Early Alert Bed Alarm System – Wireless Bed Sensor Pad & Pager – Elderly Monitoring Kit with Pre-Alert Smart Technology – Bed Alarms and Fall Prevention for Elderly and Dementia Patients


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  • ABSOLUTE PEACE OF MIND: knowing you’ll be alerted before your loved one gets up from bed is an absolute lifesaver. Our wireless bed alarm sensor pad and pager are designed to notify you before it’s too late. You’ll be able to rest easy, especially in the middle of the night, knowing you can get there before they fall.
  • UNIQUE PRE-ALERT SMART TECHNOLOGY: Unlike competitors’ bed alarms for elderly adults, the Early-Alert is the ONLY system that detects the process of standing up and notifies you right on time, before they are already out of the bed. Our patented sensor pad has been improved to REDUCE FALSE ALARMS due to shifting and repositioning.
  • EASY TO USE AND EASY TO SET UP: The bed sensor pad connects wirelessly with the handheld monitor. The alarm will sound or vibrate continuously just before the patient starts to stand up from the early-alert zones. Our 10 x 33 inches pressure pad is easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant.
  • PORTABLE PAGER WITH ADJUSTABLE VOLUME: Our light weight pager device unit is small enough to fit into your pocket and comes with a pocket clip. It can even be fixed in a wall with the included mount bracket. The caregiver can simply adjust the volume from high to low or VIBRATION only. Choose the setting that’s best for you during the day, evening or to summon you out of a deep sleep.
  • COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The LUNDERG smart bed alarm for seniors set comes with ALL BATTERIES INCLUDED, and has a 1 Year Warranty. Our bed pads have a lifespan of 15 months (competitors only last 45 days to 12 months) so you SAVE MONEY!

In stock



Why are caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones choosing Lunderg Early-Alert Alarm System over anything else?

As caregivers, we understand why having a bed alarm system that you can count on makes a difference!

Our unique Early-Alert Alarm System detects the standing up process and notifies you right on time, before your patient or loved one is already out of the bed. The sensor’s pad patented technology REDUCES FALSE ALARMS due to shifting and repositioning and connects wirelessly with the handheld monitor, where you can control the volume settings, or even set it up for vibration.

Lunderg Bed Alarm is designed to notify you before it’s too late, so you can have absolute peace of mind. Simply put, it makes your life so much easier.

Our wireless sensor pad and pager are designed to notify you before it’s too late. You’ll be able to rest easy, especially in the middle of the night, knowing you can get there before they fall.

Lunderg Early-Alert Bed Alarm System is very easy to use and set up: Simply pair the pad with the monitor, place the pad across the bed, beneath the patient’s hips and get notified before it’s too late

To know when your loved one is getting up from bed gives absolute peace of mind. Our portable pager is small enough to fit into your pocket and you can adjust the volume or set it up for vibration

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

139 reviews for Early Alert Bed Alarm System – Wireless Bed Sensor Pad & Pager – Elderly Monitoring Kit with Pre-Alert Smart Technology – Bed Alarms and Fall Prevention for Elderly and Dementia Patients

  1. Jennifer Purcell

    I work in a caregiving center and we have been using different bed alarms for the patients for the last 5 years (mostly Smart Caregiver ones) and I have to say that I am very impressed with the early alert technology. It is something that I never thought of having but it really is a game changer. Now we can get there before the patient tries to stand up, making it safer for them.Below you can find a list with the things that I like and things that could be improved:Pros:It is very easy to install in the bed and pair with the pager.The early alert system works really well, my patients feel happier now that i can manage to go there before they try to stand up (One of them had fallen from bed a couple of times when we didn’t have this device).The pager has 2 different volume options (low and high) and a vibration only mode unlike the other ones.The pager is very small and light compared to others, it fits in my pocket and I can take it with me everywhere. The one from the other company is super bulky, so you can’t really take it with you.The pad is incontinence resistant and my patients find it comfortable.I didn’t experience any malfunctioning or false alarms yet, but I will update my review if I find any issue.Comes with all the batteries needed, even the ones for the pager which is not very common.I can connect 3 sensor pads to a single pager so it is very convenient.Cons:The pager came disassembled to meet the regulations, so I had to install the batteries and screw the back lid. It includes a mini screwdriver for that though.The wall mount sticker didn’t stick on our wall for more than 2 months, maybe it is because of the humidity as we have it in the kitchen. It also comes with screws to permanently fix it to the wall so we ended up doing that.Once you have connected 3 pads to the pager, you can’t clear the pager’s memory of a single pad, so if I want to connect a different pad then I have to clear the whole memory and reconnect the previous pads.In conclusion, I am very pleased with the purchase. It is a reliable and high quality bed alarm and I would recommend it to any caregiver or anyone taking care of their loved ones. Smart Caregiver sensors and pagers feel outdated and from 10 years ago, when comparing them with the Early Alert from Lunderg.

  2. Gordon Ly

    My wife and I currently watch her grandma and we bought the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System this month, after seeing a few of our friends buy them.We LOVE how the alarm triggers BEFORE she gets out of bed!!! We heard terrible things about how other products didn’t trigger until their loved ones were already off the bed (or worse… fell!)We’ve been using this for 2 weeks now and have no issues. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

  3. Doodycuz

    Only thing I would change is the size maybe you can make three sizes. Twin, Double, Queen. With my husband so active in his sleep with Parkinson’s it tends to go off even if he hasn’t gotten up out of bed.

