to get a full nights sleep. Worth the money I paid for it.

  42. Aaron E. Dupont

    I like the removable pillow bottom. I was able to get it the neck height that was comfortable. A year ago I had major neck surgery to correct a pinched spinal chord. With two steel plates, a cage around my vertebra and a bunch of screws, I needed neck support along with clearance for my CPAP mask. This pillow did the trick on both counts!

  43. Steve

    A very comfortable pillow to sleep with. It helps with the CPAP leakage from my mask and the alignment of my neck. I love it and recommend it for any person that uses a CPAP machine.

  44. FD Firefighter 121

    Does not squish like my “better” pillows. Keeps hose out if the way in recessed slot. Time will tell how it holds up after time but 1st impression is good.UpdateThe cool cover to replace the cover is came with does make a difference.Instructions on the cool cover was a sheet that said “see box for instruction”Duh! The box went out with the recycling, why not put the instructions on the piece of glossy paper that was inside the plastic bag holding the cool cover?

  45. Dean J. Guarnaschelli

    Right pillow for C-PAP mask users; you can sleep on your side again in comfort.

  46. CM

    For me as a side sleeper it was too thick and didn’t allow enough cushion for my mask. I am a small person so I think it is better suited for a larger oerson.

  47. Amazon Customer

    I have been waking up in the middle of the night with my old standard contour pillow. It was really frustrating having my mask ride up on my face and air leaks waking me up all night. I got this pillow yesterday and I never moved or woke up at all last night. I am a side sleeper and I still used a pillow underneath for height and it is nice and firm. I feel so refreshed this morning! I didn’t think a CPAP pillow would make such a difference, but it did! I called all my CPAP friends this morning and told them to get it!

  48. Jamie

    The Lundberg Cpap pillow is fantastic for being able to sleep much better. I can even turn over!

  49. Brad R Nordstrom

    This product is *the best* I have *ever* used – by far!I’ve been on CPAP for > 10 years now, and gone many trial-and-error pillows – but I really believe I’ve found *the one*!This product is versatile – different size cutouts/contours make finding the “next” comfortable spot easy!This product is very comfortable – the cover is not-too-stiff, not-too-soft, and the overall squishiness/softness of the pillow is great (and different orientations give you different “softness/hardness”).This product is *very well suited* for a CPAP full face mask – the tubing, large face-mask cushion fits *just fine* in any of the cutouts on this pillow.You cannot go wrong using this pillow if you’re a CPAP user!

  50. Laurie Dye

    The pillow works great with my CPAP mask but caused my neck to send pain shooting up into my head. I had neck surgery 3 years ago so it is easy to get my neck out of alignment. I removed the layer from the pillow but that did not help. I could not return the pillow as I was COVID positive. So I corrected the tilt by digging out a depression in the foam for my head to fall down into while leaving the neck supported. It worked! I am able to sleep well while wearing my sleep mask.

  51. Kathi L.

    Works great for full face masks but I have a nasal pillow so the cutouts work just for my hoses basically.

  52. MamaC

    This pillow has been great! It allows for room for my bulky CPAP mask and tubing so my mask isn’t smashed into my face while I sleep. Should have gotten one of these years ago!

  53. K Hudson

    Once you get used to sleeping on this pillow, it is wonderful. My neck doesn’t hurt and I sleep so much better.

  54. Amazon Customer

    After months and months of horrible experiences with my BIPAP machine, I was sick and tired of even trying to make it work, despite my serious CNS apnea. I knew that the lack of oxygen and quality sleep caused all sorts of dangerous effects, including falling asleep while driving. Even though I’d changed out 3 mask types, tightened the straps so much that I’d get terrible headaches, adjust my bed so I could sit up all night, nothing helped. I was ready to throw in the towel, even if it meant my insurance would no longer contribute to the cost of my equipment. I was depressed and feeling worse with each passing day.I’m a side-sleeper, so that brings its own set of issues: facial pain from shifting (and continually tightening the straps) of masks, lack of oxygen, loud “burping” noises, whistling and choking sounds that not only kept my partner and me awake, they also scared the dog – scared to the point where he would climb the bed and stand on top of my spouse. We were resigned to having a super high-strung dog.It wasn’t until I was awakened by my awful Exorcist-like sounds and saw my dog react within seconds that I figured out the cause of his fearfulness. All the anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, ThunderShirts and CBD products we’d been giving him had been a waste. I’d been scheduled for yet another appointment with my pulmonologist and had already ordered a third type of mask.However….Last night was the first night I tried out the Lunderg CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers. The softness of the cover was sublime, the pillow’s loft was perfect, and the differently sized cutouts were absolutely genius!!! This is the first time in years that I’d slept through most of the night. I got up this morning feeling refreshed and without the headaches and sluggishness I typically experience. I just bawled like a baby. I’m thrilled, relieved and thankful for the creators of this Lundberg CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers. I’d become the poster-child for this product if they’d allow me to. I’m so, so grateful. Regardless of what you’ve tried and failed with before, take just one more chance to give this product a try. I’m convinced this pillow is the your best chance to finally be successful & gain the health benefits that your CPAP or BIPAP machines are designed to give you. Don’t despair; just try it. I’m betting you’ll experience what I did: a renewed commitment to complying with my BIPAP machine requirements and excited anticipation for improved health. Good luck!!

  55. Karen M. Rogers

    I had tried every pillow in the house. Once I looked over several CPAP pillow options and checking reviews I decided on the Lunderg. I am so glad I did. From the first night of use I was able to sleep comfortably with no discomfort in my neck or back and no mask adjustment challenges. I appreciate the cooling pillowslip; however I find my zipped satin pillowcase works as well as the specially fitted pillowslips that come with the pillow. I am a varied sleeper: back, stomach, “runner’s pose” and in every position the pillow functioned perfectly.

  56. Kindle Customer

    This is one of the better shaped and sized side sleeper CPAP pillows I’ve tried. It is soft and has cutouts in the middle of the sides instead of just having the corners cut off. But, whoever designed the cover didn’t try to sleep on it. There is a thick seam around the bend, right under your head. It felt like laying on a stick. I had to remove the pillow cover to use it, which I’m not happy about, so I’ll try to find an alternative cover.

  57. jon m

    A really versatile pillow, allows me to find a good head position and use my CPAP with no problem. It had a very slight plasticky smell (noted by others), but the smell went away the first day I had it out of the package. Adjustable height is a plus. Glad I bought it.

  58. Jose J Gonzalez

    I sleep on side so it was comfortable for me

  59. Amazon Customer

    Very comfortable resulting in more restful sleep and less leaks from my bipap machine.. Highly recommend to others with sleep disorder.

  60. Sandra Holland Morrison

    love the shape. Hate the height.

  61. Dave

    Works great for a full-face mask, side sleeper

  62. rogene kunde

    Slept great

  63. Beulah J

    This is the first and only pillow that has given me a comfortable night’s sleep in I don’t know how long. Since I started using a CPAP machine for a very long time now, I have always had neck pains, headaches, shoulder pains and never a restful night. I have so many different pillows and none helped. This new CPAP pillow I just bought is just the pillow I have been looking for. It is not bulky, it conforms to my neck and head, whether I sleep on my back or side, I am comfortable. I could not be happier. It was worth the money, and not like some other very expensive ones that are not worth two pennies. Thank you LUNDERG!!

  64. Sharon

    I love my new pillow. I bought two. One for me one and for the husband. We have never liked the same pillow before. For me I’m a side sleeper and it works perfect with my CPAP. It’s very comfortable. For my husband, he sleeps on his back and has a neck injury and he found it very comfortable as well. It looks a little small but it’s perfect.

  65. Patricia Tien

    My husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea in his early 20s and has been using CPAP machine for the past 25 years. This one tops all the pillow we have ever purchased. It is wide, thick and super supportive. It also comes with 2 pillow cases for easy maintenance. Manufacturer company offers really great service to ensure customer satisfaction.

  66. Steven S

    I’m a new cpap user and I think a lot of my success in tolerating my mask is due to using this pillow. I have no leakage of air on most nights and I really like the support of the gel foam material.

  67. Edward P. Schappert Jr.

    I ordered this CPAP pillow from the positive reviews. It is truly amazing! It offers great support and immediately allowed for side sleeping, which had been a seal problem. My sleep scores are nearly perfect from this product.

  68. James Madison

    Greatest Pillow for CPAP so Far and I have tried many. It’s a bonus for side sleepers as it takes the weight off your shoulder so you don’t get frozen shoulder like I have. My frozen shoulder has had time to heal because the weight is off it. It does help lessen mask leaks. It is also very firm yet supportive and soft. I use it every night. The pillow case is just wonderful.

  69. Valerie Mott

    The pillow came quicker than expected. It is so comfortable and cradles my head while taking the pressure off my face where my CPAP mask/hose would dig into my face. Love the fabric too. I also had neck surgery and have a difficult time with pillows-I often would wake up with a kinked neck in the morning. This pillow keeps my head in proper alignment. Love it!

  70. bigdog

    Great pillow

  71. Kindle Customer

    As a side sleeper I have struggled with the cpap. My old pillow would press it into my face or cause it to leak. The air exhaust would always make noise hitting the pillowcase. With the Lundberg cpap pillow the mask fit better and made no noise at all.

  72. Catherine K. Friedman

    Very uncomfortable. Too high, my neck was bent at a high angle. Used it once. and that was it.

  73. laurabelle777

    The Lunderg CPAP pillow has been a lifesaver. I have had sleep apnea for over 10 years and this is the best pillow I have found that works for meThe pillow is customizable it has two layers inside the pillowcase and you can take out one layer to make the pillow thinner if needed. It also has a different contour on either side. This way if it is not comfortable for you on the large side, you can flip it around to the smaller side so you can be like Goldilocks and find a configuration that is “just right”.

  74. Dupped

    Needed to buy a new pillow for side sleeping. I couldn’t find one I liked. Then I saw this pillow. Since I use a CPAP. I thought I would try it. Very pleased!

  75. KA

    I used it for my CPAP

  76. Ralph

    Needs to be about 1/4 inch thicker and then it would be perfect for side/stomach sleeping. Probably great for normal sized folks but I’m a bigger guy at 5’10 275lbs

  77. CJ

    Husband really really likes this pillow. Will buy again. One for home one for the RV

  78. Belinda O’Donnell

    After using a cpap machine for years and struggling to get the pillow in right position I decided to treat myself and buy this pillow. Best decision ever. From the first night it was perfect. No pushing the mask off. No struggling to get it into right position. Two added benefits are the pillow feels cooler to sleep with then My old pillow. The second is I have neck vertebrae issues….this is perfect on both sides for my neck. I’m waking up with less neck pain from it. The pillow is made well and has a nice cover on it. Treat yourself or love one and buy the pillow. Perfect Christmas present.

  79. Robert Waterbury

    Due to a long ago neck injury, I get massive headaches if I sleep ‘wrong’ on a pillow. So, I’ve been dragging around the same pillow for years that gives me the perfect head placement.However, that old pillow pushes up on my CPAP mask as I sleep, and causes me alot of grief with leaking mask all night.So, although reluctant, I ordered the Lundberg pillow with hopes it will help me, and no headaches the next day.I’ve now had the pillow for about 2 months, and I am extremely pleased that not only do I not have headaches, but the CPAP mask fits right into the molded grooves perfectly. I love that I can roll over during the night, and there is a groove on the other side of the pillow, happily waiting to accept my CPAP mask.My buddy came over, who also now has sleep apnea, I showed him my pillow, and he is ordering one too.

  80. Amazon Customer

    Worth every penny. Makes wearing a mask much more comfortable.

  81. Paul W.

    I have been using my new pillow for a month now and couldn’t be happier. My sleep numbers and leakage numbers continue to improve.

  82. Ken Butler

    I liked softness and function. Putting the pillow cover on after washing was a real pain to get it right.

  83. Jeff A. Pringle

    Outstanding for CPAP users. Well made, high quality.

  84. Mountain Man

    I rate the construction, quality and design of this pillow as very high. I used it the first night with no noticeable smell or odor from the foam. It has a removable layer on the bottom to reduce the height of the pillow by about 1.5″. I needed to use the side of the pillow that had the cutouts close to the edge. Neither pillow height worked for me. The firmness of the pillow was just right for me. With so much variation in user size, sleeping styles and specific CPAP mask configurations, the only way to know whether this pillow will work for you would be to try it. Based on the pillow I received, you should have no worries about the quality of this product.

  85. Tiffany LaBollita

    Could not get used to my cpap machine for anything! I’ve been laying on this pillow for a few hours now and it’s fantastic and doesn’t annoy me with the cpap machine!!!

  86. Marjorie M.

    Since I started using my CPAC machine I have been having a problem getting a comfortable nights sleeping. I have used this pillow for about a week and must say of all the pillows I have purchased to use with my CPAC this one out performs them all. No more stiff neck. I would suggest this pillow to others who are having this issue.

  87. Sharon Ray

    The pillow is memory foam and for some this may be ideal but it was uncomfortable to me so I returned the pillow.

  88. Double B

    Love the pillow. Very customizable. The cool pillow case feels wonderful all night long.

  89. Janice Rouise

    I love the pillow very soft just like you advise it. It meet my needs.

  90. Sean

    This product and their customer service team are amazing! I wish I’d known about this pillow 3 years ago when I first got my CPAP. I’m a side sleeper and the mask cutouts are perfect. I wake up way less at night because my mask is not getting smashed/pushed off. It’s great to be able to adjust the height of pillow by removing a foam insert. I’ve had to do that and it was nice. The pillow case covers are great too! As a side note, I had an issue with my pillow case cover getting lost and the customer service team quickly resolved my issue, going above and beyond.

  91. cookiebaker

    Love love this pillow! It helps any leakage from any cpap mask. YES would recommend very nice quality

  92. JarOfSonicMen

    I had to switch to a full-face CPAP mask, and kept having trouble with it wanting to shift at night and leak. I began looking at CPAP pillows and settled on this one due to the one set of cutouts that hangs out the bottom, I thought this would be ideal for my sleeping position. Once the pillow arrived, very quickly, I put it on the bed to try it out. The first night I slept on it by itself. It was very comfortable, but I decided it was a little short for me to sleep on my side, not quite tall enough for my shoulder. The second night I placed this pillow atop my Purple pillow, and it was just a smidge tall. I removed a layer from inside the pillowcase, and the stack of this on top the other was just right, with all the softness and support I could want. After the second night I noticed that the amount of belching I normally do in the morning was greatly reduced, to practically nothing. I must assume that my CPAP had been causing me to swallow air all night. Now I have been sleeping on it for a few weeks. I cannot recommend this pillow highly enough. The only leaks I get at night now are from having to scratch my nose, and the occasional inevitable strap stretch. Seriously, every CPAP user could use one of these and a neck/strap pad, I’m not sure how I ever lived without them.

  93. natalie

    This pillow is the only reason I am able to successfully get through the night with my CPAP. I am not a fan of hard pillows but this is the right amount of firm and soft. Worth every cent!

  94. gfunk10

    Would recommend

  95. Thomas L. Clark

    I have not yet received my CPAP device, so other than test-sleeping on this pillow one night I can’t say how well the cutouts will work once I do get the machine. The 1.5 inch thick extra padding made the pillow too bulky for my comfort. I took it out, but no doubt others will prefer to leave it in. The two included pillowcases are made of different fabrics for different situations. That’s a really thoughtful bonus.

  96. Amazon Customer

    My wife bought it for me as a gift. It’s one of the best gifts. I was having a terrible time with a sore neck. and with this pillow I don’t get a sore neck anymore. My only regret is that I didn’t get this pillow along time ago. As long as I have a C-Pap machine I will also have this pillow.

