Toilet Bowl Liners with Super Absorbent Pads – Value Pack 20 Count Universal Fit – Disposable Toilet Bags to Convert any Home, Boat or Camping Toilet in a Dry Toilet – Make Life so Much Easier

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  • EASY TO USE AND DISPOSE OF – Simply remove the toilet bowl bag with the absorbent pad by pulling on the strings, tie up the bag opening to eliminate odors, and DISPOSE LIKE A TRASH BAG. They just make CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • FIT ANY OUTDOORS OR INDOORS TOILET Lunderg waste bags are bigger than normal commode liners to fit any toilet like Home, Boats, RV, Outdoors, Travel, Bucket, Camping or Portable Toilet. Our fragrant-free Liners come in a sturdy, durable box with 20 ALREADY SEPARATED bags and pads.
  • IDEAL FOR EMERGENCIES – Perfect solution during plumbing issues, natural disasters, or sewer emergencies. They convert any regular toilet into a DRY TOILET! There is no need for running water! Prepare yourself before it’s too late and make life so much easier when you really need it.
  • NO MORE SPILLS OR SPLASHES – The included SUPER ABSORBENT pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while REDUCING ODORS.
  • DO NOT LEAK – We stand behind all of our high-quality products. Our liners and absorbent pads are MEDICAL GRADE and come with a Money-Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked!

In stock

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We love outdoors! So we understand why having toilet bowl liners with super absorbent pads you can count makes a difference! Lunderg Toilet Bowl Liners are specially designed to fit ANY TOILET, like your home, boat, RV, or camping toilet. They are a lifesaver to convert any toilet to a dry toilet within seconds!

Our hassle-free bags and pads come in a sturdy box, easy to store with 20 already separated bags and pads. Having them at hand is extremely useful as a sewer emergency can happen at any time. It’s better to be prepared than sorry!

For your absolute convenience, Lunderg liners don’t come in a roll with hard to tear perforated edges. Moreover, our pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while reducing odors efficiently and keeping liquids in control. Simply put, Lunderg liners and absorbent pads make your life so much easier.

A sewer emergency can happen at any time so is better to be prepared than sorry. Convert any toilet into a dry toilet in seconds!

They are just not the perfect solution for your home toilet. They work PERFECTLY in outdoors, BOAT, RV, Buckets or camping toilets!

Finally a sanitary solution you can count on. Our toilet bowl liners DO NOT LEAK, even after your dispose of them!

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

59 reviews for Toilet Bowl Liners with Super Absorbent Pads – Value Pack 20 Count Universal Fit – Disposable Toilet Bags to Convert any Home, Boat or Camping Toilet in a Dry Toilet – Make Life so Much Easier

  1. D

    No leakage nice quality.

  2. terry whitt

    great support

  3. ARD

    Used in my RV commode.Doesn’t fit well. However it does the job.I’ll continue to use until I find better

  4. Erik Holdenn

    Perfect. Does what it supposed to do. Exactly as described. Excellent quality as come to expect from a Lunderg product.

  5. Jan

    I started using these liners when my husband came out of the hospital and needed to use a bedside comode. Then I continued using them when my elderly dad required the same.These liners are a very heavy duty plastic and can withstand a lot of weight without fear of breaking open when I take them out and carry them to the garbage. Using the absorbent pad means I don’t have to use as much kitty litter and that makes the bag last longer before needing to be changed.This is a great company to buy from. They are a small company with great customer service and promptly answer any questions and concerns .

  6. Gail Wurch

    Ordered for camping! I’m older and was worried about running to bathroom in middle of night. This product is great! Will be ordering again!

  7. C. Cash

    Just what I was looking for to use in our RV when we don’t have water and sewer hookups.

  8. Consumer

    Not quite big enough for the toilet in my Pleasure Way. My XL cat pan liners are actually bigger, thicker and cheaper, although they don’t include the absorbent pad.

  9. Caren F.

    Very convenient product to use when you travel or just at home. Good quality bag and absorbent pad. Lunderg is a great company and makes really useful and good quality products.

  10. Penny M. DeCoteau

    Convenience is number one for this item. Camping with our grandkids and nighttime bathroom tripsare so much easier now. Us adults appreciate the convenience too. Thank you!

  11. uhtred6

    They’re great! Highly recommend.

  12. Boosha

    Perfect solution to a broken sewer line.

  13. Cascade

    These Liners easily fit our RV’s OVAL toilet bowl, so we can go “dry” camping (without water/sewer hookups) which makes for a more comfortable trek. The pads could be a bit thicker, but that’s no biggie, as we always carry dog-litter for our pup and can use some of that if need be. Now, we can ” use the facilities” anywhere, anytime, and without the “ick” worry with some public restrooms.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Purchase this item for camping season…it is a great fit for the RV toilet as well.

