Bedpan Liners with Super Absorbent Commode Pads – Medical Grade Value Pack 60 Count – Fit all fracture and standard bedpans – Make Life so Much Easier

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(54 customer reviews)
  • EASY TO USE AND DISPOSE OF – Simply remove the bed pan bag with the absorbent pad by pulling on the strings, tie up the bag opening to ELIMINATE ODORS and dispose. They just make CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • BEST VALUE & MEDICAL GRADE & UNIVERSAL FIT Lunderg Medical Grade Bedpan Liners come with SUPER ABSORBENT Pads. You SAVE MONEY when buying liners and pads together. Our liners fit all fracture and standard bed pans and also work great with car toilet for adults!
  • NO MORE SPILLS OR SPLASHES The Super Absorbent pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while REDUCING ODORS.
  • IDEAL FOR AT HOME & COMMERCIAL USAGE Our fragant-free Liners come in a sturdy, durable box with 60 ALREADY SEPARATED bags and pads, making life so much easier for caregivers, family care and self care.
  • DO NOT LEAK – We stand behind all of our high quality products. Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked!

In stock

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Why are caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones choosing Lunderg Bedpan Liners with Absorbent Pads over anything else?

As caregivers, we understand why having bedpan liners with super-absorbent pads you can count makes a difference! Our hassle-free bags and pads come in a sturdy box, easy to store with 60 already separated bags and pads.

For your absolute convenience, Lunderg liners don’t come in a roll with hard to tear perforated edges. Moreover, our pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while reducing odors efficiently and keeping liquids in control. Simply put, Lunderg liners and absorbent pads make your life so much easier.

Our absorbent pads are SUPER ABSORBENT, no more emptying the bedpan after each use!

Finally a sanitary solution you can count on. Our bedpan liners DO NOT LEAK, even after you dispose of them!

Our bedpan liners and pads are universally sized to fit standard and fracture bedpans for your convenience

Giving back is a core part of who we are. A percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons org and Wounded Warriors foundation.

54 reviews for Bedpan Liners with Super Absorbent Commode Pads – Medical Grade Value Pack 60 Count – Fit all fracture and standard bedpans – Make Life so Much Easier

  1. Sarah

    Great quality product at a fair price.

  2. Berryberry

    For anyone that has a person that in a bed and use a bed pan these are so convenient and easy to use. I would recommend them and help not to spill. I wish I knew about them years ago.

  3. Stephanie Armendariz

    I really like being able to just throw the bag away. The liners absorb well!

  4. shane pruitt

    Works very well!

  5. Lyn

    Makes clean up much easier!

  6. barbara

    It fits the bed pan, some thing the the ones for a sitting up toilet can not do.

  7. Barbara Korten

    I like these liners as they are of good quality.
    It is very easy to remove the liners and dispose of them with no mess.

  8. Michael

    see headline

  9. Ray

    they fit perfect

  10. P. White

    We have been using Lunderg Bedpan Liners for several months now and we are quite happy with their quality and price.

  11. C.P.

    It was very easy and convenient to use!

  12. Amazon Customer

    These bedside commode liners are a life saver

  13. Erik Holdenn

    These things are perfect in every way. They are easy to unfold and maneuver for placement. They are heavy duty and durable enough to not have to worry about them leaking. Unlike a lot of the other brands, these don’t stick to each other and pull apart from the pack quite easily, even when opening, you don’t get the static cling that can be so annoying with other brands. The absorbent pads are a great quality also. They are enough for very heavy soiling without the worry. They also soak up quick so there is no splashing during use. Bottom line, overall these are the best bed pan liners I have tried and when I run out I will definitely make future purchases from Lunderg.

  14. Lisa

    Make a unpleasant job easier

  15. Barbara

    My relative “E” is very independent yet has become bedbound. These liners enable E to use the bedpan without assistance. All that E needs is for someone to dispose of the “package”. E is happy and that makes us happy. Plus, the bedpan does not need to be dumped, rinsed and cleaned. Yay.