  97. Sam

    I have been using this pillow for a month now. The pillow is very comfortable. Makes sleeping with a CPAP mask a lot easier. Comes with two pillow cases which is a huge plus. I like that the height can be adjusted for comfort.

  98. Larry K. Carlson

    Works well

  99. Leonard Rodwell


  100. Peter Rodriguez

    Works great! Able to sleep the whole night!!! I don’t know if I can buy another set of pillow cases would be great!

  101. Robin L.

    Took a bit to get comfortable but it’s great now as I always slept with 2 pillows . I also cover it as I have very oily skin

  102. mandy

    I was having such a hard time sleeping with the mask over my face prior to getting this pillow. With this pillow I can now sleep thru the night on my stomach or side. It’s totally worth the money.

  103. Cheryl Rutledge

    Works with CPAP

  104. Joni Watling

    I’ve been using a CPAP machine for about 6 weeks and for the first couple of weeks attempted to utilize my normal pillow. That didn’t work well due to the increased pressure points from the CPAP straps, and additional weight pulling on my face. I wasn’t getting a good night sleep as a result; every time I rolled over, I woke up either due to slippage or discomfort.I ordered a couple of different CPAP pillows to test, in hopes a specialty pillow would ease my discomfort. This particular Lundberg pillow is a keeper! The adjustable height means I am getting ample head and neck support as a side sleeper (No more morning headaches!) and the firmness of the pillow is comfortable to me. I can feel the difference in alignment in my cervical spine area & the increased support helps me fall asleep faster. I’m extremely picky about pillows and recognize they can make or break sleep quality. Without a restorative night of sleep, the body (and brain) just doesn’t function as well during waking hours. A good pillow is really the best investment in your health you can make!Since sleeping on this Lundberg pillow, I’ve fallen asleep faster, felt better support & the CPAP face piece has become much more comfortable (due to the cut out areas for the face piece to rest in the pillow itself). As a result of getting better quality sleep, I have more energy and focus during the day. This pillow is the a game changer. It’s worth every penny!

  105. Tuan le

    Nice pillow

  106. Wanda Downs

    I was having trouble sleeping on my regular pillowThe hoses on my face connecting the c papWe’re digging in to my face and very uncomfortableThis pillow has recesses that allow the hose to rest in therefore not pressing into your faceIt is soft and comfortable and I’m so happy I got it

  107. dexterw1n

    I have used a BiPAP machine since 2010 and I have had a hell of a time finding a pillow that is comfortable. This one is about perfect for me, but I like how it has 4 levels of adjustment if needed, the large/small side then the bottom layer, but for me, I just kept the extra padding in. I have slept through the night 2 nights so far and I feel great, I also wear wrist braces to bed, and the past 2 nights my hands have even felt better when I wake up in the morning. I know I’m going to be buying another one or 3 just so I have them, I don’t ever want to be without one now it’s that great, for me at least.

  108. Patrick

    Used it 2 nights, then switched back to regular pillow

  109. Barbara Strangman

    This pillow is amazing, if you wear a full face mask you need this pillow. Love the dips/ cut outs so my mask is not being pushed off or the seal be broken from my face. The pillow is def worth the price.

  110. Verna McAfee

    Just was not able comfortable

  111. Roxanne

    I never used a pillow. Purchased this one because of problems with my C-Pap tube. I removed the base piece before using and it is a perfect fit for me. My first comfortable pillow. I use the large side. On the left It keeps the tube in place all night and prevents the air from blowing in my face. My neck fits perfectly at the bottom curve and my head rests comfortably on top.The pillowcase washes beautifully. So satisfied I will purchase another pillow for my husband who does not use a Cpap but tried mine and loves it.

  112. alohapiggy

    This pillow is extremely comfortable! Even though my CPAP hose does not rest on the side of the pillow like the picture on the box shows, I find I am able to turnover without being conscientious of grabbing my hose and bringing it with me as I turnover. This has taken a great deal of stress away from me as I sleep!

  113. Nanette Bratton

    I was in desperate need of a Cpap pillow because my other pillow was pulling at my mask. This pillow works- it is not squishy soft it is firm and soft. It has a removable layer of foam for adjustment- I kept mine in. The pillow stays in place and has cutouts for the mask to lay. I have not had a problem with the mask pulling loose and my neck feels better. The alignment works and has immensely helped my neck. If your not used to memory foam this pillow will feel hard to you.

  114. Jackson

    I think it holds my head in a good position so I don’t open my mouth and circumvent my cpap.

  115. Chuck Linton

    I love it!!!

  116. diane d

    I usually sleep on my back and am trying to change to side-sleeping with the APAP machine. All the other pillows I’ve tried have been too wide and didn’t support the head, neck and body weight, so I ended up with shoulder pain. It took about a week to determine the pillow position that worked for me. Now I have no more sore shoulder or stiff neck and my APAP numbers have lowered dramatically (over 25 to less than 10).

  117. NS

    I am a relatively new CPAP user, still in the “compliance” phase for insurance purposes. I realized in the early days that I needed a better pillow than what I had, in order to optimize my compliance. After researching the options, I settled on the Lundberg pillow because its intriguing design – with the option of two different thicknesses as well as two styles of mask-accommodating cut-outs – seemed very well thought out. After having used the Lundberg pillow for a month now, I am happy to say the pillow has exceeded my expectations. Until last night, I opted to use the pillow without its base layer because I have a petite frame and narrow shoulders. But after discussing my tendency to swallow air while I am using the CPAP, my therapist suggested that I try to sleep with my head raised a little higher, so I have recently re-inserted the second layer. Finally it bears mentioning that even when not wearing a CPAP mask, the pillow is still more comfortable than my regular pillow. The pillow comes with a lovely, soft cover and a second, CoolMax, cover for those who prefer a cooler fabric. My hope is that Lundberg will also soon offer an inner, dust-mite proof cover!

  118. Kindle Customer

    My numbers on the CPAP machine in the morning improved substantially after I started using this pillow. I sleep longer before taking the mask off while half asleep and I have fewer apneic events. Like the firmness of the pillow and washable covers. I take it when I travel.

  119. marcie haas

    Seemed like the curves wasn’t in proper place for my cpap. Is a comphy pillow and iI can make the adjustments I need. Seems like would be ok for a man with a longer neck or a woman with a longer .

  120. Lynn Cale

    Works ideally for someone who wears a CPaP!

  121. Brenda

    Finally! I can sleep all through the night and not wake up with a headache or a sore neck from sleeping wrong! I love this pillow! I appreciate that it comes with two pillowcases so that I can use one while the other is in the laundry. The fact that the thickness is adjustable makes this pillow a must-have for CPAP users that are side sleepers!

  122. Norman Morgan

    Does not help side sleepers.

  123. Ray

    I like the fact that the height of the pillow is adjustable. the foam is firm enough that you don’t sink into the pillow but not too firm so that it is still soft. I also like the two pillow cases it comes with even though I have only used the soft one, which is very comfortable. Finally, the many sculpted cavities give a good selection for finding comfortable support which may change throughout the night.

  124. Roc

    Very luxurious pillow for cpap sleeping

  125. Lora McKee

    Life-changing! Excellent pillow for cpap users

  126. Timmy

    I bought a CPAP pillow at BBB and then saw this one on Amazon.I decided to get it and wow. This one is much better. It is softter and came with 2 covers.Could not ask for anything more. Best Christmas present I bought for myself. Going to get this for my dad too.

  127. Susan Boydstun

    My husband loves his! Old tempura pedic pillow thrown into the closet. He is a side sleeper, and back sleeper

  128. drc-vp

    Provides the best support and most comfort of the CPAP pillows available on the market. After a few days, my neck and shoulder pain disappeared and I’m sleeping great on my side.

  129. Gail

    I love my new pillow. I also bought my mum one. I have 2 CPAP pillows and this is my favorite. The pillow is very soft and comfortable. You get 2 pillow cases to choose from. I’ve only used the one that came on the pillow, which I like. You can’t go wrong with this pillow.

  130. Paula Langworthy


  131. Randy

    Too thick and hard for me

  132. RSD

    Exactly as advertised. What a great well made pillow. It has excellent firm support, unlike some others I’ve tried. It is also very comfortable. Does a fine job with my cpap mask so that the pillow doesn’t block or conflict the headgear and mask. Also includes two nice pillow case options for cooling and comfort. Well made and best supportive cpap pillow I’ve tried.

  133. john

    Comfortable, neck support and no ear pressure pain. Soft and helps me get a good nights sleep.

  134. melissa

    Love this pillow got it for ChristmasGreat for side sleepers

  135. Teena M.

    Bought for my 91 year old father… really likes it very comfortable.. prior to pillow purchase he was having trouble with tubing getting in the way when sleeping. Pillow solved that problem

  136. Gretchen

    Only thing I would like better is if both pillow cases weren’t white.

  137. billy garver

    Great item would buy from again. Should have found this long ago.

  138. Christine Sugg

    Purchased for my cpap but actually helped more with my neck. I have disc issues which causes my hands to go numb when I sleep. The pillow has helped take that away for the most part. It also works great with the cpap

  139. EddieB

    I am a side sleeper, this pillow supports my neck at the proper height and the cut outs work great in keeping the mask out of the way. I have had several other CPAP pillows and this one is BY FAR the best pillow I have used. Don’t think twice, just purchase this pillow.

  140. Anthony G.

    Very well made does the job well worth it.

  141. Omar

    I was a little skeptical of this, but my dad raved about it when I purchased it for him. He looks happier and healthier now that he had this pillow.

  142. Amazon Customer

    So far been great for not fighting for position of the my mask also a lot more comfort for sleeping on my side or stomach and have seen better quality of sleep

  143. xplorer

    I find this pillow to be very comfortable, though it is not of particular help with a CPAP. The cutouts for tubing are ok, but don’t make a great deal of difference from a regular memory foam pillow. In fact, I debated sending it back for that reason, but decided to keep it because it is firmer than my other pillow and gives better neck support. It is versatile and can be used for different heights. So far, I am pleased with it.

  144. Laura J. Taylor

    I was not doing well in adjusting to my CPAP. This pillow made all the difference. I am now able to get better quality sleep on a more consistent basis!

  145. Flip N Flop

    A pillow could make such a difference with a CPAP!!!! But it does! This is amazing! And more importantly, IT WORKS!

  146. Vince

    I have been using a CPAP machine for the last couple of months and was recommended this pillow by someone on a CPAP reddit group. This pillow has greatly helped me. It is firm enough to maintain the shape yet very comfortable on my head and neck. I am able to sleep comfortably on either side and the tubing doesn’t get affected due to the divots built into the pillow. I liked the cooling pillow cover that came with it as well. Definitely recommended for anyone using a CPAP machine.

  147. M Diane Steptoe

    I honestly gave this pillow a try. It was very hard and hurt my shoulders. It did support my head and gave some elevation but was uncomfortable.

  148. Happy Camper

    I am new to using a CPAP machine, and found it difficult to lay on my side and sleep without losing air out the side. The mask was tight, but moved just enough that it wasn’t comfortable to wear. – Such a hassle. I heard about a pillow for CPAP users, and found this one. IT’S AWESOME!!! In the past, I have not liked using a memory foam pillow – it would be too flat or uncomfortable for a side sleeper, and I felt like it was always hot. But this is VERY COMFORTABLE!!! With the adjustable height, it fits me perfectly. The “pockets” in the corners are great for the CPAP to fit in and I’m no longer losing air. The pillow cases are great! They are Also Very Comfortable!!! The original cover is so soft, but I was very interested in trying the cover that keeps me cool! I LOVE IT!!! It really does help keep me cool! I had a question about the product. I contacted customer service, and they were very quick to respond, and was very interested in making sure I’m completely satisfied with the product. I am very happy with my purchase. I’ve already recommended it to a friend. If I need to purchase another, I will be looking for another one of the same! Thank You Lunderg! Robin.

  149. Michael S.

    It works.

  150. Bev Becker

    First night of sleep that I could keep my new CPAP machine on for more than an hour.

  151. Felix R. Pereira

    The best pillow.From the first day I have slept comfortably.Before using it (I used other pillows) and I would wake up with a headache, cramps in my hands and discomfort in my neck.But since I received the pillow, all those discomforts in my body disappeared.I recommend that pillow to sleep 1000%.

  152. DEnnes

    I never write a review for products unless I really love it. This is that product I Love! I use a cpap machine and could only sleep on my back. This pillow allows cpap users to side sleep and is very comfortable. It is adjustable for the perfect height. I love to be able to sleep on my side without my face hurting in the morning.

  153. Amazon Customer

    Very comfortable. The 2 different sizes of the sides allows more versatility and better fit with the mask.

  154. victoria mineo

    I have been struggling with sticking with using my Cpap every night, I reviewed so many different products and read so many reviews. and I am glad I picked this one. first night it took some getting used to it, but I love it, it supports my neck and head and keeps my mask from being too hard pressed into my nose. Great investment so worth it.

  155. Andy

    Not even close for me…. I have broad shoulders and it definitely isn’t even close to what I need. It does come with another insert that helps some but not near enough.

  156. John Crowe

    This is a great pillow and I sleep very well with it. I love the extra pillow case for us who like to stay cool. I’ve looked over several of the poor reviews. To those who claim it is to high, note that it says you can remove some of the foam. I don’t know what to say to those who claim it is as hard as a rock. It doesn’t feel that way to me. I love it and will soon go to bed.

  157. Stacy

    I love this pillow though there are 2 main concerns I have:1. I wish the pillow cases came in colors.2. I wish the “small” side cutouts were more cut out, they aren’t as deep as the large side.

  158. Todd A Rankin

    Thought it was a gimmick but this really works. Has improved my sleep patterns so much. Wake up with my mask on 90% of the time. Shape allows me to turn and not knock my mask off or create a leak. I recommend this pillow highly.

  159. Roy A Browning

    I’ve always had difficulty finding a pillow that fits me – I wear a CPAP nose mask and am a side sleeper. Most pillows interfere with the mask when I sleep on my side and I wake up periodically to adjust it. This pillow fits the bill perfectly for me.

  160. Lisa

    Although I struggled initially with only having one pillow. I normally have 2. This pillow has been working great. My neck issues are gone and I seem to be getting to sleep quickly and can get back to sleep quick after getting up to go pee in the middle of the night.

  161. FIDO

    Great product, I sleep a lot better at night.

  162. Deb

    Very comfortable–and this is from someone who has tried using foam pillows even before the CPAP and never liked them. It’s cool, gives options for height and accessibility of mask. Neither height is comfortable when I end up on my back, but I’m a side sleeper, so that’s fine for me. It didn’t have any strange scent, which I’ve dealt with before when trying to use a foam pillow. The only time I don’t use it is when I miss my old arm-stretched-out-under-my-pillow sleep position, but that’s rarer and rarer.

  163. PJB

    It is difficult to get used to and be able to eliminate air leaks from the Cpap. I think I’ve got it figured out now. It will be different depending on how one sleeps. I’m a side sleeper and have found that if I use the edge or the pillow the mask doesn’t leak air.

  164. robin chaney


  165. RBG

    Love the pillow so far. No mask leaks and very comfortable to sleep on.

  166. TravelGuy

    I really did not expect this pillow to be all that great but I was wrong. It is just firm enough and supports my head and neck very well. This is one heck of a good pillow.

  167. Mr. Oz

    As a CPAP user, I have always struggled with sleeping in a comfortable position that also keeps my face mask from shifting and creating an air leak. This awesome pillow has solved both issues for me! It provides great neck support and stability. In fact, I feel it helps align the rest of my spine as I no longer wake up with backaches!

