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The Only Early-Alert Bed Alarm System

The unique Lunderg bed alarm system features patented Early-Alert Technology that informs you before your patients stand up out of bed.
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Caregiving Facilities Around The World Trust The Lunderg Early-Alert Bed Alarm System

Between this world-class product and our expert team providing support, have confidence in knowing your patients are safer.
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Our team had your patients in mind in every step towards bringing you this product. And because we care, we reply to every message within 24 hours, 365 days a year!


Manufactured in FDA registered facilities using medical-grade materials and cutting-edge technology by a dedicated team, both this product and our customer service pass the highest safety standards such as IEC 60601: Product Safety Standards for Medical Devices.


We believe that making patients safer shouldn’t be a choice between breaking your budget or sacrificing your loved one’s safety.

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That Cares

We want to do more than our part to give back to our communities. Part of the proceeds from every order goes to the Wounded Warrior and Parkinson's foundations.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Lunderg Early-Alert Bed Alarm Ecosystem

This patented system is the only one of its kind that notifies you before your patients stand up. And with seamless, wireless connection, caregivers have the freedom to monitor patients without being in the same room. No wi-fi needed!
Early-Alert Bed
Sensor Pad

The 10” x 33” bed sensor pad is incontinence resistant and is easy to set up and clean. Connecting wirelessly with the handheld monitor, the alarm will sound when patients reach the early-alert zones while starting to get out of bed. Fortunately, its smart weight-shift detection technology has been optimized to minimize false alarms.

If you’re monitoring more than one patient, the Lunderg bed alarm system can conveniently connect up to three bed sensor pads to one remote.

Handheld Monitor

The lightweight, wireless handheld monitor is small enough to fit into your pocket and comes with both a pocket clip and wall mount for your convenience. It can be taken outside of the patient’s room - making it a far cry from the bulky, restrictive monitors of the past. Plus, it’s compliant with restraint device regulations on alarms in patient rooms.

Call Button
(sold separately)

This simple yet effective accessory takes the guesswork out of caregiver’s roles and empowers patients to call for assistance when needed. Wireless integration with the portable handheld pager makes it a seamless addition to delivering confident elder care.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Prevent Falls As Easy As 1, 2, 3

The Early-Alert Bed Alarm System requires minimal set up and is easy to maintain and clean.
Pair pad
with monitor
Place pad across the bed beneath the hip. Attach the pad directly to the mattress (or mattress cover) and cover it with a fitted sheet
Test everything
is working
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Preventing A Fall Was Never More Affordable

With falls accounting for a significant part of elder injury, getting there in time to prevent and avoid a fall is everything.
Absolute Peace Of Mind

In addition to its life-saving early-alert technology, the Early-Alert bed alarm system comes with everything you need, including a 1 year warranty, all necessary batteries, and a complete happiness guarantee. If you’re not in love with our product, let us know and our excellent customer service team will take care of you.

Patented Early-Alert Smart Technology

Our bed alarm is unique - the smart technology within that senses both the process of standing up and the absence of weight is the only one of its kind.

Easy To Set-Up & Easy To Use

Set up in three simple steps, the bed alarm system is also loved for its durability and maintainability. Resistant to incontinence, cleaning is as easy as wiping it off.

Lightweight, Portable, Volume-Adjustable Pager

The pocket-sized pager included with the system wirelessly connects to the bed sensor pad. The volume can be set to different levels or vibration only depending on need. The device comes with both a pocket clip and a wall mount, so caretakers can easily take it from their station and clip it to them while checking on other patients.

Reduced False Alarms

In the sensor pads of other bed alarms, shifting and repositioning can cause the bed alarm to trigger. The Early-Alert system has been designed to minimize these false alarms with patented smart technology that senses and discerns these differences.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How Does It Compare?


Detects process
of standing up


Lightweight with
pocket clamp

More Convenient

Adjustable Volume/
Vibration setting

Customer Reviews

Hear from caretakers like you who have been won over by the Early-Alert Bed Alarm system.
L. Biggins
So much better than the "Smart Caregiver" bed alarm.

