Super Absorbent Commode Pads – Medical Grade Value Pack 100 Count – for Bedside Commode Liners Disposable, Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping – Make Life so Much Easier

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(117 customer reviews)
  • THE MOST ABSORBENT – Our pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while REDUCING ODORS efficiently and keeping liquids in control. They just make CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • BEST VALUE – Lunderg pads are MEDICAL GRADE and come in a sturdy, durable box with 100 gel absorbent Pads. You SAVE MONEY when buying pads separately from toilet commode bags. Work great with Lunderg commode Liners or any brand of toilet liners!
  • EASY TO USE – Simply insert one pad in the liner or bucket to contain fluids and SAVE ON CLEANING TIME for caregivers. No more emptying the commode or bedpan after each use!
  • IDEAL FOR AT HOME & COMMERCIAL USAGE – Our fragrant-free pads make life so much easier for caregivers, family care, and self-care. Use them at home, camping, hiking, in laboratories, or in nursing homes and hospitals. Size 9.5×5 in
  • DOES THE JOB OR YOUR MONEY BACK – We stand behind all of our high-quality products and always offer a money-back guarantee – No questions asked!

In stock

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Why are caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones choosing Lunderg Absorbent Pads over anything else?

As caregivers, we understand why having super absorbent pads you can count makes a difference! Our hassle-free pads come in a sturdy, easy-to-store box with 100 pads.

Our pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while reducing odors efficiently and keeping liquids in control. Simply put, Lunderg absorbent pads make your life so much easier.

To give you the best value COMMODE LINERS ARE NOT INCLUDED. These pads fit any standard commode liner or bucket, but we recommend using them with Lunderg Commode Liners for better performance.

Finally a sanitary solution you can count on. Our absorbent pads are SUPER ABSORBENT, no more emptying the commode after each use!

Lunderg absorbent pads are easy to use: Simply insert one pad in the liner or bucket to contain fluids and save time on cleaning!

Our absorbent pads are universally sized to fit standard buckets or commode liners for your convenience.

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

117 reviews for Super Absorbent Commode Pads – Medical Grade Value Pack 100 Count – for Bedside Commode Liners Disposable, Adult Commode Chair, Portable Toilet Bags or Camping – Make Life so Much Easier

  1. Karen Barrie

    Not only do top-quality Lunderg products make sanitation easier (my husband has Parkinson’s), but their personal service reveals a business spirit that should be a beacon for corporate America on all levels! They have totally earned our loyalty!

  2. Kevin

    Work good

  3. Michelle

    Works great in my moms bedside commode.Along with a liner, it sure makes cleaning up easier!!I wish I had seen these years ago!

  4. Chloe Robbins

    These pads work as advertised. We have no experience using a commode and we were worried about messes. These pads soaked up all liquid waste and made cleaning up an ease.

  5. Mary

    These commode pads are very absorbent. They make clean up easier with less mess.

  6. Kara Cooper

    Product was great.Really absorbed liquid and made clean up of portable toilet a breeze.I used this with the liners and was really happy with both!

  7. Donna S. DeCarlo

    These liners work as expected. Soaking up urine quickly.

  8. Sha

    I have bought these from a different brand and I am quite pleased. They are larger and very absorbent!

  9. NDG

    Great project! Great company!

  10. vicki Harris

    What a wonderful find! Wish I had known about these years ago! These little pads are worth every penny, so absorbent, such little clean up, and there is no odor in the commode when I go to empty it. These save on such a dreaded clean up chore I use to have, to a quick, non odorous and clean job I no longer hate to face! I recommend these to everyone who is a caretaker who wants a little less hassle to deal with in a already hard job we have to deal with each day…

  11. Amazon Customer

    These Lunderg absorbent commode pad are of great quality.They absorb nicely and do not shed dibre like so many others.I will definitely purchase them again.

  12. Lori Gronewold

    They absorb fast

  13. Wally

    This product does everything it is advertised to do and It is super absorbent. Just place a plastic liner in the commode bucket and lay a Lunderg pad in the bottom of the liner. The pad completely absorbs the liquid, and in some cases can be used twice beforediscarding. Just remove the plastic liner from the commode bucket, tie it up and place in the garbage. It’s that simple. There is no liquid or mess. Lunderg also makes good liners for the commode bucket. When using the commode liner along with the commode pads, there is no mess and nothing to clean.

  14. DeeRaye72613

    Very absorbent in the commode liner.Works well.

  15. Kindle Customer

    Good job of absorbing fluids.