  168. Laurie D

    I needed a decent pillow so my cpap mask and hose didn’t get squished, since I like to sleep on my stomach and side. This fits the bill, though it takes some getting used to, as it is very firm. However, it does come with a softer insert that is removable. The extra pillow case is also a plus. If your regular pillows aren’t cutting it, I recommend giving this one a try. It definitely helps, once you get used to the firmness.

  169. David A. Baca

    Best pillow I’ve ever had. Highly recommend.

  170. Mae

    I use it with my c-pap

  171. Sue Country

    I got it for my husband as a gift and it helps him to sleep more comfortably using his CPAP and not having as many leaks. “

  172. cathy w.

    It was not for me.

  173. Becca

    Was very excited that this pillow met my needs. Sleep device and comfort.

  174. Goddess1121

    Really like that it has two sides and the removable part so it was perfect height for my boyfriend. But I could have easily modified it to my own needs. He slept better and has a lot fewer issues with his full mask. Highly recommend!

  175. Tammy Woodstrom

    Works well with my CPAP equipment

  176. Carol B

    Perfect to make me more comfortable as a side sleeper with CPAP.

  177. Amy

    This pillow is a little firmer then I excepted but over all it’s not bad..

  178. David Parke

    much too hard and heavy

  179. Bryan

    Great pillow for CPAP options.

  180. Kevin Lackland

    I like the shape. Could be thicker.CPAP machine

  181. Diane Stewart

    This is the best pillow I have ever had! So soft and comfortable even being able to wear my earings to bed without pain! Odor went away after one day, so worries! My neck pain is gone!

  182. J. Beier

    It was easy to find the best position to keep my hose out of the way and be comfortable on my side. It took a day or two to break it in, but then it was wonderful. I have a mask and have had trouble keeping a good seal around my nose because of movement; now I move much less and the straps and seal are where they ought to be. I recommend this pillow highly.

  183. Dorothy

    like how the groves in the pillow help support the CPAP hose

  184. Dancer Jen

    I tried other CPAP pillows but this was the only one that provided proper neck support and is very comfortable! This is my favorite pillow!

  185. Jane BMinnie

    I really looked forward to receiving this pillow. I started on CPAP this past summer and have been sleeping on my back which I never used to do because of the face mask. I was thrilled to find this pillow! When the pillow came I was surprised by 2 things. 1. It is extremely heavy. 2. It’s very thick. The thickness can be adjusted if the pillow is too high for you. The cut outs work just as described. I am able to sleep on my side with the facemask on and have no problems sleeping. I do notice a red mark on my face near my nose from the facemask resting on the pillow. I would definately recommend

  186. Larry P

    Work very comfortable us cpap no air leaks while sleeping with regular pillows you always have to be adjusting make to avoid air leaks

  187. Smigtom

    First time buying a CPAP pillow – didn’t know what to expect – does help with my head turned sideways- comfort level is average

  188. Michelle B. Erfer

    Pillow was too high and firm. Might work for some people but did not for me.

  189. wcsdancer123

    Of the multiple CPAP pillows I have tried, this is absolutely the most comfortable. Firm support yet still soft. Very good for side and back sleeping. As Goldilocks would say ” Juuuuuust right!”

  190. Dan B

    This product seems to be well made but it did not work for me. This is not a ding on the product – pillows are just very subjective. It was nice that it had different heights, but even the low side was too high for me. I did return it as I just could not get comfortable but it did seem like a product that would work for others.

  191. Mark H

    This is absolutely the best pillow I have ever used. Nice and firm and works great with my CPAP.

  192. Sarah

    This works as long as you don’t move while you sleep. It provides great neck support but the second you move out of position with the cut outs my mask leaks air. I have had to stop using it because I had 86% mask fit every time I used it. Very disappointing for the large amount of money it cost.

  193. Chutzpah

    It arrived before the predicted date. It has improved my breathing at night.

  194. Jorge L Guzman

    It did not do what it claimed it does. My mask kept coming off all night and I didn’t get much sleep. I’m better off using my own pillow.

  195. DoogieMom

    Diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and knew a CPAP was going to be my buddy for life. Wearing one as a side-sleeper is the worse, constantly waking up to readjust the mask. Defeats the purpose of wearing the dang thing.Saw an ad of this pillow at the place where I got my CPAP. Even though I told the technician I sleep on my side, he didn’t mention it.This pillow is my life saver. It’s so comfortable, both side sleeping and on my back. It has quite a few options to personalize your fit. I’m a massage therapist and selective about bed pillows and correct support. Was concerned about that. Just after one night I knew I had a great pillow.The bigger question is what to do when traveling by plane. Am I that person who has to take this pillow with me everywhere? I think so. This pillow is that good.

  196. Andrea Brungs

    My husband is sleeping so much better with this pillow. Having that dip for your cpap really helps. It is very comfortable.

  197. John

    As a new CPAP user I was having a terrible time sleeping on my regular pillow due to being a side sleeper and having air leaks with my mask. This pillow solved that problem. My sleep is great now and this pillow will travel everywhere with me.

  198. Vincent Pauly

    Company was great to deal with when I had an issue.

  199. Robert Williams

    The pillow is soft but firm. It has a high and low side. However, my hose gets twisted/pinched between as my hose rest on top of head verses face. Still looking 4 that pillow.

  200. Leimomi M.

    after a night sleep, the cpap pillow neck (both ends) area are too high and your shoulder is sore when you wake up due to trying to find a comfort for my neck and shoulder while using my cpap. I have tried both ends of the pillow and I wake up with a sore neck and a lack of sleep.

  201. Cpage

    Game changer! No more issues with my mask leaking once I started using this pillow. I was ready to give up on using my cpap before finding this pillow. Now I can sleep through the night.

  202. Joe Wright

    I would have included a photo, but I was sleeping soundly.

  203. tami follette

    Still getting use to it and my cpap machine together.

  204. Margaret A. Eldridge

    Purchased to help achieve more restful sleep using cpap and it worked.

  205. J. Spence

    I’m a side sleeper, switch between nasal pillows and fill face mask for CPAP. While this is a great idea, I subjectively did not get any better sleep quality and found the bulkiness, size and weight of the pillow qutweighing the pros of having the cut-out crevices to adapt to CPAP equipment. Also felt it was too firm and wasn’t as malleable as a traditional foam pillow. As a side sleeper I tend to put my arm under the pillow and this made it way too high, even when adjusting the removable layer and because it’s so firm it just wasn’t for me. Lastly the foam smell is significant and usually I’m not bothered by foam mattress or pillow smells. Ended up returning mine.

  206. Amazon Customer

    I like that it has 2 sizes to pick from on the pillow – one side large, the other small. It’s very comfortable. I’ve never slept this good. Usually I wake up frequently due to the air leaks I hear and feel. The pillow was too high for me but I simply removed the 1.5 inch layer inside and it was perfect. I still prefer to put my pillow case over it as my pillow case is so soft. I use a nasal mask most of the time. I was worried that I was spending $$ on a pillow but I’m glad I did. I wish I would have known about this 4 years ago. Good investment. Nice quality. Now I just need a portable CPAP machine and I could take the pillow with me when I go somewhere. LOL

  207. LolaT

    Diagnostico de Apnea del Sueño no fácil y la incomodidad de dormir con la máquina resulta difícil. Pero esta almorzando cambio todo. Es suave, cómo y la calidad de tu sueño va a mejorar. La recomiendo!!! Además incluye los covers.

  208. Rachel Buckley


  209. Amazon fan

    I really like that you can rotate it to adjust the distance of the cutout I do wish the pillow, overall was a bit longer. It’s easy to get right on the edge of cutouts and the mask hangs over. The materials are soft and quality seems excellent. I did remove the insert to make it not as high. It was a little too high for me when laying on my back. I am missing a cervical contour, which I’m accustomed to with my old pillow. The foam seems just the right pressure and firmness, though, so I’m trying to adjust. Overall I think it’s a quality pillow. And I just left it out to air for a couple of days. It doesn’t have that strong odor that so many memory foam items do.

  210. Brent

    I haven’t slept this good in a long time

  211. Amazon Customer

    Makes using my CPAP unbelievably comfortable

  212. MrsCleanandHappy

    This pillow provides the CPAP support that I needed. Great for side sleepers or back sleepers. Easy to adjust and helps improve sleep quality.

  213. Joe Swaika

    Height was perfect for sleeping on side. Recesses for mask works perfect for ResMed Airfit Full Face Mask.

  214. Jason

    Amazing well made pillow. Has helped me lower my AHI and helps keep my mask in place. Don’t hesitate, pick one up for yourself.

  215. Tim

    Was not sure about it the first couple of nights but after getting used to it I will not sleep with anything else.

  216. Downeast girl

    I love the fact that you have the choice of 4 different height made possible by the removable layer. I vary my heights as I need and I am getting a great nights sleep, works so well with my C-pap that I hardly notice it’s there highly recommend

  217. Jenni

    I highly recommend this pillow. Before this pillow, I could not sleep through the night, my cpap mask kept shifting out of place, and I was waking up with stiff necks. It is so comfortable, and gives you so many options and positions to choose from. I move from side to side, to back, to stomach. This pillow is comfortable in all positions and the shape does not push my cpap mask out of place. I was about to give up on the cpap and this was my last attempt to try to make it work. I am so glad I gave it a try!!! A good night’s sleep makes such a difference!!!!!!

  218. Gilly

    I’m just writing for those of you like me who want to know if it works for nasal-only masks? Even with the tube coming out of the top of your head Yep! It works great! I’ve been sleeping so much better not getting woken up by my cpap, and have also been waking up with less back pain too!Back pain has been a thing for years (as I have broad shoulders, but like to side sleep) so this is a amazing!On the rare nights without my cpap (stuffy nose), I still prefer this pillow over my old ones.

  219. SPJ

    I’ve only had this pillow for 3 nights but I am already sleeping so much better. I used to toss and turn trying to get comfortable with my CPAP gear on. As soon as I put my head down on this pillow, I’m ready to get to sleep. Highly recommend this pillow for anyone using a CPAP machine.

  220. Zenalia F

    I use a Cpap machine and this pillow helps me position better, specially if I sleep on my back it supports the back of my neck very well. You can adjust the hight too.

  221. CVM

    Have been using this for a month or so. So far it is good. Got a free pillow case too!

  222. J. Barr

    The shadow may turn you off at first at but it does work. Also having the adjustable height is a major plus!

  223. MWJ

    Lots of flexibility in getting the pillow set to the right height. The cut-outs work very well to allow an over-the-nose CPAP mask now to get jarred off-kilter by the pillow. This made it much easier for me to sleep with my CPAP machine. I prefer the cooling pillowcase but it was nice to have another option.

  224. Capt Tom

    The air hose to my CPAP mask is on a swivel mount on the top of my head. This pillow is made to provide a place for hoses that come out of the front on the mask. Also, not very comfortable for back sleepers.

  225. Tom R.

    A pillow like this is an absolute must for CPAP side sleepers. A standard pillow just does not work as it shifts the CPAP mask over, creating leaks around the mask.Have used this pillow for several weeks now, and it has definitely improved my sleep with a CPAP. Using the pillow with the insert keeps my head in the proper position and gives me the support that I need. Would highly recommend this pillow.

  226. Mr. Krabs

    I do not sleep well and wake up after one or at best two hours of sleep. This is accompanied with cotton mouth. The 1st day with the pillow did not increase my length of sleep but the quality of sleep greatly improved. The cotton mouth was minimal and I would fall back asleep quickly. The pillow is very comfortable and keeps my head in the right position through the night to minimize the cottonmouth and snoring that results.

  227. Elaine Sandoval

    It doesn’t help with my CPAP. My neck and shoulder started to really hurt. The hose on the CPAP does not rest in the contours of the pillow. It doesn’t help if you sleep on your side. For the price, I would not recommend.

  228. James Jackson

    This pillow makes sleeping with a CPAP mask much easier. I hate wearing that thing. I couldn’t get comfortable with a regular pillow, especially being a side pillow. The pockets in this pillow made it much easier. Highly recommend.

  229. A. Louie

    I don’t have a CPAP, but I snore and the side cutouts make my breathing easier. I also love the simple height adjustability by rotating it or removing the 1.5″ thick foam piece from inside. The two different types of pillowcases is great, too. It has reduced my snoring, which is my main goal.

  230. Clifton Park Mama

    My husband has struggled with finding a pillow that accommodates his CPAP. Finally, he has that pillow. Thank you.

  231. SEM

    Game changer for my sleepless nights!

  232. darla

    This is so comfortable! I now use my c- pap all the time because this allows room for the tubing to be out of the way. Super comfortable.

  233. tim h.

    Good quality and sure its great for some but a waste of money for me. I’m more comfortable with a normal pillow.

  234. JD Clark

    Have fought my old pillow for several years until I read about this pillow. The cost almost caused me not to purchase. Thinking through the possibilities of a great night of sleep without fighting a pillow or the cpap mask changed my values. One purchase that may even be working to pay itself off.

  235. mammavan2all

    Not exactly as good as I was hoping. Pillows are so personal and it’s so hard to find some thing that works well for everyone. I was really hoping that this pillow would do the trick and I would get better sleep. I like that it’s memory foam and I like the thickness of it and then it stays firm. This is a very firm pillow. You don’t really sink into it. This helped with my shoulder and hands getting numb from sleeping on my side but I find that I actually turn it over on the side without the cut outs And it’s more comfortable for me. I really wish the indentation for your shoulder in the middle were a little deeper.

  236. M Lakhani

    Super comfortable for cpap users. There is space between the mask and pillow so makes you feel less claustrophobic. Clever to have different heights depending on which way round you use it. Slept very well and no back or neck pains anymore

  237. Kim Gardner

    Better sleep with the new pillow. I use pads on the straps of my head gear and they are held on by Velcro. The Velcro sometimes catches on the pillow but that isn’t that bad. I find the thicker end to be more comfortable. Much better than what I was using.

  238. Jenny Lee Ortiz

    It is a great pillow, the comfort and support are the best.

  239. Donna

    I am a side sleeper and the pillow supported my neck very well while wearing my CPAP mask.

  240. Richard

    This is a great pillow for us cpap wearer’s i was sceptical at first but the first night i used it i was hooked. I am a side sleeper and with cpap it made it hard for the mask to stay on right without leaking but now no leaked because of the side design i sleep very well.

  241. Angela Harris

    I like this plow! Its great that it has cut outs so my mask & hose fits more comfortably. It also has a way to adjust the height to make it more comfortable. I just wish it was a wider width. Im a side sleeper & I roll over in the night, I find myself adjusting the pillow under me so that its still under my head as I’m rolling off of it.

  242. J R

    The CPAP pillow is working well. I am still adjusting to the memory foam feeling. The cooling cover is very good and very comfortable.

  243. bobbie schmit

    I loved the comfort, while sleeping with my c pap on. I had not found a confortablePillow before. And wonderfulHow I can adjust the pillow at different highets. Thanks

  244. Squishy

    Perfect for any CPAP user

  245. Derek T

    The pillow is very well made and having the cooling pillow case is a plus. The customer support team is great. They replied promptly to any questions I had.

  246. mistah d

    I use a BiPAP machine with a nasal pillow and this pillow is very comfortable to use. It stays cool throughout the night, perfect soft firmness, and allows me to sleep on my side comfortably. I am a light sleeper and get hot at night but I believe I get a better night’s sleep than my other cpap pillow. Had an issue with my order but Sarah my customer service rep took care of it right away. Been using the Lunderg cpap pillow for a few months so not sure how long it’ll last. I’d definitely buy another one when it wears down. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and top notch customer support! Thank you!!