  4. Maria Alvarez

    This bed alarm has been a life saver for me. I got tired of cheap-made devices that are unreliable and give too many false alarms or sound the alarm too late.The Lunderg bed alarm is just perfect, not only gives you a higher quality feeling, but you receive the notifications when it is needed. For example, when my mother wakes up and sits in the bed she already knows that I will be there in a second. She doesn’t need to struggle anymore in the middle of the night to go to the toilet (she had a hip injury and is still recovering).The pager has the perfect size to fit my pocket so I can carry it around the house and have absolute peace of mind while I’m doing other stuff. It is very easy to set up and pair, but one time my nephew (3 years old) took the pager and started to press all the buttons and it got disconnected so I had to pair it again with the sensor pad.I totally recommend this device to everyone that has to take care of a person with low mobility in their legs.

  5. L. Biggins

    I purchased this unit, after purchasing and being disappointed in the “Smart Caregiver” bed alarm. The SC is very delayed, meaning my geriatric mother is almost out of the bed before the alarm sounds. This one alerts me even when she is up for a second. The pre-alarm and alarm are great. The remote is much smaller than the other units and Has a belt clip. I sleep 100% better using this alarm. It is indicated for under the hips, but I’ve used it under shoulders as well and works perfectly. Basically this is a superior bed alarm at a much lower price.

  6. GFDS

    I bought this bed alarm system for a friend’s father. He is in his 90s now and although he can stand ok, his family really needs to know when he is up and getting himself in trouble.I tested it when I got it and it works really well. The early alert is great – getting the alert before the person has got out of bed is a potential lifesaver. The pager device is really small and convenient. It slips in the pocket of my shirt easily and means it doesn’t get left behind. I also like that it has a vibrate function so alerts even when wearing headphones or in a loud environment. We have a 3 storey and long house but the signal still reaches from one end to the other and up all floors. Works when I’m in the yard too.Installation was easy and pairing (a problem with so many other products) was super easy.The one thing I would love to see improved is that the bed pad is a little noisy to lie on. Not terrible, especially with a sheet over it, and I think anything that is waterproof like this (think incontinence or spilled drinks) will be the same.

  7. Doron Bachar

    The pager is small enough to be in my pocket and the signal is strong. It is very easy to pair and it has good quality.I’m very thankful for this product and I would recommend it to anyone that has to take care of someone who struggles to get up from bed.

  8. Diane Lieu

    I have been using this bed alarm for over 3 weeks now and I can say that it works exactly as it should: it’s reliable, easy to install and the pager is very convenient. The batteries are included which is a big plus.My father has dementia and this bed alarm is a great asset to help me to assist him when he needs it. I have explained to him that he should remain seated until I come to his room but sometimes he just gets up so the early alarm system gives me the extra time to go there before he starts wandering around.I just wished that I knew about this device earlier!! Thank you for this amazing product.

  9. Jacquie

    I got this for my friend who is a home health aid and it’s a great product. She highly recommends it

  10. Megan N Mann

    You can feel that it has great quality and high-end technology. I was very happy with how easy it was to install it and to pair it with the pager but then I had some questions about setting up more than one sensor pad with the same pager. I was blown away by their customer service, they replied super fast EVEN ON A SUNDAY and replied to all my questions in a very professional way. I can’t ask more from a company, they are very involved with the customers and I could feel that they really want me to have the best possible experience with their bed alarm. Hats off to them for going the extra mile, especially to Sarah who was the one replying to my messages. Thank you!

  11. Tracy Crawley

    Excellent product! The early detection has prevented three falls during the night since our purchase. I don’t know how a caregiver could not have this in their home. Easy to use and best money spent on an item to help care for my mom with dementia! The video provided helpful setup, too. I would recommend this product a million times over and over!

  12. Laura Osmun

    I recommend to everyone buying this system to watch the Full instructional video. Even more if you are like me and hate reading manuals! It covers all the initial set up and settings. Their customer service is also very professional and they reply super fast and even on the weekends! I can not recommend this product enough!

  13. Darla Blasingame

    Great price and easy to understand and use. Did have a couple of questions and emailed them and received a quick reply. Mother is 90 and has to have help to get up. A great relief to be warned BEFORE she is up and trying to walk.

  14. Amazon Customer

    I got this alarm system for my elderly mother who lives in another country, and I have tested it repeatedly since I received it. I truly believe this product will be a game changer for my mother in terms of preventing falls, since every time I sit on the edge of the pad while getting out of bed the early-alert alarm is triggered successfully. I also like the fact that the pad can be programmed to trigger the alarm either on both sides of the pad or just on one side (the exit side).This product comes with everything needed to install it (including batteries), and the sensor pad was very easy to install and to pair with the monitor. The range of the monitor is excellent (it works perfectly in my three-story house), and the alarm volume has three different settings. The monitor is small and light and it has a pocket clip, so it is easy to carry around.I highly recommend this amazing product, and customer service is exceptional as well. My only suggestion is that it would be very convenient if the pad could also be made in larger sizes, for larger beds and restless sleepers.

  15. Michaelle Paulson

    Mom has Alzheimer’s and get’s up in the middle of the night. Bought it and my brother uses it when she is at his house. The alarm sounds when she gets up. Helps prevent accidental falls.

  16. Sam

    This alert has two sections which gives the care giver a heads up before the patient gets completely out of bed. Most systems only sound when the patient is clear of the alert pad and completely out of bed. It works as advertised. The pager was easy to pair with the pad and they sent me a separate alert button which also was easy to pair with the pager and allows the patient to call the caregiver at any time within the home or apartment.

  17. Mr. Jones

    Very easy to set up and use. I’m very happy with this purchase. Thank you!

  18. Maryann

    The Lunderg Bed Alarm has been very helpful. I recommend it to all looking for a fall prevention system.