  16. Grizz

    Small enough to fit easily in the commode bucket liner, and absorb an amazing amount of liquid.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Excellant product

  18. Leef


  19. Richard Bethel


  20. Bethany

    wow what a gr product. very absorbent, jells up the liquid, easy to dispose of once dirty. controls the smell in the room

  21. D. Bajorinas

    I love these pads. When using them with a commode liner, they make cleanup so much easier andI feel more confident that I am cleaning up in the most hygienic way possible.

  22. Blake Linton

    Very absorbent, and they come in superb packaging, elegantly boxed and pretty much airtight with desiccant to keep them in perfect condition, all for a price similar to lesser products.

  23. valerie a

    Love the absorbency

  24. Sharon McGoldrick

    These pads are not Super absorbent at all. I have pads that say they absorb 14 oz. I needed more absorbency so I bought this Lundberg product which advertised absorption up to 32 ounces. They absorb less than the 14 oz pads. They look just like the 14 oz pads I already have. Thin. They do not turn the liquid into gel. Very disappointed!

  25. crystal

    Great absorption and no odor

  26. Kolbstergurl

    Thick and absorbent

  27. Jennifer P

    Buy it with coordinating bags by Lundberg

  28. Apple

    I purchased a different brand before and decided to try this one. I appreciate the quality and absorbency that I decided to get a subscription for my mom.The only thing that I dislike is that a pad here and there are faulty and were 1/3rd the thickness of the others.

  29. Bubbly1


  30. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to use. And they work! Great absorption and odor control.

  31. George

    These absorbent pads help make a distastefuljob into an easy task when coupled with the liners. I am grateful for them every day.

  32. DavidMartin

    It was a great price

  33. dpatti

    The price is right for a large quantity, the liners are easy to use and are more absorbent than most other liners I have tried. I’ll buy them again.

  34. Nikki G.

    Makes cleanup so much easier everything being together and not working about spilling

  35. Cm

    The Lunderg pads were exactly what we needed to help limit the strong smell of urine and to make cleanup easier. Simply toss one of these sheets into the potty chair, with or without a liner. Once used dispose of the contents in the trash. The pad absorbs any liquid, turning the sheet into a gel like substance.This aids in masking the smell and keeps you from worrying about dumping the contents, and them accidentally spilling.

  36. Peter O.

    Absolutely excellent.Absorbs terrifically

  37. roger williams

    Very absorbent!! Would highly recommend to anyone in need of these!

  38. C.E.Roman

    Much better pads than others I have tried. Will buy again.

  39. DZ

    Product used for a bedside commode.Absorbs urine well and pads have been left in commode for more than one use.

  40. RuMo

    It works as intended in absorbing urine to a gel but it’s not an antioder product.

  41. Janet Moffat

    A great product!Absorbs body waste.

  42. Teresa Mendez

    First time trying, helps mom keep some dignity while dealing with changes.With pad great absorbency and hasn’t leaked yet.

  43. Inoiou

    The pads are great!They are very absorbent and a fantastic value!!!I will be buying more of them.

  44. Francesca Myers

    This is the most efficient way to dispose of waste. I wish they would sell them in 250 count because the bags come 250 count. Or better yet they should sell the bags with the pads in a large quantity to make ordering more simpler.I would not want to do this unpleasant job without these pads. I like the absorbent powder better but these are cheaper and work just as well so that’s why I purchase it.

  45. KimberlyS


  46. Tracy McKinley

    These pads, along with liners, make using the portable toilet easy to clean.Highly recommend.

  47. Karen McNaughton

    Bought these for a camping trip for the bucket toilet. Works great! No messes and easy to store and use.

  48. Leesah

    Good value

  49. Beverly

    I absolutely love these pads, they are very absorbent and with the liners , make cleaning my Mother-in-Love’s bedside commode a breeze.

  50. Catherine Burnett

    Works wonderful

  51. homeshopping

    I’m using these liners in bedpan for disabled family member.They absorb liquid well and make pan clean up easy.We will continue to use this product.

  52. B. LaNelle

    I am very pleased with the Lunderg Super Absorbent Commode Pads.They are very absorbent and keep down odor.I often use the Lundeg Commode Liner for several uses by simply adding another Lunderg commode pad.I also like being able to buy 100 pads in box for a reasonable cost.I highly recommend this product.

  53. Marti

    These commode liners are excellent.They are very good quality.I bought them because they are supposed to be medical grade and I am very happy with them.They are thicker than some I have used and do their job.

  54. Theodore Seto


  55. jessie tanner

    Works well

  56. Ono Family

    We used it for our camping trip.Excellent absorbency for liquid waste.Made it easier for the girls to use thecommode.

