Lavender Scented Super Absorbent Commode Pads – Medical Grade Value Pack 100 Count – for Bedside Commode Liners Disposable, Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping – Make Life so Much Easier

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(51 customer reviews)
  • THE MOST ABSORBENT –  Our scented pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while REDUCING ODORS efficiently, providing a nice LAVENDER FRAGRANCE and keeping liquids in control. They just make CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • FRESH LAVENDER SCENT & BEST VALUE – Lunderg pads are MEDICAL GRADE and come in a sturdy, durable box with 100 gel absorbent Pads. You SAVE MONEY when buying pads separately from toilet commode bags. Work great with Lunderg commode Liners or any brand of toilet liners!
  • EASY TO USE – Simply insert one pad in the liner or bucket to contain fluids and SAVE ON CLEANING TIME for caregivers. No more emptying the commode or bedpan after each use!
  • IDEAL FOR AT HOME & COMMERCIAL USAGE – Our lavender nature scented pads make life so much easier for caregivers, family care, and self-care. Use them at home, camping, hiking, in laboratories, or in nursing homes and hospitals. Size 9.5×5 in
  • DOES THE JOB OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We stand behind all of our high-quality products and always off a money-back guarantee – No questions asked!

In stock

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Why are caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones choosing Lunderg Absorbent Pads over anything else?

As caregivers, we understand why having super absorbent scented pads you can count makes a difference! Our hassle-free pads come in a sturdy, easy-to-store box with 100 already separated pads. Our pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while reducing odors efficiently, providing a fresh lavender scent, and keeping liquids in control. Simply put, Lunderg absorbent pads make your life so much easier.

To give you the best value COMMODE LINERS ARE NOT INCLUDED. These pads fit any standard commode liner or bucket, but we recommend using them with Lunderg Commode Liners for better performance.

Finally a sanitary solution you can count on. Our absorbent pads are SUPER ABSORBENT, no more emptying the commode after each use!

Lunderg lavender absorbent pads are easy to use: Simply insert one pad in the liner or bucket to contain fluids and save time on cleaning!

Our absorbent scented pads are universally sized to fit standard buckets or commode liners for your convenience.

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

51 reviews for Lavender Scented Super Absorbent Commode Pads – Medical Grade Value Pack 100 Count – for Bedside Commode Liners Disposable, Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping – Make Life so Much Easier

  1. dpatti

    I’ve used Lunderg unscented Super Absorbent Commode Pads for awhile.The Lavender scented commode pads are a welcome addition to Lunderg’s product line.The Lavender scent is a quite pleasant, not at all overwhelming.Scented or unscented, these pads are the most absorbent I have used and I have tried many similar products.I will continue to buy, use & recommend Lunderg Lavender Scented Super Absorbent Commode Pads.

  2. Caren F.

    First off Lunderg makes good products and this new item is no exception. Super absorbent pad now with nice lavender scent. It really helps mask the problem of odor with a pleasant one. I recommend this product highly and 100 pack is great and affordable.

  3. oceanbreezes

    I used Lunderg unscented pads before trying the Lavender scented pads. The Lavender scent is not strong, thankfully because my husband dislikes Lavender, but really helps control the odor. I’ve been very satisfied with both pads and will continue to purchase them. Also, their customer service is lightening fast and very helpful,

  4. Amazon Customer

    Definitely worth the purchase. Good scent and odor control.

  5. GatorRay

    These Lunderg absorbent pads work well and the price is right too. No additional charge for the scented vs unscented version. Lavender scent is prominent when sealed package first opened but the fragrance dissipates somewhat thereafter. No additional deodorizer required. We use much less kitty litter in the commode with these absorbent pads. We will be using the subscribe and save option for pads and Lunderg commode liners.

  6. susan simmat

    Great products!

  7. Donald S.

    Always happy with the quality and service from Lunderg

  8. Photo taker

    After my bilateral knees surgery I had to use a bedside pot for #2. We used the pot bags and added one of the sheets each use and was surprise how it killed the smell. Worth the cost.

  9. FLC

    I take care of my elderly mother who has to use a portable commode…and these have been a lifesaver…NO SPILLING OR MESS.. couldn’t do my job taking care of her without them

  10. Tanya

    These are very lightly scented, so if you think this is going to be very fragrant don’t buy, my trash bags have more scent. But they do what they say they will and it makes it much easier to use with the commode bag. I don’t need to worry about the liquid sloshing around when i through out the trash back.

  11. Teresa Perdue

    These pads are super absorbent. Support small companies! Made in the USA 🇺🇸

  12. Lucinda HOVANICK

    These are very absorbent. It makes cleaning up my 96yr old grandma bedside commode a breeze. I use these with the plastic bag and it’s a 1,2,3 easy clean up and set up. It makes life so much easier then dumbing into toilet and bleaching everytime she uses her potty chair.

