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Fall Prevention

Bed alarms and chair alarms play a crucial role in fall prevention within healthcare and homecare environments. These alarms provide immediate alerts when patients attempt to leave their beds or chairs unsupervised, enabling prompt intervention and minimizing the risk of potentially dangerous falls.

Main characteristics about elderly fall prevention devices

Bed and chair alarms are indispensable tools in fall prevention strategies within healthcare settings. These devices are designed to provide real-time alerts when patients attempt to leave their beds or chairs unattended. By promptly notifying caregivers or healthcare professionals, these alarms enable immediate intervention to prevent potential falls and injuries.

They serve as an extra layer of protection for individuals with mobility issues, dementia, or those recovering from surgery. Their presence promotes patient safety, allowing healthcare providers to respond quickly, mitigate risks, and provide appropriate assistance. Overall, bed alarms and chair alarms significantly contribute to a safer and more secure healthcare environment

Frequently questions about fall prevention devices

We measured in open-spaces and it should cover a minimum of 400 feet (122 meters). Note that indoors, the building layout and materials will affect the actual distance you can receive. Homes made from wood frames and drywall will have the best performance, and signals can pass through several walls or a different floor and still be received. Materials like concrete, brick or stone will reduce range quite a bit when compared with drywall, and a metal plate can block them completely. We recommend doing some testing to make sure it will work properly in the range that you intend to use it.

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The installation of sensor pads varies depending on the type. For regular bed alarm pads, they are placed over the mattress and under a fitted sheet. Under-mattress sensor pads, on the other hand, are installed beneath the mattress. Chair alarm sensor pads can be easily placed on top of chairs, recliners, or sofas, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with different seating options.  

The product has 2 parts with batteries:
  • The Pager comes with 2 AA batteries (NON- rechargeable). But if you desire you can switch to non-rechargeable ones, so you can re-use them. Battery duration will depend on usage (how often the alarm is triggered), the range is being used, etc.
  • The Sensor Pad comes with a Non-rechargeable battery and it will last around 15 months. After 15 months you will need to replace the pad. This is for security as after this time, the pad will lose its accuracy and hence its security. Lunderg sensor pads last the longest! All the other pads available on the market last from 45 days to 12 months.

One pager can be paired with up to 3 compatible devices at the same time, like bed and chair sensor pads or call buttons.

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