Freedom Clamp by Lunderg – with Innovative Pro-Hinge for Top-Down Pressure & 5 Different Fittings – Totally Customizable Penile Clamp for Incontinence – Mens Incontinence Products


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  • FREEDOM TO DO THE ACTIVITIES YOU LOVE: After analysis of all our customer’s feedback it was clear we needed to do better. The Freedom Clamp allows customization, prevents lateral pressure and maintains a high-quality sleek design with easy-to-clean materials. This is your ticket to freedom!
  • TOP-DOWN PRESSURE SYSTEM: Coupling our NEW top-down pressure hinge, with 2 different top stabilizer pads and 3 different bottom stabilizer pads, makes finding your precise fit a breeze. Not only is the Freedom Clamp the most customizable clamp in the world, it’s function-first design prevents compression of penile tissue beyond comfort unlike other clamps.
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Unlike other incontinence clamps for men made of foam that take hours to dry and are difficult to sanitize, the Freedom Clamp can be reused seconds after washing. Made of ABS & medical grade silicone so you can forget metals that rust and embarrassing beeps at the security detector.
  • STOP LEAKS & DRIBBLING: The Freedom Clamp reduces or eliminates the need for pads and guards which saves you a fortune. Stop paying for incontinence products for men that simply don’t work. Get back to enjoying yourself and live your best life with PRO CONFIDENCE.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that our clamp will MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER, that if it’s not the case, we will give you your money back! Our Customer Service reply to EVERY message in less than 24 hours, 7 days a week!

In stock



Your ticket to Freedom. Now.

The Freedom Clamp helps you regain your confidence knowing you won’t have any embarrasing issues when you’re with friends and family. Play tennis and golf again. Exercise, do yard work or take long car and bus rides. Your time. Your Confidence. Your life. Your Freedom!

An absolute game changer

Our new Pro-Hinge is a huge innovation for incontinence clamp customers. The Pro-Hinge allows for significantly more customization and a better user experience. This hinge allows the user to center the top-down pressure vs the first generation of the Confidence Clamp (or any other clamp in the market), which only allowed for uneven lateral/side pressure. The Pro-Hinge can be adjusted from Grande to Regular.


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