Confidence Clamp – Comfortable Urinary Incontinence Clamp with 3 Adjustable Sizes & Travel Bag – Recommended by Doctors & Money Back Guarantee


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  • THE MOST COMFORTABLE: finally a light Penile Clamp for Incontinence that you can wear every day, all day, without even noticing it’s there! This durable device is A LIFE CHANGER! Recommended by Urologists all around the globe.
  • 1 DESIGN – 3 SIZES: Our patent-pending innovative design includes 3 different silicone fittings which are easily interchangeable so you can find the precise fitting that applies the proper pressure to the Urethra without compressing other penile tissue beyond comfort.
  • STOP LEAKS & DRIBBLING: Reduce or eliminate the need for pads and guards, SAVING you a fortune in incontinence supplies. Enjoy your favorite sports & activities with CONFIDENCE.
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Unlike other clamps made of foam that take hours to dry and are difficult to sanitize, our clamp can be reused seconds after washing. Made of ABS & medical-grade silicone so you can forget metals that rust and embarrassing beeps at the security detector.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that our clamp will MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER, that if it’s not the case, we will give you your money back! Our Customer Service reply to EVERY message in less than 24 hours, 7 days a week!

In stock

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Why you are here

You’re here today because you are tired of incontinence products that cost too much, aren’t comfortable, have horrible customer service and do not meet your expectations. We get it. We designed the Confidence Clamp out of necessity. There is nothing on the market that met our needs so we took matters into our own hands. In other words, this was made by an incontinent man for incontinent men.

We wanted a device that was more comfortable, easy to clean, saved us money and gave us the ability to customize the fit. The Confidence Clamp ticks all those boxes and we love it!

Our clamp is made with medical-grade silicone, durable ABS, considers blood flow and gives men the freedom to go where they want without hassle.

The Confidence Clamp is a light and ergonomic option for those of us who suffer from male incontinence. With soft medical-grade silicone and blood flow-friendly stabilizers this clamp is the best option for active freedom-seeking men!!

Premium ladder locking system that allows you the ultimate protection, simple discrete release, and quality you’ve never seen. Unlike other clamps made of foam our clamp’s ABS & medical-grade silicone can be reused seconds after washing.

Suffering physically shouldn’t mean you also suffer financially! If you’re tired of spending a fortune to control your incontinence we’ve got you covered. The Confidence Clamp works very well with or without other aids and will save you big time!!

Stop compressing penile tissue beyond comfort! Our patent-pending design includes 3 stabilizers with soft medical-grade silicone pads that are easily interchangeable and encourage natural blood flow, so you can find your perfect fit!!

265 reviews for Confidence Clamp – Comfortable Urinary Incontinence Clamp with 3 Adjustable Sizes & Travel Bag – Recommended by Doctors & Money Back Guarantee

  1. LolaRose

    I am a pelvic health physical therapist and purchased this incontinence clamp for one of my patients. He has tried the Confidence Clamp for two weeks and is very pleased with his results! He uses it when he goes outside to work in the yard or has to go to the grocery store. He was relieved and happy not to have to put up with leaking during these times. He loves he is saving money on pads! Overall, he was delighted with his results.

  2. Jay Bromenschenkel

    Fairly comfortable but does the job pretty good


    This is the best of three different clamps that I have owned. The fit is great and the latch is easily adjusted and secure. The cushions are very comfortable and hold in place with any pinching or rubbing. No irritation. Can wear all day without a problem. I am really thankful that I tried this product. Would definitely buy again

  4. Tom4Cats

    Simple but effective. Easy to clean and us. I recommend this device.

  5. Purdue U

    I have had clamps in the past that have metal ends, sit down the wrong way, not pleasant. Comes with three different size pads, so you can adjust it.

  6. Carol Levine

    I have been using the Wiesner clamp and find that the Lunderg clamp fits better and it does not pinch my skin because of the design of the closing mechanization as the Wiesner clamp does pinch on occasions (it hurts when it does). Great clamp, will buy more in the future.Chuck

  7. Alex Frem

    I don’t usually write reviews but I think this product deserves one as it has helped me a lot and sharing my experience may help others that are in a similar situation as me.A couple of years ago, I had surgery with complications and I ended up with incontinence problems. As a man, I didn’t find many options in the market, basically, I could use diapers, which are very uncomfortable and easy to notice, or very primitive clamps.Before I was wearing a clamp that had some metallic pieces and, besides being a bit painful, I was too scared to wear it daily, I’m a teacher and it could trigger the metal detectors at my school. To feel safer, I rather wear diapers when entering and exiting for work.I wanted to get a new clamp and over all the options I found this one as the most appealing. It didn’t have any metal pieces so I decided to give it a go.When I received the box I could already tell that this was the right choice: everything came well packed, with attention to the small details and with a big and helpful manual.The clamp’s frame is made with light plastic and the pads are very soft. It’s painless and it isn’t tearing my underwear like the last one I owned.I like the fact that it comes with different stabilizer sizes and that they are very easy to interchange and clean.The closing system is pretty straightforward: it has an opening on one side and the hinges on the other. I’ve got used to it fast and I can even close/open with just one hand within seconds, which is perfect.So far it’s doing its job well and is making my life easier.

  8. Cagey

    Device is well made and easy to clean. Most of the time it cannot be felt when using it

  9. mike ratcliff

    Work’s well and is comfortable to use.saves money on pads

  10. Colorados Family

    I have been dealing with incontinence for a big while and I have tried almost every product of the market.I found that incontinence clamps were the best to keep my life as normal as possible, giving me some extra comfort. I have tried them all: From the cheapest to the most expensive and going all the day through metallic, plastic, branded and unbranded clamps.The Lunderg clamp is the latest one that I’ve got and I can finally feel a real evolution of this product. It’s just not the most comfortable and well-made of all the clamps that I have tried, but also has a lot of improvements like the durable and lightweight frame or the pads, that are very easy to exchange and clean. Below you can find the things that I find more importantPros:Comfortable & easy to useSoft pads with 3 different sizes.Durable & lightweight frameDoesn’t have any metallic piecesPads are made of medical-grade siliconeEasy to cleanVery detailed manualComes well-packed in a nice boxYou can lock/unlock it with just one handCons:The envelope that covers the packaging box was a bit tight.As any clamp, you can’t wear it with very tight pants.Overall, I’m very happy with this clamp. I wish I had found it earlier to avoid wasting time and money in other inferior products. This clamp is the best that I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone with incontinence problems.

  11. Alex D.

    This is the best clamp on the market. I’ve used it for two weeks and can say that it’s done the job. I actually feel more confident.

  12. Joe L.

    Curved top and bottom pads allow for much easier and more comfortable positioning than the competitors products.

  13. John W.

    Better made version of Wiesner clamps

  14. Rainbow

    I have tried several different clamps since I have been incontinent for several years. This is undoubtedly the best engineered clamp design I have seen. It is fully adjustable and comfortable to wear with the correct individual adjustment. I highly recommend the Lundberg clamp.