  57. dc

    I have to use two. Not great.

  58. Janel

    You can not flush them so if you use them then you have to put them in your trash bin and then you will have a very smelly house. So in my opinion they are not worth the time.

  59. Mary Jane Thulin

    Order arrived quickly and product was exactly what I wanted it to be.

  60. V. L. Robertson

    Potty chair liner bags for urine & feces. Pretty good value for money & saves having to empty the liners.

  61. Kindle Customer

    These absorbent pads fit right inside my Tailgate Toilet bags. The toilet system comes with bags and these add extra absorbency so that when we dispose of the bag it solidified the urine for easy clean up. Plus they fit right inside my Tailgate Toilet carry case and are light weight. Love these

  62. Donna

    I had noticed that the commode liners I use began skimping on the thickness of the absorbable pad. I was heartbroken until I found this product! I is a must! If you have a loved one on a commode, try this extra padding to help collect waste for less embarrassment.

  63. Stephanie Rowell

    Great product that our family needed for aging family members. As a nurse very satisfied with this product.

  64. MMom

    I was looking for absorbent pads for my basement and saw these commode liners.They said they could absorb up to 35-oz, so I thought I’d give them a try since they were one of the only options that could get to me overnight before a big rainstorm that would affect my basement.I put one on a plate and poured water on it.As I was doing so, my first impression was it didn’t look like the commode liner pad could hold 16-oz, let alone more.I was shocked to see it kept absorbing more water. I poured 32-oz on, and it held it all. It probably would have absorbed more, but I didn’t try.The good news is these are super absorbent.The bad news is the pad sort of falls apart as it absorbs the liquid, and the absorbent gel spills out. So, it’s great as a commode liner but not for a basement (tho’ I’m going to try layering these on top of some larger absorbent spill pads, in the hopes the spill pads contain the gel from the commode liner on top, so it shouldn’t create too much mess while increasing the overall absorbency of each spill pad).The other good news is these are great for an emergency toilet.When we had a plumbing problem and couldn’t use our indoor toilets, these would have been great at the bottom of our emergency toilet!I’m adding some to our emergency kits.

  65. KIM-J

    I read a lot of reviews prior to purchasing these and thought they would absorb ALL the liquid quickly.Not sure if they are only for single use or if i am doing something wrong.I needed a portable solution to no potty at a practice field with 20 little girls.They don’t all have to go every practice but it can get used often some evenings.It seems that even after just one use there is no absorption in the pad and lots of urine in the bag.Not really sure it was worth the money.

  66. Amazon Customer

    Works very well in commode liner to avoid spilling or messes when emptying soiled bag.

  67. Jean Machine

    The bags are durable and the absorbent pad is very effective!

  68. D. Zimmer

    Good value

  69. nj hop

    bought for my mother- great value

  70. Mike Jensen

    This Commode absorbent pad solves the problem for this Caregiver Son of how to handle a commode liner with water or other fluids in it. The pad is treated with a powder that turns up to 35 ounces of liquid into a gel that can remain in the commode liner when the liner is tied shut and put in a 4 or 8 gallon trash bag tied shut to be disposed of.

  71. Carole K Rogers

    If you have loved one that is bed bound this is a must have. Ideal for temp potty.

  72. Amazon Customer

    It absorbs the urine and the smell when used in the potty chair.

  73. Ned


  74. Amazon Customer

    They worked as adverised for me.I used a small compostable bag with one pad and it kept it all in one spot.I did not expect that one thin pad to hold that much.Definite money saver over the small container portable Johns and much more convenient than transporting and pouring powders into liners. I used the unscented.It’s a winner for me.

  75. Barrett C. Hartman

    Tested this thing out in a bowl in the sink.Poured over 6 cups of water in and it absorbed every drop.Though gets a little loose with more liquids but nothing will drip out.Pad may start falling apart with too much liquid.I use these in my portable toilet in my camper van. They have exceeded my expectations

  76. ECC

    Thanks for my letter. I think your product is perfect for me.

  77. A Fan

    Great product !Without this product, taking care of myself would be much more labor intensive for myself & family.I just need an effective odor control product !

  78. Patricia J.

    We are new at using a portable commode and Lunderg products (commode liners and absorbent pads) have been terrific at doing what they are intended to do. They reduce the amount of time for cleanup and make the task extremely easy. I highly recommend.


    I bought these with the bags for my daughter’s commode . The pads come in a compact box with an easily torn off lid . It sits on a shelf with the box of bags . These are a perfect size to be able to lie flat in the commode for maximum absorption.