  13. Jean Machine

    The pad does hold it weight by ten in liquid ,But the lavender scent is not detectable

  14. Terri Santiago

    Very absorbed and has a nice smell!! And very cost effective.

  15. Mary A. Laffoon

    before using the odor was horrendous even after 1 use (I think the plastic of the commode bucket is not letting go of smell even after cleaning); now I use liner with pads and no unpleasant odor at all; if you have any questions about products the owners/sellers are very pleasant and eager to please; give them a chance to solve your needs

  16. Lulu

    Very absorbing and lightly scented. Definitely will be purchasing more. Works well as a dry toilet while camping.

  17. Olive duh Vita

    I became incapacitated with an ankle injury and had to use a bedside commode. These absorbent pads were a godsend so the material in the commode did not splash around. Also the scented pads offset the urine smell

  18. Sweet I.

    Didn’t do a good job of absorbing!

  19. Barbie K

    I did not detect a lavender scent. No problem, they are very absorbent and work well

  20. Jennifer

    We never like to have to purchase these kind of items. They worked great for my grandma the smell was not overpowering. She is sensitive to smells. We will be buying again.

  21. KJ Sr.

    They have the same great absorbency however there really is no lavender scent noted. But still a great product

  22. Michelle Whitton

    Love the product

  23. Irene davila

    so for return

  24. Nick Rinaker

    They work as advertised.

  25. Jim Sharpe

    I tested the pads in a glass pan. 4 cups of warm water, immediately soaked up. I tried to pick up the pad but it separates so don’t try to remove the pads. Next I tried a pad in the bag with a paper towel to test for leaking. Worked great. I added another pad on top of the first pad, and added another 4 cups and then lifted the bag and checked for leaks.Works great!! I will add this to my camping porta potty! So much better and way less expensive that camping potty bags that don’t soak up the liquid. I highly recommend.

  26. Zach

    I purchased these to use with the Lundberg brand commode bags. These absorbent pads really do absorb the liquids and smells associated with a commode and make it cleanup 100% easier on both the person using it, and their caregiver.

  27. Melody

    Used for bedside commode. Did not help with odor

  28. bonita canty

    Love the absorbing and no mess.

  29. Claudia Dickson

    This product worked quite well to absorb liquid in the plastic portable commode but I was disappointed that there was no lavender scent at all !

  30. Emma

    Good absorption, but does not have the lavender fragrance advertised.

  31. terry whitt

    Lunderg is a great seller since i discovered this product on amazon i have bought from no one but Lunderg

  32. Debbie

    Very good. No leaks, and you get 100. Good deal and very good product.

  33. Christine

    Saves so much time and such easier cleanup! I’m buying this product again!

  34. Myra Davenport

    Don’t have the scent of lavender, looking for something with odor control.

  35. Rose M Davis

    Works very well but very expensive. My mother is on a fixed income at 85 and between these and the liners it cost her almost $80 per month

  36. S.T

    I think they are a great product especially for the caregiver.

  37. msjulieabc

    These are great for camping to then be disposed in the trash.

  38. Gertie

    Love that these are a thing, at 47 I never knew something like this existed. I love it, I cut them in 1/2 and use in my grandchilds potty. She’s learning and these are great.

  39. abraxas49

    The product had no discernible scent. Disappointing.

  40. Nicki

    Great product, works really well. Only issue I had was with shipping. They shipped the original box showing the product. It was very embarrassing. No one new I had an issue and needed a portable commode until now.

  41. JAK

    I can not understand the great reviews. They did not absorb more then one evacuation. Average bladder holds max 16 oz. When disposing liner bags on trash day they are full of liquid not gel. I have used disposable underwear and commodes with liners long enough to know something is not adding up.

  42. Elsie Aguirre

    Definitely absorbed fluid but not much smell. In fact there wasn’t any scent at all. Maybe I just got a old box. But im very happy with the absorption. Would for sure buy again.

  43. islas rojas

    Lavender product left a sort of residue.

  44. Averi Hill

    It was on of the best purchases for my grandmother

  45. Godfrey Bey


  46. N. Young

    We used these in our collapsible camping toilet and they were so much easier that loose pellets!

  47. Regfee

    Awesome product. I would like them to have more scent.

  48. Amazon Customer

    I use these when we go camping. They work perfectly in our portable outdoor potty.

  49. C.Peeler

    We use these for camping and I’m our Airbnb. They work perfect

  50. C. L. Currie, Author

    The media could not be loaded.  I don’t care as much about the absorbency as I do about the smell. A bedside commode is still bedside after the person uses it. Without a deodorizer, it would force the bedridden to sleep with the urine odor. Lavender apparently does the job. Since flushing is not advisable even if they say it’s okay, I recommend getting small trash bags for the pot and putting these liners in that so it can be tied up and disposed of properly. See video.

  51. cecil

    My elderly mom uses the liners with her port-a-potty at night. We have found that it is better to use two liners each time

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