  19. Lisa Cochrane

    Item is much smaller than what’s advertise

  20. Mark S., Va based

    Sends alarm to me in another room so that I know my family member with Alzheimer’s has gotten up and is moving.

  21. LolaRose

    I bought this for a good friend of mine who is caring for her mother and having problems with her wandering in the night. This is our feedback:1. It is very important to watch the video. We tried to set it up thinking we could figure it out on our own. Ha! Watch the video and look over the instructions. It is a simple set up when you know what to do.2. Her mom is in a double bed so we blocked one side of the bed by using some large pillows. This kept her confined to a smaller area and gave her only one side to get up on.3. As a physical therapist, I recommend this product for fall prevention. It warns you when the person begins to sit up so you can get there sooner.4. Back to #2, we also discussed how nice and portable it is so when she goes to visit family they can take it with them. It can be used in any size bed if you use our pillow blocking technique to limit how far a person can roll.Great product with a lot of thought put into the development of it. I highly recommend it.

  22. Cecile Ford

    Small and simple to use. Pairs easily.

  23. B

    Super easy to use!

  24. turtle

    My 80 yr old mom is an extreme fall risk. As such, she needs physical support whenever she leaves her bed. Unfortunately she also has memory issues & forgets to ask for help. Before we used this bed alarm, we would see her on the camera & have to make a run for it before she got out of bed. With the LUNDERG Bed Alarm System we get notified as she tries to wiggle to the edge of the bed. Since we’ve been using this, she has never been able to slip by us! If you need/want to keep a loved one (or patient) safe, do yourself the biggest favor & use this LUNDERG Bed Alarm System!

  25. M. M.

    Unfortunately, the alarm is loud and alerts patient to being monitored. Cannot silence the alarm for resetting/clearing. Renders it useless. Patient easily removed it from bed.

  26. Lulu59

    I needed something that would wake me instantly when my mother gets out of bed but not scare her when it goes off.I like that you can set it to alarm , alarm and buzz or just buzz. For me it has a great range, I can go outside and work in my garage and it will still alerts me when she gets up.

  27. Holly A Lee

    I returned this item and went with bed rails. My concern is that my mother wouldn’t “hit” the sensor telling me that she was trying to get up. I think that area needs to be wider/longer. Otherwise, I really liked the idea of knowing “when” she may get up as opposed to know that she already had.

  28. joy

    Maybe if the pad was larger, it wouldn’t sound every time my mom turns over. We use this for my mother who has a tendency to fall when she gets up. Setup was easy.

  29. key

    For Grandma’s bed

  30. Monique

    Love the fact that the alarm is with me. My dad has dementia and Parkinson’s. I can sleep in my room and hear when he gets up!

  31. Bl

    This is a very reliable system. I have been using it for awhile now with no problems. It’s alarm is loud enough to wake up my health aides in an emergency.Highly recommend.

  32. Amazon Customer

    Easy to set up! Early detection is the best!

  33. Hansonclan

    It is consistent on letting you know when your loved one is getting out of bed. The alarm however is very loud. You won’t sleep through this one!

  34. Debbie

    This is a blessing for both my Mom & l. Got this a few weeks ago and what a difference it has made. I know when she’s sitting up and l can get to her before she even stands up. She has no history of falling, at this time, but she we would get up wander about her room, make her bed at 2:30am, take the tv remote or her eyeglasses hide them and forget where leaving me to find them in the strangest places lol l could never sleep soundly and now l can. I love this so much l got one for my nieces Papa for fall prevention. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to electronics so if l can install and sync it anyone can. Let me end with “it’s worth every penny” l will be buy another to have on hand for when the battery dies out on this one. If your reading this don’t think about it “just get it” and try it after all it’s returnable. :)))

  35. january seikel

    I purchased this alarm for a client and I can sleep at night know the alarm will wake me up before my client gets out of bed.

  36. Irish

    Works incredibly well! A god sent for me!Every single time I can get to my dad before he is out of bed. And this is from a sound sleeper , it’s loud enough to wake me up!I hope a smaller pad will be available for a chair!Would highly recommend this product!

  37. K. Kitts

    The movement detection system works as advertised, the pager works as advertised, but the RUBBER BANDS AND ROACH CLIPS system of attaching it to the bed, which is NOT PRE-ASSEMBLED, does NOT WORK. The rubber bands keep working their way loose during assembly, and they are not long enough to reach the underside of the bed. Also, the clips are NOT STRONG ENOUGH to maintain a grip when the rubber bands are stretched to maximum length. We have a choice of either not attaching it to my father’s bed and getting poor results, or leaving it secured where it is (one foot below where his hips should be) and being alerted only when he is fully standing, which is too late. We had to use shoestrings to attach the pad to the bed, and it’s not in the right position because the mattress handles aren’t in the middle of the bed where his hips should be. Do NOT buy this product until they make a fool-proof way of attaching the pad to the bed. I’m mad as hell that some stupid company could be allowed to market such a shoddy product for a purpose that is critical to preventing someone’s death.To the manufacturer:You need to create a way to fasten the pad to the bed that wraps ALL THE WAY AROUND THE MATTRESS. Only then will it truly fit all beds and be able to be utilized properly. This product does NOT WORK as specified.Note: I cannot return this item, because it’s Friday, and no other manufacturer could get something to me until next week, and I needed this today (my father returned from rehab today). I need at least some warning if my father gets out of bed at night, because I’ll be the only one watching him to make sure he doesn’t fall, crack his head and die. You failed, Lundberg. Make something that WORKS.