  80. Jay s.

    Very absorbent. And at a reasonable price.

  81. John Illig


  82. Confused Customer

    Bought with Lunderg Commode liners.Great products.Absorbent.No leaks.Makes clean up quick and easy.

  83. Barbara

    This product is a MUST for bedside commodes….no mess ever!

  84. linda herman

    Very adsorbent and good value for the money.

  85. Kindle Customer

    It’s what I need in convenient packaging that well

  86. Ggg

    For someone who just came out the hospital and uses a bedside commode

  87. Kaye

    I have to use 2 pads at a time, but they are still worth it.These are used for my portable commode.

  88. Faith C Van

    Could be a little thicker.

  89. Pam Customer

    I used these in my elderly mothers bedside commode she uses at night. They fit nicely inside the Lunderg commode liners. I like that they are large and very absorbent.The Lunderg commode liner and Lunderg commode absorbent pad make the use of a bedside commode very easy to set up and then easy to replace once used .

  90. jmh

    You will get your order quickly from this company. Very dependable (no pun intended!)

  91. Gayle


  92. Amazon Customer

    Very satisfied with this product. Does exactly what its supposed to do…

  93. Gm Richards

    I purchased the absorbent pads and the medical grade bedside commode liners. The liners are thick and well constructed and the liners actually turns the waste into a gel which does not smell. It allows me to clean it out once or twice a day verses everytime my loved one went to the restroom. Even the hospice personnel that come into the house is amazed at the ease of use and the freedom of no smells. This is a blessing.

  94. Esther

    Such a sensitive issue to maintain respect and honor in the caring of a loved one.This product helped to protect the dignity for our family member.

  95. MissP62

    Don’t waste your money. There is no value in a product that does not absorb well, so you need to use 2 or 3 sheets.

  96. S.

    Product was toilet paper thin.

  97. Adrianna ofortuna

    I love it ?? makes clean up simple and no more smells . I use it with the plastic liner..I recommend it. Tried it without the liner andit was hard for me to get outof the bucket.

  98. lori Payne

    Great product,quick delivery

  99. Angela

    Ordered these for camping and boat trips. They are ok, make sure you place the pad in a bag. It does get gelled and messy if not in a liner.

  100. Amazon Customer

    Dependable for family concerns

  101. Ruth

    Does the job

  102. wvaskr

    Tried others, these by far are the best.

  103. Book Addict

    Great absorbency. Easy to use. Great for the price.

  104. KA

    Perfect when camping

  105. Bug

    Great product

  106. Kathleen Wolfendon

    Best pads for the commode ever, i have bought another Brand when we ran out but i was not happy so i came right back to this product.

  107. Amazon Customer

    This is great for camping ladies! Small container, bag, couple of these….silent and tidy.

  108. Sharon Sumner

    I like everything except the high cost.

  109. Inge

    These have been very helpful in dealing with the output from a poorly-functioning ileostomy.They’re extremely effective at turning liquid waste into manageable firm gel.The negative reviews that claim these sheets aren’t absorbent can’t be referring to the same product.

  110. Chato

    These pads absorb liquids very nicely no sloshing when the bag is removed from the bucket.I will purchase them again.

  111. Carla McDermott

    They may cost a bit more, but that is absorbed because I need fewer of them each time.

  112. CJamison

    I double up on the absorbent pad. Just my choice. They absorbs as advertised. I add a little Pine Sol. Odor free. Great!

  113. LDJVR

    I use a heavy duty plastic liner down inside the commode bucket and put one of these into the bottom to absorb the oder. Each of the liners come with one of these and my person adds one as needed for absorption throughout the day. I only have to change the liner once a day and still no oder. They are so absorbent that I don’t have to worry about urine running out into the garbage can. It absorbs like a baby diaper.These things are awesome!Does not work the same with bowel movement. Everything has to be changed immediately if the patient isn’t able to get to a bathroom.

  114. J

    Very absorbent, keeping nil spills. Quality product. Shipment came quickly and undamaged. Great company that offers a good price.

  115. Nikilet

    … for the cost. I thought they would absorb much more.

  116. Kindle Customer

    Very very absorbent…. easy to use.. I’ve used several brands but I will keep ordering these. Good value for the money.

  117. Rosemary

    I had a surgery that required I was non weight bearing for 2 months.Our bathroom was not accessible so I needed to use a commode (ugh!) .These pads were a life saver, they are very absorbent and I had zero issue using them.A must if you have need if a commode.

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