  16. stacy C.

    These liners work great. The liners and pads help keep everything in the bed pan and it makes it easier to clean.

  17. terry

    Clean easy to use very impressed

  18. Al

    These were a gift to a friend . I thought it was a
    Bedpan it turns out it’s a portable sit down. They she and the caregiver love it every is cleaner.

  19. rlanham

    These work exactly as promised. Very sturdy product.

  20. Edward Perkins

    Order arrived quickly and was of good quality.


    easy to use and works great


    Reliable Service and great quality products delivered so quickly. Thank you!


    I am taking care of my mom and she has been needing to use a bed pan/bedside commode. I was getting frustrated having to keep cleaning out the pans as our home is a split level and bathroom is on lower and upper level. I wondered if there was anything made that lined the pans and so I came on amazon and came across the Lunderg Bedpan Liners. I am so glad I did. Clean up is a breeze. There is no spillage or leakage from the bag. As well as no smell after tying the bag up and putting in trash. Now I can focus more on what matters. I know it seems a little dramatic to say that but seriously these liners has made something just a little better in caring for my mom.

  24. Angela

    Works well with the bed pan. Easy to use.

  25. Just the facts

    I’m not sure who thought this up to begin with, that they must be a genius! It’s so much better I’m cleaning out of bed pain I need the patient is finished!

  26. She

    They should have created this years ago. Great for a toddler pot.

  27. Hope Marie White

    It helps make clean up a lot easier and saves disposable pads.

  28. Lina Mead

    very helpful and especially like that these also work on the bedside commode!

  29. nancy palumbo

    Like convenient clean up.
    Dislike item is slippery. Hard for individual to stay on pan

  30. Amazon Customer

    Keeps the mess in one place

  31. Nine69FourZero tai

    I’m sending it to my mom.

  32. omp

    Easy to use no washing needed!

  33. Linda Lubojacky

    product was just fine,no longer needed

  34. willie parker

    It helped healing process of soars by absorbing urine moisture from the soars.

  35. Staci B

    These are great, and when the situation changed they were able to fit absolutely perfectly into the bedside toilet we got from the hospital. Very happy with this purchase.

  36. Cynthia Shealy

    I had hip replacement surgery & getting to the restroom was an issue – thank god for your products of the bed pan & liners / a great product for so many situations / affordable / was sent right on time & will be passing this on to someone in need also – thanks for a great solution & best of luck with your business! Cindee Shealy

  37. Jay

    Use for small, home-made, card board box, kitten litter for friend.

  38. Mohammad Nasid YT

    Hassle free

  39. Harley Melton

    Very easy to use and dispose of. Perfect for bedpan or stand alone toilets.

  40. Patrick

    Good quality

  41. F. W.

    makes a necessary chore a lot easier, excellent product for what it was designed for!

  42. Maryann Donahue

    Bedpan liners are a plus when emptying the contents. Just pull the strings on each side and close it up, ready for disposal.

  43. BobbyD

    Great strength.

  44. Amazon Customer

    I love this product my wife is bed ridden for now. These liners and bag work very well i plan on buying more and i highly recommend this product. {hint, hint you may be able to get a free box}. ?? ?????

  45. Ellie Mullen

    As a caretaker to someone who cant walk I have to say these definitely make life easier!! A must have for anyone who helps someone on an off a bedpan!

  46. Joules

    VERY sturdy liners. No leaks or rips when handling/using. Highly recommend!

  47. John Gagliardo

    Good product.

  48. KRG

    This a high quality, easy to use product from a great seller. I will be buying these again.

  49. Amazon Customer

    They work wonderfully

  50. Loyal to a fault

    Makes a not so great job easier and best of all clean up quicker.

  51. S. OConnor

    Easy to use and kept cleanup so much easier.

  52. Shirley

    So glad we purchased this bedpan liner! So easy to use and absorbes wonderful !

  53. A. J.

    Really a good product of good quality
    Exactly as expected

  54. Amazon Customer

    It’s Sterile and Reliable.

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