    If you’re a man who had prostate cancer or other associate prostate surgery and having a leaking problem, you’re in for some life changing experiences. A simple penile clamp or cuff device may provide alternatives to make your life a whole lot better. I have used a wide selection of these devices for 5 years now, carefully evaluating each, and have come to some conclusions that I would like to share.Features that you’ll hope for… Stop leaking, wear comfortably, be affordable, discreet, cause no medical damage, and be easy to operate. I will say this Confidence Clamp by Lunderg appears to be one of the best COMPROMISES to deal with this issue. I still would recommend having a variety of different brands to switch off with, to give your skin a chance to rest where the pressure is.The Lunderg Clamp uses comfortable silicone pads which seem to hold up better than foam technologies. It is similar to the Wiesner Clamp, but Lunderg offers spare pads along with their product at no additional cost, included with their size selection options. The Lunderg Ladder Clamp vs. Wiesner ratchet tooth needs some work, but I can deal with it. No big issue.I bike ride bicycles a lot and find a Cuff-type, rather than a Clamp type, less irritating while peddling in my snug Lyrca bike bibs , but the Cuff does not seal well. Must stay put on your bike seat while riding with a cuff.If you are new to this it will take a while for your tender skin to accept this pressure. Start with a few hours each day and work up to 24/7.Don’t get discouraged, keep trying and these devices will become a welcome solution. Don’t get pisssst.

  16. David215

    The product works well. You must choose when you wear it because if you do a lot of sitting with it on, it can become painful.

  17. Coneleous alexander

    I donot recommend this clamp for a penis size with a circumference greater then 3″. The large size pad on the clamp is not large enough to allow the clamp to fastened over my penis without pinching my penis. The unerected size of my penis circumference is 4.5 inches. My penis became aroused and the skin on the side of my penis moved between the clamp hinges and it was very hard to remove the clamp with out causing me pain. The clamp will not fastened on my penis when it is erect the circumference is 6 inches.

  18. N.David Lessani,M.D.

    I have been using Weisner clamps for the past NINE years. I am a MD myself. Congratulation to designers and urologists who made this clamp. You finally perfected it. I am very happy with this clamp and intend to buy another one shortly. Do not waste your time if you are looking for incontinence clamp. This is the best in the market.

  19. H Lee Hess

    Easy to use, comfortable to wear, highly effective. The best of the three different clamps that I’ve used.

  20. Don

    Easy to use.

  21. James R.

    This product works well, does what it is supposed to do. There are some situations it is a little uncomfortable like driving my stick shift car. Overall it is comfortable and effective.

  22. Richard M. Ardemagni


  23. Amazon Customer

    It is just as advertised and it is simple to maintain.

  24. STK

    Eliminated nightly accidents in bed.

  25. Charles T. Keller

    This product is simple and easy to use. I forget that I am using it.

  26. Mark

    The confidence clamp works well. It sounds cliche but it actually does give me confidence. Highly recommended.

  27. Samantha

    I bought this for my father, who has had incontinence for months after his prostate surgery due to cancer. I was reading the reviews and was hoping to find a product that could help him to have more freedom. Unfortunately, the product just doesn’t work, it slides towards one side and the urine escapes.

  28. FZuback

    but not great. Still can cause some discomfort. If it didn;t need to be so W-I-D-E… maybe a bit more arc and not quite so wide.

  29. JeanAlex

    Great buy for the Money!!


    This device works better than any other device I’ve used. It is very lightweight. And comes with three fittings that can be used once you choose your size. I’m very pleased with this product. It has been a game changer for me.

  31. Arturo es una exelente marca yo tengo uno desde 2006 y nunca me ha fallado is great

    Excelente producto fácil de usar desde la primera vez es increíble ando mucho más seca el área de la ropa interior

  32. Grant

    This is the clamp to get . I tried them all and this feels comfortable and easy on and off . Cleans up easily . Been using a clamp 4 years now and this is by far my favorite.

  33. Anonymous12

    Unfortunately, frequent user of these type of clamps by many makers..Downfall on this device: Requires 2 hands to adjust while on, remove or apply, which makes it challenging when removing and ensuring at the same time you are pointing yourself in right direction when in need to relieve yourself. Also, has potential to pinch skin if not careful while applying.Upside: having multiple size pads makes it easier to identify best fit without having concern on if “correct size” was ordered.Only had device for about a week, so not sure how well device will hold up. Overall, made top 3 of best clamp I’ve used, so far.Update: after a few months of use, revised to 5 Stars..I can now say better design and more comfortable than any other clamp used.Buy with confidence!

  34. Carolyn

    Well made product. Getting use to ladder clasp has taken some time.

  35. Amazon Customer

    Bladder leakage after prostate treatment

  36. D.J.


  37. Sergio Lopez

    I won’t bore you with details of why I need to use an incontinence device as I rather share my experience with all of the devices that I have tried during the past years. Hopefully, it helps you to make the right decision.Lunderg Confidence Clamp – 5 out of 5 starsThis one is the last clamp that I have purchased and it’s, by far, the best of all of them.The frame is light and durable, very easy to use, and interchange the stabilizers.It comes with 3 stabilizers, each one of a different size so you can adjust the clamp according to your needs.The pads that cover the stabilizers are soft and comfortable with the skinThe lock works good, you can open/close it with just one hand which is nice.The cleaning process is fast and easy.The clamp comes nicely packed with a GREAT manual, where you can find all the information that you need.Wiesner – 3 out of 5 starsIt is a decent well-known device and is one of the first ones that I tried. It does the job, at least until it breaks. It always breaks.The frame is light but it ends up getting deformed after one month of use.It comes with 3 stabilizers of different sizes but includes just 1 pad for these 3, so you have to take some extra time to remove the pad from one another. If something happens to the pads, you don’t have any spares.The pads are ok, not too soft and not too hard.The lock system works well, at least the first month, then the teeth start to wear down making it a bit unstable and if you are not extra careful you can end up in a delicate situation with your pants wet.The packing is good and the manual comes with the basic information.I have like 3 or 4 of these clamps, all broken now because they are cheaply made and it was basically the only decent choice I had until I found the Lunderg confidence clamp.UraStop – 1 out of 5 starsI gave this one a chance, even though it looked pretty painful in the pictures. I wasn’t wrong.This clamp is just a hard plastic frame that isn’t comfortable at all, it has some screws that can pinch your skin.Stay away from this one.Uriclak – 2 out of 5 starsThe Uriclak clamp has a metallic frame covered with rubber.The rubber is soft but it irritates the skin after wearing it for a couple of hours.It has a slightly different closing system than the other clamps mentioned in this review, which is probably one of the easiest to use. I wanted to love this one, but it didn’t happen. The price of this one is almost double than of any other and it’s not worth it at all. Besides, it is made in Europe and difficult to find/buy-in here.Bard – 2 out of 5 starsThe Bard Clamp comes in one size and you have an adjustable lock.It is quite comfortable to wear, the main problem here is that the inner part is made with foam, so once it gets wet it takes forever to dry and is not very hygienic.Also, the lock has metallic teeth that can get rusty.This clamp is not the worst, but the quality is way below the Lunderg or even Wiesner clamps.Pacey Cuff – 1 out of 5 starsI’m not sure if this is a real clamp or just some weird device for those who like bondage. But I gave it a try anyway.It is very light but is way too complicated to use: it comes with a power sleeve that you should put around your shaft before you attach the Pacey Cuff. And if you don’t place this sleeve correctly you will end up with some bad irritation.The price is too high, but once again I’m not sure if this is a real clamp or just another type of device with other means.KindKlamp 2 out of 5 starsIt’s similar to the Bard clamp, I would say the frame and lock is slightly better but it has the same issue: it has foam that needs a lot of time to dry and makes it unsanitary.SUMMARYIf you want quality, comfort, and something durable, the Lunderg Confidence Clamp is your best choice.I have wasted so much money in useless clamps, so from now on, I will just reorder the Lunderg Confidence Clamp when needed.My second choice would be the Wiesner and it was probably the best until the Confidence Clamp appeared. Now it makes no sense, as the Wiesner is a much inferior product, and the Confidence clamp would last you 4 times more, saving you a lot of money.But please, don’t make the same mistakes as me and stay away from the other ones. Expensive and Ineffective!