  38. MaJean Nelson

    This pad was easy to place, but works best on a single bed. When placing it on a full size bed, the rubber bands attached are not long enough and will no doubt pull out the holes in the plastic due to tension. Plus the control panel is to hang down over the edge and on a full size bed this does not happen. Would be nice if the product was longer. However, it is a Great Motion Detector! I like that the client does not hear the alarm as it is located in the portable monitor. I started with the buzz/vibrate option and now just use the vibrate option as it is loud enough. I wish one could choose the vibrate option first rather than going thru from loud ring down to vibrate (as this awakens others in the room). The flash indicator is very bright and kept me awake at night, so I keep the monitor on a cloth, under a small box on the bedside stand ! It works! The flashing light is hidden, the vibrate is softened. When the client gets up, I do turn it off, as he sits at the bedside for a bit and it will alarm again when he stands. Then you have to restart it and choose your alarm – but doing this works to help others in the home sleep too! I am so glad I purchased this bed alarm as you are able to sleep better than having a ‘nursery monitor’ to listen to, wondering if the noise you hear is the client getting up. I hope the manufacturer will improve on these areas I mentioned. Well worth the cost.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Such a huge help but it doesn’t have an instant relay. There’s a few seconds of lapse in timing. My mom is practically out of bed before it alerts me. I’m on the fence if we will keep this.

  40. 831boocooks

    I have purchased 2 of these systems. Use on his bed and recliner. For the recliner I just drape one alert side over the arm of the chair and it works great. This has been a life saver for my 100 yr old client who gets up about 5 times during the night to use the commode. Highly recommend.

  41. Carol Barrett


  42. Reginald Shaw

    This unit was easy to install and get operational, and prove to be very reliable. We now know if my mom is getting up before her feet can touch the floor, which is invaluable.

  43. Teresa P. Twardzik

    It’s keeps my family member safe, & gives me a good night sleep

  44. joe g

    Works well at night, just the right alarm volume.

  45. Jim Silvius

    Works great, hand a failure but company quickly replaced. Great support.

  46. Nancy Finley

    Even my dachshund can activate it. So I know where she is too.The bed alert helps me know exactly when mom needs me without her having to do anything. She has dementia and cannot understand how to use a call button. Let’s me sleep easy.

  47. Joyce Harrison

    I purchased this for my elderly father in law it is very easy to use and install

  48. A. Knight

    Ez set up, adjustable sound for alarm, security for caregivers

  49. buyer

    5 stars overall, BUT: it needs to be about 2 inches longer(for a total of 35) so that you can get full coverage for a twin. Yes, it does lay across the top of the twin, but the transmitter doesn’t really hang down far enough to get out of the way of a person’s legs, when they are over the side. it can ‘pop’ up the side enough for a person to hit it with their hand…if you pull it farther over, then there’s a shortage of the other side-and more false alarms. if your person only sleeps on one side of a bed( mine doesn’t), then i guess you can manipulate the pad so you have good coverage.

  50. Daisy

    I’ve only used it for one night and it alerted me when my dad was getting out of bed and again in the night when he fell out of bed. If I had not had this my father would of been on the floor until morning.

  51. jlenter3

    I was skeptical about this bed alarm until I tried it! So simple to use – and it has saved my mom from falling MULTIPLE times. I would highly recommend this device for anyone who can’t or shouldn’t be getting out of bed on their own!

  52. Joni

    Works as advertised alarm sounds when they are moving to get up. Very happy with this purchase. I read many reviews before I made a purchase glad I did.

  53. pat andreano


  54. David Sanderson

    I opened the package, followed the directions as best I could, but I have never heard the alarm go off. And the video guide is not available for me to watch.

  55. GG

    It’s a weight detection..so by them time alarm goes off the person is already sitting up and trying to stand. If it goes off at all

  56. cklw

    We love the bed alarm we purchased for the safety of our elderly mom. However, the original one quit working properly. We contacted customer service and immediately received a replacement alarm. Then a few days later we received another email asking if the replacement had arrived and working properly. This is outstanding customer service at work; something other customer service industries could take a lesson from.

  57. Pitch26xoxo

    I am using for an Alzheimer patient who doesn’t want to stay in bed. The product works well. No delay in alarm. The minute her leg hits the side of the bed the alarm rings before her feet hit the floor. I had some questions and emailed the manufacturer who keeps sending me the same auto generated instructions which didnt answer my question to begin with which is why i contacted in the first place

  58. Diane Trew

    Easy to set up. Works great!

  59. Anne L

    I bought the bed alert system for my elderly father so I could stop listening for his stirrings at night and get better rest.PROs: The sensitivity of the pad is just right and only alerts me when Dad is trying to get up. It does not activate when he rolls over or changes his sleeping position, so I don’t get false alarms.CONs: The remote is straight out of the 1970s. Its bulky, lacks the functionality of modern devices, and is not well designed.I use the alarm at night and like to use the vibration setting so it doesn’t disturb others in the household when it alerts. The remote is large enough that it does not fit well in a pocket and the belt clip does not hold it in place while I’m sleeping.The reset button on the remote is the same size and shape as the button that sets the volume, so there is no way to tell which button is the reset without looking at the remote. Because I use the remote while sleeping and the room is dark, I often hit the volume button instead of the reset, which wakens everyone else.The reset button only stops the alert for a brief period. When I’m assisting my father he will sit and stand several times and the alarm alerts each time pressure on the pad is released. This is really annoying and pulls my attention away from him. The only way to stop the steady stream of alerts is to turn the remote off.When the remote is turned off it loses it’s settings. When it is turned back on it immediately alarms at it’s loudest volume and I have to push the volume button several times to restore the vibration setting. Each time I push the volume button the alarm goes off. So I have to go to a remote part of the house to reset the volume after helping my Dad.If the remote was redesigned to be less bulky with buttons that can be easily distinguished by touch, and programmed to maintain it’s settings when turned off, I would give the alert system 5 stars.

