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Sleep Apnea Pillow

Lunderg sleep apnea pillow offers tailored support, ensuring comfort and minimal interference for CPAP and BiPAP users, reducing air leaks and mask pressure. What better gift than a good night’s sleep?

Main characteristics of sleep apnea pillow

The Lunderg sleep apnea pillow offers a range of benefits for individuals using CPAP therapy. With its unique design and features, this pillow is specifically crafted to accommodate CPAP users and enhance their overall sleep experience. The contoured shape of the pillow provides excellent support, ensuring proper alignment of the head, neck, and spine. This alignment helps to minimize pressure points, reduce discomfort, and prevent mask leaks during sleep.

The Lunderg CPAP pillow also incorporates specific cutouts and notches that accommodate CPAP masks and tubing. These features prevent the mask from shifting or pressing against the face, improving comfort and minimizing mask interference. By keeping the mask in place, the pillow helps maintain optimal air pressure delivery, enhancing the effectiveness of CPAP therapy.

Additionally, it features adjustable height, enabling users to customize their sleeping experience based on personal preferences and needs.

Frequently questions about cpap pillow

This versatile CPAP pillow has a small and a large side, custom cutouts for all mask and tube types and a 1.5-inch removable layer. So no matter if you’re a side, back or stomach sleeper, you will sleep like a baby! 

The CPAP pillow features a removable layer of memory foam, providing users with the ability to customize the height of their contour pillow to achieve optimal comfort and support.

For your ultimate convenience, we have included 2 premium pillowcases. One is the premium comfort fabric and the other is the cooling pillowcase! Never use a traditional pillowcase for a superior pillow!

Our sleep apnea pillow doesn’t contain any latex. It is made with Memory Foam and the pillowcases are made of polyester.

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