  38. Donald K Wentworth, Jr

    Very comfortable and convenient. Takes the worries out of an accident.

  39. Mario

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago to use as an alternative for another clamp that I have been using which becomes uncomfortable with long term use. It is not as effective as the one that I normally use. I leak quite a bit with it. I have tried the small and medium inserts that come with it and neither really stop the urine flow. This one is more comfortable to wear than the one with foam padding, but it just did not work for me.

  40. Alan Hayes

    Product is comfortable, works and is easy to clean.

  41. lw55

    I’ve only had for a week but so far it does a very good job and comfort is good. Most of time do not even feel it. Wish I would have known about it 6 years ago after having prostate removed, leaving me with incontinence.

  42. John Berney

    Works OK. Had a hard time getting used to it, but once I did it is fine. Had to order a second one because the first one broke…be careful with the hinge, they are not very strong.

  43. George Wrape

    Seems to work well.

  44. Gil – Corona CA

    I have had Prostate and Bladder cancer so incontinence is a fact of life now. Kegel exercises help but the alternative to a normal life are pads. I do a lot a moderate to heavy lifting and needed some solution to the stress incontinence which, even with pads, cause some embarrassment. I found this clip and based upon reviews of several devices decided to give it a try. The result is very satisfying and I am so glad I tried these. A little learning curve is required to get it positioned and comfortable but with practice all is great. I am very glad I am using these for the improvement it gives me for day-to-day life.

  45. S&J CA

    Very comfortable.

  46. jd46ski

    This clamp was comfortable, appeared well manufactured and works well, but the curved clip lever is a bit awkward to open using only one hand. At least I need to use both hands, one to stabilize the clamp and the second to expand the clip.


    Great.This is exactly what I needed, due to prostate cancer and subsequent incontinence.

  48. JasperGA

    I have tried all the clamps for sale on Amazon and this is the best yet. That’s not saying I want try any new products that come put. The VA will provide a clamp for me (the C3), but this clamp is worth paying for to get the security and comfort I want.

  49. Sam

    Clamp works very well. BUT obviously not made by somebody who uses them. Had to file down sharp edges where the plastic was molded or extruded. Should be made with all rounded edges not edges that are 90 degree angles. These edges can dig into your sensitive parts. Would be a 5 star item if it was made with rounded edges.

  50. Ken Beauvais

    I still think it’s the best clamp device I’ve used and I’ve used just about every one made. While on vacation the hinges both broke and the clamp fell apart. Fortunately I had other clamps available but a degree of panic set in. I had used pretty exclusively so maybe that’s about the lifetime of the product. I don’t know but still recommend as the best and most comfortable I’ve found. I’ve since and received a new one.

  51. James J Barrie


  52. MR. JOE

    nice to see a new product that’s improved from others

  53. Bill

    This clamp works really well. It is discreet to carry and wear, and stops leaks. The general advice is to not wear for more than two hours continuously (by which time it becomes somewhat uncomfortable anyway.) It’s easy to put on or remove, but is secure.

  54. Muldune

    This clamp freed me from changing up to 10 times per day to stay dry. I am able to do normal activities in much greater comfort than before. The clamp is much more comfortable than diapers/pads and it keeps you dry. I’m happy that my physician recommended it to me.

  55. Don

    easy to clean with out having to remove the rubber covers

  56. Amazon Customer

    comfortable and works

  57. John A. Robinson

    This product gives me the freedom to move around without having to be concerned about leakage

  58. Papa2010

    Ease of cleaning and design.

  59. Larry

    that the unit is clean looking, but I’m waiting to see how long the fitness will last.

  60. ohioflyer

    Very helpful

  61. Crisálida F.

    This product is excellent than others used in the past and none has been as efficient as this one, its design is better in every way due to its lightness, its closing mechanism and materials, it is very light and easy to clean in general terms. best i have ever used.

  62. scotte

    Read how to use and check with your urologist before using.

  63. Rick S

    Basically the same product as the Weiser clamp. Both have the same rubber pieces, which will lose their compression, shape and stain over time. The rubber pieces can also stick to your skin. The product works well, but I expect to have to replace either the rubber components or buy a new clamp in a few months. The advantage of the Lundberg product is that it comes with three different rubber pieces that you MAY be able to take apart and use to replace the worn out rubber. The fastener is slightly easier to use on the Weiser product. The product is lightweight and easy to use. The Cunningham product seems to have a better compression material, but it feels bulky and the metal ratchet digs into your leg. If the rubber pieces are removeable and usable, the Lundberg product would be my first choice, even with the current difference in price.

  64. polly

    My husband likes this clamp as it doesn’t pinch and it’s secure. It’s easy to clean and use.

  65. L. Hofman

    This is the only clamp I’ve ever used, but I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is. I feel the instructions could have been a bit more descriptive, but I’ve learned a quick and easy way to apply the clamp for consistent results. This is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs assistance in controlling leakage.

  66. J. J.

    This is the most compact, most comfortable device I’ve used. I highly recommend this device over all the others.

  67. Amazon Customer

    The main advantage of this clamp for me is that it is the most comfortable by a considerable amount of those that I tried. It can be adjusted to size to stop leakage. I would put the Wiesner clamp in second place. The others are not worth a try in my opinion.

  68. Judson T. Smalley

    After using a different clamp for over a year, I tried these. For me, much better. (1) They don’t slide around after applying Gold Bond Ultimate Healing, whereas the other clamp would slide around for a few weeks before it would stay put. (2) After two months, these pads are still firm, whereas the other clamp would be getting ready for new pads, which you can’t buy, because they don’t sell the pads separately. (3) This clamp is better constructed, whereas the other clamp broke twice because of a flaw in the design. (4) These pads haven’t stained yet, maybe they never will, whereas the other pads would be getting yellow stains by now. So for me, these clamps are superior.

  69. Michael

    Well…this has been worth its weight in gold for me. While undergoing Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer, I need to fill my bladder with water thirty minutes before the procedure and hold it during the course of treatment. I am an anxious, type-A person…and using this clamp during the procedure relieves me (pun intended) of anxiety while on the table. The Docs have their version of clamps but this is the Cadillac version…so, thank you!

  70. Kindle Customer

    Easy to use more comfortable than most

  71. P

    Needs better placement instructions. The device can be a bit painful

  72. Ivan Zukovsky

    highly recommended.