  60. Nymia

    It works as advertised. The alarm goes off BEFORE the person has stood. Giving you time to safety get to your loved one before they might fall. My mom has dementia and is a fall risk. This helps to alert me if she attempts to get up. Glad I brought it. You can set the monitor to loud, medium or just vibrate.

  61. S. Dawes

    My mom is elderly with dementia, and recently fell backwards when getting up in the middle of the night which resulted in an ambulance ride to the ER. Luckily she just required a couple of stitches, but I bought this immediately and it is a godsend. It lets me know when she is starting to get out of bed -before she even gets up- so I can get there to help her. It has saved another possible fall many times and I can sleep much easier knowing that Mom is safely in bed. Very easy to set up and use and worth every penny for the piece of mind it gives.

  62. Kindle Customer

    Great product! Works very well.

  63. Scotia Native

    Relatively easy to install but proved too sensitive to use. Intended to alert if my wife got up from the bed, but it was gong off with the slightest movement while she was lying in bed. I repositioned it so that the sensor pad was only a few inches from the edge of the bed but it was still going off. The company was very understanding when I contacted them

  64. Amazon Customer

    Works Perfect!

  65. Mike Graves

    Great system to protect my father from getting up without anyone knowing. He is an extreme fall risk so knowing he is getting up is a very helpful tool to get to him quickly before he tries to walk. Have had a couple of false alarms for the motion detection, the reason for the 4 stars, but still worth it.

  66. KJ

    Have been using this for about two weeks. Has down great until today. Gave me two false alarms. Momma had not moved and it went off. Not sure what that was about or if it’ll happen again. So, my rating could go up or down depending on whether that becomes a problem or not.

  67. Amazon Customer

    This was easy to use and set up and the alarm is loud enough to wake me up however the person who it’s used for is up and down the hall before it alarms. Great for wandering but not so much for fall prevention. It works for my wandering person but I would be sending it back if I needed it to prevent falls.

  68. M. R. Wright

    This b d alarm is a life saver to our family in caring for our mother who has Alzheimer’s dementia. It enables us to care for her at home where she is happiest. They also have excellent customer service for troubleshooting!

  69. Diane Martinez

    Very easy to set up. It signals immediately before your loved one has a chance to get their feet on the floor to get up

  70. Jeanne Hankins

    I would highly recommend. My partner has dementia and this has eliminated nighttime accidents. I still have to get up in the night but I don’t have to clean up anything. It is more than worth the price. I put it underneath the mattress cover so it doesn’t move. I couldn’t use the system for anchoring it in the bed but found I didn’t need it.

  71. Dr M

    We love the Lunderg Bed Alarm system for a number of reasons. 1. Sensitivity of the alarm can be adjusted between “slightest movement” to “more movement.” Our need was to be alerted when our 94 yo Alzheimer’s mom gets up in the middle of the night (actually, she gets up 3 times) to go to the potty with her walker. We don’t want her to fall. As soon as the alarm (loud, soft with vibrate and vibrate: take your choice) sounds, either my wife or I get up to accompany mom. This is very important as about 30% of the time, she dribbles on the floor, even with a diaper, and we need to be there to clean it up. We also help her in changing her Depends if it’s wet. 2. I often work late in our home office, thus we have 2 remote alarms (can be turned on and off), one each for my wife and I. This is extremely important when we switch off between us on who will attend to mom. During the day, when mom takes a nap, both of us have our remote alarms turned on. We purchased the 2nd remote as the system comes with 1. I highly recommend this product for the safety of your loved ones and for the reassuring comfort that you will be alerted. Sincerely, Dr M

  72. Jodi Sh Doff

    Mom has dementia and is a wanderer and an escape artist. Even with bars on the bed, she wants to go around, over, under, whatever. This mat (very easy to set up and pair with the alarm – which is portable) is a godsend. It goes off BEFORE she gets out of bed, when she gets close to the edge, so I can get to her in time to stop whatever disaster would have followed.Others I looked at didn’t have the early warning system and wouldn’t go off until all her weight was off (too late) or the alarm went off in her room (which would scare the beejus out of her and probably not wake me).Highly recommend.

  73. Amazon Customer

    Product is wonderful. Helped us get sleep when taking care of my 88 year old father with dementia. Had a problem when it quit working after awhile. But company replaced it. Actually have bought a second one to take with him when we moved him to assisted living recently. Highly recommend

  74. Jeannine Wolfe

    We have only had it for a few months and so far it works great.

  75. Vicki Wells Hewett

    We have it under the bottom sheet of my mom’s bed. She has dementia and osteoporosis, and after breaking her hip several months ago she is very unstable to walk. This bed alarm gives us a heads up when she tries to get out of bed and we can be right there to help her. It works very well for us. She doesn’t care for the plastic feel under the sheet, but we can probably fix that by putting a matress pad over it.

  76. scott miller

    Love how it works.. mom sits up I get notice on the alarm.. fantastic to have with my Dementia mother

  77. 618jane!

    Product was easy to use and loud enough to wake caregivers.

  78. Dave

    This product has allowed my brother and I to continue to care for my 99 year old mother at home. Our biggest problem was in the middle of the night with her getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. We were concerned about her falling. Now when she prepares to get out of bed we can hear the bed alarm go off and rush in to help assist her to the bathroom. This product has eliminated the need to hire any nighttime help. For now, we can still handle it on our own. Thank you for a great product.