  247. Rudy

    I purchased this pillow for a better fit with my CPAP mask and hose which I am pleased with but I am very happy with the comfort and options available for thickness and mask positions. With this pillow, I am comfortable sleeping on my back or side. I would definitely purchase this product again.

  248. SimplyExpedited

    Had to return this as it caused me major neck pain as the memory foam used is exceptionally dense. What also recommend that the top layer be used with gel foam to keep you cooler as old memory foam gets hot even and cool temperatures thus making your sleeping experience not enjoyable.I do appreciate immensely them accepting the return of this product though which shows a willingness to work with the customer which a lot of companies will not do these days unfortunately. I was very hopeful that this would work as I do use a CPAP machine every night due to obstructive sleep apnea.

  249. raymond connor

    pillow very nice helps me sleep

  250. WIPBOD

    I am new to CPAP therapy and this product was a game changer – I absolutely love it!! I tell any other apnea sufferers I come across about it. Customer service is easy to reach, fast to respond, and efficient. Great company. Great product.

  251. Aradhna Kumar

    Should be little bigger

  252. MarilynLorine

    Bought as a gift for my mom she loved it so much I decided to buy one for myself.

  253. Melody C

    Disappointed in the size of the pillow

  254. tdg

    This pillow solved a basic problem off CPAP for me; leakage caused by the pillow pressing against the mask.The pillow is a firm foam material, it has an insert that makes it too thick for me, so I removed it. No more neck pain. If you like a soft fluffy feather pillow you probably won’t like this pillow. I prefer firm so this is perfect for me.I’m a side sleeper. I have up on CPAP because I could not sleep without jets of air sitting out of the mask multiple times a night. After a few years my doctor asked me to try it again and told me about this pillow. Now I’m able to use the CPAP again.There are 2 different depths of notches on this pillow. I prefer the deeper of them because I often place my hand on my cheek and this accomodations that.One complaint I had was the smell of this pillow when it arrived. It reeks of chemicals. I waited 2 weeks and the smell did not dissipate. I was considering returning it when I decided against the package insert to put it in the washer. I discovered why they don’t want you to do that. It holds a lot of water and it’s very difficult to dry. I pressed it very hard with weight and ran it in the dryer for about 5 hours. Mostly dry I used it. Each morning if run it in the dryer for another 20 minutes until after a week or seemed completely dry. BUT, the smell is gone!

  255. Jon Dill

    Learning to sleep in a CPAP mask has a learning curve. This pillow makes it so much easier. It has all the support I need but allows for a toss-and-turn sleeper to still be comfortable. I sleep better with this pillow than my other, non CPAP pillows.

  256. Mike Brown

    As a pillow snob I was a skeptic…and I was proven wrong. My new cpap pillow has made a huge difference in my night’s sleep quality. It actually works!

  257. Hunt

    I like that it keeps its shape and is no flat by morning. My shoulder had not hurt since using the pillow. The cpap part is like bonus for what I wanted but it has been nice it does get pushed around

  258. David J. Grove Jr.

    Works great with my cpap mask. Would buy again.

  259. CED

    I didn’t know that there was such a thing as a CPAP pillow. But I had been getting terrible mask leak scores on my (Resmed) app for a while, so I looked around. I read all the reviews for the CPAP pillows on Amazon and decided on this one based on decent reviews and reasonable price. Plus, the picture looked like something that would work for me. Forewarned…. the pillow is pretty tiny. When I opened the package, I really didn’t think it would work. And, it looks kind of silly on my side of a king side bed. But…..I have had perfect scores for mask leak since I started using it. I’m a side sleeper for the most part. Once in a while I wind up on my back. The blowback I was getting from the air release valve on my mask into the side on my regular pillow(s) made me crazy. It would take 15 to 20 minutes to get the pillows and mask set up in a way to prevent noise and pressure on my head or ear. Then, heaven forbid I wanted to change position or turn the pillow over to the “cool” side.Anyway, this pillow, once I removed the extra layer and decided the smaller side was best, works. I’m pretty amazed it does, since, again, it seems so small. But, no pressure on my head, shoulder or ear. No flipping it constantly to get to the “cool side”. The few times I’ve gone without it, I’ve had to get up and pull off my regular pillows and put this one down. I’m “hooked”.(Note: there’s no watching TV or reading with this pillow…it’s strictly for sleeping.)

  260. Diane P

    I’m a side sleeper and just got a CPAP. Once I took out the extra padding, this pillow gave me a great night’s sleep. It’s very comfortable, just the thing I needed.

  261. Mary Kingery

    Love this pillow very comfortable and don’t have to adjust my mask constantly

  262. Jose A Cornier Gonzalez

    Muy bueno y cómodo y llegó muy bien. Satisfecho

  263. K. Bacon

    This pillow is amazing!! I’m now on the CPAP adventure and could not sleep on my side until I got this pillow. The construction is ideal for those of us using CPAP (I use a ResMed AirTouch F20 mask cushion). I love that one side is low and the other high. I switch and and forth. Also come with two nice pillowcases which is a wonderful touch. No leaks from the mask and good sleep. Doesn’t get much better than that. Highly recommend.

  264. mary kaye

    The reason I ordered this item is because I could return it if I didn’t like it. The pillow at the CPAP store could not be returned after purchase. I love this pillow. It works exactly as I hoped it would. It is very comfortable.

  265. CASSIDY

    It is way too soft and I just sunk into it so the holes that were cut out for the mask didnt matter because I was sunk down past them anyway

  266. David/Carrie Stark

    I’ve had another CPAP pillow for some time, but this one is a definite upgrade. The insert allows for some customization of the pillow height, which is nice since my old one was always a bit too short to support my head when I rolled over on my side. This pillow is also a bit smaller from side to side, and the mask cutouts come farther into the pillow. So, in the middle of the pillow, there’s basically just enough room for my head between the two cutouts. All of that’s a big plus as it helps keep me from hitting my wife (or her pillow) in the middle of the night as I used to when rolling over and trying to position my old pillow far enough into the bed for me to get my mask into the cutout without my being right on the edge of the bed. The cooling pillowcase that comes with this pillow does work too, which I’ve been very much appreciating as I tend to be a hot sleeper. All in all, this pillow was a very good investment.

  267. Debbie K

    About a month after I started using a CPAP, I awoke to severe pain in my neck that radiated across my shoulder and up the side of my face, and one of the muscles in my neck was hot and seriously inflamed. It took several trips to the doctor and checking activities to discover that at night when I was asleep I was twisting my head upward in an unconscious effort to avoid laying on the mask! The APRN at the Sleep Center advised me to get a CPAP pillow. I went for the Lundberg because I am a side sleeper and the reviews were good. I have to agree with everything good that was said about this pillow. It was instrumental in solving my issues and now I’m sleeping soundly in my mask with no issues.

  268. Chris

    Great pillow for side sleepers using a CPAP machine.

  269. Stephanie Patterson

    I was having trouble sleeping with my CPAP and this product was recommended to me. It is a foam pillow like I’m used to using. The cover is very soft and comfortable. When I used it the first time I knew it was perfect. It gives me the support I need and the space for my CPAP so I don’t wake up with lines on my face.

  270. Lauren

    I purchased this pillow not long ago after I received my APAP. I tend to go from side to side in my sleep and a regular pillow was becoming an interference with the mask and tubing. This was a game changer. I’m no longer waking up from air leaks in the mask from it shifting on a regular pillow.

  271. Hobbes

    Works like a charm

  272. Gloria Goldschmidt

    This Lunderg CPAP pillow is by far the best pillow for CPAP users. I sleep on my side and my back but no matter how I lay this pillow supports my head and keeps the hose and face gear from making tracks on my face because of the clever “recessed “ areas made specifically to do that. I would recommend this to all CPAP users!

  273. Chris R

    So glad I bought this pillow! It was more than I wanted to spend but well worth it! I am a side sleeper and regular pillows was hard to get comfortable with my Cpap mask. This pillow has helped it stay in place better and it is comfortable! Good support if you sleep on your back too! Like that it comes with 2 pillowcases. Would highly recommend!

  274. Deborah C.

    This pillow was uncomfortable. I woke up several nights in a row discouraged that I would never get comfortable with my CPAP. It caused my mask to pull away from my face because it’s too hard and doesn’t give. I found my old pillow works better because there’s more give and it held my mask close to my face. It’s important that air doesn’t escape from your mask.

  275. JEAN G.

    great pillow now get full night sleep not fighting with full face mask hitting the pillow

  276. Jill Montanez

    Love this comfy, soft, yet super supportive pillow! No more cpap leaks!

  277. Rebekah

    if you have to wear a CPAP then you want this pillowI didn’t believe it would make that big of a difference but it made all the difference for being able to comfortably side sleep

  278. Deborah A Myers

    Love it this product. Now I can sleep better with comfort. It supports my head and neck.

  279. Amazon Customer

    This pillow is comfortable from the first night. Didn’t have to get use to it. Being a side sleeper with my cpap this is really nice

  280. melissa

    I bought this for my husband to use with his cpap machine. He is extremely satisfied with it. It’s the first time in 10 years that he’s able to sleep comfortably on his side without compromising his health and safety. I was on the hunt for the best and thankfully found it in this product. Now we can both rest and get good sleep. It comes with two pillowcases, a comfort one and a mesh one for cooling effects.

  281. Panda Hug

    I purchased this pillow as an alternative to the Sleep and Glow pillow. I needed the cut out on the sides of the pillow because I’m a side and stomach sleeper. My face is squished in a conventional pillow, and I wake up with pillow wrinkles and mild facial swelling. Lunderg CPAP Pillow fixes that problem immediately. I love it and use it every night. I even take it with me for traveling.

  282. Robbie

    This pillow is very comfortable for using a cpap mask. Thank you

  283. Amazon Customer

    I absolutely love this pillow.

  284. Joseph C. Calabro

    From the first day that I tried it I haven’t slept with out it.I made one adjustment to the pillow by removing the extra padding (so easy) I not only have sleep apnea I have spinal stenosis in my neck. With the extra padding out of the pillow it was the perfect height for sleeping on my side.If you have sleep apnea and you are a side sleeper I highly recommend this product I’ve recommended it to my chiropractor into my sleep doctor.Great product keep up the good work

  285. Kathleen

    Never used it – had difficulty getting c-pap machine – needed to be out of town for relative due to Covid related issue – finally able to open box when I returned – doesn’t work with machine – and will need to discard.Would really like to return for item that may be a better fit.Please email or advise me what options I have. Thanks – Kathy

  286. Amazon Customer


  287. T. Cricket Green

    This is an excellent CPAP pillow and the pillowcases are wonderfully comfortable! I don’t have to put another pillow under my CPAP pillow to get the right height for a good night’s rest!

  288. A Gross

    This pillow takes a little time to get used to but it does help me keep my mask on. I do still take it off during the night at times, but the overall time on has increased.

  289. joel heidorn

    Great pillow highly recommend get it, im new to cpap after a couple days of fighting with my pillow to get into position where mask would not leak bought this pillow, no more fighting just lay head down the cut outs are great no more mask leaks

  290. Mom

    I bought this for my husband who just got a CPAP machine a month ago. This helped him immediately with being able to get more comfortable while sleeping. The cut outs in the pillow allow him to sleep on his side without the mask cutting into his face.

  291. janet weathers

    i have none at this moment.

  292. Anna

    It is too firm for my tastes, but it is a great idea. I will be returning mine.

  293. SM

    I love this pillow. I would love this pillow without a CPAP. I’m 6’0″ tall 220 lbs. and this fit good with a full face CPAP. The cooling pillow case works well also.

  294. Marc L


  295. Hiker Girl

    This is a great pillow for people using a CPAP machine. I have been struggling with getting accustomed to the machine, since I was having a lot of issues with my mask leaking. I am a side sleeper and I move a lot during sleep. This pillow has helped a lot! It is well made and provides good support. I highly recommend the Lunderg CPAP pillow, which was delivered promptly and came with two pillow sheets as well as a memory foam piece which is adjustable, depending on how much height you want.

  296. John P Stimac

    very comfortable

  297. Kindle Customer


  298. SurfaceAcoustics

    For years I struggles with side and stomach sleeping and maintaining a seal on my CPAP. Just like the dude in the product’s video, I was constantly waking up to re-seal the thing. I have had this pillow ~2 weeks now and have not had this issue since. This pillow is fantastic for side, stomach, and supine CPAP sleeping. I went on a business trip last week and my wife used this pillow. She loved it so much that she stole it from me. I had to order a second CPAP pillow because my non-CPAP using wife stole this one!

  299. Yvonne

    I use CPAP nasal pillow opposed to a mask so am sharing that experience. First, I have no trouble sleeping with my CPAP nasal pillows. However, because I am a stomach and side sleeper my nasal pillows become dislodged during the night causing my spouse to awake several times a night due to the windy tornado sounds coming from the pillows. I researched many CPAP pillows before deciding on this based on reviews. I like how there are several cutouts to fit different mask/hose configurations. It took me several nights to figure out the best cut out for me. Being petite I was glad a layer of foam could be removed otherwise the pillow would be too high. This is not a soft pillow and it is fairly heavy. I didn’t notice this being significantly cooler from my regular pillow. Memory foam? Guess it works as it seems I don’t move a lot during the night but I don’t feel myself “sinking” into it as it is very firm. The best part about the pillow, and why I feel it is worth the cost, is it addressed my problem. Due to the cutouts, I no longer dislodge my nasal pillows while sleeping so both of us now sleep through the night undisturbed. It does come with 2 pillowcases but 1 seems more of a protective cover than a pillow case. 4 stars due to heaviness of pillow and pillowcase issue.

  300. Mark E.

    I was very suspect of this working but I was proven wrong thankfully as I sleep much better with this pillow for my side sleeping and back sleeping with MY CPAP. DON’T LET A SLEEPLESS NIGHT GO BY JUST BUY IT.

  301. Dorothy Herrmann

    If I could’ve given it no stars I would have it’s supposed to be for sleep apnea facemasks and it was horrible I couldn’t find out where to put the facemask or how to use it I tried it for about three nights and gave up it is not worth the money

  302. Ron

    This pillow makes all the difference in the world if you are a side sleeper and use a CPAP machine. It makes it much easier to keep the mask in place.

  303. Julia

    Purchased for my husband who has a new cpap. This pillow has been a tremendous help in the adjustment to his machine.

  304. John & Ro

    I can’t believe it took me six years to find this. This pillow changes everything

  305. Price Thompson

    Love this pillow. Exactly what I wanted. It is comfortable when wearing my CPAP.

  306. Paige

    Nice for adjustable height. Nice foam pillow to easily adjust sleep with a CPAP.

  307. GRETA G.

    This is the first CPAP pillow I’ve tried, chose based on reviews of many. It has worked for me, keeping my mask from being dislodged, and I find it to be very comfortable – just right. A regular pillow case fits fine covering it for times I use it for napping w/o CPAP. Also no unpleasant smell, actually a faint pleasant smell at beginning – go figure. Highly recommend!!!!

  308. Thomas E. Buhl

    Have tried most of the CPAP Pillows on the Market. Always found one thing I did not like. This pillow has turned out to be the best of the Bunch

  309. Henny booboo

    I purchased this pillow to see if it helps with my sleep while using my CPAP machine. It doesn’t! DO NOT BUY THIS PILLOW. Waste of money.

  310. Amazon Happy Customer🤪

    Too soft not firm enough. Not really good for nasel pillow sleeper

  311. Terry

    I’m a bit of a pillow shopper. I am always in search of the perfect pillow. THIS IS IT !! The support is great and comfortable whether I sleep on my side or back. Now that I wear a CPAP this is the best pillow I have found yet !!!