  73. Marvin

    It works

  74. Joe Leon

    It is amazing! Easy to use and honestly, I forget I have it on at times.

  75. Danny

    1) Ease of use to control leakage.2) comfort of clamp.3) Lunderg cares about the individuals who use this product and are there to support any issues with their product.

  76. Amazon Customer

    Ordered for my dad. He’s struggling with a lot of health issues. The idea of having to use this makes me sad. But it helps him and he really tries to remember to use it all the time. It’s the only style he will use. So thank you for making it available. Doc recommended something like desitin. Keeping everything clean is very important!!

  77. Judith janssen

    My husband was trying to use this clamp and it did help but it did not stay on all the time this may have been operators error but he oils recommended this for any one

  78. Floro Castro

    I like becouseI keep dry all day.And I can go any plece withow a leak.

  79. payday

    Most comfortable so far of any clamps that I have tried

  80. Mark S

    Easy to use and adjust if neededComfortable, stops leaks

  81. Stephen J. Parsons

    The clamp restores confidence and one can regain ones freedom.

  82. David

    Like how well it is constructed. 1st class

  83. Gary

    This clamp works better than most. Comfortable to wear. Better hinge design than others I’ve tried. Would recommend this clamp over their competition.

  84. Lars

    A great product for dealing with stress incontinence brought on by prostate surgery 5 years ago.

  85. Yolanda

    They are a perfect fit and are sealed well

  86. Kindle Customer

    Used for incontinence Had prostate surgery bout 25 years ago @ age 45 ,been using pads ever since . The confidence clamp eliminated the need for daytime pads. I do not use clamp @ night. would recommend to anyone having incontinence issues. 4stars for comfort, would be 5 if clamp was on my thumb

  87. Amazon Customer

    To soon to know

  88. Jose m Anes


  89. Amazon Customer

    Not recommend by patient or doctors very uncomfortable and hard to use

  90. scott bird

    The best I have tried over the past 11 years. Thanks

  91. South Texan

    Very correct description, easy to use, clean, adjust,and quite comfortable.Better for me to take off when seated as I flow right away. I’d suggest sitting when first using and removing until you see what works for you.Only issue I have is the darn thing is too small. Even using the two smallest green pads, it’s so tight I can’t close it. Fortunately, it works just fine and is comfortable when you use only one pad. Be sure and put the pad on the underside of your penis.The first time I used it, I wanted to really test it out as once I start I can’t stop and have poor control of due to my Multiple Sclerosis. I put it on, smallest and only pad, first click. Second click my penis got cold due lowered blood flow.I then drank iced tea and waited until I really had to go. I got in the shower and pushed really hard it worked fantastic-no moisture.Two cautions: DO NOT get clamp too tight. Check temperature on both sides of the clamp and it should be about the same. Although it will stop the flow DO NOT keep urine in the eurethra and use the clamp to stop flow for any longer than to get the clamp off. Your eurethra isn’t made to hold pressure and you can damage yourself.Overall, very pleased and recommend this clamp.

  92. Bassem

    Very good product, it has good control for dribbling urine.

  93. Amazon Customer

    useless except to stop dribbles

  94. Brickbat

    After owning this product for the past several weeks three items come to mind. #1, definitely trim the bushes. #2, wear the clamp close to the body- less pinching on your thighs when getting into and out of the car or a chair. #3, when you release the clamp-you’re going, I mean right now so be ready

  95. AmazonAG Customer

    It’s durable.

  96. Michael Warren

    No more foam to try and keep clean like the one brand I have used for years. Only wish I had know about this a long time ago. I can where this all day and never hurts like my past one. Really a great clamp, I am now sold on this brand and style.

  97. Ron Warren

    Totally uncomfortable. Wasted my money

  98. Amazon Customer

    Use this product as a commode liner. So clean and easy to use. Can’t get much easier! I can also think of so many other ways to use this product: Liner in your bathroom basket, small garbage can for crafting (tape it to the table). Great options!

  99. Meinwoe M. Kporlor

    I received my box of Lunderg Commode Liners and it makes it very easy to clean.

  100. Michael Washington

    I like the easy way to it on and take off

  101. Andre

    I use this for my father who has dementia. It has helped so much. Other clamps can be dangerous for a patient with dementia as they might tamper with it and injure themselves. However, we haven’t had any trouble with this. Plus it has three sizes and each size has four adjustments so there are 12 different possible configurations. I don’t understand people who are complaining about it being small. It has lots of room for adjustment. A cunningham clamp is much smaller and far less comfortable.

  102. Donnie baseball

    This is an excellent device. What a relief from living in wet pads. I can play sports again!!! I also have recently tried another similar product that has a different pad and found it to work ok but gave me an irritation on the bottom. This was does not irritate the skin.

  103. ahasay

    Love this product i hade a surgery to remove prostate in February 2021 week later they removed the pipes and start wearing pads it is ok pads are ok but not the answer because you can not go to the beach and try to swim with a pad..i did it is ugly when i was searching for incontinance dev ices there are two options pads or this device and i bought one there are different brands by the way but i always go with the most recommended which was Lunderg.i am glad i bought will not feel that it is there i am using it every time i go to gym works perfect no pain no discomfort..PERFECT..i did not know that there was a bonus free one online when you pay for one through Amazon brother in-law had the worse surgery in december 2020 and has the same problem i am taking this to him this summer.Recommend to every men has or had incontinance..

  104. Goodies

    It works better than other products.

  105. Capitão Silvio Ramos

    Work very well but, too large, too thick! No need for all this volume!

  106. SMP

    Husband tried another clamp but this one works much better. Can wear without discomfort. Very happy.

  107. S. Young

    I guess there is no way that this can be comfortable. I have, had it on and forgot it was on. I think that if you set it so tight that it was impossible to urinate, that you could cut off the blood flow. So, remember that you may still need diapers when it is on. I would be horrified if I was out in public and sneezed, and peed all over myself.

  108. djfuturk1

    This product help to bring a little freedom by allowing me to get out of the house and not worry about urinary problems

  109. Mats

    Great product, easy to use, reduces need of incontinent pads with more than 50%

  110. David L Schiele

    I like the cushion style as it is more comfortable than the Wiesner clamp I have been using. I do find the clamp locking mechanism more dificult to lock after use to the same tightness I normally use. Perhaps a little more taper on the locking tooth would improve this.

  111. MarcusOne52

    I have previously used another brand before, so I have to compare to that. Generally easy to sue but I have had it pop open during the night… a very surprising sensation to say the least. Perhaps not as comfortable as another choice.

  112. Amazon Customer

    I’m replacing another clamp with this one

  113. OSCAR R.

    Excelente producto, muy comodo y muy duradero muy recomendado

  114. Jerry

    I used this clamp for excessive leakage following prostate surgery. It worked well and reduced my use of guards or pull ups.

  115. blueQkayaker

    The Lunderg is easy to clean, but not as comfortable as I’d hoped it would be. Therefore, I am unable to wear for extended periods of time. It is still a nice product and far better than another top competitor.

  116. William Jackson

    Hard to center on the urethra.