  79. Grammie

    This bed alarm is exactly what I needed. My husband needs help getting to and from the bathroom at night and I was finding that I was not waking up when he got out of bed. Now I am notified when he sits on the side of the bed. That means that I can be there to assist him quickly. I am actually getting more sleep, and the bonus is that I carry the alarm with me so when I am in the kitchen or living room I am notified. Also I cannot say enough good things about the Lunderg customer service. When I had a problem/question I received a super quick response with helpful info. Sarah was so helpful and determined that the system worked properly for us and that I was happy. As much as the product has solved a problem for me, I have to say that the level of the company’s customer service is the best!

  80. Catherine C.

    My mom has dementia and she is unstable on her feet. She doesn’t remember to use her walker and it’s tiring to be her shadow. I can now be in the kitchen doing other stuff and she be in the living. The alarm let’s me know that she’s on the move. It doesn’t always give me advance warning that she’s getting up, but it does alert me that he is up.

  81. m4avanti

    After doing some research on the many bed alarm options, I felt this Lunderg model would work best. I needed something to monitor if my wife gets out of bed in the middle of the night (I’m in another room). She has advanced cancer and needs constant care. The sensors work perfectly and I’m notified each time she starts to rise up. In fact, I’m able to get to her quickly so she doesn’t fall.I also purchased a Vtech audio baby monitor that has a talk-back feature so if I’m further away I can push a button to tell her to stay put while I’m heading her way. Both of these items allow me to sleep at night and away from her (in the past I was getting very little sleep being next to her). It’s a life saver! It would be interesting if the maker of this Lunderg unit combined their sensor with an audio monitor — both items together. I won’t even charge a royalty fee for this genius product idea! Until that happens I suggest users do what I did and use both items. Two are better than one and the peace of mind is comforting.

  82. Becca

    Great for dementia

  83. Amazon Customer

    This alarm means I don’t have to stay right in the room with my husband making sure he doesn’t get out of bed and try moving around without assistance. I can go in another room and get ready for my day without having to worry about him. Thank you for a wonderful product!

  84. Trina

    Great alarm but seems to short for queen beds

  85. Chuck

    The product is easy to install and set up (under 5 minutes total.) My 96 year old mother sleeps a great deal of the time but when she awakens her first inclination is to go to the bathroom. With this product, when she starts to sit up the alarm alerts us and we are able to go to her immediately. One fall could cost her her life and the fact that we are alerted and can go immediately to her side and get her into her transport chair is a life saver. We now can go about our own daily routines without worrying that she will try to get up and fall. GREAT DEVICE AND WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

  86. Paula in Atlanta

    We use this for nighttime/early morning monitoring of my elderly husband with Alzheimer’s.

  87. L F.

    This is the 3rd bed alarm I’ve tried for my mom, she moved in with us 5 months ago and frequently fell getting out of bed alone. With the other 2 less expensive brands she was out of bed and crossing the room before the alarm went off to get me downstairs and into her room. This one goes off as soon as she moves off the center of the pad. That could be an issue with a restless sleeper. I use the inexpensive LONGPLUS camera (also purchased on Amazon) when she sits up I can see her and talk to her as I dress to get downstairs so she stays put waiting for help. This has been a Game Changer!!!1

  88. Amt

    Terrible. Multiple false alarms in first 30 minutes. Had to remove from bed. Totally useless.

  89. Terry374

    Provides caregiver with early warning that user is about to get up from bed. This feature is so important in protecting against falls. Has been very reliable so far in working as advertised.

  90. Cinegal

    We tried several before settling on the Lunderg brand. This alarm has works perfectly! We really like the early warning letting me know when my mother is sitting up. The alarm is loud enough to wake me up and can be lowered for daytime use when she naps. This product and design is definitely serving its purpose for dementia patient care assistance.

  91. William McLaughlin

    I’m using this to wake me up. It is good for me when she get up for bathroom and tries to go outside.

  92. HMC

    I bought this late 2021, and noticed recenlty that it wasn’t as sensitive. I contacted Lunberg (over a weekend) and almost immediately I received detailed instructions on how to diagnose the problem and instructions how to address common issues. The customer service representative even acknowledged that, yes, it might be need to replaced (under warranty). I followed the instructions – there was an easy fix, the pad now works well. There are slightly cheaper pads out there, but they are less sensitive (imho) and, with this company, you have real support.

  93. Murray C. Coke

    No false alarms, it did disconnect from the receiver once for an unknown reason. I’m very pleased with the product. I use it for my mother-in-law who has memory and mobility problems.

  94. Amazon Customer

    This alarm responds quickly to a loved one trying to exit the bed, but doesn’t alarm with just movement. The alarm receiver is convenient and simple. This has given me peace of mind and most importantly, safety for my loved one. That is priceless.

  95. Pamela Bain

    This is easy to use and keeps wandering elders staying put!

  96. R Jacobs

    A life saver for a caregiver of a restless sleeper. Very easy to use, just clip it to mattress. Worked just as it should.

  97. Cheryl Cogar

    This was easy to install and worked great. the alarm sounds are loud and easy to adjust. I can now sleep through the night with comfort knowing i can be alerted immediately.

  98. Leslie Todd

    I use this with a relative with dementia. The loud setting on the alarm wakes me up if I’m asleep and I like that there’s no alarm on the bed to startle my loved one. It works very well.I was concerned that the pet cat might set it off but this doesn’t happen when my relative is in the bed. If no one is in the bed then the cat can activate it but no big deal. Highly recommended.

  99. Sandy D.

    The customer service was excellent. First monitor didn’t work and I was shipped a second (delivered same day). The set-up and directions were easy to accomplish. Now I have the monitor in my pocket at all times and know every time my husband starts to get out of bed. I am at his side in a moment and can help him.

