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Incontinence Clamps

Male incontinence clamps are discreet devices designed to provide control and manage urinary leakage in men, offering a reliable and convenient solution for those experiencing urinary incontinence.

Main characteristics of our incontinence products for men

With their adjustable and secure design, Lunderg incontinence clamps for men gently compress the urethra, preventing involuntary urine leakage. They are made from comfortable medical grade materials, ensuring long-term wear without causing discomfort or skin irritation. These clamps are discreetly worn on the penis and can be easily adjusted to provide the right amount of compression for individual needs.

By offering control and confidence, Lunderg urinary clamps empower men to actively manage their incontinence, allowing them to engage in daily activities with peace of mind and improved quality of life.

Frequently questions about incontinence clamps

No, our male urinary clamps are made with medical grade silicone, rubber, and PVC that won’t trigger any type of body scan or metal detectors.

The CPAP pillow features a removable layer of memory foam, providing users with the ability to customize the height of their contour pillow to achieve optimal comfort and support.

You can easily wash your clamp using plenty of cold or warm water and neutral soap (Important: water temperature shouldn’t be over 104ºF / 40ºC ).

Avoid the usage of any abrasive detergent, active disinfectants or gels. Do not use, under any circumstance, high-grade alcohols, acetone or any other type of abrasive cleaner.

Lunderg Incontinence Clamps are designed to provide bladder control without exerting pressure on the sides of the penis, ensuring unrestricted blood circulation. This promotes comfort and safety for 24-hour use. However, it is strongly recommended to periodically release the clamp and reposition it on the shaft every 1-2 hours. This practice helps maintain natural blood flow and aids in preventing urinary tract infections.

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