  312. Amazon Customer

    New to CPAC and as a side sleeper was having issues with my mask being pushed off. This pillow solved that. Also, great support. I used to sleep with multiple pillows – this one does the trick by itself.

  313. Kathryn VanBoskirk

    The small divits in the pillow provide excellent room for my full face mask, while still supporting my headand neck. The two pillowcases that come with it are both equally comfortable and allow one to be in the wash whileI am using the other.Do yourself a favor and get one of these!

  314. Uruchan

    This pillow does a good job of keeping pressure off the straps near my neck, but isn’t always great with the ones on my temples. I’ve fiddled with it, removing and replacing the extra foam, rotating the pillow, and it’s still a work in progress weeks later. NOTE: If you must sleep in your earrings, be careful. Firm pillows like this can cause welts behind the ears from sharp studs, and a lot of discomfort. That’s not the pillow’s fault, it’s just how memory foam tends to work. Switch to small hoops and be willing to adjust a lot if needed.

  315. Jason

    Overall it did help me get used to a full face mask. Very good quality and well thought out.Comfort can be very subjective but after several weeks of use i could not get used to how tall the pillow was. Neck hurt every morning. I need like half the insert height.The cooling cover was a nice surprise, very soft and it does feel somewhat cooler than the standard cover.

  316. Pegaroo

    The quality is awesome! I have had neck pain most of the time and headaches occasionally, since i started wearing a sleep apnea mask about 10 years ago! I was hoping this pillow would help! Once it arrived, i used the pillow for only two nights! I tried both sides of the pillow! I woke up both mornings with a head ache! The pillow is really firm but at the same time, comfortable at first! so not sure if that was the reason for the headaches! I had put a protective cover over the pillow just in case i was going to return! Life happens and I forgot to return! I recently, covered and tried it again, and got the headache again! I was sad because it is a comfortable pillow but firmer than my usual pillows! Too late to return now!

  317. Taste of Mocha

    i like it it’s functional for side sleeping, but its too thick and i get a crick in my neck even though i use the low side and i took out the insert .

  318. Chere

    I purchased this as a gift for a family member. I have been told that it’s awesome. Good support and quality material. I would recommend this product.

  319. Michelle – FL

    This pillow helps with side CPAP sleepers. Its comfortable and keeps your head & mask where it needs to be. It comes with two washable pillow coverings. You can flip the pillow up or down for more or less height for your neck and it also has larger and smaller cut-outs for your mask. It comes with an extra add-on cushion for more height as well. It’s definitely worth the money. I dod a lot of research and I so glad I got this one.

  320. Laura Perry

    I wear a nose pillow so it’s really not helping this is good for the full mask I am guessing

  321. Gioacinno Delongaro

    Me encanta

  322. deborah

    I am a side sleeper and this is the perfect pillow ! I do not toss and turn at all . My neck use to hurt but since using this pillow it no longer does . Win win for me ! I highly recommend this pillow for all c-pap users

  323. Louis Harris

    GREAT pillow!

  324. Brian A.

    Great pillow

  325. MusicMan

    Fine products which are helping my sleep quality.

  326. Rudder

    I sleep better. It lets me sleep on my side and I have a lot less airway obstructions through the night. It’s very comfortable and supports my neck.

  327. Tamara L. Chaney

    This has been a major help in adjusting to using my CPAP. I can lay on my stomach or side comfortably without interfering with the hose or mask. Worth every penny!

  328. Cynthia Allen

    I would like it higher

  329. Kristina

    Very comfortable helps me with getting a good nights sleep while wearing my mask.

  330. LDM

    Well packaged. Two very nice covers. Options for thickness and support. Nice memory foam. Just bought a second one!

  331. jennifer switz

    I have actually had better sleep with this pillow. I don’t use a CPAP, but I do wake up feeling more rested.

  332. The Welder

    I hesitated buying this because I was worried I wouldn’t like it. I am so glad I got it! I don’t have to worry about my mask getting pushed on by my pillow while I sleep anymore. No more leaking from the pressure. So comfortable. And stays cool.

  333. massoud ruhany

    This well designed, good quality costomizable pillow, definitely makes you sleep better while using a CPAP machine …

  334. MariaNY

    Been using a CPAP machine for a year and a half, constantly struggling to sleep due to leakage of my nasal mask. One of my solutions was to use a travel pillow to prop my head up, but then, would end up with neck pain in the morning. My thoughts initially was that this pillow was a little too expensive, but after using for a few days, I am SO happy and it’s worth every penny! Pillow is very comfortable, and I’m finally getting a good nights rest, plus it’s great to get two pillowcases!

  335. Susan Coffman

    Best pillow ever had. My neck doesnt hurt anymore.

  336. Cesar Merced

    My sleep quality has improves it provides me great comfort and support.

  337. Suzette Lefebvre

    I purchased this pillow for my husband who uses a CPAP and a full face mask. This pillow allows his mask to drop into the indentation and not press against his face which caused air leakage. Each end of the pillow has different sized pockets for different styled masks. He has not had the leakage he had previously and says the pillow is very comfortable. It comes with a comfort case and a cooling case for different preferences.

  338. Amazon Customer

    my head just doesnt work with it. Maybe I need a child’s size

  339. Amazon Customer

    I was having trouble with my new cpap because I was smashing it against the pillow every night. This pillow was the solution! I love the extra pillow case- it is really cooling.

  340. D. Crawford


  341. Earl L Self Jr

    Made a huge improvement in my sleep. Very comfortable.

  342. RM

    I am now sleeping well with this pillow.I have tried both the thicker and the slightly thinner sides. (I could take out the layer inside to make it thinner, but that wouldn’t be helpful for me.) The point is, it has many options for thickness. I needed a thick pillow for support, yet one that was soft enough to allow for side sleeping and not creating pain on my ear or my face while wearing my CPAP mask. This pillow is working great for me.I also like having the option of two different choices of pillow case – one that is super soft (comfort) and one that is also very soft, but better for cooling. Actually, both are great and very comfortable.

  343. Amber

    Got it for my husband, changed MY life. Less mask leaks/side sleeping issues. He says it’s comfy and had no issue transitioning from a regular pillow

  344. James

    I’ve been using this pillow for a couple weeks and it seems to work well with my Resmed P10 Airfit headgear/nasal pillow. I’ve been able to maintain mask seal regardless of my sleep position. No complaints.

  345. sony

    The item arrived earlier than promised in good condition. Been using it for past 2 nights, and i absolutely love it. Ut is a well thought out and well made product that offers good support ( to neck and head).i contacted the seller with a question, and they responded immediately! Overall very satisfied with the purchase and i highly recommend it to anyone who uses a cpap machine.

  346. Mary

    As a new CPAP user there can be a lot to get used to. This pillow is not only comfortable- but it really helps to keep the face mask in place and therefore less leaks. Two pillowcases come with this pillow and the cooling one is great— especially for warmer summer nights. Definitely happy with this purchase and highly recommend this pillow.

  347. Niels C. Laughlin

    Ad promised two pillowcases, item shipped with only one, to get the other one you had to fill out an online review. Haven’t received it yet. Otherwise, I’m satisfied.

  348. Rick

    I tested both the small and large cut out sides on the pillow and found I preferred the larger. When I tested it out wearing my CPAP mask, I found the pillow cradled my head much better than any of the pillows I used previously. I’ve been sleeping well with the Lundberg pillow since, and my AHI numbers have been consistently good so yes, I’m happy with the pillow and have recommended it to others (my son-in-law is going to order one). I contacted Lundberg with a couple of questions and received excellent customer service.

  349. MariaPG

    This pillow made all the difference in how I was able to use my cpap machine. Prior to this I was only able to sleep about 2 or so hours with the mask on. After the pillow, I am now at over 80% compliance, needed for my insurance coverage. It may seem firm at first but that is exactly why it works – the mask doesn’t slip. Finally able to benefit from the cpap – I’m actually feeling rested during the day.

  350. Amazon Customer

    This was the best purchase I have made since getting a CPAP machine. I found it very difficult to sleep on a regular pillow. I woke up with my neck hurting or my mask leaked air because it was hitting the pillow funny. I am a side sleeper and use a full face mask. I would definitely recommend this pillow to anyone having trouble sleeping with the CPAP, it has been a lifesaver for me.

  351. Robin R. Milam

    So comfortable with a CPap mask!

  352. Amazon Customer

    I tried this pillow as directed for 4 days. It was very comfortable to start the night, however, woke up with bad headaches and neck pain every morning. Had to return it

  353. Alex New Jersey

    As described. No CPAP mask interference, so less leakage and more comfort. In addition, my morning neck pain is gone.

  354. Krista Colucci

    It is comfortable and adjustable but if you wear the full, triangle shaped mask, you’ll probably find that the cut-outs on the sides aren’t deep enough to keep the mask from getting pushed to the side and breaking your air seal. If you need a pillow that elevates your head to help you breathe… you may find that this one causes you some neck pain after a few nights. And if you take the bottom piece off it makes the pillow too flat to help with breathing.

  355. Ron Baker

    The pillow is very comfortable. The small size is best for me but would love to have one more size in between. That would be perfect. Good product for the money.

  356. Bank Zsolt

    Perfect choice, very comfortable pillow, adjustable, high quality materials (pillow case).

  357. Karri

    My old, conventional pillow works better. I ended up giving it away to a friend who uses a CPAP machine.

  358. KathynTX

    Perfect pillow for a side sleeper with a cpap mask.

  359. Nancy Hansen

    It is ok. Glad you can take out some of the pillow. Made it more comfortable.

  360. Robert McGhee

    So far best pillow I’ve ever owned. Very comfortable and works great with my full mask cpap .

  361. Brett May

    I took the one pillow out and I never could get comfortable with it. I am sure it will work for others. Very nice pillow just not for me. I am sending it back tomorrow.

  362. JB

    Very comfortable and adjustable

  363. Cap

    best pillow i own. ive tried a lot but this is the 1st one that lets me sleep thru the night with this darn machine. i had to remove the inside half and now i can sleep my way again. thank u so much!

  364. Roger – Virginia

    I’ve had this pillow for several weeks now, and my neck hurts every morning.

  365. BKJ

    This pillow is great for CPAP users. Love it

  366. Angela Jeannice

    The issue is not quality. The pillow itself and the cover are of good quality. I just personally find it to be the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever tried to sleep on. I couldn’t sleep on it at all on my back and side.

  367. Michael B

    Perfect pillow for CPAP and comfortable for anyone! CPAP must have!

  368. Daniel E. Warren


  369. Stacey Guichard

    Love love live this pillow. I’m a side, back, and stomach sleeper. No matter which way I lay, the tubing from my machine does not get in the way.

  370. Phatgal

    Bought for husband who was always twisting and turning in his sleep. This would cause his mask to come off, which he would put it back on, without even waking up. I, on the other hand, would become wide awake and stare daggers at the back of his head. Thanks to this pillow…he is still with us.

  371. Amazon Customer

    It allowed me to sleep on my side much more comfortably. It has a lot of different options to help you find the just-right position. I was having problem of my left shoulder getting sore with too much pressure on it.At night I would wind up sleeping on my back and causing breathing problems with the tongue falling back and blocking air to the lungs. It is a great pillow.

  372. Raul Rodriquez

    Like, use with my Cpap.

  373. Mar B

    Nice pillow. For me it would be better if it had a hole in de middle for giving my ear free space, so i use face pillow unto of it

  374. Dane

    These works better than a reg. pillow. It atleast gives the mask a place to not move as much. The mask straps still make the mask move. I’m sleeping on my back. This is a very firm pillow.

  375. ricardo


  376. Wayne Steiner

    Waited a week using my regular pillows, until I decided to try the Lunderg CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers – Includes 2 Pillowcases! It was on my door step in 2 days and it has turned my nightmares into dreams.Highly recommend this pillow.

  377. Maria S Batres

    Yes and did not like

  378. Amazon Customer

    This is a great pillow and work very well for those using a cpap or bipap machine. The removable section stacked on the bottom of the pillow is ingenious!

  379. Richard W Lightburn

    My last pillow didn’t support my use of my CPAP. But this Lunderg pillow is great so far. Hope it lasts a long time.

  380. K

    This is a high quality pillow that is supportive (but not too firm) and well shaped to support the use of CPAP/BiPAP masks. It has really helped to take the pillow out of the mask leak equation. The height is adjustable but I found the full height to be perfect. It comes with two pillowcases but additional replacements are available if needed.

  381. ann

    Really has helped to prevent CPAP leaks and finally can sleep on my side.

  382. AK Sugar

    Based on previous reviews I decided to give this pillow a try. As a newish cpap user I’m still tweaking my program. Loved the side cut outs, the fact you can remove or leave in the riser, and the two pillow covers. Wouldn’t change a thing.

  383. d rody

    Comfy pillow. Cutouts are in just the right spot for the mask.

  384. Sharon Walker

    I luvs this pillow! I constantly twist and turn in my sleep and always had problems swing my cpap tubing with me. Because of this pillow shape, i don’t have to tuck a regular pillow in on the sides. Gonna order one more for travel!

  385. Amazon Customer

    Odd shape but surprisingly comfortable on long and short end. No longer fighting with pillows all night. Firm without being too hard. I use with both inserts. Been using two weeks and hope it holds up for the long haul. REALLY PLEASED after many pillows. 5 stars

  386. dissatisfied

    Not comfortable

  387. Charles Carroll

    Definitely can see the difference in my sleep. It really has helped


    Ordering another to take when we travel.

  389. Anna

    Stuff neck from it and no return policy!!!! Not good.

  390. Krystal

    I haven’t used this pillow long enough to know if I like it. It has cut down on my mask moving around.

  391. Kim

    This pillow took no getting used to. I loved it from the first nights use. It has immensely helped maintain good neck alignment while using the CPAP machine.

  392. Ronald C. Torbett

    I want to qualify my comments: I am a Physical Therapist, I have used CPAP for over 10 years and I use a full face mask and I sleep on my side.That being said I LOVE this pillow… no pressure on the mask so no leaks, excellent neck support. I no longer wake with neck pain!

  393. Amber Wright

    I like that it does not push the mask or hose out of place so I don’t have to keep moving my heard.

  394. Lori

    My husband has worn a CPAP for years but recently the mask would slip and make annoying whistling noises that kept waking me up (not sure how it didn’t wake him!). He’s been using this pillow for over a week now and no more whistling! He said the pillow is very comfortable, too. Now we’re both sleeping peacefully.

  395. Susan R.

    I hate my CPAP machine but this pillow does make it easier. I’m a stomach sleeper and it’s a little thicker than I would like, but it’s OK.

  396. kandy deeters

    I like this pillow with my c-pap machine I sleep so much better

  397. Michelle R.

    I am new to the Cpap world ad I ordered this pillow along with another product. Wound up sending the other one back.

  398. Tommy Thomas

    Best for sleep apnea. And most comfortable.

  399. Amazon Customer

    My husband loves this pillow, well worth the money

  400. Grace’s Mom

    Loved that pillow has a removable section so you can customize thickness. Fantastic pillow. Very comfortable. Love the pillow cases. This pillow was a game changer for me with using my cpap machine.

  401. kathleen

    I had purchased a little cheaper pillow that I was using for about a year. I thought it was me but I could never find the sweet spot. It seemed like I was always awake adjusting my head set. I use a nose cushion under my nose. I don’t have the full mask. I ended up buying this pillow and it has been well worth the money. It’s totally comfortable, it works really well with my set up and I’m not waking up to adjust my headset all the time. It’s very comfortable and I am a side and back sleeper. I like that it has two levels. My preference is to remove the one level because I like it a With less height. And it comes with two pillowcases! Absolutely try this out if you’re looking for something.