  100. Beatrice

    My mom is recovering from a major surgery in April 2022. I was able to bring her home in May. As soon as she got a little stronger she started getting up more without asking for assistance. Sometimes I would find her on the floor because her legs would give out. With this device, I was able to tell when she was on the move. This way I could get up and assist her, meeting her at the door. I was able to sleep better knowing the alarm would go off if she got up. I should have purchased this as soon as she got home. It’s July and she no longer needs it. But this was a great investment for her health care.

  101. bj

    Doesn’t work elderly relative can get up and it doesn’t work at all no matter what I tried

  102. Ron Payne

    I wife suffers from dementia and sometimes get up during the night. I have been using this for about 5 weeks and it is great. It is easy to install on the bed, easy to setup and easy to use. It will alert if she starts to get out of bed. This is great to prevent falls and also gives me an early warning. This is one of the best investments I have made in a long time.

  103. DonnaMarie Berardi

    Excellent productTerrific customer service

  104. Amazon Customer

    This product works great!

  105. boone

    It doesn’t alert until my husband stands up. He likes to sit on the side of the bed sometimes during the night. We put a large pad over it and then put both under the fitted sheet. It seems comfortable. Being wireless, the monitor alerts a person in a different room. We use it at home for our caregiver and took it on vacation so that our son in the next room could use the monitor. J. Boone

  106. King George

    The bed alarm works just as it is advertised. This provides comfort knowing that my wife who is subject to falling has gotten up so I can be with her in a very short time to assist her.The customer service was excellent: prompt, courteous and knowledgeable.Thanks for a great product, take care ans please stay healthy, George HayPS: It is my understanding you are developing a chair alarm. I will be one of the first to purchase such.

  107. Susan Melson

    This device is a lifesaver when it comes to having peace of mind. My mom has had 2 strokes but is surprisingly mobile. I still worry about her falling when I’m asleep in the back part of the house. I’m a deep sleeper and sound doesn’t travel well in my house. I can go to bed more relaxed knowing that when my mom gets up out of bed the alarm will let me know and I can get up to assist her if need be. I love the vibrate feature on the alarm so my husband doesn’t wake up when the alarm goes off. You can set it to ring loudly if you’d like it to as well but I find that sound startling in the middle of the night. I also like the fact that it will not stop alarming until you push a button. It gives me confidence I won’t oversleep or miss it. Product arrived quickly and when expected. I highly recommend this product and seller.

  108. NRB

    The company needs to know this and adjust its instruction book accordingly. A professional caregiver taught me this: When the unit is at hip level, the lag time of the alarm is so long that the patient can be standing before you get there. The unit needs to be put up at SHOULDER level. Then as soon as the shoulders come up, the alarm sounds, and that gives you the extra few seconds you need.

  109. Steven b.

    The bed monitor does exactly what it’s supposed to do , it lets me know when my wife is getting out of bed. She has Alzheimer’s and is not steady on her feet. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is that it needs to be replaced every year.

  110. Taztrumpet

    I have researched many units and Lunderg had the best features and ability to do what we needed. We even put the bed unit under the cushions on the couch to see how it worked for when our loved one would sometimes sleep. After testing it as described to make sure it would set off the alarm, the other test was for the real thing. It worked perfectly.The chair sensor I know will work just as good if she falls asleep in the chair. Safety always comes first and Lunderg made this happen and the customer service is fantastic with great responses, explanation video files and other information. Thank you to all the staff at Lunderg and Sarah. You are all a great asset to safety for loved ones.

  111. Valerie Myers

    Works great! No more sneaking out of bed. It is an amazing safety solution!

  112. dixiedinah

    Altho I paired the remote to the pad easily, I cannot get it to go off when my dad gets up from the bed.

  113. MForman

    Great value for the price – product was as advertised and shipped and arrived on time. Can’t ask for anything more!

  114. T Hill

    This bed alarm alerts me as soon as my mom sits up in the bed. She is a fall risk and wouldn’t remember to call me when she attempted to use the restroom at night. The portable transmitter has a loud alarm that awakens me before she can get out of bed. I no longer lose sleep at night trying to listen out for her. Similar to what is used in hospitals but at an excellent price point for home use.

  115. H.R.

    Great product and great customer service. The bed pad works as advertised! It provides peace of mind for the caregiver.Easy to install.

  116. Kindle Customer

    Purchased for my Mom who is confused and kept getting out of bed at night. This is great! Very easy to set up, instructions very clear. Also purchased the call bell that goes with thos product. No more falls or climbing out of bed!

  117. coolio


  118. Allison

    This is the most brilliant item ever made for someone with dementia or for someone who is a fall risk. My mother has dementia and is very weak and frail. She gets up in the middle of the night and is like a ninja who does not make a sound. If it was not for the bed alarm we would have no idea she was up. She needs help in the bathroom and pretty much with everything she does. Without this wonderful invention I cannot imagine what would have or could have happened by now. In addition, when the aide moved the bed pad and I thought it was not working correctly the team was responsive and helpful. They were quick to fix whatever the issue was. Thank you for making this product!!

  119. Granny

    The bed alarm works as intended. At first it went off whenever he turned over or moved in the bed but I adjusted the settings and now it works really well. The alarm has two settings, and it can be set on vibrate so it does not wake up other sleepers or you can just use the alarm. In any case the alarm is with you not in the room with the patient and goes with you where every you are in the house. It has been invaluable these last few weeks to know when he needs assistance during the night.

  120. melapedia

    If anyone is shopping around for a bed alert alarm, this is the one to get. It works like a charm and has prevented my husband from falling in the middle of the night. It sounds the alarm as soon as he sits up in bed and I am able to stop him before he tries to get up. I highly recommend this product if you want to keep your loved one safe.