I purchased this unit, after purchasing and being disappointed in the "Smart Caregiver" bed alarm. The SC is very delayed, meaning my geriatric mother is almost out of the bed before the alarm sounds. This one alerts me even when she is up for a second. The pre-alarm and alarm are great. The remote is much smaller than the other units and Has a belt clip. I sleep 100% better using this alarm. It is indicated for under the hips, but I've used it under shoulders as well and works perfectly. Basically this is a superior bed alarm at a much lower price.

The best bed alarm: reliable and easy to use

This bed alarm has been a life saver for me. I got tired of cheap-made devices that are unreliable and give too many false alarms or sound the alarm too late.

The Lunderg bed alarm is just perfect, not only gives you a higher quality feeling, but you receive the notifications when it is needed. For example, when my mother wakes up and sits in the bed she already knows that I will be there in a second. She doesn’t need to struggle anymore in the middle of the night to go to the toilet (she had a hip injury and is still recovering).

The pager has the perfect size to fit my pocket so I can carry it around the house and have absolute peace of mind while I’m doing other stuff. It is very easy to set up and pair, but one time my nephew (3 years old) took the pager and started to press all the buttons and it got disconnected so I had to pair it again with the sensor pad.

I totally recommend this device to everyone that has to take care of a person with low mobility in their legs.


My wife and I currently watch her grandma and we bought the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System this month, after seeing a few of our friends buy them.

We LOVE how the alarm triggers BEFORE she gets out of bed!!! We heard terrible things about how other products didn't trigger until their loved ones were already off the bed (or worse... fell!)

We've been using this for 2 weeks now and have no issues. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

Works Great and Includes Batteries!

I have been using this bed alarm for over 3 weeks now and I can say that it works exactly as it should: it’s reliable, easy to install and the pager is very convenient. The batteries are included which is a big plus.

My father has dementia and this bed alarm is a great asset to help me to assist him when he needs it. I have explained to him that he should remain seated until I come to his room but sometimes he just gets up so the early alarm system gives me the extra time to go there before he starts wandering around.

I just wished that I knew about this device earlier!! Thank you for this amazing product.

Tracy Crawley
Excellent, excellent, excellent product!

Excellent product! The early detection has prevented three falls during the night since our purchase. I don’t know how a caregiver could not have this in their home. Easy to use and best money spent on an item to help care for my mom with dementia! The video provided helpful setup, too. I would recommend this product a million times over and over!

Get the Early-Alert Bed Alarm System

Prevent senior falls with the Early-Alert Bed Alarm system by itself. Connect an accessory call button for the complete Lunderg ecosystem.
Lunderg Early-Alert Bed System
Lunderg Early-Alert Bed Alarm system with 2 bed Sensor pads
Lunderg Early-Alert Bed Alarm System with 2 Bed Sensor Pads & Call Button
Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System with 3 Wireless Sensor Pads
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a monitor can connect with up to 3 bed sensor pads or compatible devices, such as the Lunderg call button.
Yes, it can be used in twin and double sized beds. If using it on a double bed, your loved one must sleep on one of the bedsides.
We measured it in open-spaces and it covers a minimum distance of 400 feet (122 meters). Please note that the building materials and layout will affect the actual distance you can receive. Homes made from wood frames and drywall will have the best performance, and signals can pass through several layers and still be received. Materials like concrete, brick or stone will reduce range quite a bit when compared with drywall, and a metal plate can block them completely. So test, test, test and test some more to make sure it will work properly in the range that you intend to use it. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!
Yes, that is correct. The alarm rings only from the handheld monitor and not from the early-alert bed sensor itself, so you don’t disturb your loved one and annoy the whole house.
No, the system can be used without Wi-fi or internet connection.
The sensor pad is incontinence resistant. DO NOT submerge it. You can clean it with wet wipes.
Please note that our product does not have magnets, and it is okay to use it with ICD or PACEMAKER.
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