  402. Randy Newsome

    I wish I would have known these existed sooner. My doctor recommended a CPAP pillow because I have been having an issue with mask leakage.That problem is solved and I got extra comfort as a bonus. The option for different pillow cases and having a removable portion allowed me to find the perfect comfort and support level.

  403. Amazon Customer

    The pillow has improved my quality of sleep

  404. Chas Walters


  405. David Eugene Atkissom

    Best pillow I’ve had in 62 years!! Even if you don’t have sleep apnea and use a CPAP I highly recommend this pillow.

  406. Amazon Customer

    I was pleasantly surprise with the quality, and the comfort of this pillow! I slept soundly and I did not experience any neck pain!

  407. Cathy J. Lovato

    I had this in my cart for over a year and finally bought it. Oh my goodness! I love it. I always had an issue with my CPAP tubing getting smashed or my pillow pulling it off my face and waking me up. From the first night, I slept soundly and had no issues at all. I tried it from both sides and went with the smaller indentation. I highly recommend this pillow.

  408. Jay Yi

    I recently bought the Lunderg CPAP pillow for use with my DreamWear silicone nasal pillow and it has dramatically improved my sleep quality. I find the pillow to be very comfortable (as a side sleeper), for when I sleep on either side of the pillow wings with my shoulder well rested on the lower side of the cut-outs, my CPAP nasal pillow no longer moves, and I’m able to sleep for several hours with no discomfort. Last and most important is the terrific customer support from Lunderg, as my questions via email were very promptly answered with thorough and satisfactory explanations.

  409. Joyce A. Batty

    It took two nights to adjust to this pillow. Sleeping now without having to adjust my cpap device. Well worth the price.

  410. Charles Monaco

    I wish my CPAP machine was as cooperative!!The right support at the right time!!

  411. Christine S. Carroll

    I do not like memory foam. It’s hard. So it took me two weeks of falling or disappointing CPAP scores for me to get used to this pillow. BUT … I got a 98/99 last night. My trouble has been the mask’s seal – knocking it askew. As a result, my machine would turn itself off. Now that I have the knack, though, I have sunk into very deep sleep without the CPAP’s once turning itself off! … A word of advice: Use the “cool” cover. And be patient. … Now if I could just not have to get up in the night to use the bathroom! …

  412. peaches2u

    If you have a c-pap or bi-pap you need this pillow. I have used one for several years and fought with many pillows. I finally broke down and spent the bucks on this one. I sleep so much better and wake up with no marks on my face. This pillow is so comfortable. It has so many adjustments to make it suitable for everyone. I highly recommend this pillow. I have had this pillow almost a year now and still love it. When I purchased the pillow last year, I had used a bipap for 4 years and fought with it. Since having this pillow I have made peace with the bipap and I am sleeping so much better. I highly recommend this pillow. It is worth every penny.

  413. M. E. M

    I am not sure why this is a “special” CPAP pillow. I can’t see the advantage or how it differs from another “hard” pillow. A bit of a waste of money

  414. Lee

    I had better luck using a foam pillow. It stays cooler all night long

  415. Di D.

    I use CPAP and it works great. Hard to sleep without it now!

  416. Open to new things

    I awaken in the middle of the night wherein the mask has been pulled (by “the pillow”) from a correct fit to my face. I had hoped that the pillow would allow me to sleep on my side as I prefer to do, but to no avail. Seems like a good idea, but it is not for me.

  417. T. Woosley

    So far so good. Haven’t used it that long. Usually don’t like foam but this is an exception.

  418. Juneandtraci

    Not comfortable for me since does not support my neck and align my neck and spine adequately. Needs more (thicker) padding over the inferior pillow area (where my neck sits)

  419. Teresa Walsh

    Love it. Every C-pap user should have one.

  420. AnnaMae

    I have been sleeping better every since I got this pillow

  421. L. Parker III

    This pillow solved my CPAP mask leaks but I found the pillow a little too hard for my taste!

  422. Cynthia Lesure

    I love using this product with my CPAP machine. Over the last 11 years, I have had increasing pain in my neck from using the CPAP with a regular pillow. Now my neck pain is totally gone AND my husband does not wake up anymore from the noise the machine would make. All due to this amazing new pillow! Love it and would recommend it to anyone!

  423. Aaura S. Garfunkel

    This pillow is very comfortable. Best feature is the cut outs that allow the pillow to keep off the tube when I sleep on my side or stomach. Great buy!

  424. Louie

    Being a new CPAP user, I was having great trouble finding a comfortable way to sleep with the mask snd headgear. This pillow made a big positive difference. I can sleep on my back or either side with greater comfort thanks to this pillow.

  425. Tamera Huey

    I am new to the sleep app machine. This pillow has really helped me adjust! That makes room for the mask on both sides and is comfortable!

  426. David C Roberton

    Also helps minimize leakage.

  427. bagelguy

    Great product. I can actually sleep with my CPAP

  428. signet

    Having gone through many CPAP masks, I frequently had the same issue – some were fine while lying on my back, but as soon as I turned on my side, the pillow pushed the mask slightly away from my face and created leaks. I tried several different pillows but the leaks were driving me crazy and after several months and nearly 10 masks I wasn’t sure if I could continue with CPAP. Then I found this pillow. It allows me – an active sleeper – to roll over and stay asleep, whether on my back or my side, without bumping the mask off my face, causing leaks.Pros* Comfortable. Most memory foam pillows, to me, are way too firm. This one is in the medium range and is supportive but soft. (And I’m super picky about pillows) It is similar in firmness to my previous favorite pillow, the Royal Therapy memory foam pillow (however, that pillow didn’t work as well for me with a CPAP mask).* Adjustable – one of the layers can be removed to lower it, which I did. In addition to the 1 removable layer, the pillow is still slightly sloped – so one side is slightly higher than the other, giving another way to further slightly adjust height (just turn it around).* Shoulder cutout for side sleeping. This lets me keep my head more on the center of the pillow, which is both more comfortable but importantly puts the mask right over the cutouts when side sleeping.* The mask cutouts on the side are the key. They let me sleep on my side with my mask “suspended” so it doesn’t get pushed out of the way. And there are 2 different cutout shapes to help fit different masks (for me, one works better for full-face and the other for my Dreamwear and ResMed over the head nasal cradle masks). No, they don’t prevent 100% of issues – CPAP will never be perfect. But for me, the cutouts eliminated most pillow-induced leaks.* Size – this pillow is slightly less wide than a standard pillow. This is important because it means that when I roll on my side, I don’t have to slide the pillow over to get my mask over the cutouts – I just rollover, and I’m already in the right spot. And then when I roll onto my back, I’m still mostly in the center of the pillow. This all means I wake up less often to adjust the pillow position.Unfortunately, not all doctors and DME providers provide good guidance on the practical realities of how to help patients actually live (and sleep) with CPAP. They sometimes focus only on numbers or good, but generic, advice. Knowing about pillows like this can be one big way to improve life on CPAP. For me, this made the very uncomfortable CPAP therapy a lot more tolerable.(NOTE: I have no connection with this company and received no incentives – paid full price and it was well worth it.)

  429. D. Andrus

    Very comfortable, provided pain relief for neck and shoulder. Works great with cpap. Other speciality pillows did not work for me, this one did due to higher position available.

  430. BBQ King

    Product does what it states, very pleased.Wish pillow cases that were included were not white, only complaint

  431. JJP1776

    Absolute must for CPAP users. I can comfortably sleep on my back and side and not interrupt my mask seal. The extra cushion to adjust thickness is great as well!

  432. Susanne B. Kallis-Hayek

    I hate writing reviews but this pillow helped me so much I had to review it. Every night I was waking up due to air leaks in my mask and the pressure increasing due to bad support from my traditional pillow. This pillow gives amazing neck support and has eliminated all the mask issues with my apap. The price is a bargain because this last year I bought three different masks trying to solve my problem which was much more expensive than this pillow. So grateful for my full night of sleep. Great product!

  433. Wendimb

    The pillow came today and I was so excited that I took a nap with it. Turns out it’s exactly what I needed. My mask did not sink into the pillow and leak air like it has been. It stayed on my face and I was able to sleep until my alarm went off an hour later. So far I give it 5 stars

  434. Brenda

    Perfect for my CPAP machine hose

  435. Deborah A Alper

    Very comfortable and made of high quality material.

  436. Dee

    I have tried various pillows with my CPAP, but had issues with air leaks and apnea events. This pillow has made a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep. I’m actually getting at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

  437. Thomas C

    General improvement so far vs standard pillow but too soon to fully evaluate.

  438. SunnyG

    I have a CPAP pillow that is too high. I ordered this pillow because it is adjustable and I thought I could get lower. Sadly, it’s lower is the same height as my pillow that is too high. The removable portion is not CPAP friendly so there’s not really a low pillow option. The pillow is well made and comfortable, just not low enough to remove strain on my neck muscles when used all night.

  439. Jordyn

    I was skeptical and unsure, but I really needed something and this one had the best reviews so I took a gamble. BEST pillow. It definitely took a few nights of experimenting to get comfortable with it, so don’t give up at first if it doesn’t work the first night! I ended up taking out the extra layer and used the wider side, and it was the perfect height for me. It is memory foam so, it will be hard (literally) at first but eventually will form to you. It fits my mask perfectly, is sooo comfortable, and I sleep better than I ever have in my life. I would buy this again in a heartbeat!!

  440. Marilyn K.

    Just what I needed for a good night’s sleep with my CPAP machine.

  441. Kindle Customer

    I like the way it keeps my hose in place

  442. marlen morales

    I started having neck pain and nonlonger can use it

  443. Frank

    This is the second pillow i tried from amazon for cpap. It has a nice area cut out of the foam so the breathing piece has clearance from the pillow. There are probably better and worse pillows out there but this is the result of the 2 i tried. It worked well with a nasal cushion mask. I think it will work with a full face mask also, but i have not tried that yet.

  444. Bob C.

    I use a cpap & this pillow is perfect. I use a small nasal pillow which does not always want to stay in place but this pillow has been perfect. Very comfortable with good support.

  445. Amazon Customer

    Very comfortable and helpful with my sleep apnea machine.

  446. Debbie Smith

    My husband raves about it. Best nights sleep he has had in a long long time. Great for cpap users.

  447. Gina

    My mom’s CPAP experience has been tolerable because of this so I bought her another one for travel.

  448. Leroy H. Harper

    Got it for xmas and started using it this week. It seems to be working very well.

  449. Louise Griffin

    I’m new the CPAP world. I couldn’t get comfortable with a regular pillow, so I bought this one. I am not disappointed. it’s very comfortable! I now can get a good night’s rest.

  450. James Capatch

    Potentially the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used, and it clears the mask no problem.

  451. Jim

    Purchased one on the suggestion of my Dr to reduce mask air leaks from a full face CPAP mask. The little nasal pillows and other masks didn’t work well for me.The pillow has two deep cutouts and two smaller, shallower ones. It was well designed so that if I’m sleeping on my back, rolling my head to the left uses one deep pocket and to the right uses the other deep pocket.If you want the shallower pockets, you just spin it 180 degrees (spin it don’t flip it). If those two options don’t work for you, unzip the cover and take out the 1″ thick foam from the back of the pillow and now it’s thinner.For overweight people who sweat a lot at night, you can swap out the standard cover for the stay-cool one. IT comes with both.

  452. Poppy

    So much better than my regular pillow My mask doesn’t get pulled off like before

  453. Chip McAfee

    Perfect for CPAP users & is just comfy & supportive in general. Like the 2 covers for comfort & coolness.

  454. Michelle Sutherland

    I really liked the thought of this pillow but I don’t think it’s the right one for me.The first night I tried it as is and it was uncomfortable so the next night I took out the removable layer. It did make the height more comfortable but there’s still something uncomfortable about the angle of the pillow.It’s way too firm for me. I’ve had memory foam pillows before that were soft…this one is very firm.Also I wonder if the designers of this pillow actually use cpap machines?It’s bad enough I wake up with marks all over my face from mask straps but the pillowcases that come with this pillow have a ridged design to the fabric so that added even more marks to my face. I did end up putting the pillow in my regular pillow case to alleviate that problem.I’ve put this pillow back in the box stored in my closet and I’ve gone back to using my regular pillow.

  455. James McConnell

    I can easily sleep on either side and do not experience mask leakage with a full face mask.

  456. trent

    Perfect product, it has improved my sleep pattern.

  457. David R Devore

    I have bought several pillows over the years this is the best for CPAP

  458. Alan D.

    This pillow was purchased because I use a cpac. It works with my cpac better than anything else I have tried. I have also slept on it without my cpac. It took one night to get used to it. I WILL NEVER USE A REGULAR PILLOW AGAIN! Whoever came up with this design THANK YOU!!!!!!

  459. Charlie

    i loved the pillow, now i have a good night sleep

  460. Dawn H

    The person I purchased this for sleeps with a breathing apparatus and was unable to get any sleep prior to receiving this pillow. They would wake up with bruises and marks all over their face from the oxygen mask and tubing. This pillow has been a game changer for them and a bit of a life saver. They can now get a comfortable, painless night’s sleep and wake up well rested, which is so incredibly important right now.

  461. Amazon Customer

    Would recommend it cause you have to options on how to use it. Make it low or make it high.

  462. Bdo Oso Gt

    No solo es extraordinaria para dormir, sino que permite que el uso de la mascarilla cumpla su función.

  463. Danyel

    I got this for my dad and he’s used it every night. The freedom to roll to the side plus the support from the memory foam is top-notch, definitely a game changer especially for people with full-face masks that are heavily restricting.

  464. Jennifer Logan

    This pillow looks wonky, but it is very functional for the need. The cpap mask is cradled in the holes very nicely. The pillow is firm and the form is a memory foam material. Very soft and breathable pillow case.

  465. Iris Smith

    This pillow is exactly as described. Very good quality and super functional for a side-sleeping, CPAP user. As a bonus, the customer service offered by this company is exceptional. I had the occasion to contact them and I was very impressed with their professionalism and courtesy. They are sincerely interested in making sure that their customer is completely satisfied. This is extremely satisfying in this era where customer service often seems to be a “lost art”. I would, without any hesitancy, highly recommend this product!

  466. Tiffany A. Jakubiak

    Absolutely love this pillow! I can finally sleep on my side again without disturbing my cpap full face mask. Thank you!


    I was never able to adjust this pillow to fit my needs. I’m sure it’s a fabulous pillow for some. Every morning I woke up with a stiff neck and neck back and a limb that had fallen asleep. I’ve always had a hard time with pillows

  468. Tontolina

    Very well designed and comfortable, thanks to options provided to adjust for height. Having 2 covers is great, as well, although both are white and appear dirty/dingy quickly. It would be nice to have selection of colored covers of regular bedsheet material that can be changed out and washed like other brand on the market of similar price. Other than that, excellent value for the $$ and very comfortable.

  469. Aaron S.

    I guess if you like a very firm pillow or you really can not find a way to sleep on a normal pillow this might work for you. However I found that my normal pillow works just as good. I tried this for a night and it honestly didn’t work any better than my normal pillow. I returned it.

  470. Barb Gress

    I use a CPap machine and this pillow allows me to sleep well with much less air flow escaping

  471. Kathy Byers

    I can now get a good night sly

  472. Joyously 9

    Sleeping on this pillow has eliminated my neck and shoulder pain when I get out of bed in the mornings. My husband tried it out and I had to purchase one for him as well.