  117. J. Angle

    Simple works not uncomfortable once you get accustom to it which takes a couple of hoursI now have had it for several weeks and found that I can wear it for 3 hrs at a time and don’t notice I have it on. I’m confident going to grandkids sporting events without wearing heavy depends and pads

  118. John M. Mcadam

    . Easy to use.

  119. Bruce

    After my prostatectomy in February 2019 I had a lot of urinary incontinence. I would use over six incontinence pads a day. I still have urinary incontinence, but it is much better than it was during those first six months. But, I still dribble, especially if I drink coffee, even decaffeinated.So, I bought this Lunderg clamp two months ago, in May 2021. It is very effective at controlling leakage. There are two parameters: which bottom stabilizer you use and how tight you set it. I use the medium bottom stabilizer and set it to the third tightest setting. That essentially stops leakage, even if I go hiking. The second tightest setting would still allow some leakage.I am very careful when positioning the clamp and I make sure the clamp is correctly closed in the second or third hole. It can feel uncomfortable sometimes if it is not positioned correctly.This clamp enables me to live a near-normal active life.Lunderg Customer Service is very helpful and responds quickly. I probably sent them more than ten emails while I was figuring out how to use the clamp. They always responded quickly with helpful advice.

  120. jsp480

    I have used difference devices before and this clamp is by far the easiest to keep clean and most comfortable to wear. It has been a real life changer for me.

  121. Ruben

    It’s simple and it works very well! I’ve tried several kinds of clamps but this one is far the best.

  122. Mark V.

    the clasp is very hard to control

  123. James H. Pauley

    After trying several incompetence, the Lunderg Confidence Clamp is the only one I could wear comfortably and have it work to successfully stop my “leaking”. Also, a nice company to deal with.

  124. John J. Mcfadden

    Every time I tried it, it fell off in less than 30 minutes.Good quality materials.

  125. Charles Gluck

    Easy to use.

  126. Jacqueline Thrumble-Reimer

    Very easy to use and very comfortable

  127. Kaz

    Could be easier to unclamp.

  128. Jose Díaz


  129. marcy k

    More comfortable than clamp with metal parts

  130. John Chapman

    every thing

  131. Dave Chawla

    Yes i did like the product .

  132. Mark Cerfonteyn

    It’s super light. Quick and easy to put on and remove. Totally waterproof, easily washable and quick to dry. Once I found my correct size, I’m totally drip free. Occasionally I’ll not apply it correctly and their will be some leaking, so I still use a pad but on most days it’s totally dry (98%).I also wear it most days from 8am to 8pm or longer if I go out at night.I set my alarm on my watch and release the clamp every two hours. It’s so fast and easy I do it standing at the urinal and nobody is the wiser. I only started doing this once I had gained confidence.It’s also super for running, you don’t know you even have a clamp on.I didn’t order speed delivery and it took about 15 days to arrive. With local taxes (South Africa) and transport cost it’s not cheap but worth itI have 3 but have only used my 1st one. Had it for about 7 months now – still as good as new.I know I sound like an advertisement but it has truly changed my life. I’m now totally confident to go anywhere.I also purchased another Clamp but for me it didn’t work, and wasn’t waterproof or comfortable.

  133. Ricardo PH

    La abrazadera es realmente fácil de usar, prácticamente no se siente que la llevo puesta. He podido hacer ejercicio, correr, incluso la he usado en una piscina -actividad que creí no volvería a realizarse- y todo fue muy bien. Sólo me ha llegado a incomodar un poco al ponerme en cuclillas durante algunos ejercicios, excepto eso, estoy muy satisfecho. La recomiendo ampliamente.

  134. ismail

    Excellent product and easy to use

  135. Wayne T.

    Following prostate removal surgery, my bladder continues to leak, even after I have done all the Kegel and other exercises. I am willing to try anything once, but this clamp just doesn’t make it. Due to the removal of the prostate and cancerous tumor, the ureter is just too short and has pulled my penis way back into my scrotum, so there isn’t enough length to be grabbed and pinched by this device.

  136. Mary Waszkiewicz

    Easy to use

  137. Amazossn Customer cooper17

    great product

  138. Janyce Fuller Harris

    Good Value, comfortable & easy to use/clean.

  139. Amazon Customer

    Very satisfied with product. Don’t have to worry about leaking when I go out!

  140. John cusano

    Comfort is very good. Easy to use. Very effective.

  141. David

    Good craftsmanship and way better than undergarments.

  142. Wigwag55

    Well packaged high quality product. And would buy again.

  143. carl jones

    Find the correct little green rubber piece. It can get uncomfortable, but it works, if you have it on correctly

  144. Hermero

    Me agradó la fuerte estructura compacta, la adición de estabilizadores para centrar la uretra, y la opción de 3 tamaños para el usuario. Tamaño razonablemente adecuado par no convertirse en molestia permanente.

  145. Amazon Customer

    I have used a clamp for many years. Due to the progressive shrinkage that follows from a radical prostatectomy, the brand I have been using is no longer effective in preventing leakage. I turned to Lunderg in the hope that their clamp might solve the problem. It did not, and I wrote them to let them know, expecting to hear no further. To my surprise, they came back offering me the choice of a new clamp (which would not have solved anything) or a full refund, which I turned down as in fairness I could not hold them responsible for the decision to purchase. Nevertheless, Lunderg went ahead and refunded me in full. Moreover, they said they would try to come up with a new type of clamp to address the problem that I, and most likely many other men, have.I applaude Lunderg for their businesslike as well as compassionate handling of my purchase, and I recommend them warmly.

  146. RM

    This is an update of an earlier review. This is the most effective of clamps for me for leak prevention. For walking and exercising it’s almost 100 percent reliable. BUT, it has structural problems. Like other reviewers, I have now broken three in the lower portion, getting a life time of maybe 6 weeks. When I wear it, I have to keep a spare in my pocket.

  147. James J.

    This device has ended leakage and made it possible to engage with outdoor activities I had pretty much had to give up (Cycling, Hiking, etc.) Instead of being tied to places I could frequently change an adult diaper (Going more than 8 hours was a real challenge), I can reliable go 24 hrs and my underwear is not wet when I change it. It has very much improved my quality of life.

  148. Capodenis

    Es una abrazadera cómoda, pero delicada, he comprado cuatro en los últimos ocho meses porque se rompe de la base de la almohadilla inferior. Me gustaría que fueran más resistentes y un poco más ergonómica.

  149. Steve T

    I was skeptical having used similar devices earlier. But have been mostly pleased with this variation. Very important to take time to ensure placement is correct to be effective. Slightest difference can cause device ato be ineffective and cause embarrassment. I would recommend but use with patience to get it right.

  150. Jack L. Payne

    Hard to use and uncomfortable after a little while.

  151. grace4themoment

    The latch was difficult to operate. Due to the frustration involved, it is being returned. It did work as intended. Perhaps someone with more patience will not mind the learning curved involved with the latch mechanism.

  152. Herb Bergstrom

    Easy to clean.

  153. D.M. Freedman

    Comfortable to wear. A little hard to maneuver into position, but when positioned correctly, very comfortable

  154. Gordon Clark

    Works good but not very comfortable. The outside of the product needs to be alot softer . Very hard plastic which makes it very uncomfortable.

