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Can you Use Bed Sheets over an Alternating Pressure Mattress?

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Lindsay DeLong

OTR/L is a registered Occupational Therapist with a MSOT degree from Grand Valley State University. She has experience in rehab and home health-based adult care and education focused on maximizing safety, independence, and comfort during chronic and acute disease processes and aging.

Alternating pressure mattresses are indispensable for ensuring patient comfort and bedsore prevention. These innovative devices offer therapeutic benefits, but many users wonder: can you use sheets on an alternating pressure mattress? In this article, you are going to find the answer to that question.

Before going into deeper details, it is important to understand what an alternating pressure mattress does:
An alternating pressure mattress comprises air cells that inflate and deflate sequentially, providing relief to pressure points. These mattresses are designed to prevent and manage pressure ulcers by continually adjusting pressure on various areas of the body. For more information about this, we invite you to check our How does an Alternating Pressure Pad Work? article.

Can You Put Sheets on an Alternating Pressure Mattress?

Yes, you can use sheets on an alternating pressure mattress. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the sheets are compatible with the mattress and don’t impede the airflow or functionality of the device.

Making Sheets Work with an Alternating Pressure Pad

The versatility of the Lunderg Alternating Pressure Pad allows for easy accommodation of sheets. Here’s how you can use sheets effectively:

  1. Choose Fitted Sheets: Opt for fitted sheets that snugly fit the mattress without obstructing the airflow or hindering the movement of the air cells.
  2. Do not block the air hose: The alternating pressure mattress is connected to an air pump through an air hose, blocking the air hose can disrupt airflow, affecting its functioning.
  3. Check Compatibility: Ensure that the sheets don’t interfere with the functioning of the alternating pressure mattress. The Lunderg pad’s dual-sided design accommodates different sheet types while preserving functionality.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Keep sheets clean and change them regularly to maintain hygiene and prevent any compromise to the mattress’s functionality.

Is it Recommended to Use a Bed Sheet over the Pad?

Using bedsheets over an alternating pressure pad is not totally recommended as they can block the air hose, but if they are placed correctly following the previous tips they can improve the comfort of the patient.

In the case of the Lunderg Alternating Pressure Pad, which features a PVC waterproof surface on one side and a soft, comfortable surface on the other that reduces heat and moisture, using additional covers or sheets might not be necessary. The pad’s dual-sided design caters to different preferences and needs, offering both protection and comfort without the need for an extra sheet.

Conclusion: Comfort and Functionality in Harmony

In conclusion, you can use sheets on an alternating pressure mattress, but it’s vital to ensure compatibility and proper fit. With the Lunderg Alternating Pressure Pad’s dual-sided design, users can enjoy both comfort and practicality without compromising the mattress’s functionality.

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