  473. An Ru

    Unable to use this pillow due to it’s design. Designed to have a taller side and a lower side for different size people but there’s not enough distance between the two side to create a gentle slope. Needing to use the lower, shallower side left me with a sharp upward incline for my head to rest on. This causes a sharp bend in your neck which is very counterproductive to comfort, leading to cricks in the neck and more and serious pain to TMJ issue. Can’t recommend it though the carved out areas to accomodate the face mask look really helpful. Needs further modification to accomodate every one.

  474. mike

    This pillow has definitely helped me get a better night’s sleep while wearing my CPAP mask.

  475. deshirl Whittington

    Cause neck discomfort

  476. Lucyernaga

    Y es muy efectiva te ayuda a regular elSueño

  477. singplay

    This is the fourth and best cpap pillow I have tried. Very good for this side sleeper. I found the best position quickly.

  478. Ken Allen

    I’ve used a CPAP for years and this definitely makes that more comfortable.

  479. Eltje Lenz

    It was really hard when my husband first got it, but softened up after a few weeks. Using this pillow keeps his CPAP mask from breaking a seal and thus waking him up. It has made a huge difference in his getting a good night’s sleep.

  480. Remy Appledaffy

    This is a pretty good pillow overall. I’m a big guy with wide shoulders so the extra thickness is nice. It has a good balance of softness vs firmness, for me anyway. One side of the pillow is taller than the other (sloped), and there is a foam spacer you can remove if it is too tall. The cooling pillowcase works well, which surprised me. It didn’t seem like it at first, but when I compared it to the normal case it also comes with there was a noticeable difference.Sleeping with a cpap mask is still something I’m learning to deal with and overall this pillow does well, except for when I turn more towards my stomach. This isn’t the best sleeping position, I know, and the pillow isn’t designed for this, but in case you do this too know that when you shift more towards a stomach position or full on on your front, the height and curves of this pillow can push the mask in a way that it leaks. Sometimes this happens when I’m already asleep, sometimes when I am trying to sleep. This isn’t the pillow’s fault, as mentioned it isn’t designed for anything other than side sleepers, but I don’t sleep strictly in one position so I wanted to add this for anyone else who might be similar. I still like using this pillow though, despite that. It is better than a standard pillow in my opinion.

  481. John S

    I wanted a pillow that wasn’t so large for a queen size bed and that it is very comfortable. I like the support it gives, and that it is soft enough that it does not hurt my ears. I like the idea of being able to remove a layer of foam for the right height. I settled for removing a layer and then using the high side for correct height. If the pillow loses the support and becomes to soft, I can still replace the removed layer. This is a great pillow for CPAP users.

  482. Craig K.

    This is the second CPAP pillow purchased and this one was not any more comfortable than the first pillow. Will be keeping but is not satisfactory

  483. Martha Atkinson

    My CPap it didn’t work with it

  484. emilia

    Not comfortable at all and it made my back and neck hurt more !

  485. Luann

    I was not sure about buying this because it didn’t look so comfortable. I was very surprised how great I sleep with this pillow it was a great buy!

  486. Martin Phillips

    After struggling with two different masks and an ordinary pillow dislodging them whenever I turned, I sorely wanted my third attempt at cpap therapy to be successful. The Lundberg pillow helped achieve that for me. Was it the uniquely sculpted side grooves that embraced my mask when I turned, the memory foam offering just the right amount of cushioning for my head, or the softness of the pillow cover seeming to work with the foam to also stabilize the mask? While I sleep on the side the company labels for large necks, the slightly higher small neck side supports my head better for reading and watching TV. Removing the foam insert saves suitcase space when I travel with minimal compromise on the pillow’s performance. I only wish I had purchased this pillow when I began my therapy. -Marty Phillips-

  487. NoneOfYourBusiness

    Pillow wasn’t comfortable. Product box came damaged but product inside wasn’t damaged.

  488. Carolyn Morris

    My mask now fits better when I sleep on my side! Makes a huge difference in leaks as there is much less pressure on the mask with the design of this CPAP pillow. Very adjustable in height that helps rest your neck too! Love this pillow. Worth the expense!

  489. Eddie D Jones

    The pillow did prevent from having leaks from the c-pap mask which helps you sleep better. Also the pillow is really soft, making you not wake up with a sore neck.

  490. Kari Syron

    It was not as comfortable as described.

  491. Azzacca

    I have now asked him many times if he likes it. He seems to think it is vastly superior to his previous one. He’s a big guy, and sleeps on his side a lot. It’s thick enough to support his head when he does.For me, the indents work great. His cpap doesn’t push off his face as much making that annoying whooshing sound (he can’t hear it, somehow, but it wakes me up a lot).For reference, he has an in nose only cpap.

  492. Eylin

    I love it, if it’s too thick you can remove one pad. it really helps to sleep comfortably with the hose at a down level

  493. phil

    This is a most versatile solution.

  494. Joc

    I’ve had this for a while now and it’s ok…. I wanted to order another for a gift

  495. Dirvin

    Seems well made. Very comfortable with four positions for sleeping and adjustment for height. Very pleased so far.

  496. Matilda Farris

    I like pillow because I’m a side sleeper and I use a CPC. It is firm and it is comfortable.

  497. Hedsie

    It was extremely uncomfortable. Too thick. Tried it and missed the return date by three days. Very disappointed in this product. Would certainly not recommend it.

  498. Brian Weil

    This is a firm pillow just like I like a pillow to be. It supports my head and keeps my body and back straight with no pain when I wake up in the morning. Super glad I found this pillow been looking for a pillow that works for me . Thanks for creating this pillow for me! I love it

  499. Amazon Customer

    I was wary about buying the pillow. Yes, it had great reviews. There also were reviewers that said it didn’t help. I figured I’d give it a try. The worse case was I would return it. I was worried for nothing and I am so glad I purchased it. The very first night I used the pillow, I slept comfortably on my side all night long. Most importantly, my CPAP mask stayed in place during the night and that has been the case for the four nights that I have used the pillow thus far. It’s an odd looking thing, but it’s soft, comfortable and has solved my mask leaking issue. Unlike a regular pillow where I had to position my head at the very edge of the pillow in order to prevent the mask from moving and leaking air, I can position my head squarely in the middle of the Lunberg CPAP pillow. That alone makes for a more comfortable sleep. Anyway, I hope this review helps others that are on the fence about trying the pillow. It’s certainly has helped me get a better night’s sleep.

  500. Annie

    After spending way too much time and money on pillows that I did not love, I found my pillow. This is it!

  501. Craig

    had this for a week. liked it so much I bought a second one for my partner who also uses a c-pap.

  502. robert k

    Would be nice and would work but much too small. Says shipped with 2 pillow cases and only 1 in container.

  503. Nopohboy

    Its adjustable…I thought it was a gimmick but it has enhanced the quality of my sleep and made deal with this machine more manageable…I dont knock my mask off as much and I don’t wake up with headaches despite using my machine….I also was able to remove a layer from the pillow making more comfortable..This is great as all sleeping surfaces are not the same…zit come with a device cover which is perk of buying this item. So if you’re on the fence like I was a few years click buy now…No one paid for this review…

  504. CiCi O

    My partner was struggling to sleep with his CPAP on with and his normal foam pillow, especially when sleeping on his side, so he thought he would give this a try and it is the BEST! No more adjusting his head or his mask when sleeping on his side. Highly recommended!

  505. Ryan C Hobbs

    I started CPAP this month. While I have gotten used to the therapy, I would wake up to see mask leakage. I realized this was mostly when I was on my side. I wear the Resmed F20 mask. Last night, I only had 8L/min of leak! The night before this pillow it was 30L/min. Turning onto my side is no longer an issue!-Comfort-Support-Works great with CPAP!I would suggest this for anyone struggling with leaks due to side sleeping.

  506. Judy Conway

    I have CPAP both central and obstructive and the pillow is very comfortable and allows for my equipment without causing issues with my sleep. I am sleeping much easier now!

  507. Gary

    The CPAP pillow is a very well-made product, if you’re a side-sleeper it’s definitely worth a try. I liked the adjustable pillow thickness and it helps keep that darn mask in place comfortably. I had an issue with the pillowcase zipper but customer service sent a replacement right away. Very good experience.

  508. J. Millett

    As described, good service and packaging. It helps allot.

  509. Lisa

    Great support and only pillow that help minimized next pain, and most comfortable with cpap machine. Removing stars because both pillowcase zippers have broken and they don’t sell them separately!

  510. Marcell5055

    Let me tell you this pillow is absolutely the best ever!

  511. Nate

    If you use CPAP you already have enough trouble sleeping, so having a mask is not really ideal for comfort and doesn’t always add to the sleep experience — it does the opposite for me. Being a side and stomach sleeper I was seeking something that didn’t knock my mask off my face and cause that awful hissing sound, waking me up and causing me to rip my mask off my face and throw it as far across the room as the hose allowed. I came across this pillow in my search for better sleep. I was apprehensive because of the price, but what is the cost of better sleep after going through sleep study and mattress searching for the past 5 years? It took about 3 nights for me to get used to the pillow and find my comfort zones, but now it is my go to pillow when using my mask. I wish it were a bit bigger and had more of a neck support choice for when I choose to sleep on my back, but it is a relief that I can finally flip to my side and even my stomach and find that sweet spot. It’s a learning curve but once you find it, you will be happy with this pillow. Give it a shot, why not with amazons generous return policy? Hope this helps, happy sleep on your cpap journey!

  512. Big Kahuna

    This is a very firm pillow that this user finds to be uncomfortable. The corner cut outs are very useful. The product is of high quality.

  513. Julie H.

    My husband loves it, great sleep with Cpap machine. My husband gets great sleep with this pillow.

  514. D. A. Cooper

    The best pillow i ever had. Indents allow for sleeping on the side and not causing leak from cpap.Gonna buy another. Right now!

  515. Elizabeth Slifer

    This pillow is just what I needed to use my Cpap machine mask. I have been trying out both sides since one is cut out bigger than other side. The covers for the pillow are nice options, too. My dentist had recommended a pillow with cut out areas. Now I can give him the name of this product which works for me!

  516. Tina

    I have used this pillow for one week before rating it. I must say it works well. My cpap nasal pillow stays in place. No adjustment needed. The pillow is very comfortable, even my Yorkie loves using it as his bed. I have to remove him every night before bed time, he has arthritis.

  517. Amazon Customer

    I got this pillow because I was tired of fighting with my hose every time I moved. This pillow helps that but it’s so hard it’s very different than regular pillow.

  518. Anita Bitner

    My husband has a lot of breathing problems and your pillow is the best product that have found that gives him the comfort and support that he needs. He is a restless sleeper so your pillow accommodates any position he uses. Thank you for creating a product that is helping us both get more sleep.

  519. Bobby8642

    This is the pillow that will make you love your CPAP. Well, maybe not love it, but like it a whole lot more! For me, and I suspect most of us, we have a love/hate relationship with our CPAP. Yeah, it keeps us from dying a little bit each night, but we also feel like Darth Vader, and perhaps worst of all, it creates more problems as it’s saving the big one. Probably the most significant new problem it creates is our pillow no longer is the comfortable haven it once was. I would toss and turn, with my mask bumping into the pillow, causing leaks and waking me up, often throughout the night. Along came the Lundberg CPAP pillow. It specifically allows room for your mask while sleeping on your side, which is my preferred position. It’s customizable, allowing for different height of the memory foam, and has two different size insets to fit different size people.Now, it’s not perfect. Your bed will look weird with this weird pillow on it, because you need their pillow case to fit the pillow. It only comes in white so unless you have white sheets, it won’t match. But if the only problem is an ugly bed, I ain’t got no problems.

  520. Yasmin Nicole

    My mom said it was the best thing ever

  521. KatPiper

    I can’t believe all these positive reviews! I’m glad for you if you really like it, but I found it so lumpy and uncomfortable. I woke up every time I tried to change position. Just couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Am returning it today.

  522. T. S. Lunquist

    bought this for my husband when he got his new AutoPAP. It has made it much easier for him to use the machine correctly and consistently, and he’s very happy with it.

  523. splinky48

    Great pillow. I am a side sleeper and a long time CPAP user. I was always waking several times during the night to re-insert my nasal pillows, and could never find a pillow that gave my neck good support. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on different pillows. I now get a good night’s sleep, without having to fuss with my CPAP nasal pillows.

  524. melba soliz

    This is a replacement of one that I bought online like two years ago but it’s not the same quality this one leaves me hot even with the cooling case on. And it’s not very supportive 😔in other words my head sinks in on the corners.

  525. Tim Pukys

    works well

  526. JimiV Photography

    The first night I had my CPAP, I thought this is going to be a real pain in the neck. I’m a side sleeper and the mask would get pushed around on my face. So the next day I looked here and found this pillow. I figured anything would be an improvement over my regular pillow.This pillow rocks. It just works. Put your head down, mask goes into the cutout, done! The pillow is very firm, comes with inserts for height and 2 pillow cases. I put this pillow on top of my other pillow, to get exactly the head angle I need.I recommended this to my friends who use CPAP and they love it. If you’re stuck having to wear the mask, this will help you sleep.

  527. Amazon Customer

    Even if I did not use a cpap machine I would use this pillow. It was SOOOO comfortable right from the start and the options to make it taller or shorter make for a custom fit. The two pillowcases that are included are so convenient when one case needs washing. Unlike other memory foam pillows I’ve tried, it stays cool even during the summer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.+

  528. Scottie316

    I started using a CPAP machine a few weeks ago. I quickly noticed my mask would move each time I turned to my side. As a result, I lost mask suction. My CPAP scores began to tumble. After the first night of using this pillow, I was able to sleep on either side without my mask moving. As a result, my scores went up. The firmness and comfort of the pillow also allowed me a great night’s sleep.

  529. Leslie M. Craith

    This is a fantastic pillow it helped my sleep 100% I recommended to anybody who is looking for a pillow to use with their CPAP!

  530. Mr. Joshua

    I enjoy it.Pros:Comfort.Stays cool.Cut out works decent for what it was designed for.Cons:Getting the cases to fit after being laundered.

  531. stuart meckler

    Strong effort to help me sleep

  532. Gregg G.

    I wanted this pillow to work so badly, unfortunately after i slept on it for the three nights to try and get used to it my neck became very sore and i had to stop using it. I will be returning it and going back to my old pillow.

  533. Sharon Brown

    I am a side sleeper who recently started on a CPAP machine. I was looking for a pillow that would guide the tubing away from my face. Turns out, I found a pillow I LOVE even aside from CPAP. I had searched for years for a comfortable pillow that would help my neck pain. I have spent hundreds of dollars for very expensive pillows that never helped. I avoided similar products because they looked strange, but the annoying CPAP made me desperate enough to try it. It’s the most comfortable pillow I have ever tried. CPAP is still a pain, but this pillow helped so much! Highly recommend to any side sleeper.

  534. Nick DiSilvestro

    It’s really helped me with my full face mask and leaks. I am a side sleeper and I was having a very difficult time with leakage and the amount of leakage was starting to effect my therapy. Thankfully with this pillow it’s under control. I would recommend this for side sleepers using a full face mask

  535. rin

    nice to use for my cpap!

  536. Tiffany Farmer

    I use my regular pillow

  537. Sara Carpenter

    I bought for me and my mom loves it so is hers now.

  538. Linda M

    I normally wake up with a stiff neck with a regular pillow, but this seems to be preventing that.

  539. Lillian M Grimmett

    Love my new pillow. Will be using my new pillow with my CPap.

  540. Karen R White

    Great pillow but my husband has Parkinson’s and rolls everywhere. Doesn’t work for him.