  155. stahlie

    Easy to use

  156. Gene Rost

    It works for my purpose, but it is not that easy to put it on properly. I would like it as well to be more adaptable to different sizes, and the frame to be softer.

  157. Bill

    This clamp is by far superior to the competition clamps in comfort and ease of use. More importantly it is durable.

  158. JW

    Not clunky like others used. Easy to clean and lightweight. Would recommend to others.

  159. Robert ward

    Satisfied with efficiency and comfort of product.

  160. brodie12

    Just didn’t work. Sorry

  161. Joseph DuCharme

    No dislikes with this product.I have tried other clamps !The Lundberg clamp is comfortable and itactually keeps you dry!! I have cut my pad use to more than half! And can wear light colored pants again!!

  162. Biligh

    Took a bit to find the correct insert. A bit of trimming of the bushes helps fit. Bought after radical prostate removal used way less pads.

  163. Dubalu

    It gives me freedom!

  164. John Godfrey

    I have used a clamp for several years and tried about all of them. I settled on a clamp similar to this one and used it for years always waiting for something new and better. Well this Lunderg clamp has turned out to be a new design and very all day comfortable. Just look at the instructions and find your fit with one of the three sizing units enclosed. You will not find a better clamp.

  165. SHORTY

    I was treated for prostate cancer with radiation several years ago and have occasional urinary urgency and leakage. It had recently gotten worse and I found this device on line and decided to give it a try. After some adjusting, it was comfortable to wear and was effective at stopping minor seepage but could not hold back as much pressure when a sudden urge hit as I could by hand. The concept is good but I think I need a bigger bump than the large. Turns out my problem was due to a UTI and I haven’t needed to use the clamp for the last several days. I thought the price was a little excessive but was pleasantly surprised to find a card in the box offering a second clamp for free. I will be taking advantage of that as experience tells me I will be needing it again.

  166. Susan O.

    most comfordable effctive of all the others i have tried great product!

  167. Amazon Customer


  168. DonCT33

    Still have some leakage but much less. Over time it seems to be “training” me so I usually have less urgency.

  169. DJH

    Never expected this to be even remotely comfortable. It’s barely noticeable! And… it works.

  170. fran polcaro

    Works great

  171. Sanford Greenberg

    Works very well but after a few months, it fell apart at the hinge.

  172. very pleased comnpay and custtomer service

    comfrdabl no leaks ‘ customer service is fantastic

  173. John M. Frank

    what a great product. it comes with silicone inserts to fit all sizes and it is not cumbersome. It is the best clamp that I have ever had but the hinges keep breaking. I am going to ask them for free replacements and if I get them, I will give them a firm 5 stars.

  174. QJ

    plastic broke within 6 months of use

  175. Robert W. Kennedy

    Purchased Wiesner incontinence clamp (almost identical design) first, but that would not center on body part; shifted to one side every time and was not comfortable. Then purchased this one, which, because of it’s inside shape, remains centered on body part. This is more comfortable.

  176. Larry Peterson

    I tried another far more expensive clamp that was hard to position correctly, wasn’t always pinch free and caused recurring edema but still allowed some leakage. The Lunderg worked great the first time I used it, simple to position for a comfortable feel and allowed me to be leak free and dry for the first time in three years. I like being able to wash it and use it immediately. This has really improved my quality of life many times over. Their after purchase support is fantastic. So happy I found this product!

  177. rick

    I am a 56 year old fit male. I had bladder cancer and had my bladder and prostate removed and a neo bladder made aprox 2 years ago. I have no daytime issues but at night I had leakage often significant to the point I had on depends and a baby diaper inside of it as well. I also had medline disposable bed liners and still had occasion leaking onto sheets not to mention disgusting smell and changing depends in the middle of the night. I decided to try this and it is a game changer. I have had almost zero night leakage since I purchased I still put on depends at night but no baby diaper inside and dont need bed liners anymore. This thing is comfortable you dont have to tighten very much, start will less tight and see how it works I dont go past first setting. I barley even notice I am wearing it

  178. Lewis Hodgson

    These things are never perfect and I hve had several. This ubit is the best yet and I can use it for several hoursn when I need to.

  179. Dave Borchardt

    It does take a little bit of getting used to, and you have to do some experiment wit it but after one day, so far so good

  180. Techtoo

    It worked better than any of the other clamps I tried. Also seemed to hold up better than the rest. I will buy this one again.

  181. Basheer ghzawi

    Very comfortable

  182. Kit L.

    It works well enough. Not having to worry about this would be much better.

  183. Jerry McKune

    Used external catheters for about 1 month after surgery, then used Wiesner clamps for about 8 months. Had to change them about every 3 months because pads deteriorated. Also had problems with skin irritation and abrasion, sometimes to the point where I couldn’t wear the clamp. Been using a Lunderg for about two weeks. Pads seem to be made of more comfortable and durable material. No skin issues so far. Will continue to monitor, but am very pleased so far!

  184. manbreast

    Stopped dribbling

  185. Amazon Customer

    The 4 system clamp is hard to put in the last position for tightness. Ok for stopping leak but not hard flow.

  186. C. Linton

    This device has worked better than I expected. It was easy to put on. It was very comfortable. It reduced my leakage significantly.

  187. Alexy

    easy to use

  188. Terry

    Gave me the relief of not pee myself after a 2 hour car ride. Very easy to adjust and release.It has 4 groves for the latch to lock into. This keeps from the scrotum being pinched.The 3 interchangeable sizing pads allowed wide range of users and I was able to move to larger size as I healed.I started by wearing for a couple of hours a day at home and built up the time. It really gave me back my confidence and life by allowing me to drive 45 minutes, park my car, and make it to the bathroom.It allowed me to sit and eat out with friends. I did find the angle of sitting at a dinner table required me to release every hour.

  189. John K. Sellers

    Looks to be well made. The product is very adjustable. For each size, (S, M, L) there are 4 dependable clip settings, so experience will teach which setting is the best in a dependable way.Without knowing how fast the pads will wear out, durability of pads will not be known until they begin to wear or get old, but in any case, replacement pads are available, but I don’t know anything about pricing.One good thing. Because there 3 sizes, and it takes two slightly different pads to use, there is 1 top pad and the choice of 3 bottom pads. Once your habit is established, only one size of the bottom pads will be used, but in the long term, all three sizes use identical pads with S,M, or L internal mounting plastic structure, and apparently one can stretch the bottom pad quite a bit to to put it on the internal plastic structure. This may means that when the bottom pad starts to wear out, potentially you already have two spare bottom pad replacements that could be slipped off their internal mountings and put on the mounting of the size that you use, thus lengthening their life by a factor of three. This does not apply to the top pad as you have one of these.The comfort of wearing the device seems to be OK, so far I have had no problem with circulation, but I have not yet used it enough to find what is best. It is a little hard to tell how tight to make it, but that will become clear with habitual use.The pads with their corresponding internal plastic structures are extremely easy to remove as a unit to clean. The cleaning process promises to be very easy, WITH ONE POSSIBLE CAVEAT for the long term.I don’t yet know if this caveat is important or not. The caveat is that the pads are loosely mounted on their corresponding internal structure like a loose glove and if something gets inside, it may take some effort to clean out the insides of the pads and over the long term it might become a source of contamination if you don’t.There may be the possibility of urine or water getting inside the pad (e.g. inside the “glove”), although generally I don’t think it will necessarily get wet in this way, as things will probably tend to stay dry when device is properly used, but I don’t have experience yet to know how this would tend to turn out.If you wash the pads with soup and water, they would have to be well rinsed shaken out and let dry so that water on the inside of the pad didn’t eventually mildew. Otherwise wiping off the outside can be very easy without this problem.ONLY if this turns out to be a problem in the long term:It is probably not a good idea to frequently take the pad off of its plastic mounting to clean the insides of the pad and the plastic mounting structure because to take off or put on the pad the mounting structure it would be necessary to stretch the 1/4″ hole into the pad to 1 1/4″ in order to get it on or off the mounting structure. Clearly this was done in manufacturing without harm to the pad, but it is not really designed to easily or frequently do this between uses.On the other hand with a bit of trouble, if it held up in this kind of manipulation, but once in a long while it may work to turn the pad inside out after taking it off of its plastic mount, and completely clean the insides of the pad and its mount.Generally, so far, I like the device and it solves a several problems for me.