  15. Pat J.

    I ordered these to have for the next time we go camping, which will be sometime in the future. they seem to be exactly what is needed to fit our porta potty.

  16. Aminta Dixon-Lorenzo

    I use them when we go to the beach or camping. Great of you have small children. I bought a portable toilet and they work perfectly. Love these lines had to buy my own after using some that was giving to me to use and I fell in over with this great idea, perfect for road trip and I think they would be amazing when the water goes out in the community I live, it happend often.

  17. Happy Customer

    Larger to fit oblong toilet. We use during a dry camping trip…..the best.

  18. linda g lindsey

    I ordered the liners to use for camping when we do not have hook-ups. They are perfect for this as I am sure they would be for care giving.

  19. Valarie K

    Toilet liners are thick & durable. Superior materials. Gel pads deliver as promised. Company communication to meet customer s needs/expectations goes above and beyond! Purchase these products without reservation. I couldn’t be more pleased!

  20. julicus

    Great solution so we can use our trailer on our lot which has no septic.

  21. dave grear

    These liners are the best, can use them in portable toilets or regular ones. They are sturdy hygienic and very affordable. In addition the company is very responsive and has excellent customer service…will definitely purchase again

  22. Love2read

    Excellent product. Bags are made of very thick plastic. The ties are wide and tie up tight enough that the contents do not leak out. The insertable pad turns the liquid to gel which keeps contents from leaking and controls odor. The bag is much stronger than others I’ve tried and very reliable. Only suggestion is the bag be made in darker color to help conceal its contents. Very helpful when the toilets aren’t working. Fit nicely around the toilet rim and in the bowl enabling it to be used more than once. Definitely keep some on hand in case of emergency. Thank you, great product!

  23. Jennifer Cabral

    I purchased these for boondog camping. We have a property where our camper is but there is no running water so using the camper tanks was not possible. I got these to help w/ this issue. I used them in the toilet as a liner so that we all could do our “business” w/o having to worry about having no water. Needless to say they worked great. No leaks or other bad issues. The only thing that I would say is that they were a little large to fit inside the toilet itself. Other than that they fit the purpose. I would suggest that you might want to sell the liners separately as these would work great for our boat. I use small 5 gallon black bags with some kitty litter in the bottom for those long days on the water but these liners would be a perfect fit for that and less bulky than kitty litter

  24. Shari Williams

    Easy to use and dispose of. Wonderful product. I will most definitely recommend to friend and family. I will absolutely buy again.

  25. Mrshappyjen

    I ordered a portable “potty” to use at the beach, camping, hiking, etc. I needed bags. Due to my location I was limited on what could be shipped to me. I found Lunderg. And so glad I did. For one, they can ship to me. But two, these bags are great. First use was at camping. My plan was to use one bag for each day, but I was able to use the one bag for a couple of days. (It was just me and my two kids using). We had no odor though we also has the “lid” down. The bags were big enough to hold what we “let” out and big enough to tie. Bags are thick and served our purpose very well. If you are in the need, the bags will definitely hold up for you needs. Our purchase came with 20. So we will order when supply runs low. Very happy customer, who never thought I would be needing toilet bags. Glad they are in production.

  26. Dwayne A Bearse

    Ran out of water in the RV. Very easy product to use / the best solution. Planning on purchasing more for dry camping.Thank You!Dwayne B

  27. gelob

    We bought these liners for our boat’s porta potti and they worked out just great. These are strong and we don’t need to worry about them tearing. Delivery was timely and accurate. Good company with solid product overall.

  28. Nancy Rowe

    Can’t comment yet on how the product works, but an entire end of the box had been sliced off so it arrived with all the parts spilled into the shipping bag.

  29. Amazon Customer

    We have found this to be a very easy and convenient option to convert your RV or Trailer toilet into a daily disposable waste option when water and or power is not available. We use them in our Pop-Up Tent Trailer. A++~+~++

  30. pam s

    No leaks. Product does the job. I like that it comes folded individually and not on a perforated roll.

  31. Ann Teefah

    The bags didn’t quite fit on a full sized toilet, but the seat and lid held everything down. No leakage! But we still put the toilet bag in cheapie garbage bags (just in case) when we changed and moved them. Big thanks to my boyfriend for being the poo wrangler.I’d say they were good for hunting or just chilling out in a place that has the water shut off for winter. I wish they were biodegradable, but I only found the bio bags after I ordered these.

  32. Martz

    We have an rv van that we also take on shopping trips in winter-if the weather permits. This is our first winter of ownership. Once the rv was winterized we did not want to use the toilet. These liners and pads are perfect for using the ‘dry’ bathroom in the rv in winter! They are easy to use and don’t change the bathroom ‘experience’. I feel lucky to have found these!

  33. Henrique Guzman

    Absorbent pads great but too few. Bags aplenty but too short. The thickness of the bag is very good.