  541. scubahello

    I’ve had a whole love hate with my CPAP. Admittedly from mask, to the right headgear, to one’s sleeping position, I was wrestling with all of the above but as it turns out most of these problems could be solved with the right pillow. True, tweaks were made regarding the right mask, I prefer a low profile nasal ‘pillow’ (not the pillow will are reviewing), hose in front or back (top) of the head but the right pillow made all the difference regarding my side sleeping and yes, on occasion sleeping on my back. This pillow is amazing!

  542. Amazon Customer

    Better than expected! Very comfortable and soft, Cpap mask fits nicely in all positions! A must for Cpap mask wearing patients

  543. Texas Sparky

    I have been using a cpap for a couple of years with a regular pillow. I thought that cpap pillows were a hype until I got one. Best night sleep and few mask leaks. And its adjustable, once I got to my comfort height, I fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer.

  544. Riis

    I sleep on my side and use a b-pap with the air hose at the top of my head and a nose pillow. This works well — not “perfect” but very well! My neck is fused also (C2-T3) and the support is perfect! I’ve been using a piecemeal pillow for a long time and it finally just wore out. This is a good replacement. It’s expensive but it’s comfy, not terribly smelly right out of the box (it did air out in a few hours), it’s a good quality product! I approve!

  545. Jeff Jorden

    I love it very comfortable.

  546. Anna Marie

    While I am still getting used to CPAP and occasionally wake up to adjust the device, the pillow has made it so much easier to position the CPAP as I sleep on my side. The pillow itself is quite comfortable.

  547. MrMike

    Cutouts are positioned well for a full face mask. I am a side sleeper, so I wish it was a little thicker due to my shoulder width.

  548. Brett

    I’m so glad I discovered this pillow. I sleep on my side and stomach and was having a very difficult time Keeping my mask on my face because my pillow kept pushing it off. With This pillow, I’m able to position my head so my mask is over the cut out in the pillow so nothing is pushing on it. The mask stays on my face all night and I’m not constantly waking up having to reposition my mask. This made a huge improvement in my sleep.

  549. Mar

    I couldn’t believe what a difference this pillow has made in the quality of sleep. It really is everything and more. I pondered over many brands. Everyone has good and bad reviews. I like this one because they offered additional pillow cases. SO glad I got this one. It’s made a wonderful difference for me.

  550. Garrett

    Received pillow, did not personally care for product. I tried to lay on pillow and found it awkward and uncomfortable. Pillow seems to be well made, just not comfortable for me. I was unable to use product and will be returning item for a refund. Maybe other buyers will have better luck.

  551. Janet Perez

    Muy estrecha . me sentia bien incomoda a la hora de virarme de lado

  552. JoeyO

    I’ve been using a CPAP machine for over 5 years and with a regular pillow, my shoulder would hurt the following morning. But NOT anymore. With the Lunderg pillow, I find it really nice to sleep on and I sleep on my side, so now my shoulder doesn’t hurt the following morning, as the height of the pillow and superb quality foam really helps me get a good night’s rest. I’ve recommended the pillow to others as well.

  553. Eileen T. Parker

    A real assist with CPAP.

  554. CJ Harmon

    Has making sleeping with a CPAP mask easy!

  555. Joanne Leach

    The pillow helps me to get a good night’s sleep.

  556. Lizzy Tish

    I’m pleased that I took a chance and purchased this pillow. It required a small adjustment. Read and understand the written information.

  557. Karen Gilbert

    The pillow is well designed with a couple of options to make it work for you.This pillow is worth the price!

  558. Angela M Lee

    Great buy

  559. Joi

    Excellent pillow for cpap/apap users. Has two different-sized cut-outs flip pillows to sleep on the one you like. Highly recommended.

  560. Isaac

    I’ve been searching for a good side sleeping pillow longer than I’ve been using CPAP. I’ve tried a couple other “CPAP pillows” with the hope that they would both make sleeping with a mask more comfortable and help with my neck pain due to my broad shoulders and side sleeping.And while some of the other pillows were better at this than a “normal” pillow, nothing has come close to the Lunderg CPAP pillow.It is the most “firm” but also “soft and comfy” pillow I’ve ever found. It supports, without being hard!The packaging, instructions, and extra “cooling” pillow case are first rate. Truly different than other products I’ve tried.I’ve been using it for a month, and it still feels like it did on day one. I absolutely love it! I highly recommend it to anyone that sleeps on their side, not just if they wear a CPAP mask.

  561. donald uselton

    Pillow was great up until I put my mask on. Dunno if it’s because of how my mask secures itself to my head but no matter what I did I was waking up up 15-20 minutes with another seal leak and air forcing itself into my eye or down my chin

  562. Wildcat

    Very comfortable and helpful in many ways.

  563. Mike O

    Really like this pillow. Great support while keeping mask floating and not squishing my pretty face😊. Highly recommended. FYI – read the sleep instruction on how to use. Very helpful.

  564. Madelyn Walker

    It was great sleep quality, comfort, and support.

  565. RK

    I enjoy how firm the pillow is. The neck support is very comfortable and I enjoy flipping sides between back and side sleeping. The firmness and material are almost identical to the Sleep Number contour pillow I was using (which costs twice as much as this pillow). It does have a slight chemical smell at first, but so does all memory foam, and it’s by no means overwhelming.

  566. Samuel Plew

    Despite the “cooling pillowcase” I found the pillow to be uncomfortably hot, or reflecting heat probably. This in term caused me to switch sides which is awkward to get your face in the cutout and the hose. I eventually gave up and would sleep on my back in the center. I have switched back to my older flat cool memory pillow.

  567. Kat W

    I read so many comments from CPAP machine users and their struggles with side-sleeping mask leaks, and since I was about to start CPAP therapy, I thought I’d better order a pillow to help prevent problems. There are enough issues when starting CPAP therapy, I figured that I didn’t need excessive mask leaks just because I’m a side sleeper.The pillow arrived promptly and in good condition. I appreciate the 2 pillow cases included. The pillow has that usual, but not excessive, memory foam smell ( I’ve had some memory foam seat cushions that smelled much,much stronger).I’ve never slept on a memory foam pillow before, so I didn’t know if it would be too hard for me – it wasn’t.The scooped out areas on the pillow prevent the mask from pressing into my pillow and my face. I have a full (but not too big) face mask, and I find that I can use either side of the pillow. I can also use it with or without the extra insert, but when my nose is stuffed up, I need the extra height. In fact, when allergies kicked in, I put a flat regular pillow under this one.The pillow also seems to work for back-sleeping, cradles my head. The pillow cases wash well, no dryer (might shrink). Since I’ve just started my therapy, we’ll see how long the pillow (and I) will hold up – so fat, so good!

  568. Kindle Customer

    Didn’t work for me. I use a nasal only mask and the grooves in pillow created air gaps.

  569. Tom

    The cooling pillow covers feel very very premium and nice. The pillow itself feels substantial and comfortable. My girlfriend (who doesn’t need a cpap) takes this pillow to sleep on for naps when I’m not around. Excellent pillow for anyone. Better than non specialized pillows in this price range. Great quality, does exactly what it says. My mask doesn’t leak and I sleep soundly.

  570. Caitlin Martin

    This didn’t help with my cpap seal at all. No matter how I adjusted, turned or placed it, it was absolutely no better than a standard pillow. Slip cover does not stay in place and looks messy. Very frustrating and underwhelming.

  571. Amazon Customer

    My boyfriend wanted to try this because he just can’t quite get the perfect sleep with his CPAP machine. Enter lundberg. He loves it thickest!

  572. Ziomy1989

    I will deff give them 5 stars because the pillow is everything, comfortable,soft and it deff help my husband to sleep better the only bad thing is that has a terrible strong odor that I almos throw up 🙄

  573. Leo Mayer

    No comment

  574. Tootcpop

    I admit I was skeptical when I ordered this pillow, but I was at my wits end with major leaks from my mask. As a side sleeper, whenever I turned over during the night I broke the seal and leaked away. A wise respiratory therapist suggested this pillow might solver the problem. It did! And…I’m sleeping great, in comfort and support. A BIG WIN!

  575. Jenny

    I returned it.. it was the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever received.

  576. wifeandmom

    I was having a lot of trouble sleeping because my full mask kept moving. I was apprehensive, because of the price. Gotta say, definitely worth it! It’s very comfortable and it doesn’t move my mask every time I move.

  577. Gary

    It’s very uncomfortable

  578. MPH

    Pillow is very firm. I didn’t need the lower pillow because the basic pillow is high enough. Cut-outs allow c-pap hose to be used without squishing it. Sometimes this is too firm and I use my regular pillow, but keep coming back to this. Overall, would buy again.

  579. K Crawford

    I have now gotten so used to this pillow that I dread traveling without it. There are several options, two different heights, so most will be able to find their best height, position, etc, for sleeping. Mine came with a “warmer” case and a “cooler” case. The only thing that would make this better would be a percale pillow case!

  580. Harvey S.

    This is a very comfortable pillow. I struggle with my CPAP mask being knocked off during the night, actually several times a night but since using this pillow the frequency of losing my CPAP mask is a lot less.

  581. Teresa

    I truly wanted to absolutely love this pillow and I almost do. First, let me tell you about the good things:- The adjustable height is awesome- The cut outs on the opposite sides of the pillow are perfectly placed to minimize pressure on the CPAP headgear.- The pillow is very comfortable to sleep onThe only issue I have with this pillow is the covers. Both covers are comfortable, until you roll over on your side. The seams around the cut outs invariably ends up under my ear and I can only sleep on that side for an hour or so before it begins to hurt. I have tried readjusting the formfitting covers to move the seam, but they shift back. To fix this, I have removed the provided covers and used a traditional protector and pillowcase, fitted loosely, to allow them to indent as needed.I would definitely recommend this pillow. If you are sensitive to ear pressure, just know that modifications to the pillow coverings may be required for your optimum comfort.

  582. Naveen C.

    I thought with the memory foam, this would be good. However, it is rather stiff and props my head up ever so slightly into an uncomfortable position. I am not using the extra little lift pillow that is provided, and I still found it to be a little too high, and my head did not quite mold into the memory foam part of it. Great idea, thought.

  583. Jon Christensen

    This pillow did not work for me. I have back issues and this just made them worse Returned the pillow

  584. diana emmet

    The pillow case that came on pillow has a hole in it.

  585. Denise Morgan

    I ordered 2 of the pillows and they are exactly what my husband and I need. We both have sleep apnea and the pillows are helping us get a better night’s sleep. They are comfortable and are exactly as described. I recommend them and this seller to everyone. Thank you!

  586. Matt Alfieri

    Over all good pillow. Took time to get use to it. Like how it keeps the hose in place. Had to take the extra layer out. Like how it comes with the extra pillow case.

  587. MaryKate5

    This support pillow Works exactly like it should, just like the description says it will. The problem I had was that it’s too hard for me, I really like the soft pillows. It’s support and design is top rated and makes wearing a C-Pap/By-Pap machine a lot easier to wear. I recommend this to everyone with a SLEEP APNEA MACHINE

  588. Todd Warning

    This pillow works great for me. It is adjustable for height so if I am using the wedge I can remove the pad and if I am not it is perfect with the added height.

  589. Josh

    Firm and comfortable but after 2 months of use, the cover has torn.

  590. Kindle Customer

    Numerous options for comfort. Quality product.I recommend. It’s worth the price

  591. Reviewer2000

    I’ve had this many months and can say I regret buying it. It is hard to get a good position where it is not noisy, and is comfortable. Often, I wake up with neck or shoulder pain. And it’s not the mattress, which is a brand new high quality one. Don’t buy this

  592. Tracy

    I began my pap therapy last week and it had been such a pain- I am a side sleeper!!! I’d roll over and my mask would push to the side- making vibration and air blowing in my hair/eyes. I’d wake up with neck pain and just so restless. Awe…. my pillow came yesterday and last night NOT once did my mask get pushed sideways. I was able to sleep and my neck didn’t hurt. The pillow is very good- I have a full face mask with my tubing out the top of my head.If you have pap therapy and finding it impossible to sleep due to pushing your mask off- this pillow is for you!!!

  593. gene gutowski

    the comfort was the best part

  594. Richard M

    I am a side sleeper 😴 and this pillow has given me comfort as well comfort. I liked 👍 it the very first night. I wake up more refreshed. I highly recommend this pillow. Also keep in mind this is family owned small business. *****

  595. Michael Jasa

    Being a stomach and side sleeper with a CPAP is tough, so I gave this pillow a try. Overall the concept is great, and the 2 different thickness options is wonderful. However, simply based on my body structure and broad shoulders, this product didn’t work for me.I wish it had, but I will be watching for and trying more pillows.

  596. Paris

    I was surprised at the quality of the pillow and very pleased. I had a question about warranty registration and I emailed the company and received a reply within 24 hours. What a shock! Most companies take days or never get back to you. Sarah B – the representative who assisted me was very pleasant and helpful.

  597. Pops

    In 10 years of CPAP use, this is the best of the three I have used. Took 4/5 days to get used to it. It also causes the loss of 4-6 inches of headroom in bed length.

  598. Lisa Holstein

    I just got a cpap and was concerned because I am a stomach sleeper. I like that the pillow is adjustable and has the cut areas for my mask and hose.

  599. Helen DeMilita

    I use a cpap and am a side sleeper. this pillow has great support for my head and neck, is very comfortable and my nasal pillow headgear doesn’t move off my face like it used to with my regular pillow. It’s worth trying. Definitely will buy again.

  600. Discerning consumer

    Pillows are so personal. BUT this one worked for me really, really well- as a side sleeper now using CPAP. CPAP is a challenge but this pillow keeps the mask essentially OFF the pillow which is great for comfort. Previously with the mask ON the pillow it kept dislodging- which means wake up and readjust. This one is really well made with adjustable features. It is a memory foam like substance and probably a bit warm. BUT in the cooler months that should be no problem. IF you are a side sleeper using CPAP, I recommend this highly. It can really help the quality of your sleep with the CPAP apparatus.

  601. Melanie McNeely

    This pillow is great for cpap and support. It is alittle firm but im hoping it softens up a tad after use.

  602. screamingtoupee

    Pleased with this pillow from it’s 1st night’s use! As a side sleeper pillows tend to press into my face obstructing air flow. To describe this pillow crudely I’d say it’s a little potato-like in it’s shape with various pours and raised areas that support my big-ole head but not press into my Hollywood-like face. The cooling pillow case is a nice feature and I like the option to have or remove the extra insert for height. I’m new and struggling with the whole CPAP-thing… Surprisingly I enjoy this pillow even without using a CPAP mask. It’s pricey which concerned me but it’s performing well and appears constructed well enough that I’m sure it’ll last for a long time. Wish I’d purchased this years ago

  603. Tyro

    First 2 weeks it sucked but now it’s the best pillow I ever purchased!

  604. Christie C. Nevil

    Works great with my cpap. Finally, a good night’s rest.

  605. Kathi Butler

    Husband likes it but it takes some getting used to. Great quality pillow for cpap wearers

  606. Elizabeth Sessions

    This is the best pillow I have ever had. I no longer fight with my C-Pap hose or pillow. It has just enough height and support. My sleep is no longer disturbed by a moving pillow or pillow case. I would definitely purchase this again.

  607. Daniel V.

    No more sleeping on my side and wakeing up 3hrs latta with my nose killin me bc it was pushing into my face… now with this pillow i can sleep every way possible and im comfortable all nite

  608. OzarksC

    Sleeping comfortable through entire night for first time. No more face markings from mask. Several options for sleep positions

  609. thatlibrarygirl

    So sorry for a meh review, but this was really expensive and my poor husband just couldn’t get comfortable using it. Others might have better luck!

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