  190. REDDOG

    Hard to use

  191. joe o.

    Dosn’t stay on when cock is limp.

  192. Charlene Canty

    Easy to use And easy to clean a little bit discomfort

  193. Kindle Customer

    I found it to be the best yet…still have to use a pad for little dribbles but one pad could last me two days if necessary… I was using two or three a day. Would highly recoend over the Cunningham. Much more hygienically clean and washes very easily with virtually no order.

  194. J B

    I had no problems and it works

  195. dennis

    Kind of a mess when you take it off to go to the bathroom.Ir is what it is.

  196. p g woods

    Having tried most of the other designs on the market, this is far better than any of the others and a lot cheaper than some. After some initial experimentation with sizing (which is easy), I can now wear it comfortably virtually 24 hours a day without the need for pads.Would thoroughly recommend.

  197. Robert Polk

    I had an issue with one clamp I purchased and they quickly replaced it under warranty. I would gladly buy the clamp again in the future

  198. Steve Rodgers

    I wasn’t able to retaine my urine for one hour prior to having my prostate radiation treatmentsThe clamp has gotten me through my treatments

  199. D. J. Marty

    Being a Disc Jockey, I don’t have time to be running to the restroom every ten minutes.With the Lunderg Clamp I fill very confident from having an accident, It also saves from using manypads every day. Highly recommended. Easy to use, and easy to clean. A great company to work with.

  200. W. Gaboda

    I found it very difficult to set the clamp just right. Once set, the clamp worked ok, but became uncomfortable, especially if I were sitting down. On the plus side, it looks very well constructed and easy to clean.

  201. Albert Lorusso

    Very easy to use I had a problem with it customer service was terrific took care of my problem immediately

  202. Martin W. Henry

    I used another clamp before purchasing the Lunderg clamp and there is no comparison. I love the Lunderg because it’s comfortable to use every day and easy to clean.

  203. Wesley Carter

    Would not stay on

  204. Jim

    Clamp really works and isn’t uncomfortable. It has 3 individually sized pads with different clamp adjustments that can be easily interchanged.I really like this clamp. Very easy to use for hours and easy to clean. AAA+

  205. jay

    i wasnt sure but now i am..they work great

  206. Dana Dupuy

    Does work some.Uncomfortable to useWould not recommend this product

  207. Amazon Customer

    Good product — until it broke after 12 months. It broke at the base of the ladder lock. It looks like a hinge at that point would be a better design. The company was very prompt in responding to my request for help and sending a new one without cost.


    can get uncomfortable at times

  209. Wesley Elliott

    You will need to get use to it.

  210. Ken Davis

    Works well.

  211. Jim

    I found that the more I used this product — the Lundberg Clamp — the easier it got to use and the more effective it was at stopping urine flow, and it did not take long to get there. (Skip to the end of this review to see the essential factor in getting this device to work without leaking and pinching). At this point this is my go to product and I am very, very happy with it. I find it better than the other products I have tried that are supposed to do the same thing. Three sizes come in the box. Try them until you find the one that works best for you. For me it works to put the shorter of the two arms over the top pointing down on the right and the longer arm coming up from the bottom. In that way the firmer pad is under the penis and pushing on urethra. Click the shorter end into one of the three catches on the longer arm to see if it is firm enough to block the flow. Try the other two clicks as needed. You want to take the clamp off every two hours or so. To avoid a mess hold the tip of the penis with the left hand to stop leaking until you release the clip with the right hand, open the clamp and remove it, point the tip of the penis down into the toilet and release the flow. Once you get this routine down you will be very happy. This thing works and whatever you have to do to help it work is worth it. If you feel an occasional slight pinch (rare) a little readjustment of position solves it. YOU NEED TO TEST WHICH OF THE FOUR CLICK SLOTS IS BEST FOR YOU TO USE. FOR ME IT WORKS BEST TO PUSH THE TOP ARM TO CLICK PAST THE FIRST TWO SLOTS AND LOCK INTO THE THIRD SLOT (NEXT TO THE LAST SLOT). WHEN I DO THIS I NEVER LEAK AND NEVER PINCH.

  212. kjlvnv

    Use only for 1 hr periods without a position change for penile vascular protecton

  213. L.E.

    This clamp works if …you have 2 hands to use it. Otherwise difficult to release and hold toward toilet. Otherwise you will have a mess on releasing the urine.

  214. Silvino de Oliveira Lara

    Very resistant, easy to use, excellent product.

  215. crystal

    My husband has prostate cancer and would not have been able to have radiation without being able to hold a full bladder. This clamp allowed him to complete his treatment and helps him with incontinence throughout the day. He does get a little sore after wearing it all day but takes it off at night and it is such a great remedy for us.

  216. Bill Mc Neece

    Works great.

  217. Chesterfield

    It’s effective in use, butIn order to remove it requires *BOTH* hands; in other words, you cannot be holding a urinal and un-clamp at the same time

  218. Racquel Kurzweg

    I am a pelvic floor therapist and would recommend this product to my patients. The rubber is soft on skin. I particularly like that it comes with multiple sizes so that a man doesn’t have to try and measure and guess what size he is but, rather, can order and trial each one to see which works best for him. This seems well thought out and designed.

  219. Linda I

    Works very well. Easy to use. I little uncomfortable but worth it.

  220. The grill man

    Best dink clamp ever

  221. John

    The extra pads are great and so easy to clean!

  222. jp71006

    The clamp works well for me. I no longer need pads. Most of the time, I’m not aware of the clamp but sometimes it can pinch. This usually happens when I am most active, like when I am splitting firewood. I’m a 5-month customer and I will eventually figure this out.

  223. Joe Broadhurst

    Not what I expected. Returned.

  224. Fred Shaw

    There are more expensive clamps than this one but it works just fine. Seems sturdy seems it can be used for a long time. I was completely incontinent night and this stopped it. I had an urology appointment and the doctor looked at it and said it was fine to use

  225. C Sween

    Very satisfied

  226. AG Carrick

    This product is useless. What situation could you imagine that would allow you to release it every hour or two? At work? Out to dinner with friends? At a ball game or a movie? The description never mentioned this. Absurd!