  34. misty

    We used these in our camper and they worked great

  35. John

    I have a cabin in the woods that has no utilities in winter. I camp in it many times without running water. I have a portable commode I bought here that works well. We were using DoubleDoodie band liners, but they are over $6 per liner. These ones are about a buck per iiner. They are similar to white plastic garbage bags, but smaller. You put it in your commode and drop in an absorbant pad. When done, you close it like a garbage bag, which is not ideal. So I use a small plastic zip tie to keep it shut and I then double bag one or more into another garbage bag and then pay attention to where it is placed until it reaches the off-site trash. These are mostly for #2. We can use other solutions at the cabin for #1 (men). Tip: buy some cheap rubber gloves and put them on before you use the facility. It’s more sanitary and cleanup is simple, Put the gloves in the trash. What this company has done is made a cost-effective solution that does work and is simple to live with. At 1/6 the price of the “best” similar solution. This review was not paid and I received no free products for it.

  36. amy goodrich

    Very easy to use! Very Absorbent! We use them in our RV when we don’t have access to a water supply. Perfect!

  37. Amazon Customer


  38. Clayton

    This product fit our toilet well, but is essentially a kitchen garbage bag and a piece of paper towel. We tried them for winter camping. They are okay for solids but I would NOT recommend them for pee. They do not close very tightly and could be very messy if full of liquids.

  39. Carli

    Need to be slightly larger for RV fit. But very useful in the situation.

  40. Ms. Liesl 🌺

    Convenient use for elderly care. Super absorbent and easy disposal

  41. Evie Diaz

    I bought these for my rv trailer toilet for occasional use. The RV toilet bowl is small and even so , the bag does not fit around bowl like it shows in the picture given. I will continue to buy them because I cant find anything beter out there. The pad is super absorbent and the bag is thick and strong and ties up nicely .

  42. Lucinda D.

    No leaksShould be black bags so you can’t see what’s in the bag. More private

  43. Donna Montagna

    Ordered these because our water wasn’t on in our campground yet. These were super easy to use and surprisingly strong and absorbent. Easy disposal as well. Would definitely recommend this product!

  44. AuntieArchive

    These work well for single use in toilet bowl of RV when it has been winterized

  45. jenm

    I just got these, haven’t even used them yet and am disappointed! They are very wide and not very deep and the absorbent pad is thin. I don’t see how these will fit a 5 gallon bucket toilet very well. I plan on trying this weekend so will update this later

  46. Sophia Montes-Keown

    Super absorbent and easy to use. Used in our trailer when we went camping and came in very handy late at night

  47. aleta

    We use in rv toilet. Very easy to use and very absorbent.

  48. Occasional Customer

    Handy for use in our small camper toilet. Bag size is a little awkward to use under toilet seat although that is manageable.

  49. isabelle veiga

    It is as expected. Good size.

  50. Diana H.

    Easy and clean to use

  51. Kindle Customer

    My 13 year old used these frequently on our camping trip. This does exactly what it is supposed to do. It would be awesome if it helps in the smell when closed though.

  52. George

    Perfect for dry camping.

  53. Christian Ierley

    We have a popup with no potty. I pee 100 times a night so I bought a Porta potty and I use these bags. The absorbent towel you put inside really only holds one pee and you don’t get extras. But for us it works fine. First thing in the morning I pull the bag, tie it shut and it goes straight to the trash. These bags were better quality then others I’ve used. I’m on my 2nd box now and will continue to purchase these.

  54. Teri LG

    I have a Winnebago Travato and it appears the toilet is a bit elongated and the bags do NOT fit.The bags are made for standard small toilets instead.They are easy to use, and leakproof.

  55. Amazon Customer

    Wanted to use these in my RV, but they don’t fit too small for the toilet.

  56. juanita

    I use these when I stay over not in my camper, I will say they hold alot!!!

  57. Monica Monte

    Made boondocking so much easier. Sanitary and fresh. But you definitely have to buy the gel packets sold separately. The gel pack crystals turn liquids into solids. The pads that come with the product wouldn’t be enough for a family taking a few night bathroom visits. I guess you could keep adding pads but that would get expensive. The gel packets in combination are perfect. And the gel packs keep fresh scent.

  58. Michael

    Bought this and other potty things for a preparedness open house at the church. This works in a house toilet and is the first thing I think a family with nothing else should buy for emergencies.

  59. Eric Axelbank

    I’m a big user of Amazon and I rarely have time to leave feedback. However, I was so impressed with the quality of these portable toilet liners that I had to post a few words. I’ve tried other liners and these are much easier to use (they don’t stick together), they are made from high quality material, the absorbent pads are separate (which I really appreciate because they don’t pop out when tearing a perforated edge like their competitors’ products), and they are carefully packed in a nice accessible box. I learned that this is a small business and I will only order Lundberg products for my wife’s home care needs from now on. Thank you Lundberg for this amazing product and for your superior customer service – I am incredibly impressed!

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