  121. SG

    It installs easily and works beautifully by providing an early alert via the remote monitor when my Mom tries to get out of bed. This gives me time to reach her in time to prevent a fall or wandering in the middle of the night. Excellent support is available to answer questions if needed. Great product!

  122. Billy D Crowell Jr

    Worked one day then died. Sending back tomorrow.

  123. Michael langbecker

    It was very sensitive to mom getting out of bed

  124. M. Valentine

    Been using this for a few months after some failures with fancier systems that involved video monitoring and phone apps and all sorts of bells and whistles. But those things missed the most important part: reliability. This bed alarm was easy to install and is unobtrusive…my mom forgets it’s even there. And it just works. It never fails to alert me when she’s about to get out of bed. The buzzer’s silent setting means I can put it in a pocket, clip it on my belt, or tuck it under my pillow and the vibration is strong enough I won’t sleep through it, without having a loud beeping alarm going off that drives the whole family crazy. The early warning system is fabulous and also helps when she might be about to roll/fall out of bed…my only complaint is that I didn’t realize how often my mom sits up on the edge of the bed with no intention of getting up. When the buzzer goes off I’ve started checking a video monitor to see if she’s actually getting out of bed, but the important thing is I have time to get there before she starts stumbling around on her own and risking a fall. This single item has been a true life saver way more than any fancier expensive system.

  125. Nina Bowman

    Perfect for our needs!

  126. Jeri Brock

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Gave us an audible warning for dad when he was getting up so we didn’t have to rely on hearing him on the room monitor. Much more consistent and helps us make sure he doesn’t fall when getting up.

  127. Laura

    My husband is on Hospice and had two previous falls. The bed alarm is worth its weight in gold for the peace of mind in provides. There was a minor flaw with the monitor having a stripped screw, so I couldn’t tighten it with the screwdriver provided, but a rubber band is holding the monitor together just fine. I’m sure the company would have rectified the problem, but I never contacted them.

  128. Sangeeta

    Works Great to monitor dad when he’s lying in bed or when he gets up from his chair. I don’t know if he’ll use his call button, but since it pairs with the bed and chair alarm, it will alert us, if needed. Good value for the piece of mind and needed monitoring.

  129. agenthandy

    My MIL is bed bound and has dementia. This product has saved us many times when she tries to get out of bed on her own. It works really great. We use at night and during the day. If it alarms I get up and check quickly at night to ensure she doesn’t fall. Saved us many times. Highly recommend. Easy to setup and install.

  130. Amazon Customer

    Purchased for 95 yo mother that falls easily. She is so quiet when getting out of bed it required someone sleeping on floor next to her bed. Purchased two and spaced on side of bed she normally exits. The remote has allowed me to sleep in my own bed and alerts gives enough time to reach her befor she can completely sit up and eliminated use of bedrails that injured her when she would try to circumvent them. My home is one level 3800 sq ft. Her bedroom is on one end and mine on fartherest end and remotes works perfect. I can even walk perimeter of yard , over 300 yards and not lose signal. Best investment so far for her coodinatin of care

  131. Joan Schulz

    My husband has dementia and it warned me when he was trying to get out of bed. He had fallen many times during the night before we had the alarm. Now I can rest easily knowing I will be awakened to assist him.

  132. Nancy Cabrera

    Easy to install and it alerts you as they get up from the bed. This is definitely a must have for someone that is elderly and has dementia.

  133. Lisa M.

    Early warning system works when you have it set up properly.Wireless monitor has a belt clip, so you can keep it with you, and can accommodate another pad for a chair etc.Occasional false alarm if the patient moves around or rolls in bed.

  134. Amazon Customer

    The instructions for this product were easy to follow and it worked as advertised. It was a great relief and allowed me to sleep better at night.

  135. Antonio Anza

    Bought this unit because the old lady is a ninja, no one hears her get up or move around. Sits on the bed flat enough and has a good range remote. The small issue is, there have been times alarm sounds and when we arrive, she out of bed standing by it. Not on the way to getting up, which is what this is supposed to do. Most times it works well enough, the way the pad is designed one can’t move it around to avoid these instances (we’ve tried), still, for the money, it’s a great thing. We fixed the problem by putting on a bed rail. No more standing up without assistance and we can get some sleep time in. Every one is happy.Would recommend this device, and would also recommend one get a bed rail just in case. Staying safe is the most important thing. If you see it from that perspective, paying a little more makes no difference.

  136. Hill Country Reader

    Of all the purchases we have made during our mom’s journey with dementia, the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm has been the best! Our mom cannot get out of bed without falling and this product has solved this dangerous issue for us. As soon as she moves her body weight off of the alarm pad, a signal is sent to a small alarm box that we keep by our bed. It works like a charm! We can get to her well before she makes it off the bed and falls. If you are caring for a family member who shouldn’t be getting out of bed without help, you will be very pleased with this product! Plus, the company has exceptional customer service. Need help? Just email them a message and you will get help immediately! Great product!

  137. pat Holmes

    My wife is a very restless sleeper and the different settings on the pad avoids false alarms. The instructional videos make installation easy also.

  138. Hello kitty

    It works as advertised. Thank you for the reviews

  139. L. B. Steenwyk

    I purchased this bed alarm to monitor my 93 year old mother at night. She had been getting up in the night and had fallen several times. This alarm works exactly as promised. It alarms before she gets out of bed so I can easily get to her room before she is up. I’ve had it for two weeks and have never had a false alarm, even though she does tend to move around in the bed. But it very reliably goes off when she sits up on the side of the bed. The alarm has allowed me to worry less at night, knowing she will not be able to wander around the house without my knowledge.

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