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Commode Liners with Absorbent Pads


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  • EASY TO USE AND DISPOSE – Simply remove the commode bag with the super absorbent pad by pulling on the strings, tie up the bag opening to ELIMINATE ODORS, and dispose of it, making CLEAN UP A BREEZE!
  • BEST VALUE, MEDICAL GRADE & UNIVERSAL FIT – This set, containing 50/75/150 Lunderg Commode Liners and 50/75/150 SUPER ABSORBENT Pads, comes in a robust box with already separated bags. Manufactured using medical-grade materials, our liners fit all standard bedside commodes, adult potty chairs, and buckets.
    NO MORE SPILLS OR SPLASHES The Super Absorbent pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while REDUCING ODORS. No more emptying the commode or bedpan after each use!
  • IDEAL FOR AT-HOME & COMMERCIAL USAGE – Unlike competitors that come in a roll, our commode liners with pads come in sturdy and durable boxes with ALREADY SEPARATED bags and pads, making life so much easier for caregivers, family care, and self-care.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – We stand behind all of our high-quality products and we got you covered through our unmatched 24/7 customer service and 30-day money-back guarantee.
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Are you still searching for easy-to-use, safe and convenient commode liners with absorbent pads, that you can count on? 

Lunderg hassle-free commode liners with absorbent pads are a fantastic solution for caregivers and people taking care of their loved ones to keep things cleaner than ever! They are amazing and come in a sturdy, durable box with 50, 75 or 150 already separated bags so you don’t have to waste your time and energy on tearing the perforated edges of the rolls anymore. The super absorbent pads turn water-based & body fluids (up to 35 oz /1000ml) into a gel within seconds while REDUCING ODORS efficiently and keeping liquids in control! It has never been so easy!

Lunderg liners and pads are ideal for home use or travel, and have a universal fit for all standard bedside commodes, camping toilets, and buckets.

They are super easy to use: just take the new liner from the box, insert it in the commode, put the seat down, insert the absorbent pad and the commode is ready to use. Then simply pull the strings to remove the portable toilet bag and tie up the bag opening to allow effortless and hygienic cleanup. Once tied up and disposed of, these commode liners will not leak, you can be sure of that. 

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