  227. T. Foster

    This works for small drops and dribbles for me. Sick of wet pads and Kleenex bundles in underwear. Takes getting used to. Prefer synthetic shorts as underwear for freedom of movement. Seems to reduce urgency and surprise moments. It is felt of course but seems to desensitize against strong urgency I don’t know why. Can be quite loose and still work for me. Seems to be little difference in the 3 clamp pads. Can adjust closed clamp in 4 clicks. The 2nd is enough for me 3 is too tight, and 4 much too tight. A useful, simple tool in what is a constant problem.

  228. JC R.

    Superior to other clamps preventing incontinence after removal of cancered prostate. Two other clamps tried. Jeato clamp is ok, but foam pads harden soon and need often to be replaced. Cunningham clamp is too big and metal parts may cause trouble. Shape of Lundberg clamp is ergonomic and pads are long lasting.

  229. belairguy

    Easy to use and discrete. Stays in place well.

  230. Over The Hill

    Easy to use, easy to clean

  231. Jack M.

    Does the job.

  232. James Leveron

    I like that it’s very easy to use. In 3 uses my erection was pretty solid. And this item is really designed for urinary steadiness I haven’t saw any changes in my urination but it does offer blood flow through out the penis. Nice item!

  233. J. D.

    The Confidence clamp is fantastic. Easy to apply and remove, does the job better then expected

  234. Geno

    I’m trying to get used to the device. It works as advertised, but when the time comes to remove it, be prepared for the flow!!!

  235. Baldeagle

    I liked the Construction. And ease of use. Especially,its easy mantienance .

  236. Anon too

    Very uncomfortable.

  237. greg

    Easy to use, very comfortable, comes in small medium and large but that is in reference to your personal size, but once you get the right size it is easy to use, very comfortable as you may forget you have it on, saves me money on pads and briefs

  238. Suby

    I had prostrate removal and leak a little bit. I wanted this to be able to go swimming in pools. Clip would not stay on. The lock popped open when I tried to enter the pool. I did stop the urine for about 10 min but it got messy after latch popped.

  239. Brenda Nelson

    Comfortable to wear

  240. Barbara

    The Lunderg, is easy to clean,comfortable and works well. I recommend this highly.

  241. ken

    My device had a bad hinge. When I reported the problem to the company another device was quickly sent to me. Customer service was great.

  242. Raymond Underhill

    Great… Without it I am in trouble leaking

  243. Spinlep

    Follow the directions and if you feel the need to pee, be sure to take care of that need. It’s more comfortable with some lotion on it. It cleans extremely easily at the sink.

  244. Firedragon

    Easy to use and clean. Lunderg Customer Service is very quick and accommodating. I would buy again. I find it works better if clamp is applied closer to the abdomen.

  245. Max Alvarez

    Inferior quality of materials. It lasted six months, while other similar brands last over two years or more.

  246. abdurrahman talha dinibütün

    Aftet using long time enough I can erite my general thoughts.

  247. Sergio morales

    Si mi agrado mucho

  248. Chris

    Having had my prostate removed back in 2019 I still had issues with dribbling occasionally while playing golf. The Confidence clamp has put the enjoyment back into my golf game knowing that I won’t feel that dribble when I’m striking the ball. I would recommend this product to anyone who may have similar issues, so discreet and easy to use. Thanks to Sarah and the Lunderg team.

  249. Mike

    Don’t expect miracles, but it does reduce leakage. To prevent entirely it will be too tight for comfort and safety.

  250. David Lopez

    Good deal

  251. Hairo Manuel Perez Carrasco

    Funciona muy bien

  252. Gerald Leonard

    Product received quickly and is great.

  253. Kindle Customer

    This device is 5 Star in every regard. 5

  254. Sylvia Caudle

    After adjustment works perfectly.

  255. Bob B

    I purchased the Lunderg Confidence Clamp and love it! It is easy to use, does what it is supposed to, and is comfortable to wear all day, (provided you take it off to urinate maybe every two hours and put back on, as directed). Like all such clamps, it may take a few days to get used to wearing, but then it is wonderful. My clamp finally broke, and Lunderg’s customer service was absolutely excellent in replacing it under their warranty, quickly and with no hassles! This product gets my highest recommendation.

  256. W. Morehead

    The bottom edge is too sharp and causes irritation on the scrotum after several hours of use, especially when hot and sweaty. If the edge Is filed down to a 1/16 radius it is much more comfortable.

  257. Amazon Customer

    I’ve used the clamp for a month. Still trying to figure out which size and pressure to use.

  258. Kathy Anton

    incontinence problem helps alot

  259. David K.

    I can wear the clamp all day releasing the clamp every 2 hours to allow the blood to flow!!!! What a wonderful feeling to be able to go out and about with out the worries of wetting my pants or wearing pads in my underpants! I would love to wear it at night, however, I would have to wake-up every two hours to release the clamp, Which would not make for a good night’s sleep!!!! From the getgo, I have not felt any discomfort while the clamp is on! The pads are soft and conform the shape and size I need!!! I have tried other clamps but they all use memory foam which gets hard after a few washings. NOT the LUNDERG CLAMP!!!!!!

  260. Bruce Gehrke

    I liked this clamp right up until the hinge broke. I expected it to last much longer since I just purchased it 6 months ago. I really question its durability.

  261. Amazon Customer

    Overall, it stops leaking and is mostly comfortable, but the grip part may chaff the skin.Also, as your body adjusts to it, penile retraction may cause it to not work and even fall off. I’ve actually had to re-order it, as mine fell down the toilet and floated up through the sewage pipe, which means I lost it since I wasn’t going to rip the toilet off the floor for it. Buyer’s beware! It floats!In my case, it needed to be tighter to prevent the “willy” from moving out of place, and that caused bruises to the skin, so I had to complement it with incontinence pads (for men), which are a good alternative to full diapers.

  262. Amazon Customer

    Hard to put on & off

  263. Donald VanderVelde

    Easy to use

  264. Sonja Hines

    The clamp holds great but the frame is ridged and hurts while sitting.

  265. Marty W.

    I have been using this device for about 3 weeks now. After RP surgery the battle to control Incontinency is constant. I tried a Wiesner clamp at first, but found a few problems with it. Foremost the Wiesner clamp didn’t open as wide as the Lunderg device, which made it harder to position correctly. Secondly the hinge on the Lunderg is much more robust than on the Wiesner. The Wiesner just has small plastic pins that hold the top of the clamp to the bottom. After a few days of use the pin on one side partially chipped off rendering it unusable. These items are NOT RETURNABLE, but Amazon did step up and refunded my purchase price. Lastly the Lunderg device seems slightly more comfortable than the Wiesner even though their construction is very similar. It may be that the silicone pads are slightly more pliable, but I can wear it most of the day without discomfort. However releasing the clamp every few hours is a must. On longer uses like driving a few hours I adjust the clamp one click looser to allow a drip if necessary to keep pressure from backing up into the bladder. It is a new bump in the road of life that I am still trying to adjust to, and the Lunderg device helps a lot.

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